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  1. YoshiSage's Avatar
    I could do something like that if I had a halfway decent laptop in my room. XD

    The only reason I don't have one in my room though, is because my parents are the kind who are always "the internet is evil blah blah blah", so... yeah. XD
  2. YoshiSage's Avatar
    The RMT thread has now been made into a new forum section I believe.
  3. YoshiSage's Avatar
    Damn the HGSS section...
    That kind of thing happens a lot when a major Pokémon game release is around the corner, but it's out now, so the retardedness has settled.

    Really though, Pokémon fans do tend to be assholes sometimes. The video games section is full of assholes, and the mods over there have a tough job sometimes.

    If I could say anything that could potentially bring you back to the forums, Tina, I'd do it. Really, I would.
  4. RexRacer's Avatar
    I'm sorry D:

    That sucks.
    Updated 31st July 2009 at 08:33 PM by RexRacer
  5. Archaic's Avatar
    Tina, I haven't been able to keep up with the HGSS forum myself, with my current RL responsibilities, and only found out about the issues you were having last night my time. If I'd been aware of the pressures you were under earlier, I would've gladly assigned extra moderators in there to assist you.
  6. Kasumi's Avatar
    I don't really want to sound like I'm an asshole or anything, but I think you should have PMed Archaic before blogging about it. He's your "boss" after all.
  7. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Æsahættr
    Wait. You mod the HGSS section?

    Fucking Christ, get the hell out of there before you go insane.
    This. D: Dear god no wonder you're so upset!
  8. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Chikorita
    It's not easy being a smart person on the internet.
    This. Seems like a hiatus isn't enough...
  9. Politoed666's Avatar
    Well GTFO then.

    Just kidding. Really, though. You'll be back.
  10. Chosen of Mana's Avatar
    Tell Chosen of your grievances. :(
    Updated 30th July 2009 at 07:45 PM by Chosen of Mana
  11. Exxthus's Avatar
    I'd help you if I could. ;;
  12. TTEchidna's Avatar

    But HGSS gives you hugs.

    Maybe it's just the recent influx of stupidity. That seems to happen a lot. I mean... ugh. The fantards are ruining HGSS for ME, and I'm the one who cheered loudest when it was announced.
  13. Æsahættr's Avatar
    Wait. You mod the HGSS section?

    Fucking Christ, get the hell out of there before you go insane.
  14. Æsahættr's Avatar
    Do it; tough love thxbai.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hotaru
    Just hid out at the whale. I'd say in the whale but that seems horrible. xD
    What up? Jonah says yo dawg.
  15. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Just hid out at the whale. I'd say in the whale but that seems horrible. xD
  16. TTEchidna's Avatar
    I actually had a simple EVs/IVs thread idea a while back. Maybe it should be brought up...

    And of course we could rewrite our pages on BP somewhat... though there's a limit to how accessible it is. Eventually it'll just click on everyone.
  17. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
    Oh wowz, you have to take 3 minutes out of your ever sooooo busy day to look on 'pedia! Heavens forbid that! /sarcasm

    Well, main point: wouldn't you rather a non-competitive player feel welcome by doing this and then teach them how to do EV's or they are scared to DAMN DEATH TO POST ANYTHING FOR FEAR OF BEING LIKE DAMNED TO HELL?!? I personally rather the people feel welcome. I mean, thats honestly how I felt after I posted a stat team and I was afraid to post anywhere else after that for fear of the same treatment.
  18. Tina's Avatar
    I actually never thought of merging threads for some reason... hm.
  19. System Error's Avatar
    If Will isn't doing his job, he should get the boot. Simple as that. Send him to Smogon where he'll fit in better. If you don't speak up about it though, nothing will happen. Tell the higher ups about it, and present your case to them. Sure, you might come under fire from some, but it's part of the job.

    As for scolding people, well...just don't do it. Merge the thread into simple questions and have done with it. No arguing, no complaining, merge thread only, final destination. Alternatively, have a simple statement on copy/paste, instead of personalizing every one (and raging in the process).

    This is exactly why I think everyone here who's complaining about such and such needs to lighten up. Bad for the blood pressure.
  20. Mukubird's Avatar
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