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  1. Kyriaki's Avatar

    He's gorgeous, right? :D
  2. DarkDreams's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
    But girls don't use urinals!
    high power logic right here folks

    i admit defeat
  3. DarkDreams's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blake Belladonna
    holy shit doubles!

    You're still here?

    Also, you still owe me replacement bacon for all the bacon you stole from me.

    dont wanna

    also the haruka's joy skin makes the background white and my text is white too so i cant see shit but a banana emote lel
  4. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    holy shit doubles!

    You're still here?

    Also, you still owe me replacement bacon for all the bacon you stole from me.
  5. RainbowSkittles's Avatar
    Good to see an old friend back

    We really should talk sometime
  6. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Nice to see a familiar face.
  7. Glitchipedia's Avatar
    Holy crap, I thought you died. Welcome back!
  8. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    OMG DD I haven't seen you in million years!
  9. Xita's Avatar
    wtf am I writing
  10. DarkDreams's Avatar
    There is the FATHER, The Holy Spirit and jesus Christ. They are all 'God' yet we refer to the Father as the main (?) god. Perhaps my wording is off, but The Holy Spirit =/= Father. The only way of getting into "hell" is to refuse to believe that The Holy Spirit exists. And that's how I view it. Personally, if there is a greater being, it would be aliens.
  11. League's Avatar
    If you give the Bible any credence (enough to believe in God, Heaven, and Hell at any rate), I would assume that you don't think that God is dumb. I would also think that Hell would be at least viewed as the natural ending point for a wicked human being (if not all human beings, if one assumes all human beings to be naturally wicked to some/great degree) in the thereafter if God is at all wrathful/judgemental, and not something that is almost certain to be avoided assuming one dodges one sin--so I'm pretty sure that you have a faulty interpretation (i.e., deviating from the common interpretation) of whatever you're thinking of. I'm pretty sure that, in simple terms, without exploring the meaning of anything, that "denying the Holy Spirit" amounts to either a) a "super" sin, b) all sin or the culmination thereof, or c) an irreparable [moral] state of blasphemy due to sin [wherein "righteousness" is "despised," the Holy spirit being holy and all, etc.--roughly similar to a, but a state and not an action].

    Who, exactly, teaches that there is only one way to get into Hell? Isn't Heaven conditioned (per every pastory, missionary, and preacher), and not Hell?
  12. Blazaking's Avatar
    I don't really believe in the Bible (Quran FTW), but er, outright denying God's existence isn't really helping your chances to get into Heaven.

    The "Holy Spirit" and God are the same thing. If you have some kind of belief in some supernatural being the overlooks all of us i.e. God, then you have chances of getting into Heaven. Otherwise... nope.
  13. eat's Avatar
    You...don't know what "deny" means?
  14. Oswin's Avatar
    But God is "the holy spirit", so denying the holy spirit means denying God.
  15. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    You lot are all meanies....it's lucky I don't have a car to worry about, homing cost, and most of my clothes is parents money xD I'm so spoilt lol.

    Fine no paying for my clothes, but you lot better not be party poopers. I can't wait to show you lot the British way of nightlife xD
  16. Laterose's Avatar
    I've got a post about this in the News forum :3

    But yeah, my attitude about America has already been screwed up for years. This just kinda cements my plan to move away. HiPS, I'll move in with you and Milo, we'll be fashionably amazing. (Milo's still gotta pay for her own clothes, though :P)
  17. Karisse's Avatar
    I'm not ashamed to be an American.

    I'm ashamed of the people running America.
  18. Feralize's Avatar
    May as well just shut down the internet in America if it passes.
  19. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    Wow. I am now ashamed to be an American.
  20. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    Lol, we have hot women in short shorts and topless guys in the cold xD Plus, London just kills almost everything off xD [s] Austrailia's a sick place too, love hot aussie guys xD [/s]
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