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  1. Notice: We're On Twitter!
  2. Non-Mafia: Guess the Google Map: Winter Edition
  3. Mafia: Plants vs. Zombies mafia Endgame: POWAH 2 DA BOMBS! And zombie victory! 8/20/11
  4. The Situation Room - Talk about the games or anything!
  5. Cancelled: Total Drama:The Mafia [Cancelled]
  6. Non-Mafia: BMGF Chess game co-hosted by The Puppetmaster and Hellion - GAME OVER WHITE TEAM WON!
  7. Mafia: Lawn Mafia ( 7/26/11, GAME OVER- Mafia and Trashcan win!)
  8. Mafia: Cartoon Network Mafia - Game Over! The Town wins!
  9. Non-Mafia: Rabbit Doubt -- WOLVES WIN -- 7/11/11
  11. Mafia: X-Men: AoA Mafia - FORCES OF APOCALYPSE WIN - 7-20-11
  12. Cancelled: BMGf Trail-A week long adventure!~Where those not on the trail discuss it.[ 7-24-11]
  13. Mafia: Insane Mafia - Draw between Town 1 and Town 2 - 21/7/11
  14. Cancelled: BW Mafia- This mafia has just been sent to the moon. [N11-Cancelled-8/10/11]
  15. Notice: New War Room Generals
  16. Cancelled: TheSimpleGame (Round One, Set One) (SECOND TURN)
  17. Non-Mafia: Dodge ball free-for-all [Game Over - won by Mijelffan and sourcandy]
  18. Cancelled: Unovian Murders III - Tale of Two Cities! [Cancelled]
  19. Cancelled: Assassins' Creed Mafia [Cancelled]
  20. Mafia: The War Room Mafia - TOWN VICTORY! (ratings are up, phew.)
  21. Cancelled: Pokemon Anime Mafia: Closed due to Inactivity
  22. Mafia: Mafia of the Ancients GAME OVER - MAFIA WINS
  23. Cancelled: TheSimpleGame ROUND ONE - SET ONE (CLOSED)
  24. Mafia: Burned Planet Endgame:Town victory, Twin win, and the Hitchiker turns the tide.
  25. Mafia: Classic Mafia-GAME OVER-No one used their roles. at all.
  26. Non-mafia Games Index
  27. Cancelled: The Resistance
  28. Mafia: X-Men Evolution Mafia - The Brotherhood has been defeated. The X-Men have won!
  29. Mafia: Food Mafia-GAME OVER-Sgt.Pepper's and Opossumguy win!
  30. Mafia: X-MEN MAFIA - WE HAVE A WINNNER! IT'S MISS PIGGY! (not the muppet)
  31. Mafia: BTD4 Mafia~Fall of the Bloons {Endgame-Bloons(Mafia) and Pineapple Win.}
  32. Notice: 1st Ever War Room Awards Discussion (MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!)
  33. Cancelled: Code Name: Gemstone Day 3
  34. Mafia: Unovian Murders II - Aftershocks Sgt. Pepper's WINS, THE TOWN LOSES
  35. Mafia: Falconwing Mafia 2: Game Over- Mafia Win!
  36. Mafia: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mafia [Game over! and the winner is...]
  37. Mafia: Rock Paper Scissors... mafia style. (Game end; congrats Scissors, Lizard and Banana!)
  38. Mafia: Pokémon Animé Mafia - Revenge of the Rivals - GAME OVER, Mafia win!
  39. Mafia: Unovian Murders 1. The Murderers Win!!! (Hurristat and Pokemad)
  40. Cancelled: Superhero Mafia: CLOSED(Inactivity Wins!)
  41. Cancelled: Club Penguin Mafia: Sign ups and Discussion
  42. Mafia: Spirit Mafia: Bi-winners: J J M and Mijzelffan
  43. Cancelled: Audi Famam Caedis [CANCELLED]
  44. Mafia: Avatar: The Last Airbender Mafia [Game Over]
  45. Mafia: A General "Town VS Mafia" END - TOWN VICTORY
  46. Mafia: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mafia: GAME OVER MAFIA WIN
  47. Cancelled: Circus Mafia: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Sign-ups close February 19, 2011
  48. Notice: Mafia General Substitution Thread
  49. Mafia: BMGf Mafia III: GAME OVER: MAFIA WIN
  50. Cancelled: Animal Mafia Game Abandoned due to general inactivity.
  51. Mafia: BMGf Mafia III (Night 0; Role Confirmations)
  52. Cancelled: Self-Role Mafia (Advanced)
  53. Mafia: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mafia: Sunnydale v. Forces of Darkness! [Postponed]
  54. Notice: Simple Question Simple Answers Thread
  55. Cancelled: [Standard] Harry Potter Mafia [ABANDONED]
  56. Notice: Mafia Host Queue
  57. Mafia: Deserted Island Mafia: Game Over: Villagers Victory; Uncertain Ending
  58. Cancelled: Animal Mafia [signups and discussion]
  59. Mafia: Island Mafia: Discussion and Sign-Up
  60. Mafia: Falconwing Mafia (Endgame: Mafia Wins)
  61. Mafia: Warriors Mafia (Endgame: Clans Win)
  62. BMGf Mafia II: the return (Once a mafia, always a mafia. Mafia victory!)
  63. Death Note Mafia (Game Killed, Stalemate)
  64. Mafia: BMGf Mafia Game Thread (Game Over! The mafia won!)
  65. Non-Mafia: Bulbagarden Idol [Round 4]
  66. PokeMafia (End Game) Game Killed
  67. Mafia: PokéMafia [VILLAGE WIN!] (GAME OVER) mods can close the thread.
  68. Cancelled: MAFIA - Sign Ups
  69. Cancelled: Murder in the Dark [Game inactive, please restart]
  70. Cancelled: Basic Mafia: The start of a whole new tactics game...