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  1. That doesn't sound right...
  2. The Swan Princess Franchise
  3. Index and Resources
  4. Rate the last album you listened to!
  5. Steam-Powered Giraffe
  6. Peanuts (2015)
  7. The way Children are treated in animation
  8. Your favourite Simpsons Moments
  9. A movie i just can't name
  10. When Shows just loose their luster for you
  11. WAKFU: The Animated Series Kickstarter project
  12. So, uh, What's Your Favourite Album of All Time Ever?
  13. 34th Golden Raspberry Awards
  14. What does the fenniken say?
  15. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
  16. Most Disappointing Album 2013
  17. Is Duck Dynasty overrated?
  18. Best Cartoon you have ever seen?
  19. Pop Music Fan
  20. Worst Cartoon You've Ever Seen?
  21. New Pokémon Movie Comes Out Next Week
  22. What's your favorite music genre?
  23. Recent DVD or music purchases
  24. jhonen vasquez discussion.
  25. Who is excited for Season 4 of MLP?!?
  26. Weird censorship
  27. Getting "Crap" past the radar
  28. American Horror Story
  29. Shows that Greg Weisman was involved in
  30. How about Breaking Bad?
  31. Ben 10 series Discussion Thread.
  32. Total Drama Anyone?
  33. Sonic Boom: New Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon
  34. RIP Some Simpsons Character (The Simpsons Series 25)
  35. You Can't Remember
  36. Your Personal Guilty Pleasure Movies
  37. An offer to all Disney fans
  38. The Pop Music Thread
  39. Avengers Assemble *Potential Spoilers*
  40. Adventure Time Discussion
  41. Scary/weird things thread
  42. Liking characters with not-so-likable traits
  43. Horror movies that have scared you the most.
  44. Twelfth Doctor Who revealed
  45. All About High School Musical
  46. Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 2 Discussion - SPOILERS AHEAD!
  47. Shows based on Video Games
  48. Jackie Chan Adventures
  49. Xiaolin Chronicles (Xiaolin Showdown Sequel Series)
  50. Big Brother - Season 15
  51. Music: The Fadeout
  52. Pixar Prequels/Sequels: Yea or Nay?
  53. Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Trailer!
  54. Story Of The Year
  55. Who is your favourite minor character in the Game of Thrones books? (SPOILERS)
  56. Oz the Great and Powerful Discussion
  57. Awesomenauts
  58. Eurovision Song Contest 2013
  59. ABC order series of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  60. Hellboy
  61. Tell us about the weirdest bands you have ever listened to.
  62. Folk Music
  63. Have you ever met a celebrity or a famous musician/band before?
  64. Uncommon/unusual instruments you're in love with
  65. Favorite Doctor Who episode?
  66. Korean Music
  67. Disney Shuts Down LucasArts
  68. About Music, Films, and TV and Rules (UPDATED DEC 3RD)
  69. Entertainment, Inc. General Chat Thread
  70. Electric Guitar Question
  71. Those Silly Big Companies and Their Internet April Fools Jokes
  72. The Last Album You'll Ever Hear
  73. Daft Punk
  74. My Chemical Romance "announces" their disband after 12 years
  75. The Hunger Games
  76. Mad Men Discussion
  77. Maximum Ride
  78. Cheers - where everybody knows your name
  79. Operation Rainfall
  80. First Vampires, Now Fairy tales, and then...
  81. Favorite Movie Directors?
  82. J. J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode 7
  83. What qualifies as "classic" rock?
  84. 2013 in Music
  85. Rate the Above Band
  86. Free Entertainment
  87. Book Suggestions
  88. The Bulbagarden Book Club
  89. Songs you just don't get tired of hearing
  90. Is noise music?
  91. Is Dubstep Music?
  92. Trouble In Terrorist Town
  93. "Snowhite and the Huntsman" film
  94. What's the scariest/creepiest book you've ever read?
  95. Christmas media you're excited for
  96. TSG Mario Marathon for Make-a-Wish Foundation
  97. Television shows that were particularly hard on the main character
  98. Dexter *Potential Spoilers*
  99. What's your favorite commercial? (Video)
  100. Better Animation = Low Quality?
  101. Let's take a walk down memory lane...
  102. Can you think of examples of female characters taking star status from male character
  103. Has The Simpsons Died?
  104. Disney buys Lucasfilms
  105. Disney Presents Star Wars Episode VII
  106. Adventure Time
  107. 3D media - fad or mainstay?
  108. Covers of Songs that Beat the Originals
  109. Favourite TV Theme Song
  110. What's your guilty pleasure?
  111. CGI Peanuts film to be released in 2015
  112. Toy Story TV Special "Toy Story Of Terror" Coming Fall 2013
  113. What Comic Book Series are You Reading? [Possible Spoilers]
  114. Favorite Marvel Villans?
  115. Rate the last book you read.
  116. Foo Fighters are going on hiatus :( :what you guys think?
  117. Movie Releases Thread
  118. The Game of Thrones Appreciation Thread
  119. Code Lyoko: Evolution
  120. Favorite Marvel Heroes?
  121. Young Justice: Invasion (Season 2) Episode 08 [SPOILER ALERT]
  122. UK fans snub Avengers DVD/BD release
  123. Doug Walker discontinues the Nostalgia Critic
  124. Disney Music In Other Langauges
  125. Can someone help me remember this?
  126. Jersey Shore Cancelled!
  127. Songs That You Hate
  128. Gangnam Style
  129. shipping in animated DC/Marvel shows
  130. What do you think to spoilers?
  131. When people jump the shark
  132. Nightmare fuel in cartoons
  133. What was your favorite sonic generations level?
  134. Favorite actors/actresses
  135. Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel
  136. Do you remember this show?
  137. What movies are your least favourite?
  138. Gravity Falls
  139. Worst Disney Channel Show
  140. Worst Cartoon Network Show
  141. Worst Nickelodeon Show
  142. is the "never say die" censorship needed?
  143. the TRUE source of Thor's power
  144. The Official Mock the Week Discussion Thread
  145. Marvel Comics announces relaunched Marvel Universe (big changes, but no total reboot)
  146. The silliest moment you saw on a cartoon or any TV show
  147. Marvel digs deep for next slate of movies
  148. Important crossover question
  149. Teen Titans Revival
  150. Meet the Pyro!!!1!
  151. Knock-Off Films
  152. Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler fired from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
  153. iCarly
  154. Upcoming Disney movie featuring video game characters
  155. TUGS
  156. Iron Man 3 villains revealed (massively surprising spoilers ahead)
  157. Should Mother 3 get a international release?
  158. Dumbest Cartoon Character
  159. DC teases established character as newest gay character; Marvel weds gay hero
  160. Who is your favourite music artist?
  161. Toonami returns to America
  162. Suggestions on a Documentary/Movie?
  163. Avengers film discussion thread
  164. Caramelldansen
  165. What was your favorite video game - related TV show?
  166. What Pokémon would best suit your favourite TV show / movie character?
  167. Scott Scott Pilgrim
  168. Super Mario Bros. The Movie Nationwide Screenings
  169. Composers/songwriters discussion thread
  170. Paramount Vs. Universal
  171. What Is Your Favorite TV show?
  172. Bristol Palin's Ex Gets New Girlfriend Pregnant
  173. Toonami on adult swim
  174. What was the last dvd you watched
  175. Young Justice
  176. My life as a character
  177. New SpongeBob Squarepants Movie to hit the big screen in 2014
  178. What Movies are you looking forward to?
  179. Distant Worlds
  180. Tim & Eric
  181. The Last Airbender:The Legend of Korra
  183. The Big Four Of Thrash Metal (Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer)
  184. "Figure it Out" returns to Nick for another round
  185. On Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, CN, The Hub, and its side channels, what is your...
  186. Latest Avengers trailer sheds more light on plot, characters
  187. Stop Motion Vs. CGI
  188. Shinedown
  189. OK, guys
  190. New Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers trailers released
  191. Cartoon Network Coming to Canada!
  192. DC Comics to publish "Before Watchmen" prequels
  193. Disney Movies/Music
  194. 30 Rock
  195. Happy Wheels
  196. What movies are you interested in seeing that are coming out this year?
  197. Rate the soundtrack above you!!
  198. What do think are the most unoriginal villains in video games/tv?
  199. Most Trustworthy Reviews?
  200. Breaking Bad (spoilers ahoy)
  201. The Current State of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel
  202. The Official Pro Wrestling Thread
  203. Neil deGrasse Tyson Lists 8 (Free) Books Every Intelligent Person Should Read
  204. What kind of music cheers you up?
  205. Move over Kim Kardashian: Sinead O'Connor ends marriage after 16 days
  206. Poll - Favorite Power Rangers leader
  207. Cartoon Network Added Toonami Videos To Website! Possible Reboot?
  208. the calvin and hobbes thread
  209. Prometheus Trailer
  210. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer
  211. Fav. comic strips..
  212. The Dark Knight Rises trailer
  213. model sheet
  214. Are you a Twilight Fan?
  215. Should Media and Literature Influence Our Lives?
  216. Do you think that Nickelodeon is making episodes and shows for money?
  217. PETA must hate us ...
  218. Scam Watch
  219. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  220. Your Theme Song Thread
  221. Rihanna and her Navy
  222. Out of all the bad translations, which ones are your top 3?
  223. Live-action/animation hybrid Lego movie on the way
  224. Community
  225. comics...
  226. Frankie Cocozza kicked off The X Factor after boasting about taking cocaine
  227. Mudkip Nicknames?;3
  228. What Makes a Movie/Game a Success?
  229. George RR Martin's "Wild Cards" Headed To Film
  230. Worst cartoon you've ever seen? (Read first post!)
  231. Out of all, which is worst
  232. Fall of the Horror Genre
  233. The Prototype Family Guy
  234. Young Justice
  235. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  236. Is the "Never Say Die" thing right?
  237. Family Guy should have ended already?
  238. Child's Play Movies
  239. Your favorite horror movie
  240. Blackthorn trailer
  241. First full Avengers trailer debuts
  242. Your Top 20 favorite love songs of all time~
  243. Rest in Peace: Steve Jobs
  244. The Simpsons to be cancelled?
  245. New Batman animated series coming to Cartoon Network
  246. Arrested Development Returning
  247. Steps reunion: what do you think?
  248. Dark and Disturbing Cartoon Theories
  249. A Tale of Two Cities quandary?!
  250. Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Michael Rosenbaum, Carl Lumbly, and Susan Eisenberg are back!