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  1. Pokemon: Darkside
  2. Sign Ups Pokemon HG/SS RP (Sine-Ups!)
  3. the pokemon vs twoleg war
  4. Angel Beats! Knocken' On Heaven's Door! (Sign Ups- Non Pokemon)
  5. Hero Paradigm: Rise of the Heroes
  6. World Tournament RP
  7. The Pokemon Universe: Sinnoh Saga
  8. The Grand Poke-Treks: Purple Version
  9. Bulbagarden Christmas Festival (pokemon allowed, open till 5-10-2012)
  10. The Lost World (OOC Thread)
  11. The Lost World
  12. Pokemon World OOC/Discussion Thread
  13. They Told Me I Coult Be Anything
  14. Vanguard Academia :: Rebirth
  15. Hero Paradigm: Rise of the Heroes (Started but signups still open)
  16. Pokemon Grand Journey
  17. Across the Cyror Region
  18. Across the Cyror Region: Adventure/Survival RP sign-up
  19. They told me I could be anything....
  20. Pokemon World: The Kanto Saga
  21. The Alternate Elements of Harmony
  22. The Hunger Games: Dimensional Crossing
  23. Start Ups LoD 4: Camp Pheonix ((Late Teens to Mature))
  24. Spring Samba-A Journey Through Johto (Remake) (Sign-Ups Closed)
  25. An Adventurer's Tale: The Evils of The Tesseract (Non-Pokemon sign-ups)
  26. Nuvema Academy: Let the Ceremonies Commence!
  27. Pokémon - The Unova Saga *OOC/Discussion Thread*
  28. Nuvema Academy: Let the Ceremonies Commence! (until Nov. 30, counterpart to CA)
  29. Clarinkia Academy 2: After the Legend's Saving (sign ups open until Nov. 30th)
  30. Pokemon Conquest: Motonari, Motochika, and Hideyoshi: The Adventures of the TypeBros
  31. Miracalia Academy (Non-Pokemon. Heads up.)
  32. Start Ups Machotia Academy
  33. Elegantia Academy (Start-Up)
  34. Elegantia Academy
  35. Machotia Academy
  36. The Lost World (Always Open)
  37. PMD: Explorers of Victory
  38. Justice Dream
  39. The End is Here
  40. The Hunger Games: Dimensional Crossing
  41. Darren Shan: Demonata
  42. The Power Games
  43. The Mysterious Roleplay
  44. Pokemon Lapis (ROLEPLAY: Pokemon OR trainer!)
  45. Digimon X RP
  46. Journey Through the Eevee Isles.
  47. The Avengers: A New Dawn (Sign Ups)
  48. Pokedaze-Johto (OOC/Discussion Thread)
  49. Pokedaze-Johto (Start-up)
  50. Journey through the Eevee Isles- A Pokemon RP
  51. Moon Rose Academy
  52. Pokemon Hunger Games- Officials needed, plenty of time left.
  53. Ampiomach Academy II- The Eldritch Situation
  54. Lost Spirits: A Tale Between Time
  55. A Tale of Daemons
  56. Walk the Line (Spec Ops/Conspiracy/Powers)
  57. Digimon X RP Sign Up
  58. The Pokemon World: Kanto Saga (Sign-Ups closed, selection in process)
  59. Grief Syndrome- Sign Ups
  60. The Occultists (Discussion)
  61. The Alchemists (Start-Up)
  62. The Occultists (Start-Up)
  63. Attack of the Flames: Where Fires are Weak (Start-Up)
  64. PMD - Pokemon vs Wild (Start Up)
  65. Generated Chaos: Of Time and Space
  66. Pokedaze-Johto
  67. Save Silph Co! (Discussion/ Brainstorming thread)
  68. Twisted Minds (Non-Pokémon RP)
  69. Moon Rose Academy (Sign Ups Always Open)
  70. Save Silph Co!! (SU) Only the most courageous need apply
  71. Gijinka Dimensional Tournament (Sign-up, Limited Slots)
  72. Yu-Gi-Oh: Sky Academy [Sign-Ups] [ALWAYS OPEN]
  73. Pokémon Ultimate Battle
  74. The Alchemists (New and improved)(Sign-Ups)
  75. over skype RP
  76. Sinnoh Journey (Start-up)
  77. The Three Pyramids Academy (Start-Up)
  78. The Occultists (Sign-Ups)
  79. Attack of the Flames: Where Fires are Weak
  80. The Song of Pokemon Sign-Ups [Always Open]
  81. Start Ups Split Ends: Start-Up
  82. The Chronicles: Kanto Days OOC/Discussion Thread
  83. The Chronicles: Kanto Days
  84. The Three Pyramids Academy (Sign-Ups badly needed!)
  85. Clarinkia Academy: Reincarnated Legends
  87. Split Ends
  91. The RPrentice
  92. Arcánum (Non-Pokémon)
  93. Pokemon: White Truths & Black Ideals (Sign Ups)
  94. Sinnoh Journey RP (Sign-ups)
  95. Clarinkia Academy: Reincarnated Legends (Sign-ups always open)
  96. Secrets of the Requiem Forest - OOC Discussion and General Chat Thread
  97. Pokémon Lava and Ice
  98. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Secrets of Requiem Forest
  99. Pokémon Lava and Ice
  100. Legendary Enlistment: Unova's Rising Chaos (start-up)
  101. The Chronicles: Kanto Days (Sign-ups Closed!)
  102. The RPrentice
  103. Avatar: The King of Spirits
  104. Legendary Enlistment: Unova's Rising Chaos
  105. The Last Chance (Non-Pokémon RP)
  106. The Hoen Story: Revelation Ruby and Sorrow Sapphire (Sign Ups)
  107. Kirby Role-Play
  108. Turf Wars
  109. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Secrets of Requiem Forest (Sign-Ups Closed)
  110. SU: The Mysterious Roleplay
  111. Vanguard Academia
  112. Pokemon free for all battle
  113. Pro League
  114. Are You Ready To Rumble?!
  115. Bulbagarden & SEGA Superstars Racing: Transmogrified(signups)
  116. Kirby Role-Play! (Sign up always open!)
  117. Pokemon: The Bond
  118. PMD - Pokemon vs Wild (SU) Sign ups Always open!
  119. Hannosfield Academy. (Non-Pokémon Academt RP)
  120. Pokemon Topaz
  121. Somewhat of an awesome RP. (Non-Pokemon. Heads up to all.)
  122. Outcry (sign-up/always open)
  123. herny poter and pokemon
  124. Military Intelligence
  125. Pokemon: The Bond (Sign-Up always open!)
  126. Pro League
  127. Starbeam Academy (Non-Pokemon) Sign Ups Always Open
  128. Zexal RP Sign-ups
  129. ATTENTION: The Bulbagarden RPG Awards-Winners Announced
  130. Pokeman/Humon (UNLIMITED SING-UP!)
  131. Legendary Journeys Sing-Ups
  132. One Piece: A New Age
  133. THP: The Dividing Line (Start-Up)
  134. The Justice Crusaders
  135. Pokemon Topaz (Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire RP; ongoing)
  136. The Trainer's Heart: Sinnoh
  137. The Trainer's Heart: Unova
  138. Bulbagarden Roleplaying Halloween Shenaginstravaganza!
  139. Hunger Games with a Twist. (Sign Ups Closed)
  140. THP: The Dividing Line
  141. PMD: The Legendary Battle
  142. Edda: Loki in Tokyo
  143. CafeMochaShipping Role play, *AshxCilan.
  144. Pokemon Journey: Hoenn (Sign-up)
  145. The 78th Annual Hunger Games! (The Hunger Games Reboot) [Non-Pokemon RP]
  146. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Chaos (Always open)
  147. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Pure (OOC)
  148. Naruto: The New Era
  149. The 2nd Hunger Games
  150. The Trainer's Heart Sign Ups
  151. 1337 (Sign-Ups)
  152. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Pure (Sign-Ups ongoing)
  153. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Pure (Sign-Up forever)
  154. The Amestrian School of Alchemy (FMA: Brotherhood)
  155. Sacred Army: A Fantasy/Sci-fi RP
  156. World Domination OOC/Clubhouse
  157. GOTHAM (Sign-Ups ALWAYS Open)
  158. Urban Rivals - Sign Ups
  159. Pokemon: Military Intelligence
  160. PMD: Explorers of Legend
  161. Bulbagarden Roleplaying Halloween Shenaginstravaganza!
  162. The Bulbagarden RPG Awards - Voting
  163. Pokemon Gray (A Black and White 2 Roleplay)
  164. Doctor Who: A Timelord in Distress.
  165. World Domination (Sign-Ups)
  166. Ben 10 rp
  167. PMD: Star Breakers
  168. create and roleplay as a fakemon
  169. This is Not an Academy RP (Start-Up)
  170. PMD: Star Breakers
  171. pokemon: Our Generation
  172. super smash bros. GRAND TOURNEMENT
  173. The Transformation Tales
  174. The Hunger Games (Non-Pokemon)
  175. Super Smash Bros: After Subspace
  176. Cats of BulbaClan (non-Pokemon)
  177. Final Fantasy RP
  178. Snowpoint College
  179. Skyline
  181. Another Academy RP
  182. Under Siege in Mitoua City
  183. The Transformation Tales (Sign Ups ALWAYS Open!)
  184. Hunger Games RPG (Pokémon)
  185. Secrets of Profecta (With Added Gameplay, Help Needed)
  186. The Chronicles of Anima: Part 1 (Sign Ups)
  187. A New Journey (Signup)
  188. Final Fantasy RP
  189. Dishonored (Sign-Ups)
  190. The Half Project: Scattered Shards
  191. Revolutions; Quest for the Alek-Bah.
  192. The Half Project: Scattered Shards
  193. The Bulbagarden RPG Awards - Nominations
  194. The Creation War: Dragonsoul [SIGN-UPS ALWAYS OPEN]
  195. Travelling Tales OOC Thread/ RPG Discussion
  196. Travelling Tales - Kanto Era (Start-Up)
  198. The Gym Leader Tales (Start up Thread) (Sign ups still ongoing)
  199. Pokemon Adventure Roleplay OOC Chat
  200. Suikoden 2 RP?
  201. Fantasy journey RP
  202. Pokemon Adventure Roleplay (start-up)
  203. Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Legend (Sign up Always Open!)
  204. The Final Branding: Initial Seal [Sign-Ups]
  205. Pokéworld at War: Search for the Wish-Maker (OOC)
  206. Pokéworld at War: Search for the Wish-Maker (Start-Up)
  207. This is not an Academy RP (Signups)
  208. Shakuhachi Hotel for Pokemon Gijinkas (Start-up)
  209. Avatar: the spirit war (revived)
  210. PRP.
  211. Darren Shan : Demonata RP (Sign Ups OPEN) 12+
  212. Pokémon Revolt!
  213. The Gym Leader Tales
  214. The Legend of Korra 2012
  215. Waking to Corruption (Pokemon/Persona Roleplay Mix)
  216. Pokéworld at War: Search for the Wish-Maker (Signups OPEN)
  217. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: PRP with me! ^^
  218. Hunger Games (Pokémon): Sign Up's open, 15 spots left (Officials Wanted)
  219. Bulbastuck redux (ain't Pokemon)(Seven spots open!)
  220. Turtlemen (Sign-Up)
  221. Possible Persona/Pokemon Mix.
  222. The Hunger Games [Non-Pokemon RP] [Sign up's open!]
  223. For Science! (Sign-Ups)
  224. Pokémon Revolt! (Sign Up)
  225. Pokemon: The Greatest Battle
  226. Travelling Tales - Kanto Era
  227. plkmorn bpurb and raoung teh FINDAL EPSIDODE: tehy batle tim champion
  228. Super Smash Bros. RPG: Dawn of Darkness (Start-up)
  229. The Sinnoh Saga: Sign Up/Lounge (Pokemon)
  230. Pokemon dungeon seekers (start up)
  231. The Ether: Strange Beginnings ('Multiverse' RP)
  232. Far and Wide: Kanto Era (Start-Up)
  233. Pokemon Blazing Red and Forest Green!
  234. Pokemon Roleplay
  235. Pokemon Academy GX (Start-up)
  236. Neo Arcadia (Yu-Gi-Oh/Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds RP)
  237. Far and Wide: Kanto Era
  238. The Legend of Zelda: The 4 Heros
  239. Pokemon BR and FG Edition!
  240. Digimon Genesis (T)
  241. Azure Grand Dillema (A Pokemon RP) [SIGN-UPS]
  242. Pokemon, Dungeon Seekers (dungeon crawler RPG)
  243. Pokemon: Sierra Island
  244. Pokemon: Hybrid Chronicles: Rise of the Hybrid
  245. Pokemon: Immense Eclipse
  246. Super Smash Bros. RPG: Dawn of Darkness
  247. Pokemon Academy GX (Sign-Up/Lounge/Always Open)
  248. poklemern purpl and orn rp 2: revocer teh badger
  249. Avatar: The Spirit War
  250. Zombies? Pokemon Zombies!!! (Sign up)