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  1. Vaexa's Avatar
  2. Luna Tiger's Avatar
    How DARE you not be properly outraged by the fiasco that is the Tin Tower! YOU ARE NOT A PROPER FAN. D8 Have an angry face!
  3. Yoshi-san's Avatar
  4. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    I weep for the younger generation...
  5. Pokémad's Avatar
    Call his brother a plonker. One of the offensive English words.
  6. Blazevoir's Avatar
    Are you saying you want an RPG game, like Colosseum or Gale of Darkness, for the Wii? That would be an interesting concept. The control sceme for Battle Rev. was admittedly awkward at times (pointing Wiimote at menus) but I'd like to see what they could do with Pokémon on the Wii.
  7. ShinjiLover's Avatar
    XD Lolz! I'm so sorry about your brother's idiocy. =P My brother is the same way.
  8. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Adventure 02 had a great ending...the EPILOGUE was what left everyone with their mouths gaping open and blithering at the screen.

    But the ending with the butterflies is one of the most tragic things I've ever seen.
  9. FistOfTheBeastKing's Avatar
    My order from best to worst (all are good, though)
    Zero Two
  10. Nekusagi's Avatar
    ...Your brother.

    Mistook a 360.

    For a Wii.


    Vinny, you're British, right? What is that they call stupid people in Britain? Prats?

    Well, your brother is definitely one, and you can tell him I said that.

    Oh, and Fetts bitchslapping each other is made of so much win. I need to find that game for my Cube.

    And happy birthday!
  11. The Outrage's Avatar

    I don't even know how one can mistake it for one. It would have been worse if it was a PS3.

    "Hey, where'd you get that big bulky black coloured Wii?"

    -On a side note, if I had the money, I'd also have a 360 along with a Wii ^_^
  12. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Aha! Digimon claims another!

    The first three series/seasons of Digimon are the best. Though, I liked Digimon Frontier too. I've been meaning to watch Data Squad, but I can never find it on TV.

    As for combat, in my opinion, Digimon Tamers has the best combat of the first four series, but even then it's not that great. Digimon just doesn't do combat well, but that doesn't detract from the stories.