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  1. Evangelion 3.0 (dub)
  2. How Do You Feel About Fan Service?
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
  4. Reccomend an Anime to me?
  5. Good Anime... Bad Ending
  6. Toonami: Talk about Cartoon Network/[adult swim]'s best anime block here!
  7. What Japanese food are you craving right now?
  8. I'm new to anime and manga. What should I do?
  9. Your preferred translation conventions.
  10. Maharaja Roppongi
  11. Have you ever watched anime subbed and dubbed?
  12. Fate/Stay Night Remake
  13. Best Selling Manga of 2013
  14. Dragon Ball Discussion
  15. Worst anime you've ever seen?
  16. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion Movie
  17. BlazBlue: Alter Memory discussion
  18. Meganebu! Discussion Thread
  19. The thread of Otome (2014 Spring - La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky)
  20. Gairaigo in Pokemon
  21. Digimon Pokemon Types.
  22. Vocaloids, anyone?
  23. Fanservice and Ecchi: Too much?
  24. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  25. Inspirational Anime/Manga!
  26. Rozen Maiden Discussion Thread
  27. Free! Discussion Thread
  28. Susei no Gargentia
  29. Manga vs Comics
  30. Dangan Ronpa: The Animation - July 4th release!
  31. NISEKOI (KOMI NAOSHI) Manga/Anime Discussion !
  32. Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (WataMote)
  33. Fan subs
  34. What Topic do you want to know the Japanese opinion of?
  35. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Discussion Thread
  36. Your favorite anime studios?
  37. Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)
  38. Higurashi
  39. Mid Night Club
  40. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?
  41. Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL??
  42. Favorite season of Digimon?
  43. Old anime series (pre-90s)
  44. Where to get OSTs?
  45. Cartoons vs. Anime
  46. Gundam Origin re-release in the USA
  47. Sega's new surprise! Project Diva's Grown Up Kagamine Rin
  48. What anime is this image from?
  49. Fairy Tail anime to end on 30th March
  50. Yuri Fans! I need recommendations
  51. Which of these Pretty Cure Series is the best: Yes! Precure 5 or Smile Precure?
  52. Option magazine discussion thread
  53. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger-Anyone
  54. Toriko, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z - Crossover
  55. One Piece Film Z
  56. Do you play Japanese-language video games?
  57. Sailor Moon 2013 Discussion
  58. One Piece - Manga/Anime Discussion thread
  59. What's your favorite Japanese sportspeople?
  60. "Ghost in the Shell Arise" starting in 2013
  61. Anime suggestions for young children?
  62. Hagemaru - Fan club
  63. Your favorite dubs and why
  64. Sand Land
  65. 'Takeshi's Castle' - Game show
  66. Which Japanese sport series do you like?
  67. Do you believe in blood types?
  68. Abridged Series
  69. Miscellaneous Anime Screencap Thread
  70. Toonami/Adult Swim - Uncut "Naruto" @12:30 from Dec. 1
  71. Yoshitoshi ABe
  72. What's you favorite Super Sentai series
  73. Game Center CX
  74. Is there any anime that you dislike?
  75. Digimon Adventure Is Finally Out On DVD In The US
  76. Do you remember the first manga you read?
  77. 3DS gets eReader manga/light novel app in Japan
  78. ATTENTION: Say hello to the new LotRS section head, Soulweaver!
  79. Aoi Sekai no Chushin de (with renditions of Nintendo and Sega characters)
  80. Doraemon
  81. Eyecatches
  82. Your kind of Anime Opening song and sequence
  83. Kokoro Connect - Discussion thread
  84. The Shoujo Anime discussion thread
  85. Dragon Ball Z - New movie announced
  86. Exciting Episode Title! The Classic Anime Trope!
  87. Ghost Stories
  88. Kuroko no Basket Discussion
  89. Rate the Anime above
  90. Cardfight!! Vanguard
  91. Sword Art Online Discussion Thread
  92. Favorite Anime character archetypes (when done right)
  93. Best/Worst Cliches/Tropes in Anime
  94. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Fall 2012 COMPLETE Anime announced.
  95. Sailor Moon to get anime reboot!
  96. Going to Orlando, FL. and Spain
  97. Axis Powers Hetalia Thread
  98. Non-Anime Japanese TV Shows
  99. Madoka Magica first 2 films' trailer released
  100. Rate The Japanese Song Above You
  101. Kishimoto: Naruto is reaching its climax
  102. claim a voice actor/seiyuu
  103. Shakugan no Shana II released date FINALLY announced!
  104. Can someone help me find the name of this manga?
  105. Discussion of Currently Airing Animé
  106. London MCM Expo License News
  107. Tiger & Bunny English Cast Announcements (Last Updated: 02/07/12)
  108. Sakamichi no Apollon
  109. Box-Split: Tiger & Bunny Rubber Straps
  110. Series with magical/superpowers?
  111. Claim an anime
  112. The official Claim-a-Manga Character thread!
  113. Claim an anime character(Non Pokemon ones)
  114. 4Kids Plans Sale of Yu-Gi-Oh!
  115. Fairy Tail The Movie: The Maiden of the Phoenix Trailer
  116. Do you enjoy singing anime songs?
  117. Most watched anime?
  118. What are some anime I could watch?
  119. Digimon - They're all connected canon? Discussion!
  120. Detective Conan (Case Closed) Discussion Thread!
  121. Key Visual Arts Official Thread
  122. Strangest / funniest dub edits...
  123. Black Rock Shooter
  124. The first anime that you ever watched
  125. Naruto Discussion Thread
  126. "When in Japan..." Tips for travelers to Japan
  127. Kikyo vs Kagome (InuYasha)
  128. Why all the powerful mentors die easily in anime?
  129. Rate the character song above you!
  130. Touhou?
  131. Peanuts Goes Anime, You're an Anime Charlie Brown!
  132. Sentai Filmworks license K-ON!!
  133. How many anime out there are like Ouran High School Host Club?
  134. Mirai Nikki (Future Dairy)
  135. Which do you like more? Pokemon or Digimon?
  136. RIP Bandai Entertainment (1998-2012)
  137. Anime you want remakes
  138. Anime girls are stereotyped?
  139. This thread is for otaku only
  140. Do you remember the first anime you watched?
  141. If you could create an anime...
  142. What your favorite anime and what's your favorite character ?
  143. Weekly Manga Magazine Devoted to World's Great Figures
  144. "Tiger & Bunny" movie pair revealed; first film in 2012
  145. Why is it called Anime and Manga?
  146. Digimon Xros Wars
  147. Manga UK license Dragonball Z?
  148. The Squid Girl Inkvasion Supporter Thread!
  149. Anime Watching Buddies Thread!
  150. Free tickets to Japan from the Japanese government
  151. Rate the Anime Ending Above You
  152. Anyone seen any anime films in the theatre?
  153. Your favourite scenes from anime?
  154. Rate the Anime Opening above you.
  155. Steins;Gate
  156. Fairy Tail - UK debut on 5th March 2012
  157. Rumiko Takahashi's most well-known manga?
  158. List anime voice actors you wanna meet/met
  159. REDLINE
  160. Japanese dub or English originals?
  161. Anime Dub Haters
  162. Beez Entertainment delays due to London riots
  163. Sweet and Gothic Lolita Fashion
  164. Slayers anime
  165. Sailor Moon anime
  166. Most dramatic scene in an anime/manga
  167. Manga Vs Anime
  168. Things about Anime that non-fans get wrong, annoying you
  169. 4kids' redeeming factors, guilty pleasures or truly good moments
  170. "Naruto" manga to end within next year?
  171. Super Sentai/Power Rangers Discussion Thread
  172. Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Movie trilogy announced!]
  173. Deaths of Anime/Manga Characters
  174. Fansubs/Scanlations
  175. Crunchyroll announces legal manga site:
  176. Saddest Anime/Manga You Watched/Read...:'(
  177. Hey guys, help
  178. Reason to learn Japanese
  179. Do you attend anime conventions?
  180. Red vs. Orange in the Japanese Language
  181. Best animated scenes in an anime
  182. Dubs or Subs?
  183. Hatsune Miku to Make US Concert Debut at Anime Expo 2011
  184. What are Iris and Dento's VAs up to now?
  185. Pokemon In Japanese
  186. The K-ON! Movie
  187. Necomimi Ears
  188. stupid question about All Anime
  189. MANGA BAN!!!
  190. Caption the Screenshot! Anime Edition
  191. Need help recalling a name
  192. Bandai Entertainment Licenses Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto Anime!
  193. Magical girls: the great debate
  194. Funimation Licenses Fairy Tail Anime
  195. The Japanese Culture Thread
  196. New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Green-Lit
  197. Manga Publisher TokyoPop Shuts Down
  198. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
  199. Zipang (Manga & Anime) Alternate History
  200. Shogakukan secretly hates you.
  201. Say goodbye to Yugioh and 4kids -- 4kids being sued for millions, all deals cut
  202. Sailor Moon manga coming to North America in September
  203. Was was your funniest anime moment?
  204. What is your favorite Japanese food?
  205. Earthquake/Tsunami
  206. Christopher McQuarrie To Write Live-Action Star Blazers Movie
  207. Found any good AMVs?
  208. Who's your favourite Soul Eater character?
  209. Most Japanese thing you can think of
  210. Who is the strongest super robot / robot in anime?
  211. Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2
  212. "Bleach" Anime to End?
  213. Live action Bakugan movie in the works
  214. Happy 70th Birthday Hayao Miyazaki!
  215. Favorite Anime "Non-humans"?
  216. Tokyo passes law banning selling of sexually explicit anime and manga to minors
  217. What's the weirdest soft drink you could find in Japan?
  218. Kanji list gets first official update in 29 years
  219. Will/is there (be) a Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu season 3?
  220. Has Anyone Here Ever Studied Abroad in Japan?
  221. Favorite Bad Guys in Anime/Manga
  222. Your Anti-Heroes
  223. So I'm new to the whole anime thing....
  224. Any cool Japanese techno songs?
  225. Ninja fans here
  226. Anime/Manga News Thread -- Read All About It!
  227. Forgive me, Twilight fans
  228. 4-kids saved anime
  229. SNS Third
  230. Urban Legend
  231. Your Heroes
  232. Greatest Anime Quotes
  233. Air Gear: Which girl should win Ikki's heart.
  234. Is Lamies Palpatine?
  235. Berserk Anime Official... though it's been that way for a while
  236. Is Naruto all about the Merchandise?
  237. I'm out of anime to watch.
  238. Language Resources
  239. New Manga Series That Look Promising?
  240. Addicted to Ren'ai games?
  241. Favorite Anime/Manga Genre?
  242. L or Kira?
  243. What's your favorite Anime song?
  244. Satoshi Kon dies at the age of 47
  245. Your (pet) peeves about Japan
  246. Anyone here use Lang-8?
  247. Top Five Favourite Female Anime/Manga Characters
  248. Top Five Favourite Male Anime/Manga Characters
  249. Manga Price
  250. Digimon might not be dead after all