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  1. X Factor: Vulnerable Ceri Rees hounded by producers, just to be humiliated on TV
  2. Power Rangers Poll - Favorite Red Ranger
  3. Poll - What color do you associate with smooth jazz?
  4. Poll - Favorite Power Rangers season
  5. The Office
  6. Soap discussion thread
  7. If The Powerpuff Girls had a favorite genre of music each...
  8. Poll - Better girl for Spongebob - Sandy or Pearl?
  9. Does It Matter?
  10. Who you gonna call ;)
  11. What is your favorite genre of music?
  12. What Radio Stations Do You Listen To?
  13. Poll - What genre of music do you associate with the color pink?
  14. NHL 12
  15. Best Spongebob episode ever aired
  16. X Factor UK 2011
  17. Worst Spongebob episode ever aired
  18. Celebrity Big Brother 2011
  19. Cast Two Shadows
  20. Anyone ever read Nextwave?
  21. The stupidest moment you saw on a cartoon or any TV show
  22. Last.fm and/or Spotify Users: Post Usernames Here.
  23. Who are your top 10 favorite cartoon characters?
  24. Concerning Ultimate Showdown
  25. First Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Henry Cavill as Superman images
  26. Favorite Abridged Series?
  27. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  28. Most Annoying Song Ever?
  29. The Hobbit Movies: A Two-Part Prequel to The Lord of the Rings
  30. Marvel reveals new Spider-Man (and he's not your typical Spider-Man)
  31. The First Movie You Saw at the Cinema/Movie theater
  32. Review: Nouvelle Vague - s/t
  33. Marvel releases Avengers teaser (oh, hey, look, it's Bruce Banner)
  34. First video from the Beavis and Butt-Head reboot
  35. Captain America: The First Avenger discussion thread
  36. New host of Big Brother revealed.
  37. Freddy Krueger Coming to Mortal Kombat
  38. First Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Debuts
  39. First Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer
  40. can anyone help
  41. Nickelodeon Going Old School: "The 90's are All That"
  42. Our Forum's Favorite Band/Artist
  43. 'Harry Potter' scores biggest opening weekend ever with $168.6 mil
  44. Which Era of Disney Do You Like the Most?
  45. Favourite Disney Animated Feature?
  46. Combat Arms
  47. What Shows Do You Like/Dislike?
  48. Bill S.978
  49. kid throws back foul ball at Giants game
  50. Kids BBC/Citv Programmes You Remember?
  51. No Green Lantern! >.<
  52. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
  53. Know Any Good Amateur Musicians?
  54. Skins USA Axed
  55. the MTV Movie Awards
  56. Country Star Trace Adkins' Home Destroyed in Fire
  57. Cheryl Cole returning to US X Factor
  58. X-Men: First Class discussion thread
  59. The Most Powerful Soundtrack to You
  60. DC Comics reboots continuity...again; New costumes, origins, and #1s to come
  61. Top Gear Discussion Thread
  62. His Dark Materials
  63. Overplayed Songs
  64. Rate the Song Above You
  65. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  66. Beatrix Potter World
  67. Music genres and color associations
  68. Jennette McCurdy
  69. Eurovision 2011
  70. 10 years in, Free Comic Book Day is bigger than ever
  71. Thor movie discussion
  72. Confirmed: Cheryl Cole to be US X Factor judge
  73. Star Wars Blu-Ray Details Revealed
  74. How are you liking the new Looney Toons and other new show on CN?
  75. I just came home from work to a VERY pleasant surprise
  76. baseball bloopers and scary moments
  77. Superman renounces his US citizenship
  78. Caption the Screenshot: E. Inc. Edition
  79. New Green Lantern Trailer
  80. Doctor Who Season 6 Discussion Thread
  81. Any Blender animators?
  82. New X-Men; First Class trailer released
  83. Life-Sized AT-AT Construction Project Planned
  84. The Kids Choice Awards 2011
  85. EastEnders: Jim Branning actor John Bardon films last scenes in Albert Square
  86. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  87. WB Developing Justice League Movie, Plans To ‘Reinvent’ Batman
  88. Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane in Superman reboot
  89. What is/are your favourite BBC sitcom(s)?
  90. Show me your best trance music!
  91. First Full Captain America Trailer Debuts
  92. Endgame
  93. Your "GOOD HEAVENS!!!" moment involing entertainment?
  94. First Photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman
  95. Which story has hit you hard this year?
  96. Kevin Costner cast in Superman reboot
  97. Make your longest song-title paragraph.
  98. The Star Wars facts thread
  99. American Idol
  100. Imperial March
  101. Lady Gaga's New Video
  102. The Oscars- Your Opinion and experience?
  103. US X Factor: Cheryl Cole no longer in running to be a Judge?
  104. The Mirror of Erised
  105. Animal Planet is ruined
  106. Favorite films/movies or TV shows
  107. How do you listen to music while at home?
  108. Your favorite albums?
  109. Songs that sent chills down your spine?
  110. Adrianne Palicki cast in Wonder Woman series
  111. Marvel, Disney To Launch "Disney•Pixar Presents" Magazine
  112. What's your favorite dystopian novel?
  113. The Amazing Spiderman
  114. The Grammy Awards
  115. Robocop in Detroit
  116. The Tenth Doctor to marry the Fifth Doctor's daughter
  117. First X-Men: First Class trailer debuts
  118. Fantasy Baseball
  119. Freddy vs. Jason
  120. Anyone watching Superbowl XLV?
  121. New Transformers cartoon series - Transformers Prime! 8D
  122. Beavis and Butt-Head return to MTV
  123. Henry Cavill cast as Superman
  124. Which TV Show is your least favorite?
  125. NBC Orders Wonder Woman Pilot
  126. Doctor Who
  127. First X-Men: First Class images (Spoilers, obviously)
  128. Batman Begins 3/Dark Knight Rises villains (and who will play them) revealed
  129. First pics of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man; Chris Evans as Captain America
  130. Rappers
  131. Joe Quesada Steps Down; Axel Alonso Appointed New Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics
  132. Worst movie you ever saw.
  133. dragons are real
  134. What Are Your Five Favourite Simpsons Episodes?
  135. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  136. Name That Tune 2
  137. Captain Geek
  138. Any Misfits fans out there?
  139. Marvel's next live-action TV series, AKA Jessica Jones, headed to ABC
  140. Jon Favreau NOT directing Iron Man 3
  141. You guys NEED to do this!
  142. Teen Titans' Raven to possibly get solo live-action TV series
  143. Taylor Swift
  144. Where Did 'The Simpsons' Go Wrong?
  145. Really stupid catchy songs you come up with.
  146. Pokemon voice actors in other movies/shows
  147. Dennis Leary cast in Spider-Man reboot
  148. First Cowboys and Aliens Trailer (Jon Favreau's next comic-based film)
  149. First Green Lantern Trailer
  150. Worlds best adverts
  151. Wolverine 2 gets titled: The Wolverine; Plot details revealed
  152. Video games that should be made into movies.
  153. 'Read the Book' VS 'Watch the Movie'
  154. Heroes of olympus review:
  155. Hasbro Prepares Slew of New Movies...including Ouija, Battleship, Risk
  156. Analysis of Kanye West's Runaway
  157. Spider-Man reboot gets its Uncle Ben
  158. That Guy Borat
  159. Funniest of the Funny
  160. Transfomers
  161. What Tim Burton's Superman Would Have Worn
  162. Fan idea: Digimon Twilight and Eclipse versions
  163. Futurama
  164. First Full Thor Trailer
  165. Which Season of King of the Hill is the Best
  166. superhero quotes
  167. Name That Tune
  168. xkcd fans!
  169. Hulk; Cloak and Dagger TV series being developed by ABC
  170. Nerdcore hip-hop.
  171. What bands/singers do you like the most?
  172. Battlestar Galactica
  173. Rhys Ifans cast as Spider-Man reboot villain
  174. Forgive me, DC fans
  175. The Main Problem with Wonder Woman . . .
  176. Harry Potter 7 not to be in 3D as planned
  177. What book are you in the middle of right now?
  178. On American Graffiti
  179. Sci-Fi Fan Audio Drama
  180. Whats your favorite movie?
  181. Zack Snyder to Direct Next Superman Film
  182. Emma Stone cast as Gwen Stacy for Spider-Man reboot
  183. Periodic Table of Elements
  184. Legend of the Seeker?
  185. WHAT Time is it...?
  186. Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night
  187. Third Bill and Ted Movie in the Works?
  188. System of a Down
  189. 30 Seconds to Mars
  190. With Hannah Montana ending soon...
  191. Heroes TV-Movie Not Happening
  192. Are we too hard on Disney?
  193. What Was The Last Music Video You Watched Before This Thread???
  194. Metroid: Other M
  195. Sandman (Neil Gaiman's) Getting TV Series
  196. Machete
  197. Sherlockians, Unite!
  198. What are your top three favorite and least favorite Lord of the Rings characters?
  199. !!!!New Pokemon Site Found!!!!!
  200. star trek awakenings
  201. Pop Science
  202. Batman Beyond Getting DVD Release
  203. Battlestar Galactica (2003) - Anyone?
  204. Super Mario Bros. Movie Interviews
  205. Does anyone want Foxkids back?
  206. Forgotten Return of the Jedi scene finally sees the light of day
  207. Rate the Last Movie you Watched
  208. cool superhero quotes
  209. William Control anyone?
  210. Scott Pilgrim vs. Whatever
  211. New Emarosa Album!!
  212. Dragonheart
  213. The Beatles Yellow Submarine (the movie, not the song.)
  214. Pokemon RP Forum
  215. Pro Wrestling
  216. Man of Action to work on Ultimate Spider-Man animated series
  217. I watch Karate Kid....
  218. RUSH!
  219. What's your favorite music video?
  220. The Big Bang Theory
  221. Super Mario Bros. movie re-release
  222. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
  223. Team StarKid
  224. What ships that aren't Pokémon related do you ship?
  225. PAX Prime 2010
  226. Thor Comic-Con Trailer Leaked
  227. Debbie Ryan
  228. The Decline of Western Music
  229. Walt Disney's Fantasia
  230. Marvel Unveils Thor Film's Infinity Gauntlet
  231. Marvel Ends Spider-Man's "Brand New Day"
  232. Shaun of the Dead vs. Hot Fuzz
  234. Marvel Casts New Hulk for Avengers Movie; Also Casts (Spoiler Removed)
  235. First Animated Young Justice Footage
  236. Salt
  237. Avatar Spin-off, "The Legend of Korra" to be released in 2011
  238. True Blood
  239. Transformice
  240. Your favorite song?
  242. Kevin Bacon to Play Villain in X-Men: First Class
  243. First Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern Image
  244. Remember WMAC Masters ?
  245. Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (as told by somebody who's never seen them)
  246. The Boondocks
  247. Edward Norton NOT Playing Hulk/Bruce Banner in Avengers Movie
  248. Toy Story 3?
  249. What are your favorite poems?
  250. Ramona + Beezus: Selena Gomez?! WTF?