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  1. Dan's Avatar
    its all about the choices you make. make wise choices in game, and you shall succeed.
  2. Dragoon Rider's Avatar
    Here is my team when I beat Red is GSC. Of course, his team was at a lower level than it is now, but still pretty high up there.

    Lv 65 Typhlosion
    Lv 62 Suicine
    Lv 64 Lugia
    Lv 60 Eevee
    Lv 67 Entei
    Lv 66 Raikou

    And I beat him. Of course, it took about 20 Max Potions, and 40 Revives, but I beat him. His team were at lower levels, though.
  3. double trouble!'s Avatar
    You really rushed through the game, lol.
    I've had it for nearly 2 weeks now, and I'm just finishing up Kanto. I prefer to play at a slower pace.