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  1. System Error's Avatar
    Ghostbusters rules. I had a blast playing it online. Thankfully, the glitched trophies/achievements were fixed.
  2. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
    I want Link back too... How would someone as short as Meta Knight play though? Personally I would like to see a Ganondorf vs. Darth Vader match... that would be WIN IMO.
  3. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
    Good Review. But how DOES it get compared to Super Mario Galaxy anyhow? -___- Basically what I mean is "THIS".
  4. mariowie's Avatar
    but i actually get it why he is comparing to Super Mario Galaxy because that are what could been done with graphics, but for the rest i agree with that guy, like why no online play and such.
    not that i care much about graphics or something, i don't even think this games has a need for really good graphics.
  5. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Put Meta Knight in so he can be banned! :D

    I don't see Link returning to SC (especially considering they have left Nintendo out of their most recent main series offerings), though, I have the feeling they are not done with the adding of random characters to games. But where do they go after having had Darth Vader and Yoda in the series?
  6. Nekusagi's Avatar
    No he shouldn't.

    Link was a cheap bastard in SCII.
  7. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mijzelffan
    name the top 3. No, the top 10 while you're at it.
    Just click the link...
  8. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    name the top 3. No, the top 10 while you're at it.
  9. mariowie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Diryn
    The first should have been Zelda.
    no mario is the best

    i played it on the nes, and i even have it now on the wii and i still enjoy it
  10. Zynetic's Avatar
    The first should have been Zelda.
  11. Mako's Avatar
    Fuck yes.
  12. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Now I can buy a second one!
  13. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    I still would rather get a PS3...
  14. Phoenicks's Avatar
    It's not the technology that sets the price, it's the value of the product.

    @ DCM:
    I think that most of those were rumors...
  15. DCM's Avatar
    this is very old news.
    i heard about this a couple of weeks ago
  16. 1337R34P3R's Avatar
    i'm amazed. the wii is a far inferior piece of technology (i've got one). it should be at around 149.99 by now.
  17. Phoenicks's Avatar
  18. Ho-oh's Avatar
    Still can't afford.
  19. Luxio2k8's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
    No mention of the 3-bar only health system?
    It wasn’t an issue with me. The only time it was a big deal was in the Buoy Base Galaxy (again one of the water levels) where you have Torpedo Teds after you and it was hard to get to the coins at the bottom because of the Urchin that were there. Boss Battles were a breeze, especially with the Life Shroom.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenicks
    Oh, and why are they making another Galaxy when we already have one?
    The thing is that the game creators only got to do some of the ideas that were put in Galaxy and the original Galaxy had HUGE POPULARITY. Both critical and sale wise, a sequel was a given .
  20. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
    Oh, dear gawd the Water Temple was the BANE OF MY EXISTANCE on that game!
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