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  1. Zenax's Avatar
    That's because Path of Radiance is vastly superior to Sacred Stones. :P
  2. The Outrage's Avatar
    You can get rid of the blog tabs, just have them compressed.
  3. woops's Avatar
    figured that out. Everything else is still there though
  4. SharKing's Avatar
    Yes, you can get rid of the Tweetboard. Here ya go. (It's waaaaay at the bottom.)
  5. BxSalamence55's Avatar
    Im a Huge Hip-hop head / DJ and I downloaded it awhile ago. The stuff he says is extremely vulgar but he is a talented lyricist and makes many good lines. It's a breathe of fresh air in the hip-hop world.
    Updated 10th May 2011 at 08:59 PM by BxSalamence55 (adding stuff)
  6. Jadeco's Avatar
  7. Kars's Avatar
    i member you
  8. DCM's Avatar
    I know who you are. I know most of the bloggers, even if I've never talked to you.
  9. woops's Avatar
    I like Sleepy Head (dat bass distortion) and Freebee Honey. Bran-New Lovesong is also up there.
  10. ChinYao's Avatar
    Pffff, who cares about being known?

    Yes, The Pillows are good. I like Hybrid Rainbow best.
  11. System Error's Avatar
    That was the bare minima.

    Expect shit to really go down when Europe wakes up, and expect it to go down so much it loops around the universe and is actually up when most the world has their hands on the game, and flocking to the site in droves in search of information.
  12. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    I haven't been getting that many. I think evkl said this in a thread somewhere, but turning off avatars and signatures really does help the page load more quickly.
  13. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
    I have yet to get 503'd.

    And besides, it's not the amount, is the length. I remember a five-hour 503 fest I had during Platinum's release.
  14. Karamazov's Avatar
    *swats a 503* I couldn't *503* AGREE MO *swats more 503's* More. You're right, dude.


    *is attacked by a swarm of 503's*
  15. Gligar13's Avatar
    I'm getting 503'd now.
  16. Rakarei's Avatar
    Just wait until all the European users wake up to their fresh new copies of Black and White. We have less than 10 hours until it reaches maximum force.
  17. woops's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi
    the 10 503's I got today say differently
    were those directly from refreshing, successively? Because like I said. 10 total is still very little by comparison to prior releases of things.
  18. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    the 10 503's I got today say differently
  19. Aladar's Avatar
  20. Karamazov's Avatar
    As much as I hate the show, the animation is simply wonderful.
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