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  1. What is the best timing for watch the episodes, OVAs and Movies Pokemon?
  2. Did you think Virgil was an interesting character?
  3. Do you like Kotetsu/Cameron as a rival?
  4. Who is the better Champion: Adeku (Alder) or Shirona (Cynthia)?
  5. Misty’s Psyduck and Iris’ Axew
  6. Do you think Best Wishes!'s pace is hindering the series' development?
  7. Is Ash good enough to take down an Elite Four Pokemon?
  8. Who was the Better Contest Side-Rival, Harley or Ursula?
  9. How do the Mikuri Cup and the World Tournament Junior Cup compare to one another?
  10. Whose plot development and character development was better out of the fire starters?
  11. Do you think the writers are handling Axew, and Scraggy's growth properly?
  12. Do you think Ash rotating his pokemon will help him the League??
  13. Should the show appeal more to those that aren't within the target audience?
  14. Should the dubbing companies of the Pokémon Anime replace BGM and songs?
  15. What constitutes a filler?
  16. Were the "League Rivals" Necessary?
  17. Did you like Max/Masato's role on the show?
  18. Did you like Brock/Takeshi's role on the show?
  19. Which do you like more: comedic episodes or battle-oriented episodes?
  20. Do you find Georgia/Langley to be an interesting rival?
  21. Do you find Burgundy/Cabernet to be an interesting rival?
  22. Do you like Stephan/Kenyan as a rival?
  23. Do you think the show has improved since Kanto?
  24. Did you like Tracey/Kenji during the Orange League season?
  25. What did you think of Gary/Shigeru's role on the show and should he appear again?
  26. Is the increase in rivals per saga since OS a bad thing?
  27. Did you like Piplup/Pochama's character in Diamond and Pearl?
  28. Do you think that Pikachu brings a lot to the show?
  29. Did you like Dawn/Hikari's role on the show?
  30. Did you like May/Haruka's role on the show?
  31. Would BW benefit from being a genuine reboot of the series?
  32. Do you find Bianca/Bel to be an interesting rival?
  33. Should Ash age or not ?
  34. Is Unova the New Kanto?
  35. Which is better: DP or BW?
  36. Is being a mascot pokemon an advantage or disadvantage?
  37. Do You Think That Any of Ash/Satoshi's Other Companions Will Ever Join Him Again?
  38. As fans, which is more irritating, overexposed or shafted characters?
  39. The Pokémon League Rules, Guidelines and Index
  40. To what degree was Johto flawed?
  41. Do you think Ash's Pikachu should evolve??
  42. Do you think Ash/Satoshi should be replaced?
  43. Do you think the pokemon anime will ever end?
  44. Is the show going overboard with the whole, "Type Advantages aren't everything" deal?
  45. Do you think the writers gave Brock a good enough sendoff?
  46. Favourite regional pokemon league
  47. Filler Episodes - Are they important?
  48. Is the Pokémon Anime a children's show, or is there more to it than that?
  49. When past main characters leave the anime, does it feel like their impact is lost?
  50. What did you think of Paul/Shinji's role on the show and should he appear again?
  51. Out of the BW trio, which character has least/most flaws?
  52. What did you think of the group dynamics of the DP trio?
  53. So who is your favorite coordinators?
  54. How do you feel about Ash/Satoshi capturing so many Pokemon?
  55. Should Misty/Brock have been handled the way Iris/Cilan are?
  56. Will BW be the end of Team Rocket/Rocket-Dan?
  57. Do you feel the voices have improved since the cast change took place?
  58. Did you like Misty/Kasumi's role on the show?
  59. Do you find Trip/Shooti to be an interesting rival?
  60. Do you like Cilan/Dent's role in BW?
  61. Do you like the Rocket trio's role in BW?
  62. Do you think the writers are doing enough with Iris?
  63. Do you feel that Ash/Satoshi's character has been reset?
  64. Could Misty/Kasumi become one of the elite four?
  65. What is your biggest complaint about the Pokemon series?
  66. The Best Team Rocket Motto