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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Welcome Back :)
    Hopefully you'll stick around this time :)
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    Welcome Back!
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    Welcome back!
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  5. Blazevoir's Avatar
    This so-called argument is becoming one-sided.
  6. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    Argument? No, we're just having a responsible debate!

  7. Æsahættr's Avatar

    OH WAIT.
  8. Blazevoir's Avatar
    Kenji is right. The definition of warrior is "one who has engaged in war/battle". Seeing as how any Pokémon can "battle", does that mean all Pokémon should be classified as warriors? No, it most certainly does not.
  9. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    Your suggestion is completely groundless. All Pokemon are warriors in some capacity or another. From Sunkern to Arceus, each and every one of them has the ability to battle, and is therefore able to be described as a warrior. Besides, rabbiting on about it here will do you no good. How will Nintendo get to hear about it? Also, I don't think any Pokemon has ever had a species change.
    And yes, stop typing in yellow.

    Consider yourself Kenjified.
  10. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tina
    I think that you should STOP TYPING IN YELLOW fkdifjsia :(

    This. -_-;
  11. Tina's Avatar
    I think that you should STOP TYPING IN YELLOW fkdifjsia :(