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  1. GEN VI: All Legendaries(Including Numerous Shiny Legendaries)
  2. GEN VI: 18 Manaphy
  3. GEN VI: Shiny Slowking
  4. GEN VI: Offering Mewtwonite X
  5. GEN VI: Easter Bunnies Giveaway
  6. GEN VI: Events
  7. GEN VI: Small giveaway
  8. GEN VI: Offering many UT Event pokemon - Updated 23 April-
  9. GEN VI: Mew, Shinies and Shiny Deoxys
  10. GEN VI: Caite-chan's Breeding Center [UPDATED: 4/21] 4-5 IV's & Hidden Abilities
  11. GEN VI: Cloning pokemon/items
  12. GEN VI: two shinies for grabs
  13. GEN VI: Offering Manaphy
  14. GEN VI: Offering Event Shinies for legit Genesect
  15. GEN VI: Breeding Leftovers with Tons of Egg Moves
  16. GEN VI: Offering Event Legendaries & 5IV Honedge
  17. GEN VI: Bp items to trade!
  18. GEN VI: My Shop: Featuring: Phione
  19. GEN VI: Vanyss' Phione farm
  20. GEN VI: Offering Multiple Legendaries
  21. GEN VI: Mewtwonite Y for legendary
  22. GEN VI: Some shinies
  23. GEN VI: Offering: A bunch of legendaries
  24. GEN VI: Whismania! (Whismurs)
  25. GEN VI: offer several pokemon out for things
  26. GEN VI: Breeding/Items Leftovers
  27. GEN VI: Offering Shiny Venusaur
  28. GEN VI: Charizardite X
  29. GEN VI: Mewtwo with Mewtwonite X
  30. GEN VI: 6IV Smeragles (only two)
  31. GEN VI: Offering lots of shinies/legendaries/6iv pokes
  32. GEN VI: Tons of xerneas,yvetal,and zygardes
  33. GEN VI: Offering Adamant/Rash/Timid Protean Froakie, and Level 60 Gentle Noivern!
  34. GEN VI: 6IV Giveaway
  35. GEN VI: Free Shiny Pokemon for people who join my league
  36. GEN VI: Offering Charizardite X
  37. GEN VI: Offering Gen 6 shinies
  38. GEN VI: Event Legendaries for Kalos Shinies
  39. GEN VI: Event Legendarys for Kalos Shinys
  40. GEN VI: 5IV Marine Vivillon Eggs LF: Other Vivillon Eggs
  41. GEN VI: Shiny Zubat 5IVs with Brave Bird/Defog
  42. GEN VI: Wild Shiny Trevenant - COMPLETED
  43. GEN VI: Charizardite Y and Mewtwoite Y
  44. GEN VI: Offering shiny Honedge, Gastly, Ralts and Axew.
  45. GEN VI: WTT Zubat perfect 5 iv timid with nastyplot + hypnosis + HA
  46. GEN VI: Have Shinx with Guts
  47. GEN VI: Trading IV and V iv pokes
  48. GEN VI: Shiny village (trade shop)
  49. GEN VI: Huge Hodgepodge of Imperfect 5IV Competitives, more to come!
  50. GEN VI: Breeding Leftovers and Shinies
  51. GEN VI: Willing to help each other with TradeBacks
  52. GEN VI: Shinys & Event Pokemon
  53. GEN VI: Shiny 6IV Archeops for trade --COMPLETED--
  54. GEN VI: Breeding Leftovers
  55. GEN VI: Jirachi and other emerald events
  56. GEN VI: Special Stone Packs
  57. GEN VI: Offering Shiny Pokemon
  58. GEN VI: 6IV Shiny Japanese Ditto, Let's Play A Game *COMPLETED*
  59. GEN VI: offering shiny eevee
  60. GEN VI: Smorgasbord of Competitively Natured 6IV Dittos! *Updated 24/03/2014*
  61. GEN VI: gen 6 shiny
  62. GEN VI: Jeff's Breeding Mill
  63. GEN VI: Jungle Vivillon + Ralts giveaway
  64. GEN VI: Breeding Leftovers!!!
  65. GEN VI: 4-5IV breeding leftovers giveaway/trade
  66. GEN VI: HA extreme speed dratini give away - DIVE BALL now available
  67. GEN VI: Adamant Speed Boost Carvanhas leftovers
  68. GEN V: Eevees
  69. GEN VI: Torchic with Speed Boost and Blazikenite
  70. GEN VI: Dan's Pokedex filling breeding and offering thread
  71. GEN VI: Competitive Pokes?
  72. GEN VI: Mega Stones
  73. GEN VI: extra mons
  74. GEN VI: Scyther for Scyther Trade (Scizor evolve trade) (I HAVE METAL COAT)
  75. GEN VI: Kalos Shiny for Trade
  76. GEN VI: Breeding/Items Leftovers(Updated 13/03)
  77. GEN VI: Shiny!
  78. GEN VI: trading 5IV pokemon, some with HA and egg moves. giving away 4IV pokemon UPDATE 21/4
  79. GEN VI: Offering Shiny Gulpin for trade
  80. GEN VI: Awesome Give-Aways! 4 IV's and HA's! Updated 4/19
  81. GEN VI: Gamestop Giratina and others
  82. GEN VI: Special Pokemon Trade
  83. GEN VI: Slime's Breeding Shop
  84. GEN VI: Hack-to-order scheme!
  85. GEN VI: my little ponies
  86. GEN VI: My Shop: Now with PHIONES!
  87. GEN VI: Giving away Tynamo
  88. GEN VI: Offering Japanese Ditto
  89. GEN VI: Ditto Safari
  90. GEN VI: Offering various 4-5iv stuff
  91. GEN VI: Breeding Leftovers (Larvitar & Vulpix)
  92. GEN VI: Xerneas, straight from the Pokeball.
  93. GEN VI: Breeding Leftovers
  94. GEN VI: The Ebullient Eevee Emporium - Taking Requests!
  95. GEN VI: Offering Garden Vivilon
  96. GEN VI: Shiny Friend Safari Clefable
  97. GEN VI: keldeo
  98. GEN VI: 4+ IV Pokemon! Hidden Abilities! Egg Moves!
  99. GEN VI: Tons of shinies
  100. GEN VI: The Last of My Stuff and Some Breeding (formerly Shiny Eevees and Y Mega Stones)
  101. GEN VI: Shiny rayquaza and gyaradosite
  102. GEN IV: Shiny Hypno
  103. GEN VI: offering shiny pancham
  104. GEN VI: breeding leftovers
  105. GEN VI: Valentine's Day Giveaway [CLOSED]
  106. GEN VI: Shiny rayquaza
  107. GEN VI: Shiny non-event Rayquaza
  108. GEN VI: Trading 4+ IV breeding extras. Egg Moves and HA available for some
  109. GEN IV: Gallant's One Stop Pokeshop
  110. GEN VI: (Finished!) Extra Legendary/Shiny Giveaway
  111. GEN VI: MachDragonX's IV Breeding leftovers
  112. GEN VI: WTT Arceus or plasma Genesect for lv 50 eng deoxys
  113. GEN VI: Offering HAs
  114. GEN IV: OFFERING: WIN2011 Celebi and SMR2010 Jirachi
  115. GEN VI: Arceus for Genesect
  116. GEN VI: Offering Legendaries and a X Mega Stone for a Y Mega Stone
  117. GEN VI: Offering Event, Legendary and Shiny Pokemon
  118. GEN VI: Shiny Simisear
  119. GEN VI: 5 iv larvitars
  120. GEN VI: Shiny Dialga
  121. GEN VI: Shinx Breeding Leftovers
  122. GEN VI: Offering a Arceus!
  123. GEN VI: Offerings
  124. GEN IV: FT: 6iv legends, Ev'd pokes, Events, 6iv dittos, items LF: SAME
  125. GEN VI: Shiny dragonite (jap)
  126. GEN VI: Legendary Swap - Seeking Many, Offering Many (Also IV leftovers/HA breeding)
  127. GEN IV: Legendary Pokemon (Victini, Uxie, Mespirit, Azelf, Cresselia, Shiny Entei, etc)
  128. GEN IV: Event Victini, Darkrai, Giratina, and others
  129. GEN VI: Leftover II
  130. GEN VI: Bank Celebi (for jirachi)
  131. GEN VI: Offer DarkRai , Reshiran or Cobalion for Meloetta
  132. GEN VI: offering meloetta
  133. GEN VI: Event Torchic+Blazikenite
  134. GEN VI: Offering shiny GameStop sum2013 giratina 2 of them
  135. GEN VI: Bank Celebi for trade 2
  136. GEN VI: English and Japanese Events for trade.
  137. GEN VI: Lots of breeding leftovers! 4+ IV's, Egg Moves, and Hidden Abilities!
  138. GEN VI: 4-5IV Pokemon
  139. GEN VI: 6 IV Japanese Ditto
  140. GEN VI: Genesect, Shiny Palkia, Dialga or Giratina
  141. GEN VI: Offering deoxys, genesect and meloetta
  142. GEN VI: Offering Oblivia Deoxys
  143. GEN VI: Phiones & Japanese Yveltal
  144. GEN VI: Gamestop Event Shiny Giratina
  145. GEN VI: Blue Ditto Cafe Giveaway!
  146. GEN VI: Jirachi and Meloetta
  147. GEN VI: Bank Celebi for Trade
  148. GEN VI: Shop of gen6 shininess
  149. GEN VI: 5 IV Phione
  150. GEN VI: HA charmander
  151. GEN VI: Custom/rare Poké Ball breeding
  152. GEN VI: phiones
  153. GEN VI: Pokemon Y Egglocke
  154. GEN VI: Mewtwonite X and Masterball
  155. GEN V: 3 Mr. Mimes up for grabs
  156. GEN VI: 4-5 IV / HA Breeding Leftovers (Dratini, Smeargle, and Kangaskhan)
  157. GEN VI: Adamant Charmander's with IV's
  158. GEN VI: Wanna Evolve our ELECTABUZZs/MAGMARs ???
  159. GEN VI: ~~PINSIRITE~~5 IV Kangaskhan~~
  160. GEN V: Offering many awesome pokemon
  161. GEN VI: HA fletching
  162. GEN V: offering pokerus, shiny gastrodon, latias and others
  163. GEN VI: Offering: Charizardite X
  164. GEN VI: 3 Charizard Y Eggs
  165. GEN VI: Looking for another shiny fish
  166. GEN VI: Offering Pokerus
  167. GEN VI: 6IV JPN Ditto
  168. GEN VI: Offering: SHINIES
  169. GEN VI: Shinies for Trade
  170. GEN VI: Shiny Clauncher for trade, looking for anything different
  171. GEN VI: D'evil's Flawless French Pokemon (Currently on Breeding Break)
  172. GEN VI: Lf: 4/5iv rejects FT: tons of perfect, 4/5iv rejects
  173. GEN VI: Smeargle with your Dream Moveset! (As long as they aren't transfer exlusive moves)
  174. GEN VI: shiny weepinbell
  175. GEN VI: Barian's Breeding Service *CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*
  176. GEN VI: 4-5 IV Breeding Leftovers (Update: Venipede, Riolu & Drilbur)
  177. GEN VI: Offering: Tyranitarite
  178. GEN VI: Shiny Vivillon (completed)
  179. GEN VI: Pokebank Pokemon
  180. GEN VI: Offering Heracronite [CLOSED]
  181. GEN IV: Egg Trade
  182. GEN VI: 4-5 IV Breeding Leftovers (Yamask, Shroomish, Larvesta)
  183. GEN V: Trading pokerus and more
  184. GEN VI: Leftovers
  185. GEN VI: Offering Froakie
  186. GEN VI: Feebas, Magby, Elekid
  187. GEN VI: Leftovers + Special Ball Pokemon [Closed]
  188. GEN VI: Shiny Magikarp
  189. GEN VI: Offering: Charizadite X
  190. GEN VI: Bank Shinies & IV Breeding Leftovers
  191. GEN VI: Giving away starters, Absol, Egg moves, Some max IV's, Mostly max IVs in HP.
  192. GEN VI: Shiny Geodude up for grabs
  193. GEN VI: Starf and Lansat
  194. GEN VI: 5IV Jolly Kangaskhan
  195. GEN V: Have Darkrai, Looking for Meloetta
  196. GEN VI: Offering shiny delphox and shiny gogoat
  197. GEN VI: Looking to get rid of some pokemon
  198. GEN VI: Ultimate Shiny Trading Thread!!
  199. GEN VI: Shiny Tornadus, and Darkrai 6 IV's each.
  200. GEN VI: giveaway: 4-5 iv timid charmanders with egg moves; some breeding leftovers for trade
  201. GEN VI: Meloetta or a Shiny Charizard
  202. GEN VI: 3 5IV Smeargle
  203. GEN VI: Shiny Poliwag with Pokerus
  204. GEN VI: IV Breeding Freebies
  205. GEN VI: Will trade Shiny Perfect Therian form Thunderus for 5IV Cressilia.
  206. GEN VI: Shiny Espurr (F)
  207. GEN VI: Free Tyrogues Wonder Trade Event Day!
  208. GEN VI: Free Tyrogues Wonder Trade Event Day!
  209. GEN VI: 4 IV Bredding Leftovers & 5 IV Frillish
  210. GEN VI: Japanese Ditto and Froakie
  211. GEN VI: 4-5 IV Leftovers (upd: Magic Guard Solosis and Gale Wings Fletchling)
  212. GEN VI: Mass Shiny trading thread!
  213. GEN VI: Pikalga's Breeding
  214. GEN VI: Snorunt and Teddiursa leftovers.
  215. GEN VI: Trading, IV breeding leftovers, & MORE!
  216. GEN VI: 6 4IV and 5 3IV Mudkips!
  217. GEN VI: Trade Pokérus Infected Starters from all gens to fill dex
  218. GEN VI: Offering a Shiny Charmander for 5IV Foreign
  219. GEN VI: Vulpix to a good home!
  220. GEN VI: 4 IV Squirtle (some with Rain Dish)
  221. GEN VI: The Great Chimchu's Stuff
  222. GEN VI: 3 & 4 & 5 IV Eevees.
  223. GEN VI: Breeding Phiones!
  224. GEN VI: Sun pattern Vivillon
  225. GEN VI: Vivillon trade
  226. GEN VI: Gen VI --3 pages full of trades
  227. GEN VI: Selling/Trading LEGIT obtained Shiny Legendaries and Other Shiny Pokemon X and Y
  228. GEN VI: 4IV Charmanders Timid/Jolly and a 5IV
  229. GEN VI: Item trading thread for all
  230. GEN VI: Giving Baby Eevee it is Lvl.1 !
  231. GEN VI: A new shiny trading thread
  232. GEN VI: Timid 4 IV Abra breeding leftovers
  233. GEN VI: Perfect 5IV Calm Nature Eevee's
  234. GEN VI: Offering Shiny Greninja! Lvl.100. EVs: 252 Sp Atk, 252 Spd. And, a Shiny, UT Fennekin
  235. GEN VI: Trying to complete my Vivillon collection!
  236. GEN VI: Cottonee (w/ Memento) & Feebas (w/ Dragonbreath) -- CLOSED
  237. GEN VI: Pokemons with HA from the Pokebank
  238. GEN VI: Shiny trading! Ites for legendary and Shinies! I also BREED for trade!
  239. GEN VI: Tucker's IV Breeding Extras, Unobtainables & More (Updated 2/11!)
  240. GEN VI: IV breeding leftovers
  241. GEN VI: Volt Tackle Pichus for give away!
  242. GEN VI: All gen Starters for Shinies
  243. GEN VI: Lunacy's Nursery (SR Skamory added)
  244. GEN VI: Shiny magikarp
  245. GEN VI: Shinies and HA pokemon for mega stones
  246. GEN VI: Imperfect 5IV Pokemon
  247. GEN VI: Starter Distribution for Xmas Gift
  248. GEN VI: Vivillon for Vivillon. Simple, eh?
  249. GEN VI: Small Christmas Giveaway! (Closed!)
  250. GEN VI: 5 IV Eevee's for trade