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  1. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    Who are you? XD

    Nah, just kidding. I may not be too familiar with you, but it's always good to see someone return to BMGf after an absence.
  2. Zima's Avatar
    Welcome back!
  3. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Welcome back :)
  4. Light Fang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet Enchantress
    Turn on your Wifi.
    My Wifi is on but it's working again. Almost had to send it back to nintendo to get fixed up.
  5. Serenity's Avatar
    Turn on your Wifi.
  6. Light Fang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Blueberry
    Happy Birthday :)
  7. Ebail's Avatar
    Happy birthday.
  8. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Happy Birthday :)
  9. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    Happy early birthday!
  10. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Your name rings a bell. My memory is crappy though, as anyone could probably tell you so... I can't remember much else beyond that I've seen you before.
  11. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Sounds like 3DSes aren't the cat's meow after all.

    *huggles my phat silver DS*
  12. Light Fang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PkmnGreen
    How has it broken?
    I'm not to sure... It could be an internal error that is keeping the screen and system to turn on with the power...
  13. Oswin's Avatar
    How has it broken?
  14. Milkapoke's Avatar
    Nintendo said they could fix my Wii.

    When it came back, the memory was wiped and my 400+ hours of gaming went down the drain. And so did spending $80 on them.

    I'd be wary of them P:
  15. Light Fang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Octy
    This is like the tenth goodbye blog you made. You'll be back.
    You are the reason why my visits here are less then enjoyable because You seem to be unable to let go of the past and I have left you behind.
  16. Karamazov's Avatar
    I'm sorry you have to leave. Hopefully you can straighten things out while you're gone, try to improve your life.


    The Past is the past and can’t be relived.
    You say that now. Wait until I get my time machine up and running.
  17. Serenity's Avatar
    This is like the tenth goodbye blog you made. You'll be back.
  18. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    Go for a walk. That'll calm you down and help you think of an idea.
  19. Oblivion's Avatar
    Don't overdo anything when it comes to trying to impress her. Keep things somewhat formal, but don't give yourself aneurysms over it.

    Although, this is coming from someone who hasn't actually been on a date before, so feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  20. Karamazov's Avatar
    Take it slow and casual. Don't let her know you're nervous; girls can smell fear.
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