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  1. Saturn Artist's Avatar
    OK, first of all, I'm not fifteen, I just turned twelve last month. I sound like I'm fifteen though, and I look fifteen....
    Meh, words...... Uhm, words would be anything worse than 'damn' or 'goddamn' and for inappropriate words, anything that involves making love. That's as far as I'm going to clarify.
  2. Lilac Hill's Avatar
    Talk pages perhaps?

    Vandals names?
  3. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    But what weighted phrases would be found on Bulbapedia? BulbaGARDEN I can see, but damn...
  4. Nekusagi's Avatar
    I think they've installed a filter similar to the one I had to put up with in high school, where it combs a site's text for "weighted phrases" then when it exceeds a certain score it can't be viewed.

    That's what her description sounds like to me.
  5. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    BulbaPEDIA? What's offensive on Bulbapedia? I mean, aside from the occasional ad, but we're doing what we can about that.

    And that's really REALLY overprotective to the point of blinding. Aren't you, like, 15? That's old enough to make your own decisions about what you see online.
  6. Zoroark's Avatar
    What pages were they and what words if I may inquire?
  7. Saturn Artist's Avatar
    I got blocked from bulbapedia because my mom found bad stuff on it.
    So we've blocked certain words from my viewing, so any pages with inappropriate or bad words on it I cannot access.
  8. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Yaaay! So what happened then?
  9. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Um.. Okay there. XD

    Welcome back to the gardens.. hopefully your stay will be alot longer than last time!
  10. Eversti's Avatar
    'Chyah.' That made me smile. I think I wrote that too on a few of my stories. I liked how he could crash even when he wasn't driving. I think there should be more description, but that might kill the...fun-ness of the story. "Actually, my previous teachers said that if nobody died, I was doing great" I'm going to save this story due to that. I laughed outloud.

    I liked everything else. It did seem like something about of Spongebob. Boating school. Well, I look forward to more when you're unblocked.
  11. Every Breaking Wave's Avatar
    Well, happy belated birthday! Hope you enjoyed Kung Fu Panda too.
  12. Saturn Artist's Avatar
    Eversti, if you haven't gone on vacation yet, check out my next entry. It's chapter two, and it's about Saturn trying to drive. You'll laugh.
  13. Eversti's Avatar
    Bashou is a Team Rocket member featured in the Raikou special.

    I can imagine that. Blowing things up is rather fun, for anybody, I think. I figured that was the case, about both Lake Valor and the mascara. You worked it into the story rather well.
  14. Saturn Artist's Avatar
    I'm assuming you mean Cyrus?
    Well, thanks Eversti. Yeah, after Saturn blew up Lake Valor he decided blowing up things was fun.
    And that picture Vysoravno drew of Jupiter's mascara running gave me that idea.
  15. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    They need to meet Bashou. His hair looks like a Zigzagoon...only he doesn't even train one.
  16. Eversti's Avatar
    'I will not cry for the sake of my mascara' I liked the line. And Saturn exploding things in the courtyard was amusing. I do find the repeated exclaimation marks a bit overdoing it, though. They're not really necessary.

    The story moved along pretty quickly, which I appreciated and is something I can't do very well, I liked the "Why do I have to be Bluebird?" exchange - it made me laugh, though the 'she' at the beginning of sentences got a bit...irksome. I also liked the ending. Hooray for payback for the payback.