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  1. Lawnmowergirl's Avatar
    I'm going to call him every three minutes just for the heck of it. :D
  2. MasterKenobi's Avatar
    Wow, you have quite the list there!
  3. MasterKenobi's Avatar
    This is one of the things that I miss in Platinum. I rented it, and loved it so much. The Villa, the Battleground, and the Battle Frontier were my favorite.

    By the way, on the note of Riley I really think him and Sir Aaron were separated or should be ancestors.
  4. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Aura must do strange things to your age.

    And speaking of Aura, I suspect Cynthia may have it as well, given the way she talks about sensing things all the time.
  5. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    I don't think there's an age requirement to become a Gym Leader. Look at Blue (Green). He became a Leader between the ages of 10-13.
  6. Lia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ho-Oh
    No other video games, or Pokémon only?
    Oh, just the Pokémon only. I have quite a large collection of video games for other consoles.
  7. Ho-oh's Avatar
    No other video games, or Pokémon only?