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  1. CONTEST: Which Character or Pokemon had the Best Dubbing/Voice?
  2. FUN AND GAMES: If you were to be a COTD in the anime
  3. FUN AND GAMES: XY: Your own ideas for episodes
  4. CONTEST: Favorite Anime Group
  5. CONTEST: Ashs Palpitoad vs Mistys Politoed
  6. CONTEST: How would you rate the anime?
  7. CONTEST: Which main girl had the best interactions with Brock?
  8. What's your favorite episode (or episodes) of the Pokemon Anime?
  9. CONTEST: Which Pokémon From BW Will You Miss the Most?
  10. CONTEST: Shortchanged Legendaries
  11. Favorite voice actor from the TPCi dub?
  12. Favorite voice actor from the 4Kids dub?
  13. CONTEST: ashs bayleaf vs ashs pikachu vs ashs oshawatt
  14. CONTEST: Worst Handled Gym Leader?
  15. FUN AND GAMES: Nicknames for Pokemon Anime Characters
  16. CONTEST: Ash's best and worst League battles
  17. CONTEST: ashs charizard vs pauls infernape and torreca and ashs infernape vs sceptile
  18. CONTEST: Harrison's Blaziken vs Paul's Electivire
  19. CONTEST: Which Companion has the Best Team?
  20. CONTEST: Paul vs Tobias, could Paul have done better?
  21. CONTEST: Ashs Oshawott vs Ashs Palpitoad
  22. Which one was the best season in Best Wishes series ?
  23. CONTEST: pokemon ashs quillava vs ashs infernape vs mays blaziken vs biancas emboar
  24. FUN AND GAMES: Tom The Hermit Crab Wayland's Best and Worst Roles in the Pokemon Dub Anime!
  25. CONTEST: Ashs Buizel vs Cilans Pansage
  26. CONTEST: ashs charzard vs ashs infernape vs ashs sceptile
  27. CONTEST: Ashs Infernape vs Mays Blaziken
  28. CONTEST: Tepig's English Voice vs. Tepig's Japanese Voice
  29. CONTEST: Ashs Charizard vs Ashs Palpitoad
  30. CONTEST: Ash/Satoshi's Eye Color: Which Do You Prefer?
  31. FUN AND GAMES: Ash's Oshawott VS. Dawn's Piplup.
  32. FUN AND GAMES: Most OverUsed Moves in te Anime
  33. CONTEST: The Time Has Come (TV Version or 2.B.A. Master Version?)
  34. FUN AND GAMES: Which Human Characters Suffer of being Tall.
  35. CONTEST: Best Dub Voice?
  36. FUN AND GAMES: Pokemon would Travel with Ash Who Can Talk: Darkrai, Giratina, Magnezone, Sandile.
  37. CONTEST: Which saga had the best movies?
  38. FUN AND GAMES: Ash's Muk VS. Professor Oak's Rotom Over Oak
  39. FUN AND GAMES: If there's another cast change for the English dub, who would you cast?
  40. Favorite Original JPN BGM Out of All 4 Series?
  41. Worst Isshu Gym Battle
  42. CONTEST: most annoying voice in the dub?
  43. FUN AND GAMES: Ash's Charizard vs Ash's Krookodile
  44. CONTEST: Jessie's strongest Pokemon
  45. CONTEST: James's strongest Pokemon
  46. Are Ash’s Traveling Companions under Pressure?
  47. ANIME: Which region had the WORST gym leaders?
  48. CONTEST: Do you prefer 3 traveling companions or 4?
  49. CONTEST: Ashs strongest Water type?
  50. CONTEST: Rate Ashs pokemon
  51. CONTEST: Ashs Charizard vs Pauls Electivire
  52. CONTEST: Ash's strongest Normal/Flying Pokemon
  53. CONTEST: Pokemon that you don't want to evolve
  54. FUN AND GAMES: Talk to (insert animé character here)!
  55. CONTEST: Which of Ashs pokemon did you think was okay for him to have?
  56. CONTEST: Rank Ash's ground types
  57. Ashs six weakest pokemon?
  58. Who are Ash's top 14 pokemon?
  59. FUN AND GAMES: ANIME EDITION: Am I the only one who...
  60. CONTEST: Which is better: Johto or BW?
  61. CONTEST: Pauls strongest pokemon(Chimcar do not count)
  62. CONTEST: May's strongest pokemon?
  63. CONTEST: Saddest Moment of Ash's Pikachu?
  64. Dawns strongest pokemon?
  65. FUN AND GAMES: Contest and Normal Battle moves/combos
  66. CONTEST: KANTO Misty vs ADVANCED (Non-BF) May
  67. CONTEST: Which of the past rivals could have won the Unova League?
  68. FUN AND GAMES: How would you have felt if...
  69. FUN AND GAMES: Nicknames for the Voice Actors in The Pokemon Anime
  70. The Pokemon Episode Race
  71. CONTEST: Least favorite Oshawott Moment in the Anime
  72. CONTEST: Tracey vs. Brock
  73. CONTEST: Tracey vs Cilan
  74. CONTEST: May or Dawn?
  75. CONTEST: Misty or Iris?
  76. CONTEST: Brock's Croagunk vs Cilan's Stunfisk
  77. CONTEST: Dawn's Togekiss vs Ash's Unfezant
  78. CONTEST: More enjoyable to you, Misty or May?
  79. FUN AND GAMES: Favorite villain team in the anime
  80. CONTEST: Which character had the worst dialogue (including COTDs, and either 4Kids or TPCi)?
  81. FUN AND GAMES: Swirly eyes
  82. CONTEST: Ash's Bulbasaur vs Paul's Electivire
  83. CONTEST: Who's smarter: Pikachu or Meowth?
  84. CONTEST: Favourite Pokemon opening
  85. CONTEST: Ash's Charizard Vs Cilan's Crustle
  86. FUN AND GAMES: What would be your ideal group? (Does NOT have to include Ash.)
  87. CONTEST: Which saga had the best fillers and why? (Kanto/OI included.)
  88. CONTEST: Iris's Excadrill vs Cilan's Crustle
  89. Which saga had the best fillers and why? (Kanto/OI not included.)
  90. CONTEST: Favorite version of TRio?
  91. Favorite Oshawott Moment
  92. CONTEST: Best performing loser in the Unova league? (Read first Post)
  93. FUN AND GAMES: If all those Pokemon were caught...
  94. CONTEST: Who would you rather join the team? (Read first post)
  95. Which one of ash's rivals was the best and why?
  96. FUN AND GAMES: The Anime Fanatics' Truth or Dare Thread
  97. CONTEST: Favorite Catchphrase
  98. FUN AND GAMES: If you could "redo" the first episode in any way...
  99. FUN AND GAMES: If the anime was set up as a musical...
  100. FUN AND GAMES: The human characters as Pokémon
  101. FUN AND GAMES: I'm Thinking of an Episode...
  102. FUN AND GAMES: If you were in the anime, who would be your best friend?
  103. CONTEST: Who's return did you like best: Misty's, May's, or Dawn's?
  104. CONTEST: Who is your favourite rival?
  105. CONTEST: Misty's Best Swimsuit?
  106. CONTEST: Pikachu's best bits?
  107. CONTEST: Ash's Boldore vs Ash's Palpitoad
  108. CONTEST: Who is the manliest out of [insert three Pokeguys here]?
  109. CONTEST: Ash's Krookodile vs Ash's Snorlax
  110. CONTEST: What's your favorite pokemon movie or movies of all times?
  111. FUN AND GAMES: You're stranded on an island- Which three characters would you pick to be with/why?
  112. CONTEST: Ash's Heracross vs Ash's Leavanny
  113. CONTEST: Ash's Palpitoad vs Ash's Buizel
  114. CONTEST: Ash's Bayleef vs Ash's Snivy
  115. CONTEST: Brock's Steelix vs Brock's Croagunk
  116. CONTEST: Ash's Gliscor vs Ash's Gible
  117. CONTEST: Ash's Sceptile vs Ash's Torterra
  118. CONTEST: Ash's Squirtle vs Ash's Oshawott
  119. CONTEST: Ash's Quilava vs Ash's Pignite
  120. Favorite Battle Frontier facility
  121. CONTEST: Which "Departure" Episode Was the Most Memorable/Emotional?
  122. CONTEST: Which of the TRio has the best backstory?
  123. CONTEST: Your favourite James episode?
  124. FUN AND GAMES: Your Favourite Jessie episode?
  125. FUN AND GAMES: Who is the better male side lead? Clian, Brock or Tracey
  126. CONTEST: What are your favorite Cilan pokemon?
  127. CONTEST: What are your favorite Iris pokemon?
  128. CONTEST: What are your favorite Misty pokemon?
  129. CONTEST: What are your favorite Tracey pokemon?
  130. CONTEST: What are your favorite Dawn pokemon?
  131. CONTEST: What are your favorite Brock pokemon?
  132. CONTEST: What are your favorite May pokemon?
  133. CONTEST: What are your favorite Ash pokemon?
  134. CONTEST: Which annoys the main cast more? Cilan/Dento's showing off VS Brock/Takeshi flirting
  135. CONTEST: Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova
  136. FUN AND GAMES: Which movie character are you?
  137. FUN AND GAMES: Idea for Movies, TV shows and stuff within the Pokemon world
  138. CONTEST: What did you think of Ash's secondary DP rivals? (Excludes Paul)
  139. CONTEST: Iris or Misty in the sidekick role, who was handled better overall?
  140. CONTEST: Favorite Best Wishes Gym Battle?
  141. FUN AND GAMES: Ash's Worst Pokémon?
  142. CONTEST: Ash's Snivy vs. Ash's Bulbasaur
  143. FUN AND GAMES: What if? Pokemon Edition
  144. CONTEST: Iris' Excadrill vs. Ash's Sceptile
  145. CONTEST: Who do you think is the biggest stalker from the Pokemon series?
  146. FUN AND GAMES: Funniest lines to be taken out of context
  147. FUN AND GAMES: What would 4kids do?
  148. FUN AND GAMES: Funniest Anime Pokedex entries
  149. CONTEST: Saddest Team Rocket release?
  150. FUN AND GAMES: What _'s _ would talklike, in human language!
  151. CONTEST: Ash (Sinnoh) VS. Dawn
  152. FUN AND GAMES: Create your own "sidekick" for Ash (or another character like rivals)
  153. CONTEST: Which of Ash's companion had the best battles in your opinion?
  155. CONTEST: Pokemon Face Off: Ash's Buizel vs Iris's Excadrill
  156. CONTEST: Do you find mid-battle evolution's cheap or perfectly acceptable?
  157. CONTEST: Misty Vs. Dawn
  158. FUN AND GAMES: Your own Pokemon gags
  159. CONTEST: Which character was the meanest to Ash?
  160. CONTEST: Least Favorite Saga
  161. Flannery vs Paul-Favorite Character Bracket
  162. Oakley vs Assunta (Pokemon Favorite Character Bracket)
  163. FUN AND GAMES: Pokemon anime near death experiences
  164. CONTEST: Which Pokegirl Had the Best Swimsuits?
  165. CONTEST: Ash's strongest move
  166. CONTEST: Which female protagonist had the best role in a movie?
  167. CONTEST: Which Girl companion gave Ash the most trouble?
  168. CONTEST: Who do you think is the better coordinator out of Ash's female companions?
  169. CONTEST: Who was your favorite Orange Islands Gym Leader?
  170. CONTEST: Which was more ridiculous; Dawn winning Wallace Cup or Iris winning Don Tournament?
  171. CONTEST: Favorite season and why?
  172. CONTEST: Ash's Snivy VS Iris's Emogla
  173. CONTEST: Ash's Strongest Grass Type?
  174. CONTEST: Which of Ash's Flying types are strongest?
  175. CONTEST: Ash's strongest Water type?
  176. CONTEST: Ash/Satoshi's Strongest Fire type
  177. CONTEST: What is your favorite opening theme?
  178. CONTEST: Who is Your Favorite Coordinator?
  179. CONTEST: Favorite track off Pokemon Christmas Bash?
  180. CONTEST: Tranquill, Scraggy, Swadloon, Palpitoad or Boldore? Which do you prefer with Ash?
  181. FUN AND GAMES: Do you have any theories why Ash is still 10?
  182. FUN AND GAMES: What would the characters not say?
  183. CONTEST: Which was worse; Paul losing to Brandon or when Trip lost his respect for Alder?
  184. CONTEST: Which female protagonists win over Ash felt more justified to you?
  185. FUN AND GAMES: If there was an episode where you were in and were a CotD, what would you do?
  186. CONTEST: Which Ash is your favorite?
  187. Do u Believe that Game/Manga Battle Frontier is better then Anime's Battle frontier
  188. CONTEST: HBIC of Pokemon(Best Female Poke)
  189. CONTEST: Which is your favorite anime arc ever?
  190. CONTEST: Favourite Champion in the Animé
  191. CONTEST: Favorite Stat Trainer Episode?
  192. CONTEST: Which female protagonist interacted better with the past female protagonist?
  193. FUN AND GAMES: Epic Team Rocket's Mottos' Pics
  194. CONTEST: Which storyline involving a trainer getting their pokemon to obey them was the best?
  195. CONTEST: Who had better arguments with Ash, Misty or Iris?
  196. FUN AND GAMES: Ash and co.'s own motto like Team Rocket
  197. CONTEST: Which major characters had the best debut episode?
  198. CONTEST: Favorite girl character Part II
  199. CONTEST: Favorite Top Coordinator?
  200. The Grand Festival Rules, Guidelines and Indexes
  201. CONTEST: Poll: Which region was Ash's team handled best?
  202. CONTEST: Charizard's #1 Battle
  203. FUN AND GAMES: Create your own Pokémon Senryū
  204. CONTEST: Which female companion did Ash have the least memorable interaction with?
  205. FUN AND GAMES: Create your own Boss Fantasy
  206. CONTEST: Favourite Series So Far?
  207. CONTEST: What version of Mesaze Pokemon Master is your favorite?
  208. CONTEST: Who do you think is the most interesting of Ash's friends?
  209. CONTEST: Which tournament battle arc do you prefer: Don Battle or DP Tag Battle?
  210. CONTEST: Do you prefer to watch dubbed episodes or the Japanese originals?
  211. CONTEST: Which character's image song do you like the best?
  212. CONTEST: Pidgeot vs Noctowl vs Swellow vs Staraptor vs Tranquil
  213. CONTEST: Which goal is more difficult; Pokemon Trainer or Coordinator?
  214. FUN AND GAMES: Throw off a cliff/Marry/Make out with, Pokémon Anime Edition!
  215. CONTEST: Overall, who was the most interesting rival?
  216. FUN AND GAMES: Who Am I?
  217. FUN AND GAMES: Pokémon Anime Trivia Thread
  218. FUN AND GAMES: Guess the Quote!
  219. CONTEST: About what ex main character would you like to see pokemon chronicles being made?
  220. FUN AND GAMES: Guess the Screenshot!
  221. CONTEST: Favorite Team Rocket Centric Episode
  222. CONTEST: Who's your favorite BW rival?
  223. CONTEST: Your favourite Pkmn Movie
  224. FUN AND GAMES: Crack Episode Ideas
  225. CONTEST: What was your favourite Opening episode to a new season and why?
  226. CONTEST: What was your favourite Opening episode to a new series and why?
  227. CONTEST: Favourite regional pokemon league
  228. CONTEST: May's or Dawn's rivals, who's your favorite?
  229. FUN AND GAMES: Pokemon: Facebook Newsfeed/Twitter Update Edition
  230. CONTEST: Original Iron Tail or BW Iron Tail?
  231. CONTEST: Who do you consider to be the beast of Ash’s team?
  232. CONTEST: Favorite Gym Battle?
  233. CONTEST: Best “Brock gets rejected” moment
  234. CONTEST: Favorite Motto?
  235. CONTEST: Pikachu! Fat or Skinny?
  236. CONTEST: Your favorite Coordinator?
  237. CONTEST: Tyson vs Paul (read before rules before you vote) DESERT BATTLE
  238. FUN AND GAMES: Post your favorite Pokemon anime quotes!
  239. CONTEST: Advanced VS DP
  240. CONTEST: What's your favorite movie ending theme? (Japanese)
  241. CONTEST: What's your favorite Ending?
  242. CONTEST: What's your favorite Opening? (Japanese)
  243. CONTEST: What's your favorite Opening? (English)
  244. FUN AND GAMES: Caption the Screenshots!
  245. CONTEST: Which of Ash's friends made the least impact on his journey?
  246. CONTEST: Ash's Best Partner
  247. FUN AND GAMES: Best Wishes: Your own ideas for episodes
  248. CONTEST: What was your favourite League and why?
  249. CONTEST: Favorite girl character?
  250. CONTEST: Which of Ash's outfits is your favorite?