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  1. Mature: Scarlet Vampire (Naoto and Serenity)
  2. Mature: Forbidden (Midorikawa and Eira)
  3. An untamed land - (Wild Jr. and GastlyGibus)
  4. Trenton/Amaryllis : Artificers Extraordinaire {TEEN}
  5. My Life As A Teenage Demon-Hunter
  6. Outsiders: Metamorphosis
  7. The Color of PokeDollars - (Blake Belladonna & Lyrebird)
  8. Lessons (Eira and Scholar)
  9. The Mis-Adventures of Alexander and Pollen (Derpy Dash & Magical Doughnut)
  10. Regenesis (Bad Apple & Charles Dunois)
  11. Demigods of Legend: Quarter-Blood Chronicles {RATED M}
  12. Trainer and Angel: 2 {\/PRIMAL\/}
  13. Fire Balls of Glory (@Zima; @Octy; @Scholar;)
  14. Rhapsody Tower (Scholar and Flaze)
  15. ROGUES GALLERY: Copycat!
  16. LoD 5: The years between (RATED M)
  17. animekid01 + heroic sociopath
  18. The Reunion: Blake Belladonna, Autumnbreeze, Midorikawa, Flaze, Lyrebird, British Joe
  19. Forbidden (Octy and Me)
  20. Bloodstained Roses (Me and Midorikawa)
  21. Start Ups Kalos Chronicles (Naoto, Murkmire, and Midorikawa)
  22. Truth and Law (Midorikawa, Flaze)
  23. Unova: The Outsiders
  24. Start Ups War of Heaven and Hell
  25. Vampire X Detective (Naoto and Midorikawa)
  26. Start Ups Hunting with a Vampire (Flaze and Naoto)
  27. Start Ups A Tale of Two Trainers (Me and Octy)
  28. Some people on a road trip with Pokemon - (Lyrebird, Flaze & Heroic Sociopath)
  29. LoD University
  30. Fell (Karis and Roxas)
  31. [Steampunk] Its all in the Clockwork
  32. Ocean Jewel (Dolce and Flaze)
  33. Skyline
  34. A Gleeful Roleplay (British Joe and Sorrows Solace)
  35. MATURE: Resident Dead Walking (Yatagarasu and Mariowie)
  36. Frostbitten (Octy and Flaze)
  37. Start Ups Makai no Kishi (Mature; Non-Pokemon) [Kamen and Flaze]
  38. Annwn (Guinevere & Laika) [T]
  39. Trainer and Angel ((Me and Elphie))
  40. [M] Soothing a scarred soul...(Minato & That guy)
  41. Alpha (erwincelmo and Polkadot Jolteon)
  42. My Little Pony: Fallout (Me and Chromia)
  43. Down the Rabbit Hole
  44. Ice to your Fire (Goose/Winter Enchantress)
  45. First Steps (MidnightSunset and Greece)
  46. Start Ups Cutie Mark Crusaders Manehatten Branch * Me and Miles Power!*
  47. PokeMorph High: It's Just The Beginning (Me and Miles Prower)
  48. MLP: Nightmare Quest (Me and Chromia)
  49. Time may Tell anything [Leavanny Duo and FireUmbreon]
  50. ~Checkmate~Yu-Gi-Oh! GX(Rio and Ryoga Kamishiro)
  51. Truths and Ideals: After The Trainer's Heart Unova [Leavanny Duo and xelda57]
  52. Nether-Merged [Midorikawa and Knock Out]
  53. Fusion (Stellar Gale and Professor Erin)
  54. School Daze (Elysion and Midorikawa)
  55. TEEG: DI - Cat & Mouse *Me (Alex64) & That Guy*
  58. MSPA: Strangers In A Strange Land (Professor Erin and Pyradox)
  59. Unova Journey (Stellar Gale and Scarlet Enchantress)
  60. Pokémon: Spectrum Version (*Me and Ningyo-chan!*)
  61. Island Life *That Guy & xelda57*
  62. Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Fushimi & Momoka)
  63. The Seven Elements: The Sacred Spells (Midorikawa and Elysion)
  64. Brawlers (Yun, Tye Taylors)
  65. Vampire Business (mwto, HilbertCressLover, NfiNity, and Elysion)
  66. Pokemon: Our generation (Me & Zant)
  67. The 76th Annual Hunger Games (Black Dog, Phantom Detective & Regireee)
  68. Sevii Islands Adventures (Me, Hex and Faith)
  69. Melody of School - Pandora Hearts (HilbertCresLover & NfiNity)
  70. Frostbitten (Scarlet Enchantress & Stellar Gale)
  71. Days After Slumber - Crimson Shell (HilbertCressLover and NfiNity)
  72. LOD: A Beautiful Melody (Me and KrimsonNomad)
  73. Hot and Cold (Me and Hypersonic!)
  74. Pokemon Mystery Castle: Explorers' Quest
  75. How to Love 101 (Sequel to Summer Showers, Stellar Gale, Scarlet Enchantress)
  76. How to Love 101 (Sequel to Summer Showers, Stellar Gale, Scarlet Enchantress
  77. A Kanto journey (Reece and Joltik)
  78. Start Ups My Little Metroid: Magic is Showtime! *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*
  79. The End is Here (Regireece and Black Dog)
  80. As of Yet Unnamed Legend of Korra RPG (Chocolate Bones, Knight of Day)
  81. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Worlds Collide (Skyla and Gymleader Misty)
  82. Pokémon - Dawn of Eclipse
  83. The Adventure of Champions: Sinnoh
  84. MLP: The Circus Comes to Town (Me and Godzillawolf!)
  85. Year 1. New Beginnings - (Professor Palms and ShinyMudkip0313) - Kanto.
  86. Rogeus Gallery: Into the Void
  87. Crisis in Kanto, A Journey
  88. Yugioh Duel: User_Name vs. dragonnight
  89. Carnation Inn (Octy and The Anonymous)
  90. My Little Pony: War at Hoof (Me and Royal Sovereign)
  91. MLP: Chrysalis Emergence (Me and Royal Sovereign)
  92. A Fresh Start! (Me and Sximple Ghurl)
  93. The Element Emeralds: In Your Favour *Me(Alex64) and That Guy*
  94. Unova PRP: Beating the Gyms
  95. Aura, Aster, and Johto
  96. Leafeon &Co. Explore Hoenn
  97. Pokémon Elite Detectives (Me & Royal Sovereign)
  98. ATEE: Spirit of Nature *Me (That Guy) and Alex64*
  99. ROGUES GALLERY: An Icy Wind
  100. Random Yugioh duels
  101. ROGUES GALLERY: DISARRAY vs. SPLICE- Direct Assault
  102. The Element Emeralds: The Electric Mouse *Me(Alex64) and That Guy*
  103. The Great Hoenn Invasion (me and KantoMasta)
  104. The Origo Project
  105. Stone Code
  106. Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep
  107. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Darkrai's Revenge (Octy & Oblivion)
  108. MLP: Water Under The Bridge *Me and Royal Sovereign!*
  109. Clash of the Clans (Me and KL)
  110. The Sinnoh Saga (Chadwyck, SilverThorn, and SnorlaxEatsYourPie)
  111. Pokemon Quest 2: Melody of Hope (Yusei Fudo and Duke Devlin)
  112. Neo Gears (Stellar Haze and Octy)
  113. ROGUES GALLERY: Bloodstained Path
  114. ROGUE'S GALLERY: T'was Brillig
  115. My Little Pony: Oceanic Weather (Me and Godzillawolf)
  116. ROGUES GALLERY: Skies of Terror
  117. ROGUES GALLERY: Cycle of the Wolf
  118. Hello Cold World (Octy & Jester)
  119. Pokemon Journey: Hoenn (Terra Solidum, BlazingQuilava, Dreamy, Gmandiddy)
  121. ROGUES GALLERY: My Little Plot- Disarray is Stupid
  122. Generations (me, Oerba, Jester, +2)
  123. Spliced III: The Galapagos Isles
  124. Kanto Chronicles *The Anonymous and Sovereign*
  125. Rogue's Gallery: And The Court Shall Grin
  126. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Turnabout Sherlock (working title) me and Slendermodio
  127. Worlds : A Pokemon x Disney Crossover (Cartmanland and Prez)
  128. MLP/Kamen Rider Fourze: Friendship Between The Worlds * Me and Kamen Fanatic!*
  129. The Pokemon Scrolls: Skyrim (Kona-Chan and Me)
  130. A Minecraftian in Tetris (BeastieBayleaf)
  131. The Waking World *Me (That Guy) and Alex64*
  132. Pidgey Of A Feather (Me [Elphaba] and Aurasoul)
  133. Upbringing of the Three (Me, Glitchcity, and Maybe dead-chan)
  134. (Some Late Christmas RP) Let's Save Christmas.
  135. Private RP: The Equated Captives (Destiny Queen & NfiNity)
  136. Reaperland: bass and pants ( me, TFsanta, ice maiden samwin, lord ghirahim)
  137. Pokemon Adventures (Me, SkyLordGliscor, and ChilaTheDragon)
  138. A Summer to Remember(cont.) Me & Skitty <3er
  139. Your Not-so typical journey!(Me,TFSanta and Teh Dragon Tamer)
  140. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Storm (Me and Modio)
  141. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Guild Wars (Me, BeastieBayleef, KantoMasta and Oblivion)
  142. Bleach: We R Who We R
  143. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Kinda... Me and Godzillawolf-kun
  144. A Simple Adventure, Right?!?! Me and Kanade-kun!
  145. Blue Rose: Saga of the Strange
  146. Camp Half Blood: Hero and Heroine (Sorrow Blue & Fairy_Palace)
  147. The Element Emeralds: Teenage Life *Me(Alex64) and That Guy*
  148. Guerra Colosseum (Oblivion, Renewal, and Roserade299909)
  149. The Unova Travels: Rise of The Crimson Shadows [Lumi, Hypersonic & Tsutarja]
  150. Pokemon Cyrus Online Episode 4
  151. Pokémon- Miracles of Circumstance (Me & N's Queen Julie(Cont.))
  152. Naruto: Secret Clan Wars (Renewal, Fairy_Palace, Guardian of Johto, Vayre, Oblivion)
  153. Digimon Data Squad (Cartmanland & Sorrow Blue)
  154. Digimon Destiny Part 2: Me and N's Queen Julie!*
  155. Another Johto Adventure *Me and BeastieBayleef*
  156. Dream Guard: Broken Hearts *Renewal, Mouthful Of Pie, and Hide In Plain Site!*
  157. Spliced II: Battle for San Francisco
  158. Dream Guard: Shadow of Discord *Me and Master Mew!*
  159. ROGUES GALLERY: Enter Lockdown (MM, GW, WT, & SFH)
  160. My Little Pony: Hatred Is Ruin *Me and Kurimugan!*
  161. Ampiomach students in reaperland (Me, infinityluxary, ebansu, samwin)
  162. Legends of Unova (Hypersonic and Roxas)
  163. Just Another Region (complete) *Me (That Guy) and Alex64*
  164. When Worlds Kollide: Mortal Kombat (Me&Mouthful of Pi)
  165. The Fight Against 502s (Cappy, Neth, BaronB, Zenax, and I)
  166. ROGUES GALLERY: Aurum Est Potestas (WINNER: VILLAINS)
  167. Pokemon Quest IX: Sentinels of Starry Skies (Sorrow Blue & Fairy_Palace)
  168. Orbs of Existance: A Twisted Journey (me, and others)
  169. Darkness and Light: A Tale of Rivalry (GoJ and Lone Wolf)
  170. Pokemon Trainer Protector Team (Me and EpicSamurott)
  171. ROGUES GALLERY: Beating the System (SUSPENDED)
  172. ROGUES GALLERY: Swift Justice (Winner: VILLAIN)
  173. Gladius - A Harry Potter Private RP {Oblivion and Corruption)
  174. Our Journey
  175. Raven Black: Ace Prosecutor: A Raven's claw, (Me and DarksydeGoldHeart)
  176. ROGUES GALLERY: Bound in Ice (Winner: HERO)
  177. Cleaver {HP} [Me and The Anonymous]
  178. ROGUES GALLERY: Boiling Point (SE, MM, GW, & HiPS)
  179. ROGUES GALLERY: The Escape (Corruption, GoJ & MoP)
  180. Just Another Generic Journey [ Me, -Gray-, JakkuEbansu, Gym Leader Calvin & acs1903 ]
  181. ROGUES GALLERY: The Experiment (SFH, MM, Godzillawolf & Junpei)
  182. Eclipse Academy (Octy, Tamaki, and Lyato)
  183. Sevii Secrets (ME, Elphaba, GoJ, Gym Leder Calvin, and a few more.)
  184. ROGUES GALLERY: Spliced (bpj1999, Tamaki & Instrutilus)
  185. ROGUES GALLERY: Welcome to the Jungle (Oblivion & Master Mew) (Suspended)
  186. ROGUES GALLERY: Smoke and Mirrors (Suspended)
  188. ROGUES GALLERY: Without a Trace -- WINNER: HEROES
  189. Path of the Outcast
  190. Magical Mystery Tour of Unova! (Demon Girl and Me)
  192. Opposites Attract (Octy & Fleeg)
  193. Into Hoenn *-Gray-, Lone Wolf, BlazingQuilava*
  194. ROGUES GALLERY: Enter Alternate (SUSPENDED)
  195. ROGUES GALLERY: A Flight To Remember (SUSPENDED)
  196. The Journey of Two Coordinators; Hoenn (Fleeg and Egghatch)
  197. Journey Through Hoenn (acs1903, Gym Leader Calvin, Lone Wolf)
  198. Return to Paradise
  199. ROGUES GALLERY: Battle for Seattle (Winner: HERO)
  200. ROGUES GALLERY: The Infernal City (HiPS & Singin in the Rain)
  201. ROGUES GALLERY: Icira Witherflame (WINNER: HERO)
  202. A Summer in Hoenn
  203. Tomb Raider/Kamen Rider Crossover (Godzillawolf & Master Mew)
  204. Narnia: Rise of the White Witch. [Me,Largo and Woobat]
  205. Blitz [A Hunger Games PRP] [Corruption and -Gray-]
  206. Unova Journeys *Me (-Gray-) and Oblivion
  207. Journey through Kanto(Me, BeastieBayleef and Mewstone)
  208. Sinnoh Journey (Me and BeastieBayleef)
  209. Adventures in the World of Pokemon *Me and Serikon*
  210. Kingdom Hearts: The Story in Between (Buzz and Lyato)
  211. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dark Invasion *Me and Derier!*
  212. Heroes of Johto (Me (TFSpock) and Chaos Dusknoir)
  213. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Prosecution of a Turnabout (me unowngoldheart Transform)
  214. Pokemon: Rise of Team Imperial(Me & Elphie)
  215. Pokemon Detective Agency(Me & Elphie)
  216. The Ice to Your Fire! [M] (Zephyrian and Octy)
  217. Rise of Team Legend(Me & Oblivion)
  218. The Sinnoh Saga (Me & BeastieBayleef)
  219. A Summer to Remember (Gym Leader Calvin & Skitty Lover)
  220. Pokemon: Miracles of Circumstance (Gym Leader Calvin & N's Queen Julie)
  221. Warrior Eevees: Fusion of Frost and Light(Me and Pokemoll)
  222. Two kids on a road (♥Octy♥, Thriller, and Raizhu)
  223. Heroes of Unova *Me (BeastlyBayleef) and Skitty Lover*
  224. The Tales of Treasure Hunters (♥Octy♥ and Isaac Clarke)
  225. Manifest Forest
  226. Wandering Trainer and Kanto Ace: Battle With the Morphant (Me and Instrutilus)
  227. Team Fortress 2 - *Me and Pokemad*
  228. Sinnoh Adventure! (Lugai and Calvin127)
  229. Rainbow Islands 3 *Anima and That Guy*
  230. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Attack of the Rangers (Me and pokemoll)
  231. The Court of Law: Truth and Lies of a Ranger in Danger!, (me and transform)
  232. Portal (Me and Corruption)
  233. Unova Knights (Myra, Jennasect, Lexiface)
  234. Sacred, Pt. 2
  235. Lunar School
  236. The Element Emeralds Adventures *Me (That Guy) and Alex64*
  237. Pokemorph 2: Threats Last Stand(Me, Elphaba and Calvin127)
  238. Before Corruption (Me and pokemoll)
  239. The New Recruits (Myself And Elphaba)
  240. Pokémon Travels - The Wandering Trainer vs. The Anonymous Clones! (Instrut and Anon)
  241. TEE3: The Collision of Two Worlds -Me(Alex64) and That Guy-
  242. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Yin and Yang (Me and Mewie Mew Cat)
  243. Life, Love, And Kicking Monster-Ass (me and elphaba)
  244. pokemon: kansai region journey (staring edeneh and vergil/wataru)
  245. 2 Months Vacation (Me and Elphie)
  246. Legacy of Unova *Me, Silver, and BlazingQuilava*
  247. Jaded [A Soul Eater RP] [PG-13] [Me & The No More Hero]
  248. Triple Sevens *Me (That Guy) & Alex64*
  249. The Great British Travel (Me, Flames Getsuga Haze, and The No More Hero)
  250. Isle of Ancients (Me, That Guy and Alex64)