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  1. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    pics. Give them to me.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Hope you had fun. :3
  3. hurristat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Missingno. Master
    You took a short story about buying Hot Pockets.

    And made it interesting and worth reading.

    What is this sorcery.
  4. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    I think someone is on something they shouldn't be XD
  5. Pain Split's Avatar
    Next time, pay the Wendy's clerk in PENNIES.
  6. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    You took a short story about buying Hot Pockets.

    And made it interesting and worth reading.

    What is this sorcery.
  7. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
    ^exactly. homophobia, to me, is just like racism and segregation. whites didn't want to hang out with blacks. blacks didn't want to hang out with whites. now it's considered a crime to insult another race. pretty soon, that's going to be how homophobia is.
  8. GatoRage's Avatar
    The world's slowly getting there. One day all this homophobia will just look really silly and idiotic.

    It's all just so unwarranted.
  9. hurristat's Avatar
    @Maelstrom; I don't want to exude homosexuality, that's annoying too.

    I see nothing wrong with heterosexuals at all... some of the things I ship the hardest are hetero ships. But if your sexuality is all up in my face, it's obnoxious. It wasn't a generalization, it was specific to the people that were in that room.
  10. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
    i don't really think he was insulting the heterosexual community, just the stuck-up snobby ones of the upper class. you know, homophobic heterosexuals. i know tons of heterosexuals that are nice, even if some of them don't support gay marriage. they don't outright bash it, which is nice. i can stand that. i just can't stand those who are all snooty and stick their noses in things they're not supposed to.

    as for the blog, i can say that i understand how you feel. i'm a lesbian, and i was raised in a very white, christian, homophobic community in the south. just today i told some of my fourth period classmates my tumblr, which doesn't sound bad, but i openly admit i am a lesbian on there and i am closeted at school because i'm afraid of what they will think of me. so now i am deeply regretting my decision, and i'm wondering why i even told them in the first place. ah well, i just have to wait and see what happens.

    but you know, i guess we all have to wait and see what happens. maybe obama did a good thing. maybe things are starting to look up for the gay community. i am a liberal myself and the number one thing i'd like to see in america is allowing same sex couples to marry, as well as acceptance by many peers. i do too someday want to walk down the street, hand in hand with my girlfriend, and having others not care and mind their own business.

    it's just a matter of time. patience is important, especially in a time like this.
  11. Karma Kidd's Avatar
    Obnoxious heterosexuality?

    I'm not trying to dig on your blog but if you want to exude "homosexuality" in the future by asking for acceptance and such, by insulting heterosexuality aren't you just as bad as those who insult homosexuality?

    Its all about the wording, all about the wording.
  12. Covet's Avatar
  13. hurristat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitt Romney
    Eh, you'll follow me in a month or two, when you're back to supporting gay rights.
  14. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
  15. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
  16. Soulmaster's Avatar
    I agree with your topics
  17. Kyumorph's Avatar
  18. Karamazov's Avatar
    I think this is a spambot, guys.

    I'm already following you. Might as well follow you on Twitterbook, too.
  19. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    I'm yet to sign up there...
  20. hurristat's Avatar
    @nya_chan; don't even get me started on my jimmies @winstein; the more you know, I guess. @Mintaka; thanks for the good times XD
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