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  1. devoidz's Avatar
    mfww fuck hunt dog is in over lucas or hell even magnus
  2. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Garren
    Here's the Imgur with all the new photos: LEAKS - Imgur

    Slightly NSFW, since this is an ESRB rating video it focuses on many trophies with...uh...risque features. But there's a ton of new screenshots never before seen of new modes and Trophies.
    Did not see duck hunt doge. He's possible but he's a dick face and I don't want him in.
  3. Chibster's Avatar
    You forgot to add
    under your second spoiler.
  4. Delta Uncle Edit's Avatar
    I don't know if this is true. I mean, I've seen an image of the character selection screen, but Dr. Mario, Lucina, and Dark Pit are not positioned next to the other characters from their respective franchises. Also, Yoshi is right between Bowser and Rosalina, when he represents the Yoshi series rather than the Mario series. In previous games, characters from the same franchise were positioned next to each other without anyone separating them. However, the two things I have mentioned leave me pretty suspicious about this rumor.

    Also, as a personal complaint, why would they choose Dr. Mario and Dark Pit over characters like Dixie Kong, Ridley, and Mewtwo, when the latter characters are more heavily requested/speculated than the former characters? Even if there is going to be DLC, I don't really see a reason why they would choose Dr. Mario over Mewtwo, especially when the latter is much more unique and is much more heavily requested. At least we will only have to wait a little bit longer before we can easily prove or debunk this rumor.
    Updated 26th August 2014 at 09:22 AM by Delta Uncle Edit
  5. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I didn't see vidjo of the weird named one.
  6. Garren's Avatar
    Here's the Imgur with all the new photos: LEAKS - Imgur

    Slightly NSFW, since this is an ESRB rating video it focuses on many trophies with...uh...risque features. But there's a ton of new screenshots never before seen of new modes and Trophies.
  7. Jack Pschitt's Avatar

  8. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    It will probably be revealed in next month's issue, but right now OR/AS is top-priority for Nintendo, so it's obvious why OR/AS was showcased in CoroCoro instead, while Pokken MIGHT be revealed at E3, only time will tell. The trademark could be a ruse like "WhiteGold" is.
  9. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    SOULS in general is overrated. I've never found any of the games particularly good.
  10. Karamazov's Avatar
    Dark Souls II is terrible. The graphics are shit (though the backgrounds can be beautiful at times). The opponents aren't what you have to fear, the fear of death comes from falling off a height or into lava. I found a lot of areas confusing to navigate, and I couldn't find any maps in-game to help me. The character creation was totally ganked from Oblivion, but my boyfriend said that the other games were like that, too.

    Overall, it was terrible and boring to play for the most part, though it's really fun watching people play: make the tiniest miscalculation in a jump and they die.
  11. Reila's Avatar
    There are still tons of people online in Demon's Souls nowadays. I finished the game earlier for this time. Even more in Dark Souls, since the game is far more popular and well known compared to its older sister.

    Anyway, the difficult in the SOULS series is heavily overstated. The games are hard to get in, but once you learn how to play, you will rarely have trouble with bosses. You have to understand that the game isn't a action game like Bayonetta, DmC and stuff. You have to play cautiously, it is a very slow-paced game. Having that in mind, unless you are new to games or something, I doubt you will be frustrated when playing Dark Souls II. In any case, if you can't get past a certain boss or area, you always can summon NPCs or other players to help you, but I personally think that defeats the purpose of the game entirely.
  12. Hoopa's Avatar
    Dark souls 2 is hard, but nowhere near as hard as some of the early games on the NES. For a new player, the key is to be very observant and to always play conservatively until you memorize the layout of the area. A plus to dark souls 2 is that before NG+ the odds of you being invaded is very low and you will probably only see one or 2 invaders the whole game outside of 4 specific areas. You are also able to summon other players in your game to 3v1 any bosses you find challenging. I would say it takes 35 hours for a newcomer to see the credits.
  13. Solaire of Astora's Avatar
    Dark Souls II is really good, but if I were you, I'd get the first Dark Souls as well. The online is still active in that game.
  14. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Who doubted Hoenn at this point maybe back in BW2 was announced but now eeh.
  15. Neoblade's Avatar
    tbh it's always been extremely probable, aint surprised at all
  16. LavenderTownGhost's Avatar
    What the heck is a Pink Gold Peach? Really? Where is my King Boo? D:
  17. Phoenixon's Avatar
    I still think they're gonna release at least one more character.... Probably Browser Jr., I think....
  18. Setra's Avatar
    I really wanted Dry Bones back on the roster. And I don't even understand the motivation behind pink gold Peach. Meh.
  19. Karamazov's Avatar
    BJ and King Boo. I like them.

    I don't really care about the babies, since they're kind of like weird Bratz dolls. But Pink Gold Peach is so hideous, I can't not like it.
  20. Neoblade's Avatar
    I would like Jr., King Boo, and Petey, myself...
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