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  1. Young Justice: New Generation (2 more spots)
  2. Shakuhachi Hotel for Pokemon Gijinkas (Sign-up/Always Open)
  3. The Swords of Divinity (sign ups)
  4. Realms of Power (non-pokemon)
  5. Kanto Pokemon Trainer School (Start Up)
  6. Start Ups Bounty Hunters Part II: The New Era
  7. The Half Project: Second Half: Start-Up
  8. Heart of Hades (Percy Jackson RP)
  9. Pokemon Apocalypse (Active posters please)
  10. pokerman purplo and oranger rp 2: pokman rp indgo and yello
  11. The End is Here Non-pokemon post apocolyptic role-play
  12. The Chronicles: The Kanto Days (Start-Up)
  13. Urban Rivals - Sign Ups
  14. Souls (non-pokemon) (sandbox fighter)
  15. Bounty Hunters Part II: The New Era
  16. The Half Project: Second Half
  17. Lucky Star RP - SIGN UP
  18. Kanto Pokemon Trainer School (Sign Up/Lounge)
  19. The Chronicles: The Kanto Days (Sign-Ups Closed!)
  20. [DS & Cliff Notes] Digimon: The Reckoning
  21. North Hyon City (A Pokemon RP)
  22. The Dark Arts Academy- Start Up!
  23. Mother 5 (Earthbound 3) Gigyas's Family Reunion! (Sign Up)
  24. Digimon: The Video Game Rebellion
  25. Kamen Rider Harmony (*Me and GW*)
  26. Benders and Pokemon, a Crossover (SU)
  27. purploranjrp STRATE EP
  28. Fully Alive [pg-13.]
  29. Digimon: The Reckoning
  30. Young Justice: New Generation (2 spots left)
  31. Sins of Immortality (NON POKEMON RP)
  32. Aerdona (Widespread Fantasty RPG Sign Ups Open Forever)
  33. Megaman: Biometal Chronicles
  34. Megaman: Biometal Chronicles OCC thread
  35. Kirby: Supersmash Superstar Supermarket ** (non pokemon RP)
  36. The Dark Arts Academy- Sign Ups Open for Good
  37. The Chronicles: The Kanto Days (Sign-Ups Open!)
  38. Saorise Academy (Start-Ups)
  39. pokmon purpl + oranj rp
  40. The Secret of Oulu (Non-Pokémon)
  41. The Viridescent Hero (Start-Up)
  42. Saorise Academy (Sign-Ups)
  43. Wielders
  44. Wielders (Large-Scale RP, Non-Pokemon - Open Always)
  45. Pokemon-Style RPG (the tabletop, dice-rolling kind)
  46. A PRP of any kind would be just as fine~
  47. Fallout: Unova (Fallout - Pokémon crossover)
  48. Black Embers:A Magical Comedy
  49. Do you want Knight Pokémon University back?
  50. Doctor who RP: silence came OOC desscusion thread and points
  51. Doctor who RP: Silence Came.
  52. Pokémon - Eclipse of Dawn (Sign-Ups)
  53. Yu-Gi-Oh
  54. Skylanders Academy *Sign Up!*
  55. Pokémon:48 Gym Leaders, 20 Elite 4, 6 Champions 14 Frontier Brains and 2 ? Showdown!
  56. Doctor Who RP: The Silence came. (large scale)
  57. School of Steampunk (Sign Ups Open)
  58. The Viridescent Hero
  59. The Unova Chronicles (Start Up)
  60. Imperial Tournament Saffron
  61. Demi (Sign-Ups)
  62. Seeking Experienced RPers For a Journey
  63. Naruto: The New Era
  64. The Unova Chronicles
  65. You Have 72 Hours - Sign-Ups
  66. Empire in the Snow
  67. A New Day Start-up
  68. A new day Sign-up
  69. Apocalypse Rising
  70. MLP:FIM/The Legend Of Spyro Crossover *Me and Shining Armor!*
  71. A Quest in Wonderland
  72. Pokemon Journeys: Hoenn
  73. Pokemon : A New Rebellion
  74. Pokémon Generations RPG
  75. Looking for a PRP partner or two!
  76. Pokemon Journey PRP(Advanced)
  77. Pokemon Journeys: Hoenn
  78. rise of the villains
  79. the rise of the villains-pokemon rp!!!!!
  80. Pokemon : A New Rebellion (NO SPOTS LEFT)
  81. Pokemon: Hidden Intentions
  82. pokemon role play! people wanted! the sign up page
  83. Unova Travels: PRP - Start up will be soon!
  84. The half Project (start-up)
  85. Back to Its Roots
  86. Pike Academy Chronicles
  87. Pokemon Chronicles: Kanto Saga
  88. A Quest in Wonderland
  89. Final Fantasy RP
  90. Think, run, live... *Non-pokemon Half-Life RP*
  91. Region PRP
  92. PRP in Apple Woods [important edit]
  93. The half Project
  94. Nebula Academy: Search for the Chosen Ones (Start Up)
  95. Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [Sign Up]
  96. PRP Journey anyone?
  97. Rise of The Shadows Start-up
  98. Muna and the secret of the sea.
  99. Phoenix Academy for Pokemon Training (Start Up)
  100. Pokémon Generations RPG
  101. The Chronicles of Utropica Island
  102. Nightmare Squad: Origins *Non-Pokemon RP*
  103. Spheal Story
  104. My Little Pony: Perquisition is Magic Test Mission (Non–Pokemon RP)
  105. Random Yugioh duels
  106. Pokemon: The Unova Saga
  107. Phoenix Academy for Pokemon Training (Sign Ups/OOC Thread)
  108. Starlight (Feralize, Lady Lucifer, and Grass Mixer)
  109. The Completionist's Ire Competition - Kanto Run (Start-Up)
  110. Random Yugioh duels
  111. Under the Harvest Moon (Non-Pokemon MLP RP)
  112. Pokemon Revolution
  113. Mutation 101 - Non-Pokemon RP (SIGN UPS!)
  114. Pokemon: The Unova Saga
  115. New Additions to the RP Staffing Team!
  116. The Shiny Hunters- Start Up
  117. Pokémon:Blasted Medddling Kids! Start up thread
  118. Back to Its Roots
  119. Private RP?
  120. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Time.. Now Space!
  121. Angels vs. Devils
  122. Through the Multiverse (Non-Pokemon RP)
  123. Instinct [T 16+] (pokemon merger)
  124. PMD: Liberandum Academy
  125. Nebula Academy: Search for the Chosen Ones
  126. Fallen RP - Sign Ups
  127. Zombies in Unova, The Nightmare begins!! [SU]
  128. A Random Role Play - Non Pokemon RP Sign-Ups!
  129. Anybody wanna do a PRP with me?
  130. PRP Dear Agony (Pg 13+)
  131. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Roleplaying V2
  132. United We Stand (Percy Jackson RP)
  133. Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep
  134. PMD: Liberandum Academy CLOSED~
  135. Team Rocket: To Capture Pikachu
  136. The Body Swap Game
  137. The Chronicles of Utropica Island
  138. Legendary Darkness
  139. Sex Mirror Change!?
  140. Anyone Interested in Engaging in a PRP with Me?
  141. The Wind at Our Backs: Sign Up
  142. SU: The Shiny Hunters
  143. Mission 72 Corp (sign ups)
  144. Reseeding the Tree of Life!
  145. The Game Of Survival
  146. The Body-Swap Game - Non-pokemon RP (SIGN UPS!)
  147. [Closed]Sex Mirror Change!?[this is not about what you think this is]
  148. Digimon Hunters: Rise of Chaosmon (Rated PG-14)
  149. Megaman Battle Network Redux (Open)
  150. L'Accademia di Letali
  151. The Synthesizers Come Alive! (A Vocaloid RP)
  152. Clash of the Clans!(non-poke)
  153. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Time.. Now Space! {CLOSED}
  154. Sonic the Hedgehog: Eggman's Odyssey (Non-Pokemon)
  155. Tales Of The Abyss (A Non - Pokemon RPG)
  156. The Hunger Games [Non-Pokemon RP]
  157. Pokémon: The Dawn
  158. Fighting Animals (A Mostly Non-Pokemon RP)
  159. S.S. Anne Fiesta
  160. The Tournament of the Abyss - RPG Discussion
  161. The Tournament of the Abyss
  162. The Game of Survival (SIGN UP, NON POKEMON, HORROR)
  163. Rise of The Shadows Sign-Up/OOC
  164. Poke Games and Unova's Fate: The Void OOC discussion
  165. Unova's Fate: The Void
  166. Pokémon DEvolution
  167. Back With a Vengeance (Teen Titans RP)
  168. Nigrum Chronicles I - Castle Vermiculus
  169. Unova's Fate: The Void (Open)
  170. The Poke Games: Welcome to Victory Island
  171. The Adventurers' Guild
  172. Avatar: Wrath of the Spirits [Sign-Up]
  173. X: A Generation of War
  174. Pokémon: The Dawn (Large-Scale, Pokémon - Sign Ups)
  175. The Completionist's Ire Competition - Kanto Run (Sign-ups)
  176. L'Accademia di Letali (Non Pkmn, SIGN UPS)
  177. Mechano Soul
  178. Pokémon:Blasted Medddling Kids!
  179. Assassin's Life
  180. The Academy of Magic and Abilities (Non Pokemon RP)
  181. Pokemon Journey: Kanto *Discussion*
  182. Pokemon Journey: Kanto *Start-Up*
  183. X: A Generation of War
  184. Ex Machina (Non-Pokémon RPG)
  185. The Life of a Criminal (Non-Pokemon)
  186. Pokemon: Factions
  187. Requiem (Non-Pokemon) Sign ups always open
  188. Until Death Do Us Part- Reboot
  189. Maggot Dome (Non Pokemon RP) Sign Ups
  190. pokemon PRP
  191. The Poke Games (Open)
  192. Craft Your World (A Minecraft RP) *Start-Up*
  193. Craft Your World (A Minecraft RP) *Closed for now*
  194. Pokemon Journey: Kanto (Closed)
  195. Assassin's Life (Non-Pokemon)
  196. Rogue's Gallery: Volume 2 (Sign-Ups)
  197. Hetalia RolePlaying game!! :D
  198. Pokemon: Factions (Closed, except for reservations)
  199. 3 Months to Live
  200. ONE-SHOT RPG: The Flies that Bind
  201. ONE-SHOT RPG: The Flies that Bind (Closed: RP Complete)
  202. Looking for anyone to PRP
  203. Pokemon Gijinka Academy
  204. Arcánum
  205. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon EOD OOC Thread.
  206. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Destiny
  207. Looking for a PRP.
  208. Stars in the Sky
  209. 3 Months To Live (it's different than what you think)
  210. Pokémon:The Shiro Region
  211. Arcánum (Non-Pokémon - SIGN UPS ALWAYS OPEN)
  212. Pokemon Black and White RP
  213. Worlds (A Disney x Pokemon Crossover) 2.0
  214. Stars in the Sky (Non-Pokémon)
  215. Worlds (A Pokemon x Disney Crossover RPG)
  216. Pokemon: The Tournament of the Abyss [SIGN-UPS ALWAYS OPEN]
  217. Pokemon New Journeys: Johto Saga
  218. The Sims Medieval
  219. The Chronicles: The Kanto Days (Start-Up)
  220. Infinite sides, one story. (Percy Jackson RP)SIGN UPS ALWAYS OPEN!
  221. It's Time for a PRP!
  222. Only you.... *Non-Pokemon-crime RP*
  223. The Chronicles: The Kanto Days (Sign-Ups Open for 1 Day)
  224. The Arumadeus Project (Sign Ups)
  225. My Little Pony: Academy of Cuteness!
  226. Just an ordinary day....or so you think
  227. Just an ordinary day....or so you think
  228. Spring Samba OOC Thread/RPG Lounge
  229. Spring Samba
  230. The Stories of Our Lives OOC Lounge/RP Discussion
  231. The Stories of Our Lives (The Kanto Saga) Start-up
  232. Crossover RP Hub
  233. Crisis in Johto
  234. Transformers: Galaxy *Me and Ampiomodio~*
  235. The Stories of Our Lives (The Kanto Chapter)
  236. Mechano Soul: A Mecha RP [SIGN-UPS ALWAYS OPEN]
  237. Civilization RP
  238. Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
  239. Civilization RP *Sign-Ups Always Open*
  240. RPG Awards: Results Thread
  241. (Non-Pokemon) Werewolf of Northmoore
  242. Wanted:Private roleplay partners.
  243. Seeking Private Roleplay Partner
  244. Ampiomach Academy II- An Immortal Enemy
  245. La Scuola di Combattimento Abili del Vongola Undicesimo [A KHR RP]
  246. Spring Samba (A Journey Through Johto) SIGN-UPS
  247. Privite Transformers RP?
  249. Need an RP?
  250. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Destiny