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  1. MossyOwl's Avatar
    You're totally full of rainbows.
  2. Meron's Avatar
    Yeah, you asked me if I wanted to lick your vagina. Creeper.
  3. SharKing's Avatar
    You lovved spamming everyone. Everyone hated you for it.

    ...Well, I certainly did.
  4. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    I thought they shut you down for spamming.
  5. mariowie's Avatar
    ow gee that is rather compulsive, but i should be a little bit more worried about typo is my posts
  6. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Moving forward is the only way to go. Holding on to the past isn't good for you. I would know.
  7. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Thumbs way up.
  8. Ghost's Avatar
    I am Christian, and openly welcome other religions.
  9. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Those people are in such delusion and I hope they pay for their deeds. I completely agree with everything you've said, and being myself a Muslim, I think they should be completely ashamed of themselves. I only hope that not all Christians are like these and that there are more of others who respect other religions (like those in the Qu'ran thread you've mentioned). :/
  10. mariowie's Avatar
    don't they say what goes around comes around
  11. White Len's Avatar
    Smugleaf is honestly the only name I see being used for Tsutaja. Most of them you suggested are...ouch.
  12. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rоulette Goddess
    LMFAO, are they seriously that bad...

    Some are good, but some are just....well....well....D:
  13. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Pigneous made me laugh in the good way.
  14. Rоulette Goddess's Avatar
    LMFAO, are they seriously that bad...
  15. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Some of them are a little dull =(

    I'm sorry for saying this =(
  16. SharKing's Avatar
    Talk about uncreative.
  17. MossyOwl's Avatar
    I'm not into modeling or fashion....
  18. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Iron Mask Marauder;bt85873]Regarding your dad, that's just wrong even if you weren't gay. How the hell do people live with such irrational hate in them?

    Straights (such as me) are naturally homophobic to certain extents, because we're convinced we need to protect ourselves from the more perverted vareity of homosexuals, when, ironically, they don't seem to exist.

    This is why, if you come out of the closet, the first reaction will sound alot like:

  19. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    She is one badass motherfucker. That's all that needs to be and has been said.
  20. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Mask Marauder
    Regarding your dad, that's just wrong even if you weren't gay. How the hell do people live with such irrational hate in them?

    That should be worked on no matter what.
    It happens. My parents didn't accept it, so I left home.
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