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  1. ATTENTION: A New Mod!
  2. Pokemon New Journeys: Johto Saga
  3. L.H.P Legendary Human Pokemon Start Up (Remake)
  4. The New Big Three (Part 3 of LOD series) (Percy Jackson RP)
  5. Sign-ups for Pokemon: League Masters: Birth of a New Darkness
  6. 2 People needed to PRP with Me and Leafheart :D
  7. Only you.... *Non-Pokemon-crime RP*
  8. Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
  9. Cyberpunk RP
  10. Gym Leader Activation - Start!!
  11. Looking for a PRP
  12. Forumstuck (non-pokemon)
  13. PMD:EAR(Exploration, Adventure,Rescue) Corps
  14. Seeking RP
  15. Garaldia Academy (A psychic Shcool roleplay)
  16. Trebloome Academy: Part III
  17. The Gym Leader Activation - Sign-ups open
  18. Psychedelic (Start-Up)
  19. I'm looking for people who'd like to RP
  20. The Celf City Guildhall (A non Pokemon, non boring RP)
  21. Looking to do a PMD PRP
  22. Ampiomach Academy II- An Immortal Enemy SIGN UPS
  23. L.H.P/H.P Legendary Human Pokemon & Human Pokemon Sign Up thread
  24. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Worlds Collide
  25. 2011 Winter RPG Awards - Voting Thread
  26. - Pokemon League - The Unova conference *Sign ups*
  27. Everyone Versus You (Sign-ups)
  28. Reaper I: The Beginning [NON-POKEMON]
  29. Flinch Firmha: Back from the dead *Non-Pokemon-REVIVED*
  30. The Battles of Exorcists and Noah. (A D. Grey-man RPG) Sign ups forever open
  31. Flinch Firmha: Back from the dead *Non-Pokemon*
  32. My Little Pony: Getting Back On Your Hooves *Me and Shadow Raikou!*
  33. Johto's Where The Fun Is (Pokemon RPG)
  34. .:~Abused~:. *DISSCUSSION/OOC THREAD*
  35. Adventures of Magic (A My Little Pony RP)
  36. .:~Abused~:. *START-UPS*
  37. Familiars
  38. .:~Abused~:. *SIGN-UPS*
  39. Pokemon Special RP: Trapped!!
  40. Pokemon Dimensions: Kanto Era (Start-up
  41. Psychedelic (Sign-Ups)
  42. Light and Dark: Mastery of the Eight Elements (RP)
  43. So...bored! Wanna PRP with me?
  44. Light and Dark: Mastery of the Eight Elements (Sign ups)
  45. Light and Dark: Mastery of the Eight Elements
  46. Just Survive
  47. Familiars (Non-Pokemon)
  48. (Start up) I bet your waifu went to this school.
  49. Team Rocket's Revival(A Kanto Journey)
  50. Team Rocket's Revival(A Kanto Journey) Closed!
  51. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Worlds Collide
  52. Trebloome Academy III: Sign-Ups/Lounge
  53. Johto's Where the Fun Is (Pokemon RPG)
  54. Pokemon Special Role-Play: Be a Main Character!
  55. Rose Thorn Academy (Role Play)
  56. Looking For Pokemon Roleplay
  57. (Non pokemon) I bet your waifu went to this school: Sign ups!
  58. Rose Thorn Academy
  59. cafemochashipping role play?
  60. Pokemon Dimensions: Kanto Era
  61. Heroes of Legend! Pokemon of the Ages!
  62. StarShip: Kanto (Start Up)
  63. Popstar Revolution Aftermath a Kirby RP
  64. Just Sing (A Glee RPG) Sign Up
  65. Rise of the Clones (Take 2!) (O/A)
  66. Just Survive (A Pokemon RP)
  67. Poet: Sign-Ups
  68. Pokemon Infinity
  69. Pokemon: Shadows of Legends (Role Play)
  70. Pokemon: Shadows of Legends
  71. Heroes of Legend! Pokemon of the Ages! 2 DAYS BEFORE START!
  72. Royal Ruby, Sacred Sapphire, Encrypted Emerald (RS remake RP)
  73. Star Fox: Invasion of the Forsaken
  74. Starlight Academy (Start-up)
  75. Imperia: A Villains' Academy RP
  76. We don't sparkle.
  77. the all reigon challenge (moved)
  78. Starlight Academy (Sign-ups Still Open)
  79. Dead Rising Case: World
  80. Winter 2011 RPG Awards - Nomination Thread
  81. Are You Justice?-- A Death Note RP (Start-Up!)
  82. The Trinity Alliance
  83. We Don't Sparkle. [Vampires] [One Spot!]
  84. the all reigon challenge
  85. journeyes the stratings of eroticsing
  86. Medieval RPG/sandbox style RP: ETERNAL (thread will be updated)
  87. Infection: A Zombie Apocalypse
  88. The World of Infinite Fire
  89. A Sound of Life/Death (A Touhou RPG)
  90. Nuzlockers of Bulbagarden (a new roleplay style made by me)
  91. THE ROGUES GALLERY ~ Imminent Crisis: Mirrored
  92. Pokemon Legends of Ruby, Tales of Sapphire
  93. Clue: RP
  94. Are You Justice?-- A Death Note RP (Sign-ups always open!)
  95. Stairway to Heaven (An Angel Beats! RPG)
  96. StarShip : Kanto
  97. Digimon:DigiSamurai
  98. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor! (Hunger Games RP)
  99. Digimon:DigiSamurai
  100. Pokemon:Decending Gods
  101. teh finding of jourynes
  102. Nuzlockers of Bulbagarden (a new kind of roleplay made by me) (sign-ups open always)
  103. Draw your way to become the champion (brand new rp style) (signups)
  104. Pokemon Horror Flicks Number 1: The Haunting of Hotel Aurora
  105. Equis Academy (Start Up)
  106. Infection: A Zombie Apocalypse RP
  107. We Can Live Forever, If You've Got The Time.
  108. Magic RP [Sign-ups here!!!]
  109. We Can Live Forever; If You've Got The Time. [Limited Spots]
  110. Yu Gi Oh: Sky High (Start Up)
  111. Adventures of New Rome/New Byzantium (A Heroes of Olympus RPG)
  112. Digimon : Digital Academy
  113. Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War
  114. Pokemon Horror Flicks Number 1: The Haunting of Hotel Aurora (Sign Ups)
  115. Pokemon: The Lost Arcology
  116. Digimon Data Squad
  117. The War on Giygas!
  118. Pieces of Memories
  119. Yu-Gi-Oh : Sky High (Sign Up)
  120. Endless Summer- Undella Town
  121. Unova:A New Journey
  122. Pokemon: Legends of Ruby, Tales of Sapphire
  123. Cardcaptoring (a cardcaptors/cardcaptor sakura rp)
  124. Digimon: Mooncrest
  125. Equis Academy [X-Men RP] (Teacher Signups Open!)
  126. Endless Summer- Undella Town
  127. Remade: Super Smash Bros. Brawl RPG
  128. The Fuse King
  129. Pokemon Circus
  130. Poketopia: Tag Force
  131. Pokemon mystery dungeon:core of time
  132. Pokemon mystery dungeon: core of time sign-ups
  133. Animal I've Become: AU of Random!
  134. Pokemon: The Lost Arcology [Sign-ups always open]
  135. Assassins' Creed: Reborn [A Non-Pokemon RP] *Sign-ups ALWAYS open*
  136. Pokemon Jade Version sign ups
  137. The Dawn Of Time Start Up
  138. The Fuse King (Co-GM w/ Sky Flame Haze)
  139. Pokemon Ranger - On Thin Ice
  140. Radical High School Club
  141. Radical High School Club (OOC Thread/Discussion)
  142. The Dawn Of Time
  143. "F◦R◦I◦E◦N◦D◦S" ~ "The One With the Competitions"
  144. The New A Different Kind of Murder. Sign-Ups
  145. The Ties That Bond (DB Reboot) OOC Thread
  146. Pokemon Breeders and Trainers
  147. Dream Guard: Multiversal Crisis *Massive Multi-series RP!*
  148. Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War [Sign-ups always open]
  149. The Ties That Bond (Destiny Bonds Reboot)
  150. Snowpoint Academy
  151. Radical High School Club
  152. ATTENTION: The RPG Directory [Version 2.1a]: Advertise your RPGs here as well!
  153. Unwell [Catching Fireflies Finale] {Start-up}
  154. The Creation War: Infinite Elements
  155. The Ties That Bond (Destiny Bonds Reboot) - Sign Ups ALWAYS Open!
  156. Pokemon: The Johto Chronicles [Sign-ups open!]
  157. Star Wars: The Forgotten Jedi Academy [Sign ups]
  158. Kamehameha Middle School
  159. A Toaster Is You!
  160. P3K Kanto League Beginnings, I: Forests of Varidia [SU]
  161. Pokemon/Bone Crossover
  162. POKEMON - League Chronicles (Sign-Ups Open!)
  163. My Little Pony: Hatred Is Ruin *Seeking privite RP partner!*
  164. Welcome to the World of Pokémon ~ Kanto Edition
  165. "F◦R◦I◦E◦N◦D◦S" -- "The One Where We Sign-Up"
  166. Threads of Fate
  167. Castelia City
  168. Twisted Reflections: Kanto (Sign-ups/OOC) [Sign-ups OPEN]
  169. Aboard the Airship Castelia (Sign-ups/OOC) [Sign-ups OPEN]
  170. The Creation War (Sign-ups/OOC) [SIGN-UPS ALWAYS OPEN]
  171. Geo Strata Tourney *Start-Up*
  172. Snowpoint Academy (Sign Up / Discussion)
  173. Pieces of Memories [Sign-ups forever open]
  174. The Geo Strata Tourney *OOC/Discussion Thread*
  175. The Chronicles: Journey Through Kanto
  176. Kamehameha Middle School (various series)
  177. Pokemon: Ultimate Quest (REMAKE!!!)
  178. The Chronicles Series OOC Thread / RPG Discussion
  179. Pokemon Civilization Sign-Up Thread
  180. Generations (PG-16)
  181. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Light
  182. Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Dead Man's Chest
  183. Generations (PG-16) (SUs open. started)
  184. Raven Claw Academy Year I Start Up
  185. Raven Claw Academy Year I OOC Thread/RPG Discussion
  186. How Unfortunate (A Series of Unfortunate Events RP)
  187. Degrassi : The Next Generation
  188. Welcome to the World of Pokémon ~ Kanto Edition (SIGN-UPS CLOSED - RESULTS ANNOUNCED)
  189. Geo Strata Tourney (Sign-Ups Closed)
  190. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: A Mysterious, Murderous Turnabout
  191. Ouran High School Host Club RPG sign ups
  192. The Chronicles: Kanto (Sign-Ups Closed!)
  193. Armeira
  194. Pokémon Universe: Hoenn
  195. Time Gears (Sign Up/Discussion) (The Golden Compass x Pokemon Crossovers)
  196. Adventures of Growing Travellers : Kanto Era
  197. Oblivious [A Harry Potter RP] {Start-up}
  198. Amberstone Academy
  199. Adventures of Growing Travellers OOC Thread/RPG Lounge
  200. A Little bit of... RPG (Prelude: Forum)
  201. Hero Factory - We Build Heroes ( new Heroes built every day - SUs always open)
  202. (Mature) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Dawn Of A New Generation (Non-Pokemon RP)
  203. Umbrage University ( Join as a Teacher or a Student! )
  204. Unwell [Catching Fireflies Finale] {Sign-Ups Forever Open}
  205. Oblivious [A Harry Potter RP] {Sign-ups always open}
  206. Adventures of Growing Travellers: Kanto Era
  207. The Land of Armeira (Massive Fantasy/Sandbox RP) (Sign-Ups ALWAYS Open)
  208. The Adventure Begins! (MC rp) (startup)
  209. Anyone up for your generic journey PRP?
  210. Metroid: Roots Of Corruption *Only Four People Allowed!*
  211. PRP- Our Journey
  212. the adventure begins! (minecraft rp) (signups)
  213. Ravenclaw Academy Year I
  214. Pokémon - The New Region
  215. Shugo Chara! The Character Guardians~
  216. The Court Of Law: Whodunnit? What is it? (SIGN-UPS FOREVER OPEN)
  217. The Wormhole (Semi-Pokemon)
  218. The Crimson Moon (Non-Pokemon RP) (Open and Accepting!)
  219. Pokemon Indigo OOC Thread/RPG Lounge
  220. 'Send in the Doomsday squad!!!' (A non-pokemon RP)
  221. The Sword Thief (Start Up)
  222. The Ultimatism Incident
  223. Pokémon - The New Region (One more person needed!)
  224. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: A Mysterious, Murderous Turnabout
  225. Pokemon Gold/Silver Adventures (OOC chat)
  226. re-Forrested - Orre like you've never seen it before
  227. a new PRP. its better then my last.
  228. Avatar: Clash Of The Lotus (START UP!!!!)
  229. Looking for Two Active RPers to Engage in PRP
  230. Pokemon Court Room: The fall of pokemon ranger Solana
  231. Shadow Force Z: Universe at Doom (Elements from Ben 10 and Star Wars)
  232. Pokemon Indigo (Start Up)
  233. A Little Bit of... RPG
  234. Pokemon Gold/Silver Adventures (Started, but still Accepting)
  235. The Sword Thief. (Percy Jackson x Digimon Frontier Crossover) (Sign Up/Discussion)
  236. The Legend of Zelda: Heros of Hyrule
  237. Time for a new PRP, I suppose.
  238. Pokemon Indigo (Sign-Ups Closed For Now)
  239. Possible Legend of Zelda PRG.
  240. Chosoku Sentai Driveman *Me and Kamen Devil Ranger!*
  241. Heaven's Guide To Being Human- Non pokemon RP
  242. When Worlds Kollide - Mortal Kombat (Sign up)
  243. Spaceship Earth
  244. Avatar: Clash Of The Lotus (Sign Up/Discussion.)
  245. Pokemon: Master Chronicles (A Journey RP)
  246. Nocturne Academy
  247. Seeking A Few Players To PRP
  248. Worlds
  249. Nocturne Academy
  250. Looking for a PRP