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  1. Your Shot: Visions of the World
  2. SPORTS: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014
  3. SCIENCE: Most Earth-like planet yet found
  4. WAR: Syrian Civil War
  5. DISASTER: Ferry capsized in South Korea - almost 300 people remain unaccounted for...
  6. SCIENCE: Japan Must Stop its Whaling Program, Says ICJ
  7. DIPLOMACY: North and South Korea Exchange Fire as Tensions Heighten
  8. Sunflower Student Movement (Protests in Taiwan)
  9. SECESSION: Voters in Veneto choose secession from Italy in online referendum
  10. Fred Phelps on the edge of death
  11. The new SAT has been revealed
  12. Government Surveillance Includes Libel and Slander
  13. DIPLOMACY: Crisis in Ukraine (Pro-Russian uprisings in Ukraine, tensions mount)
  14. Scottish Independence
  15. SCIENCE: Bill Nye debates creationism with Ken Ham
  16. SPORTS: 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia
  17. Federal Court Ruling Threatens Net Neutrality and Online Access
  18. SCIENCE: China lands robot lunar rover
  19. SPORTS: 2013-2014 NCAA Basketball Thread
  20. SPORTS: Football/Soccer thread!!!
  21. SCIENCE: Krokodil
  22. Hiroshi Yamauchi, former President of Nintendo, passed away at 85
  23. SCIENCE: Using mushrooms in place of plastic packaging
  24. SPORTS: 2020 Olympics Host City and New Sports Selection
  25. Irish poet Seamus Heaney dies aged 74
  26. SCIENCE: Wirelessly charging electric cars from underneath the road
  27. SOPA is back...
  28. DISASTER: Train wreck in Spain.
  29. Royal baby born to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William
  30. Contaminated Lunches Kill 22 Children in India
  31. Police attacked with petrol bombs in Belfast
  32. SCIENCE: Environmentally Friendly Rocket Propellant Tested
  33. Andy Murray wins Wimbledon
  34. DISASTER: Ghost train explodes, devastates Quebec town
  35. DISASTER: Major Plane Crash in San Francisco
  36. President Morsi overthrown in Egypt
  37. DISASTER: 2013 North Indian Floods
  38. British soldier killed in deadly terror attack
  39. DISASTER: Tornado Destroys Oklahoma City Area
  40. HISTORY: 2500 year-old Mayan temple bulldozed... for construction material
  41. DIPLOMACY: Canadian PM's chief of staff implicated in Senate spending scandal
  42. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration surpasses 400 ppm
  43. Alligator helps officers apprehend fleeing suspect
  44. SCIENCE: Clouded Leopards Declared Extinct in Taiwan
  45. SCIENCE: Terrafugia unveils...the Flying Car
  46. SCIENCE: Fusion reactor to be built in France
  47. Cooper Union to charge tuition
  48. 5 Dead in Shooting Spree in Winchester, Illinois
  49. Canadian al Qaeda terrorist plot in Quebec busted
  50. DISASTER: Deadly Earthquake Strikes China'a Sichuan Region
  51. Shooting at MIT
  52. DISASTER: Major Explosion at Texas Fertilizer Plant
  53. Deadly Poison Found in Mail to U.S. Senator
  54. Venezuela chooses new president after Chávez's death; Nicolás Maduro wins after fraud
  55. The Abortion Trial of Kermit Goswell
  56. Explosions at Boston Marathon ( Possible Terror Attack )
  57. 2013 MLB Season
  58. Police discover hidden underground tunnels used by the homeless
  59. Margaret Thatcher dead following stroke--now with live coverage!
  60. Youtuber FPSRussia Raided by ATF and FBI
  61. Silly: Man Struck By Lightning Mltiple Times...With an Unusual Treatment Method
  62. Ohio School Shooter Sentenced to Life in Prison
  63. Cyprus, Banks, and the EU
  64. 16 Year Old Girl from Steubenville, Ohio Raped After Becoming Unconscious
  65. Is the Internet killing alternative print news?
  67. NYC Soda Ban Overturned
  68. SCIENCE: Russian Satellite Destroyed by Chinese Space Debris
  69. What is it like...to feel.loved?..
  70. SCIENCE: Comet PanSTARRS now visible in the Northern Hemisphere, ISON, & maybe Mars in 2014
  71. DIPLOMACY: North Korea Threatens to Nuke Washington Over Sanctions
  72. AP: Hugo Chavez is Dead
  73. SCIENCE: First documented case of child cured from HIV
  74. CISPA is back folks...
  75. Woman Dumps Boyfriend After Finding Him With Another Woman Online
  76. SCIENCE: The universe collapses and rebuilds every tens of billions of years reasearch says
  77. Pit Bull Saves Family From House Fire
  78. New York Times vs Tesla Motors
  79. DISASTER: Meteor Hits Russia Injuring 1000
  80. SPORTS: IOC cuts wrestling from the 2020 Olympics
  81. North Korea conducts another nuke test
  82. Pope Benedict resigns.
  83. HISTORY: Black History Month
  84. Discussion: Dream jobs and current jobs
  85. Legal market causes law school applications and enrollment to tumble
  86. What soccer team do you support?
  87. DISASTER: Mass shooting in Phoenix AZ offices
  88. Egypt on the verge of collapsing... again.
  89. Mother giving her baby a tattoo. Disturbing.
  90. Northern Mali Conflict
  91. Discussion: World Travel
  92. SPORTS: Can a state/area have too many teams for one sport?
  93. SCIENCE: Nanotech Yarn behaves like Super Human Muscle
  94. DISASTER: Bulgarian opposition leader nearly assassinated on live TV
  95. SPORTS: Lance Armstrong admits to doping
  96. SCIENCE: Discussion on space exploration
  97. White House Responds to Death Star Petition
  98. Connecticut is no longer a flu-free utopia (2013 flu season)
  99. Sword-wielding woman arrested after approaching school at Islamic society
  100. 23 injured in knife attack at Chengping school
  101. Shooting at Newtown Elementary School [NOT for debates on gun control]
  102. DIPLOMACY: North Korea launches long-range rocket
  103. DISASTER: BREAKING: Deadly Mass Shooting at Oregon Mall
  104. DISASTER: 7.3 Earthquake hits Northeast Japan
  105. DISASTER: Tornado strikes Auckland. Deaths reported
  106. Here We Go Again: Egyptians Protest Morsi's Authoritarian Rules
  107. SCIENCE: NASA Finds Water on... Mercury?!
  108. Palestinians win upgraded UN status by wide margin
  109. SCIENCE: Bigfoot Is Part Human
  110. "Michael Dunn, Florida Man, Invokes 'Stand Your Ground' Law After Shooting Black Teen
  111. Curiosity finds history book worthy Mars discovery?
  113. Monkey killed in Zoo Boise break-in
  114. Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st U.S. State
  115. Iran Fires on U.S. Drone Over International Waters
  116. UK refuses to allow US to use military bases for possible stand off with Iran
  117. Italian Court Convicts 7 Scientists for Failing To Predict Earthquake
  118. Defense of Marriage Act ruled unconstitutional by second appeals court
  119. Terror Attack Attempt on Fed Bank in New York
  120. Russia classifies beer as alcoholic
  121. SPORTS: MLB postseason 2012
  122. Iranian news agency apologizes for reproducing article from The Onion
  123. DIPLOMACY: Iran's Currency Collapses, Mass Protests and Crackdown Result
  124. NYC gym teacher claims 6-year-old student beat him up
  125. DISASTER: Crisis in Syria
  126. SPORTS: NHL Lockout
  127. New Monkey Species
  128. Dog killed while saving owner from train
  129. Juror says he’s too homophobic and racist to serve, now faces prosecution
  130. Quebec election ends in lethal violence
  131. American Academy of Pediatrics: Benefits of Male Circumcision Outweigh Risks
  132. RIP: Neil Armstrong Dead at 82
  133. SPORTS: USADA moves to nullify Lance Armstrong's record
  134. Two people killed in Empire State Building shooting
  135. Where English people disagree over whose language is best
  136. Anders Behring Breivik: Norway court rules him sane
  137. Should ERISA be overturned to save the U.S. Economy?
  138. DIPLOMACY: President Obama Brews His Own Beer
  139. Mexican Election Fraud
  140. Investors Brace for Euro Collapse
  141. Father Writes Hate Filled letter to Son, Becomes Viral and condemned
  142. RIP: Seven people killed, including gunman, in shooting at Sikh temple, police say.
  143. Free Plastic Surgery for Bullying Victims: Your Thoughts?
  144. Tractor-Driving Farmer Runs Over Every Cop Car in Police Station Parking Lot
  145. DISASTER: Deadly Ebola virus kills 14 in Uganda
  146. Church refuses to marry black couple
  147. Japan Passes Jail-for-Downloaders Anti-Piracy Law
  148. WAR: Five Fort Bragg Soldiers dead in just this past Week
  149. 14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting at Colorado theater, police chief says
  150. Gang of bikers fight to protect abused children
  151. Soccer Thread
  152. SPORTS: NFL 2012-2013 Season
  153. SCIENCE: Pluto's Fifth Moon Discovered
  154. ACTA fails in Europe
  155. SCIENCE: Higgs Boson Probably Discovered
  156. HISTORY: Happy Birthday USA! - Obligatory US Independence Day Thread
  157. Japanese Politicians Consider Humanoid Mechas
  158. Lonesome George Dead, Species Extinct
  159. 10-year-old girl locked in closet for days.
  160. Russia moving Warships to Syria
  161. 40th Anniversary of Title IX
  162. SPORTS: Tigers fan proposes to his girlfriend, then later saves her from a foul ball
  163. SCIENCE: Study suggests genetic link between homosexual men and their maternal relatives.
  164. You can accurately judge a person just by looking at their shoes, psychologists say.
  165. SPORTS: 2012 Olympics Hype Thread
  166. SPORTS: How do we not have a EURO 2012 thread yet?
  167. Italian soccer player Antonio Cassano condemns gay players
  168. SPORTS: Rangers finished
  169. California official accused of hitting boy with belt when he drops ball
  170. The Zombie Apocalypse Continues
  171. New York plans to ban large sodas
  172. Bath Salts-What the hell is going on exactly?
  173. The Zombie Apocalypse Begins in Miami
  174. Scottish Independence: Yes or No?
  175. Syrian Houla Massacre
  176. Wealthy tech exec nabbed for elaborate Lego crime spree
  177. HISTORY: Memorial Day
  178. California Dog Burned by Explosives Reunited With Owner
  179. SCIENCE: SpaceX Dragon Bound for ISS
  180. NC pastor calls for death of ‘Queers & Homosexuals’ in sermon
  181. Man with 30 kids - by 11 different mothers - seeks child support help
  182. Persecution of Baha'i Leaders of Iran
  183. SCIENCE: "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse: May 20, 2012
  184. Kenny Dalglish Sacked
  185. 2012 Tropical Cyclones
  186. Can Children Be Psychopaths?
  187. Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years
  188. FDA Approves First Drug that Wholly Prevents HIV Infection
  189. Viewing Child Porn On Internet Now Legal in New York
  190. Why people say stop looking for love and let find you?
  191. ATTENTION: 2 New Temporary Section Heads
  192. Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July
  193. Student abandoned in DEA holding cell drank own urine to survive
  194. Brave Women Saves Child from Being Killed By Their Father
  195. Pakistani jet crashes killing all 127 on board
  196. SCIENCE: Dr. Who's Sonic Screwdriver - Now a Reality
  197. 17th anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing
  198. ISP's to Start Policing Copyrights by July 1st...
  199. Secret Service caught with Prostitutes
  200. Anders Breivik pleads not guilty at Norway murder trial
  201. SPORTS: Pregnant athlete to compete in Olympics
  202. String of Bomb Threats at University of Pittsburgh
  203. Anyone watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?
  204. North Korea Launches rocket despite Warnings
  205. DISASTER: More Earthquakes - 5.9-6.2 off the coast of Oregon, 7.0 in Mexico
  206. Man Commits 10 Felonies in 9 Hours
  207. Tsunami Warning across the Indian Ocean
  208. PC School Removes Married Couple with Kid from School Mural
  209. CISPA The New Internet Censorship Bill...
  210. DISASTER: Dallas area hit by numerous tornadoes
  211. Arizona law would censor the Internet
  212. WAR: Tuareg rebels declare the independence of Azawad, following coup in Mali
  213. Viewpoint: How hackers could decapitate the internet
  214. SCIENCE: Director James Cameron dives to bottom of Mariana Trench
  215. SCIENCE: The Hidden Cost of Coal Power
  216. DISASTER: 7.6 Earthquake in Mexico
  217. At least four shot dead at Jewish school in Toulouse, France
  218. SCIENCE: 'Red Deer Cave' people, possibly a new human species?
  219. UN panel adopts report that praises Qaddafi human rights record
  220. Another earthquake in Japan
  221. WAR: Rogue American soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians
  222. SCIENCE: U.S. Military's Latest Weapon: Futuristic Heat Ray
  223. Iraqi Teens Stoned to Death for Wearing 'Emo' Clothes
  224. Armenia withdraws from Eurovision after Azerbaijan Comment
  225. KONY 2012 (Uganda's Child Soldiers)
  226. Nuclear power - are you for it or against it?
  227. March madness!
  228. DISASTER: Tornadoes destroy Ohio River Valley, one town wiped from map
  229. Mansion servant enslaved by uber-rich New York family for nearly six years
  230. European style stone tools suggest Stone Age people actually discovered America
  231. DISASTER: Shooting at Ohio High School: One Dead, Four Injured
  232. Canadian Judge rules residential schools a form of genocide
  233. Immigration Agent Opens Fire on Colleagues
  234. [2012-02-09] Father shoots daughter's laptop on Youtube
  235. Cricket unites Taliban and government in Afghanistan
  236. WAR: Panetta: Israel will strike Iran within months
  237. Predict-a-2012
  238. SCIENCE: NASA scope finds 26 alien planets
  239. Superbowl XLVI
  240. SCIENCE: Solar Flare about to cause Northern/Southern Lights
  241. Singer Etta James dies at age 73.
  242. Megaupload shut down by the US Government
  243. Kids find phone with pic of laughing embalmer holding up severed head of train victim
  244. DIPLOMACY: Iran to return US drone... in toy form
  245. DIPLOMACY: Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinations
  246. DISASTER: Cruise Ship strikes rocks, 6 dead so far.
  247. WAR: Israel upholds citizenship bar for Palestinian spouses
  248. Chinese Builders Construct 30-Story Hotel — In 15 Days
  249. video: How not to be a mugger
  250. SPORTS: The Church of Tim Tebow