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  1. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
  2. Ghost's Avatar
    I'm receiving the same error messages.
  3. pikmin's Avatar
    thanks, but I already read that.
  4. Ghost's Avatar
  5. pikmin's Avatar
    aw, thanks
  6. Blazevoir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ιɴsσмɴιαc
    There you go
  7. Sublime's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RyeKew
    There you go
  8. Blazevoir's Avatar
    *Insert Cool Story Bro macro here*
  9. Kasumi's Avatar
    Yay! Congrats.
  10. woops's Avatar
    Come on. In the same minute as my blog. I want my spotlight back.
    Diglett is cute, though.
  11. pikmin's Avatar
    ya know, in those little story thingamajigs?
  12. Mako's Avatar
  13. Scarlet Devil's Avatar
    Google Images much?
  14. Blazevoir's Avatar
    Yes. I've seen it several times. It's way too long...
  15. pikmin's Avatar
    people ignore my pms too.
  16. Sublime's Avatar
    There are things called Personal Messages...they work fucking wonders...especially with staff members.
  17. Blazevoir's Avatar
    I've been getting some really good trades on Smogon. I like the trades better than here but you're right, most of them aren't very sociable.
  18. Raves's Avatar
    Yeah, it's more like "CMT for your practically-flawless whatever."
  19. pikmin's Avatar
    you could say something like: "wow, I admire you for being so awesome and some much cooler than everything!%2Pr
  20. Dopey's Avatar
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