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  1. The Diet of Pokémon?
  2. Pokemon fanfic recommendations
  3. I just can't write anything!
  4. How to incorporate item usage during Pokemon battle in the fic?
  5. Lack of backstories: bad?
  6. Whats your favourite type of Fic?
  7. ACADEMY: Lesson 17: Description for World Building by Pavell
  8. What's More Vital to a Good Story: Plot or Characters
  9. Why am I afraid to make mistakes?
  10. Getting "In the zone."
  11. How old are you, readers?
  12. A Song of Ice and Fire Discussion Thread
  13. Getting Started
  14. Slang Words: Good or Bad?
  15. He She or It
  16. Different Ways of Evolution?
  17. Qualifications for a Novel
  18. Characters - writing from different perspectives
  19. What are you reading?
  20. ACADEMY: Lesson Sixteen: Exposition by Tophat Dragoneye
  21. My Male Chauvinistic writing style
  22. What's a Fanfiction writer to do?
  23. Dreams and dream sequences
  24. Adapting Game Moves and Mechanics to Stories
  25. ACADEMY: Lesson 15: Adapting the Games
  26. Villains
  27. How much is too much?
  28. Realistic stupidity
  29. What do you think makes a review a good one?
  30. Creative liberties with your story
  31. Crossovers?
  32. Rejecting criticism and sticking to your guns
  33. Parallel Plots
  34. EVERYONE: Writer's Block Help Thread
  35. When characters are "out of character" and it makes sense
  36. How to Edit a closed thread
  37. Relatable vs Unique
  38. ACADEMY: Lesson 14: Creating Your Own Region by Flaze
  39. OC relatives of canon characters.
  40. Twist endings
  41. MOBILE AUTHORS! Look Here!!
  42. Why do you write fan fiction?
  43. Should I post a story that I have had brewing in my head for a long time?
  44. Getting Back Into Writing - The Ins and Outs
  45. Collaborative storytelling!
  46. Light hearted vs Serious
  47. Purposeful Ambiguity vs Plot Holes
  48. Handling morally questionable actions
  49. Are "Perfect Characters" a bad thing?
  50. ACADEMY: Lesson 13: Building a World From the Ground Up
  51. What are your oc's and how did you come up with them?
  52. Canon region or creating your own?
  53. How to manage time management?
  54. Your Shout-Outs: Allusions, references, and in-jokes in Pokemon fanfiction
  55. Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction
  56. ACADEMY: Lesson Twelve: Dialogue by Feliciano
  57. The Bulbagarden Book Chat
  58. How Do You Feel About Romance?
  59. Cross-Generational Fanfic / Retcons
  60. Fanfic Decay
  61. ACADEMY: Lesson Eleven: How to Write Romance by Kelleo
  62. Concepts you find difficult to write?
  63. How can Banter and chemistry be handle?
  64. Writing block before the story even starts?
  65. Rivals
  66. "Cliched" plots
  67. Heavy handed vs Subtle Character Development
  68. A Different Kind of 'Fandex'
  69. Description of Pokemon and canon characters: Necessary?
  70. Pacing of Evolution?
  71. How do you portray TMs?
  72. ACADEMY: Lesson 10: Plotting Story & Character Development by harryheart
  73. That nagging doubt
  74. How does one interpret a Pokemon learning a move?
  75. How to create a charismatic character?
  76. Interesting things that happen on the road
  77. Your favorite self-created OC(s)?
  78. Is it ever okay to "spell it out?"
  79. Most common & annoying things that show up in Pokemon fiction
  80. character description in the fic
  81. Am I the only one who finds writing battles boring?
  82. Figuring out the commands
  83. Hello!
  84. Handling Foreshadowing
  85. Fanfiction Controversy
  86. How long it takes...
  87. ACADEMY: Lesson Nine: Plot Flow by Flaze
  88. Do you have a "troupe" of characters?
  89. On writing large/long pokémon battles.
  90. Plot Scenario Generator webiste
  91. Genres Guide
  92. Idea: Gameverse Pokemon Fanfiction
  93. Draco in Leather Pants
  94. Idea: Retooled Lord of the Rings
  95. A Few Reminders about Reviewing
  96. A Game of Eternals? Too S(t)ue-ish, or Not?
  97. Deciding and Planning Pairings (for OCs)
  98. Thoughts on Script/Screenplay fics
  99. Pilot
  100. ACADEMY: Lesson Eight: Punctuation by NoirGrimoir
  101. The Hotheaded Quiz Master!
  102. Developing Trainers vs already developed Trainers
  103. Writers Block
  104. I Need Help "Casting"
  105. Different points of view
  106. ACADEMY: Lesson Seven: Writing Reviews by AetherX
  107. How to handle story pacing?
  108. Views on Reboots?
  109. ATTENTION: General Writing Questions
  110. Writing Pokemon Battles
  111. Character Interactions
  112. The Review Game
  113. Social Commentary
  114. Plot Driven vs Character Driven
  115. Constructive criticism v. flaming
  116. Planned... But stuggling to find the words
  117. Retroactive Continuity
  118. How many subplots at once is too many?
  119. Can Someone request a story please?
  120. Please help suggest something
  121. Looking for inspiration for a small scene
  122. What if a story is one long dream sequence?
  123. So I figured out why I'm a bad fanfic writer.
  124. Starting a Pokemon story series, but need some advice
  125. Songfics and musicals. How would you handle them?
  126. Human Violence in Fics
  127. Pantser, Planner or both
  128. Pokemon Online Game
  129. Can characters be hypocritical at times if it's acknowledged?
  130. ACADEMY: Lesson Six: Christmas
  131. Portraying Pokemon teams
  132. Silph Co. (Brainstorm)
  133. To fight no not to fight, that is the question...
  134. So... maybe going to write a fanfic... advice needed!
  135. Voice actors?
  136. just a question
  137. Just a thought...
  138. ACADEMY: Lesson 5 - Getting Started
  139. What rules do you believe writing should follow?
  140. The most popular rating?
  141. I'm kinda stuck...
  142. Good reason to delay the Sinnoh League?
  143. Proper length of a battle
  144. The Review Game
  145. Meaningful Quotations
  146. Pokemon TCG Story?
  147. Need a Name Thread
  148. PokeStar Studios in your work
  149. Thinking about a pokemon card story
  150. Open Discussion - Chapters
  151. ACADEMY: Lesson 4 - Writing Under Pressure
  152. So, I would love some thoughts on this...
  153. Dealing with Pokemon that evolve when traded
  154. Description, how much and the quality?
  155. Dialogue, how do you do it?
  156. I have an idea...
  157. Ron the Death Eater
  158. Random brainstorm overloads, what's on your minds?
  159. ACADEMY: Lesson 3: Character Development
  160. Brainstorming ideas for a journey fic
  161. Bad!fics, your thoughts?
  162. Balancing Characters
  163. What do you find is the biggest single problem with fanfics?
  164. Naming your characters and locations
  165. My big idea stopper
  166. Pacing a story, what would work in a StarFox setting?
  167. What ways can a fox and a wolf be related?
  168. ATTENTION: Beta Readers 2.0
  169. Planning: I'm sure I'm doing it wrong.
  170. Write it down or keep it in your head?
  171. Introducing a new story.
  172. Putting yourself in the story.....
  173. Pokemon: Wild Creatures, People like us or perhaps both
  174. ACADEMY: Lesson 2: Creating Fantastic Pokeworlds
  175. Sentence structure regarding quotation marks.
  176. Where to begin?
  177. Restart?
  178. How do you handle Set-Up?
  179. Would anyone be interested in reading this?
  180. The magic number
  181. How do you do "Titles"?
  182. Epic Length or Short and Sweet?
  183. concerned about location name...
  184. Subtle Character Development
  185. How do/would you handle legendary Pokémon?
  186. The line between a Mary Sue and a great character and the risks
  187. How to create an intreresting adventure writing?
  188. How to make a "monster of the week" story interesting....
  189. ACADEMY: Lesson One: Description and Worldbuilding
  190. ACADEMY: The Writer's Workshop Writing Academy
  191. Would anyone read "Puella Magi Pokémon Magica"?
  192. Fanfic Announcement Thread
  193. The 3 Keys to a Good Short Comment
  194. Planning a party
  195. A Pokemon AU fantasy, Asian style
  196. EVERYONE: Possible idea for a My Little Pony/Pokemon crossover?
  197. Help?
  198. TEEN: Felix - Multiverse Traveler - Idea's and questions
  199. revenge fics~
  200. Great Story Idea
  201. Side Story help
  202. Pokémon MMO fanfic, would it work?
  203. How do you differ from canon?
  204. Meloetta names
  205. Writer's Block Queries
  206. Chase scenes
  207. Review Exchange
  208. Describing the "funny" scenes
  209. Story Attention - Reviews, Critiquing, and Comments
  210. Split timeline idea.
  211. How do I change my thread name?
  212. Question on how to create climax
  213. TEEN: PREVIEW: The Clandestine Saga Part I: SAYA
  214. Pokemon locations
  215. Making the Pokeworld your World
  216. Flow and Pacing
  217. Themes in your writing
  218. What is writing to you?
  219. How would you go about this?
  220. On writing a character of a different gender, race, faith or sexuality to your own.
  221. Questions concerning the villians like Ganondorf
  222. Never Our Equals: On Pokémorph Fanfiction
  223. What makes a fic crack?
  224. I need help
  225. Present day vs pokémon!Meritable idea or no? Please be Honest
  226. Question concerning bringing a character back to life
  227. How to write a certain character (non pokemon)
  228. What do you guys think of this idea?
  229. Which of these names best fits?
  230. Revealing Names
  231. Bulbagarden Writing Academy Discussion
  232. Placement of plot & main character(s) vs cast
  233. Character Creation video
  234. Writer's block, brainstorming about (small) heroics
  235. Gen IV Battle Frontier + Battle Subway
  236. How would you go about this introduction?
  237. Nightmare scenes
  238. EVERYONE: Stupid but believable
  239. Killing Off Characters
  240. How to actually start a fic
  241. Would it be interesting to read this?
  242. How often is too often to update?
  243. The dangers of writing offbeat
  244. Pick a side!
  245. What makes a fic dark?
  246. Really cool and clean web-based writing interface.
  247. A few questions on a kidnapping scenario
  248. How to make a good jumpcut?
  249. Would This Get Boring?
  250. Lucid dreaming to help build characters and worlds.