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  1. GEN VI: LF: IV bred Cottonee and Sneasel
  2. GEN VI: Want two shiny Clamperls...
  3. GEN VI: Looking for: Hidden Ability Amaura/Aurorus, Skrelp/Dragalge, and Bunnelby/Diggersby
  4. GEN V: Wanted: Generation 5 HA Pokemon b4 NWC goes down
  5. GEN V: magmar magmortar evolution trade
  6. GEN IV: Generation 4 - Plat. Machoke request
  7. GEN VI: Looking for ditto.
  8. GEN VI: Mega Stones
  9. GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Lileep
  10. GEN VI: Wanted: IV Bred Pokemon
  11. GEN VI: Wanted: Houndoominite
  12. GEN VI: Looking for HA Aromatisse/Spritzee, Scrappy Kangaskahn
  13. GEN VI: LF 5IV Monsoon Vivillon/Spewpa/Scatterbug
  14. GEN VI: Need Dex Assist
  15. GEN VI: Looking for female Sliggoo and/or Piloswine with Hidden Abilities
  16. GEN VI: event pokemon with event moves (some japonesse)
  17. GEN VI: Seeking Togepi/Mawhile Friend Safari, Offering Gastrodon Friend Safari
  18. GEN VI: Evolution trade
  19. GEN VI: Charizardite X
  20. GEN VI: Looking for Genesect
  21. GEN VI: Missing Legendaries
  22. GEN VI: LF 5IV Pursuit/Sucker Punch Shiny Ekans
  23. GEN VI: Outrage + Snatch Noibat, Snatch Fletchling
  24. GEN VI: Looking for Genesect
  25. GEN VI: Looking for Ralts.
  26. GEN VI: Wanted: Lv 5 Piplup
  27. GEN VI: wanted : genesect
  28. GEN VI: Looking for these Pokemon/Offering these in return!
  29. GEN VI: Trading my Charizardite Y for X
  30. GEN VI: IV-Bred Shiny Noivern/Malamar
  31. GEN VI: Starters, Bagons, and Dittos
  32. GEN VI: help completing dex plz
  33. GEN VI: Wanted: Any timid Ditto. Don't mind if cloned.
  34. GEN V: looking for a RNGed Pawniard
  35. GEN VI: LF: HA Adamant Fletchling 5+ iv spread
  36. GEN VI: Looking for Shedninja with Perfect IVs in Speed and Attack
  37. GEN VI: LF IV bred Treecko and Shellos-East
  38. GEN VI: Trying to catch'em all!
  39. GEN VI: LF: Pinsirite
  40. GEN VI: HA Drilbur/Excadrill
  41. GEN VI: Wanted: Deoxys, Keldeo, Genesect
  42. GEN VI: Lansat/Starf Berries
  43. GEN VI: Shiny Bagon-Salemence with hidden ability
  44. GEN VI: Looking for Celebrate (move)
  45. GEN VI: Looking for Razor Claw!
  46. GEN VI: 0iv speed ditto
  47. GEN V: Please help me complete my dex!
  48. GEN VI: Wanted: HA Pikachu
  49. GEN VI: LF: HA Gligar/Gliscor, and a Slakoth
  50. GEN VI: Pokemon Wanted
  51. GEN VI: wanted female charmander evo line
  52. GEN VI: Shiny Charmander
  53. GEN IV: Looking for Torchic
  54. GEN VI: HA Eevee in a Dive Ball
  55. GEN VI: Desperately need someone to gen me something, see inside
  56. GEN VI: Legit Shiny Latias?... Even possible?
  57. GEN VI: 5 IV Hyper Voice Ralts?
  58. GEN VI: Floette and an event
  59. GEN VI: Looking for Vivillon Patterns
  60. GEN VI: Completing Legendary Collection
  61. GEN VI: Vivillion patterns!
  62. GEN VI: 6IV Ditto
  63. GEN VI: looking for some pokes
  64. GEN VI: HA Froakie for HA Chespin
  65. GEN VI: trading shiny for a glameow or pineco
  66. GEN VI: Love Ball Zubat
  67. GEN VI: Shiny legendaries
  68. GEN VI: Shiny Heatran
  69. GEN VI: oshawott --CLOSED--
  70. GEN VI: Looking for: Mew, Jarachi, Shaymin and Meloetta
  71. GEN VI: Looking for a Timid, 5 IV Rotom
  72. GEN VI: LF charizardite y
  73. GEN VI: Wanted: Snivy with Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, and/or Dragon Pulse:)
  74. GEN VI: Areceus plates
  75. GEN VI: Looking for 6th gen shinies besides Skrelp and Sylveon
  76. GEN IV: Wanted: Charmander Gen IV
  77. GEN VI: LF: Unown
  78. GEN VI: LF F Starters and F Tyrunt
  79. GEN VI: LF Protean Froakie line
  80. GEN VI: LF: Aggronite FT: 96 BP - COMPLETED
  81. GEN VI: Flawless/near Flawless Ditto
  82. GEN VI: LF: Friend safaris
  83. GEN VI: Wanted: ability capsule
  84. GEN VI: LF Blazikenite Mega Stone
  85. GEN VI: LF: Eevee with Foul Play, Heal Bell, and Wish
  86. GEN VI: Wanted:Iron Fist Gollet w/egg moves.
  87. GEN VI: Looking for an IV Bred Timburr
  88. GEN VI: LF: friend safaris
  89. GEN VI: Looking for: Marvel Scale Dratini
  90. GEN VI: Looking for a couple pokemon to complete dex Mostely legendaries and event pokemon
  91. GEN VI: HA Kirlia/Ralts
  92. GEN VI: Wanted: Dawn Stone
  93. GEN VI: Wanted: Shiny Greninja Timid 5 iv + HA
  94. GEN VI: Wanted: Any timid and calm Ditto. Also HA Phantump.
  95. GEN VI: Wanted: Defiant 5-6 IV Pawniard with Knock off and Sucker Punch
  96. GEN VI: Vivillon: Meadow, Savanna, & Marine
  97. GEN VI: Looking for Starf Berry
  98. GEN VI: Looking for HA Unova starters
  99. GEN VI: Looking for ditto.
  100. GEN VI: Looking for IV Bred Charmanders and Honedge!!
  101. GEN VI: Looking for 6 IV Ditto
  102. GEN IV: Looking for shaymin, offering Darkrai
  103. GEN VI: Wanted: Pokemon XD transferred pokemon
  104. GEN VI: HA Chespin/Quilladin
  105. GEN VI: Looking for HA pokemon
  106. GEN VI: Looking for HA Carvanha
  107. GEN VI: Looking for a Pokerus-infected Pokémon for X
  108. GEN VI: Looking for HA Froakie iv egg
  109. GEN V: Legends I badly need to complete my dex
  110. GEN IV: Wanted: Generation 4 eventers b4 NWC goes down
  111. GEN VI: LF - Tyranitarite Mega Stone
  112. GEN VI: Looking for HA Starly and Taillow
  113. GEN VI: lucky egg needed
  114. GEN VI: Lansat berry wanted!
  115. GEN VI: Mega Stone Search
  116. GEN VI: Super Size HA Pumpkaboo
  117. GEN VI: Apricorn Vulpix
  118. GEN VI: Borrowing an Yveltal for my Xerneas
  119. GEN VI: W: A couple things
  120. GEN IV: Mold breaker Excadrill/Drilbur
  121. GEN VI: Looking for an IV Bred Heracross!
  122. GEN VI: Lansat Berry
  123. GEN VI: Blazikenite Wanted
  124. GEN VI: 2 Dusk Stones
  125. GEN VI: 5IV Rotom/Garchomp
  126. GEN VI: Looking for a Shaymin
  127. GEN VI: Wanted: Darkrai
  128. GEN VI: Charizardite Y
  129. GEN VI: 6IV Non-USA Ditto
  130. GEN VI: HA Drillbur
  131. GEN VI: DONE: Keeping in case of new requests
  132. GEN VI: 5 IV Litwick
  133. GEN VI: Seeking Starf Berry
  134. GEN VI: Wanted - Honedge Egg
  135. GEN IV: 0 spe IV Ferroseed
  136. GEN VI: looking for blue shellos
  137. GEN VI: Wanted: Perfect IV Dittos
  138. GEN VI: Wanted: Hidden Ability Pokemon
  139. GEN VI: Wanted - Foreign Honedge / 6 IV Ditto [Complete]
  140. GEN VI: Looking for legendaries
  141. GEN VI: I want a Chansey or a Sableye!
  142. GEN VI: Mega stones
  143. GEN VI: Need to borrow some Mons
  144. GEN VI: Trading legends for legends (offering jirachi)
  145. GEN VI: Need Chansey
  146. GEN IV: Trading my Charizardite Y for X
  147. GEN V: Thundurus, legit or cloned
  148. GEN VI: 4 + 5 IV native Vivillon patterns!
  149. GEN IV: Borrowing a SoulSilver Groudon.
  150. GEN VI: Legendary Pokemon
  151. GEN VI: HA Swirlix
  152. GEN VI: Vivillion safari and mega stones
  153. GEN VI: Need pokemon with spore
  154. GEN VI: HA Eevee w/ Hyper Voice, Heal Bell, Wish
  155. GEN VI: Excadrill Safari!!
  156. GEN VI: LF dream world swirlix
  157. GEN VI: LF 4 or 5 IV female combee
  158. GEN V: Wanted: Keldeo & Meloetta
  159. GEN VI: Trading my Charizardite Y for X
  160. GEN IV: Looking for heartgold pokerus
  161. GEN VI: LF: LEGIT event mew, meloetta, jirachi, manaphy, arceus/berries FT: many legendaries
  162. GEN VI: female Froakie / Frogadier / Greninja
  163. GEN VI: super power stoutland
  164. GEN IV: Wanted HA pokemon
  165. GEN VI: Shinies Needed
  166. GEN VI: LF Aggronite
  167. GEN IV: New to this, was looking for a mew and a few pokewalker routes
  168. GEN VI: Dusk Stone
  169. GEN VI: Looking for a specific Carbink
  170. GEN VI: Dex completion
  171. GEN VI: Shiny Eevee (offers below)
  172. GEN VI: Vulpix plox
  173. GEN VI: Shiny HA froakie
  174. GEN VI: Wanted: Raikou, Entei, Suicine, Lugia, Ho-oh, Manaphy
  175. GEN VI: Blaziken mega stone
  176. GEN IV: Looking for Ocean scutterbug!!!!!
  177. GEN V: Want Gothita and Vullaby
  178. GEN VI: Ocean Vivillion
  179. GEN VI: wanted Keldeo, Genesect, and Meloetta. have the gamestop shiny legendaries to offer
  180. GEN VI: LF some legendaries to complete Pokemon X Pokedex
  181. GEN IV: Wanted: Unhatched Manaphy Egg and TRU Manaphy
  182. GEN VI: Wanted: Low Speed Articuno for Trick Room
  183. GEN VI: Wanted: 3 Mews
  184. GEN VI: Version X Mega Stones!
  185. GEN VI: Wanted: Legendary Pokedex Entries. Offering: 5IV+ Pokemon, Pokedex Fillers, Requests!
  186. GEN VI: Technician Breloom (female) in a Nest Ball
  187. GEN VI: Different Color HA Floette
  188. GEN VI: HA Dedenne ♀/Helioptile ♀ (Offering 5IV Rotom and Beldum)
  189. GEN VI: Timid Ditto
  190. GEN VI: Shinies?
  191. GEN VI: Sableye Safari
  192. GEN VI: Someone to help me train pokemon for tomorrow!
  193. GEN VI: HA Male Nidoran
  194. GEN IV: Anyone help me out with a charmander?
  195. GEN VI: Need Y version exclusive Mega Stones
  196. GEN VI: Shaymin
  197. GEN VI: Shiny Fennekin line
  198. GEN VI: 3 spare eviolites wanted
  199. GEN VI: Charizardite x wanted
  200. GEN VI: Wanted: Pokémon
  201. GEN VI: Keldeo
  202. GEN VI: Shaymin Needed
  203. GEN VI: Clone help
  204. GEN VI: Looking for legit Victini?
  205. GEN VI: Looking for Charizardite X!
  206. GEN VI: LF: Legendaries for pokedex + other trades
  207. GEN VI: Modest Heatran w/ HP Ice
  208. GEN VI: Chansey in Heal Ball
  209. GEN VI: need a couple pokes
  210. GEN VI: LF Gen VI events, Ability Capsule & HA Extremespeed Dratini
  211. GEN VI: Charizardite Y
  213. GEN VI: Please help me complete the Pokedex
  214. GEN VI: Trade FC for Friend Safaris
  215. GEN VI: IV Bred Lileep and Aerodactyl?
  216. GEN VI: Mew?
  217. GEN V: Wanted - HA Roselia line
  218. GEN VI: Perfect IV Legendaries
  219. GEN VI: Darkrai English not shiny
  220. GEN VI: LF: HA Sinnoh Starters
  221. GEN VI: Wants
  222. GEN VI: LF: Dragalge, Heliolisk, and Noivern
  224. GEN VI: Cottonee
  225. GEN VI: LF: 6 IV Ditto
  226. GEN IV: LF: Chikorita, Vulpix, Eevee and Torchic Spares
  227. GEN VI: HA flechling
  228. GEN VI: LF 4-6IV Eevee with Heal Bell/FT Shinies
  229. GEN V: Does anyone have a Celebi that I could borrow for the Zorua illusion event in Black?
  230. GEN VI: Hidden ABility STarters
  231. GEN VI: LF: Water safaris don't know my one
  232. GEN VI: Hidden Ability Corphish
  233. GEN VI: I'm looking for bank Pokemon.
  234. GEN VI: Help completing my team
  235. GEN VI: LF: 5IV Joltik
  236. GEN VI: LF: HA Wooper, HA Qwilfish, HA Clefairy, HA Pinsir, East side Shellos
  237. GEN VI: Mold Breaker Drilbur
  238. GEN VI: Prism Scale Feebas
  239. GEN VI: Eevee with the Egg move Wish
  240. GEN VI: Looking for Shiny Fenniken
  241. GEN VI: Vivillions and certain safaris
  242. GEN VI: COMPLETED: Looking for Yancy's Shieldon (or any HA Shieldon)
  243. GEN VI: Seeking Shaymin
  244. GEN VI: Looking for HA Slowpoke
  245. GEN VI: Friend safaris please!
  246. GEN VI: Looking for Drizzle Politoed!
  247. GEN VI: birthday countdown
  248. GEN VI: 2IV, 0 Spe Ditto (Offering Events + IV bred Pokemon)
  249. GEN VI: Pineco needed
  250. GEN VI: Help on Completing the Pokedex!