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  1. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Yay for boyfriends who like Pokemon! Mine does not. xD I love him anyway.
  2. PokeViper's Avatar
    decided to view your profile for the first time, haha

    lucky you in collage now. Im going to a collage on the base here, so its not quite the same.

    I know what you mean though, I was so glad I was out of High School, no more of all that crap, in fact after I graduated there were some peeps I knew where it was just like "man, I cant stand being around you anymore"

    lucky with the roommate too.

  3. Weedle Mchairybug's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Pokegal;bt8260]yea, aura sphere, a lot of people fail to realize how much control over society MTV has, and how damaging their sterotypical views can be.

    so many young girls only think they are desirable or beautiful if they are tan, full of makeup, and willing to have sex with 'hot guys'

    MTV totally endorses superficial values and materialistic thinking.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, I agree with that. Heck, MTV's not even alone in causing damage to society, as we also have fashion magazines, Playboy/Penthouse/those kinds of magazines, Girls Gone Wild, and others.

    I recall a day in late July/early August of 2007, I was going to see "Transformers" with my Mom that day. Before we left the house to see the movie, Dad left the TV on and I saw some girls dancing on a rooftop and taking off their clothes (while their breasts were covered by a black bar, their other privates, sadly, weren't.). I was shocked, horrified, and enraged that they did this to females. Did I mention that this happened around Noon Time during Summer Vacation between my Sophomore and Junior Year of High School?

    I realized the potential danger these things have caused since I took 6th Grade Health in Middle School. Heck, that same year, they even went as far as to have a seminar that pretty much stated it into our skulls.

    Here is what I plan to do to help try and stop this madness: Bring Misty Back onto Pokemon, shut down any and all Porn magazines (heck, maybe even make Porn in itself illegal on any and every third world country), either eliminate Playboy completely or change it to just being a mere journalist magazine with no nude pictures (depending on what should be the best course of action), eliminate Love Hina from the face of this world, cause MTV to revert all stereotypes, etc, etc.
  4. Weedle Mchairybug's Avatar
    I'm with you 100%. Heck, this whole MTV generation issue and wanting to stop it is one of the reasons why I'm trying to bring Misty back onto Pokemon.

    The MTV issue, IMO, it is just the beginning. Soon, many of these girls will also end up dying en masse from Car Wrecks, Anorexia, Bulimia, Alcoholism, and STDs (The Anorexia/Bulimia issue is probably even more directly related, because my Health Class during Middle School had pretty much taught us that Modeling Magazines/Porn related Magazines are a major contributing force to the outbreak, even going as far as to include a seminar in the 6th grade basically telling us this.).

    Disney even capitalized on this aspect of our generation, and basically ruined several of the female main characters in some of their movies (even Ariel, the savior of Disney, was no exception. They basically changed her entire character from the Movies and TV series into becoming an object thats too similar to the examples of the MTV generation that you listed above.). In fact, thanks to their decision, the only thing they'll know about Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle are that they are basically the cartoon versions of Lindsae Lohan and Paris Hilton thanks to that, and they will most likely never learn about their pre-DP acts.

    As much as it pains me to tell you, even Dawn seems no different than the stereotypes you just cited.

    While I may be more than willing to watch reruns, I'm not sure about the rest of the planet, hence why I have doubts about using Android 18, Fasha, and others as role models.

    There must be a way to get rid of these stereotypes for good. I know several members of the Cheerleading Squad that were not like that stereotype at all (heck, most of them were part of the German club, SGA, and many other high-intelligence capabilities, and some of the Football team members at least try to get good enough grades to ensure graduation.).
  5. Ho-oh's Avatar
    No, I've never been in love. Had crushes that lasted for a few minutes before they were quickly suppressed though. Non romantically, I love my family and friends.
  6. Flannery's Avatar
    for me its when I'm able to play a round of golf in the morning and then go hang with my friends for the rest of the day and night. And then be able to do it all over again the next day.
  7. Flaze's Avatar
    Anything that doesn't bore me, which I am sinc I don't have anythng to do
  8. Blondie's Avatar
    I don't have a specific memory or moment, but just hanging with friends and having fun, enjoying the warm weather and the fact that there's no school.
  9. Geodude's Avatar
    I don't think there's a more beautiful description of love than that found in the Bible:

    "Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails." --1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  10. s|ush's Avatar
    I was very much in love at college with one of my best friends. We ended up going our for 2 years. She went to Uni and not long after we broke up. I was devastated, I really did love her. As for defining and how I knew, I don't think you can describe it. I'm still single now, 3 years on. Maybe that answers some questions on love. I have defiantly not met anyone to replace her yet.
  11. Flaze's Avatar
    I don't believe in love at first sight, since you can't really love anyone at first sight, like yeah but not love. Do I believe in love, well yeah, I think love is a strong feeling between two people and it has a lot of differences from liking, like you can't sop thining baout that special person, you reall care for them so much that you'll do anything to see them (one time I was talking to my friend and I saw her and I practically blew him off and walked over to her)
  12. Valdez's Avatar
    Love? I think I've come close to it in terms of attraction, but things have never worked out. Do I believe in it? Yes. First sight? No.

    I'm still waiting for the person who is meant for me.
  13. Luxio2k8's Avatar
    I don't believe in "love at first sight". I do believe that you can be very attracted to someone at first sight, but not in love. That comes later when you get to know the person and spend time with them.

    At least that's been my personal experience.
  14. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Control
    It's a dream, a dream of waking up next to them every morning and seeing your little child charge into the bedroom and tuck themselves in between his or her parents.
    AHHHHHH THIS. *my biological clock is insane right now*
  15. Halberd Bravo's Avatar
    Yeah, I've been in love. It's an incredible feeling.

    How do I define love? Well, to me, love is a feeling you get that tells you "Yes, this is the one. This is the person you should spend the rest of your life with." It's a feeling that manifests itself as an urge to protect someone, so much so that you would risk your life to keep them safe. It's a burning desire to see them succeed, to help them achieve their goals and get what they want out of life. It's a feeling of wanting to live life to the fullest at their side, seeing the world or fulfilling whatever dreams the two of you may have. It's the need to give them everything that you can possibly offer; for them, the entire world is too small a gift. It is also a bringer of strength and determination, bringing you power and confidence that you never knew you had, power and confidence that would allow you to brave any danger, face any challenge, make any sacrifice, just for them. It's a dream, a dream of waking up next to them every morning and seeing your little child charge into the bedroom and tuck themselves in between his or her parents.

    But most of all...most of all, love is about simply wanting to see them happy.

    Oh, and no. I don't believe in love at first sight. That's nonsense.
  16. ShadowDeeps's Avatar
    Quite a topic of discussion to bear anew with. One that I have many a sentiment on.

    To be rudimentary, one could give definition to love as an infinitely intense feeling and attachment to a subject or any one thing. One that elicits feelings of dedication, benevolence, and a will to fulfill the source of that love for your sake but for the sake of that source of love above all. Because it means so much to you. You have such strong sentiments on it.

    Someone who likes someone else may not necessarily fear being in contest with them if pushed enough. Someone who loves another may have wont to avoid any perturbing conflict at all costs. Of course, this brings into fruit the idea of 'tough love' - sometimes it is necessary to be harsh to others but not in a way in which harm will is wished upon anyone, of course. Some things can agreeably do better without being coddled and sugarcoated should the stakes ring high and exigent enough. But in the end, I would chalk up love to an emotion of very deep attachment in which everything is wanted to be sacrificed to be with that source of love (and to work to make that source of love happy) because the attachment is that strong. I don't chastise at the notion of 'love at first sight' because bonds can be forged that quickly. I do think that one might want to be with another loved one for a good length of time before making any one huge decision, though (by nature).

    This doesn't go without saying that there's a dangerous line to draw between love and addiction. The latter certainly isn't a salubrious thing, in my eyes. I'm not in disagreeance either, though. Most use the word 'love' as a flaccid excuse for 'sex', 'kids', and 'I bid you adieu because I don't want responsibility'. With no offense bearing intent, of course. But I myself do not think love has set physical limitations at all (whether love in friendship or in romance). It surpasses that by a very, very, limitless and deep amount. I rather think it is the limitless nature to love that gives allowance for it to be so potent.

    There is something I'd like to add to that. I don't think love can be unrequited or 'broken'. Nor can any bonds of it be; the idea for me is that it's so intense, it cannot be broken. Just supeceded by influences that may weigh heavy upon one, like hate. But in a way one could say acceptance is essential to love just as it is to happiness itself (which I think acceptance gives creation to above all - happiness). But to be less ringing of verbiage (I don't want to prate if this comment is looked upon as drawn out), I do think that love is an incredibly intense attachment to something which gives you the incentive to work for the betterment of that something above all in a very nurturing and ardent way. A very deep range of emotion. Then again, love is way beyond the penned word as far as I'm concerned. But this post details out some of many thoughts that hold to the stance I'm of on it.
    Updated 15th June 2009 at 05:50 AM by ShadowDeeps
  17. Teru Mikami's Avatar
    I don't believe in love.
    I'm not saying that there can't be someone really in love somewhere, but I think it's rare.

    I suppose I think so because I've seen my mother dating so many men and even get married, without ever being happy about it for long. I think "love" is just something most people use as an excuse to not be alone.
  18. Lucky Seven's Avatar
    I beleive in it, although I suppose a multitude of the traditional romantic ideas of love simply arent true. Kameil's comment makes sense to me; and while I cannot attest to ever feeling proper, romantic love, I do recognise that even lighter feelings require a degree of trust and reciprocality. Perhaps Love is merely a potent extension of less intense positive feelings.
  19. SerenaKetchum's Avatar
    You don't believe in love at all?

    I believe in it, but I don't think I've ever felt what it's actually like.

    I've obviously been into a few guys and liked them a lot...but in the end I think love is caring about a person so much that you put their feelings and well-being ahead of your own...and I haven't been with a guy like that yet.
  20. Zephy's Avatar
    Pfft, don't believe in it. Awfully cynical for fourteen I know.
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