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  1. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Hahaha. At first I was a bit skeptical watching K-ON! I've never watched anything based of Shoujo(female target audience) manga, and I thought it would be weird too. But the anime is funny, cute, and just downright awesome.
  2. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    What an adorable little girl. Is she yours?
  3. Kiratwig's Avatar
    Oh I see thanks Kasumi.
  4. Kasumi's Avatar
    Yep, it's Yui from K-On!
  5. Kiratwig's Avatar
    This is from K-on! right?
  6. QuietDragon's Avatar
    Definitely agreed, especially about the closely-knit family vibes this place has going on.
    I actually get confused/interested whenever I see someone I don't recognize!

    On Serebii Forums, besides the well-known members, most people meld into one another, sucked into a vacuum of poor spelling and bare-bones-"posts." ^^;;

    And I frequent Serebii Forums as well!

    A sweet post, this was. ^^
  7. The Outrage's Avatar
    I agree :P
  8. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    No Doug, you got *yourself* an infraction.
  9. Doug's Avatar
    Blurrz you got me an infraction :O
  10. Mukubird's Avatar
  11. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    You do have a wonderful point. Part of serebii forums' problem is the fact that the serebii.net page is so popular, that is generally the first forum that a lot of kids will go to. This means that less people discover us, and we are still able to keep our family feel. While there are some jerkoffs on the forums and sometimes in the chat, at least we know that they are not the majority (and generally we do our best to get rid of them as long as they break enough rules).

    Thank you for your truly heartfelt post, and I am proud to be here with you in the bulbagarden family.
  12. Tina's Avatar

    (Bulbagarden's practically my only home on the Internet. I love it here.)
  13. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Ah Douggy...

    Cooltrainer_Doug = 'plain out a-hole'

    Thanks for the comments LC and Misty :)
  14. Misty's Avatar
    I want to print this post out and frame it. Seriously.
  15. Lethal Carnivine's Avatar
    Heh, I feel the exact same way too Blurrz. Especially about posting on Serebii

    I like posting here, because if someone agrees or disagrees with me, they give an intelligent reason why.

    And we are like a close knit dysfunctional family lol.