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  1. Horror Chronicles: Chapter 2 (Not ready for Grading)- Comments welcome
  2. The Eye of Aggron
  3. [STORY DEAL] Remembering (Ready for Grading)
  4. Mew three's Journey (Chapter 2 finished)
  5. Interception (Raphael's Tale, Ch. 3)
  6. What You're Doing
  7. Royal Purple [WWC]
  8. Justice or Death
  9. Story List [update 3/28]
  10. They're coming (Not ready for grading)
  11. Salvation?
  12. Haunted Tunnel (B/W) (Ready for Grading)- Comments Welcome
  13. Lotad Water (A bit graphic now- changed story) (Ready for grading)- Comments Welcome
  14. Not So Enlightening
  15. Shedinja's Secret (Graded, hurrah!)- Comments welcome (A bit graphic)
  16. Running Through Daisies
  17. Dragonskin - WWC [[ Graded. Comments (still) loved! ]]
  18. World without sound (Not ready for grading)- Comments welcome (Graphic)
  19. Revenge (Some violence and language)
  20. Evan's Master Quest - Part I. (WWC)
  21. No Grave But the Sea *Ready for Grading*
  22. Ragnarok's Diary Entries
  23. |-Illusions of the Moon - WWC-|
  24. Proof of Life (GRADED)- Comments welcome
  25. A Poketale (WWC)
  26. Sight
  27. I Still Look For You (Ready to be graded, Collab Story)
  28. Strawberry Gashes for WWC (Warning: For Mature Audiences Only)
  29. Rotom (Extremely large work in progress, not to be graded yet.)
  30. Emanation: Chapter 1 *Ready for Grading*
  31. Why can't I walk? (Claimed, lost the WWC)- Comment welcome
  32. Black Ops:PRISM(WWC and Ready to be graded)
  33. Kill Larmond (WWC, In Progress)
  34. Glaceon Gang (Ready for Grading)
  35. Angelsong <WWC>
  36. A New Year, A New Life (Raphael's Tale, Ch. 2)
  37. Rescue those Elekid! (Ready for grading)
  38. Encounters at the Beach
  39. Pendant [WWC]
  40. Escape {WWC} {Claimed}
  41. Gaol.
  42. the pokemon war (badgraedbadgraedsom1halp) (WWC)
  43. Fortress Beneath the Waves (WWC)
  44. A Splashing Capture! (Ready for Grading)
  45. The Pocket Watch (Ready to Grade)
  46. ~~``Mind Games``~~ [WWC]
  47. The Baby Star of Atlantis [WWC]
  48. Spore *WWC Entry*
  49. As Of Yet Untitled [WWC] [UNFINISHED]
  50. Dear Diary (WWC)
  51. Legend of the Thief - Ready for Grading -
  52. Scales of Worth (GRADED)
  53. Imagine This: WWC 2010-2011
  54. The Curious Incident of the Swinub in the Night-time *Ready for Grading*
  55. Snowy day, takin' the... Sun away!
  57. Ace Trainerson and the War of this World
  58. Electric Dreams (Work In Progress)
  59. It's a Kind of Magic [WWC]
  60. A Blizzard of a Battle (Ready for grade, Comments appreciated)
  62. One Scary Day (first grade done/editing/open for comments and ideas for continuation)
  63. Sacred Mountain {ready for grade -- comments welcome!}
  64. Braving the Summit (ready for grading)-comments welcome
  65. The Kane Family Garden (Raphael's Tale, Ch. 1)
  66. First to Fall
  67. The Lost Cubone(WWC,Ready for grading)
  68. Snow Way! A Collab Story. Ready for Grading.
  69. HeartFire and SoulSteel [WWC][Graded :)]
  70. The Secret Desert (WWC)(Ready For Grading)
  71. Mind journey (WWC; ready for grading)
  72. Winter Writing Competition '10
  73. Three Dares (Ready for grading)
  74. Iconoclasm
  75. Fire (not ready for grade)
  76. When the Krow cries Another Man Dies (Ready for Grading)
  77. Title TBD
  78. Hemorrhage
  79. a young armadillo (not ready)
  80. Frostic Dreams(Ready for Grading!Comments welcomed)
  82. Frosty chocolate milkshakes
  83. They won't be coming around the mountain, but will still come (Not ready for Grading)
  84. No Reason
  85. Another Day At The Office [Ready For Grading][Welcome Comments]
  86. All Bugged Up(READY FOR GRADING)
  87. The beginner's catch of the day (Ready for grading!)
  88. Only Human (graded)-comments welcome
  89. Wrath of the Gods
  90. The Road To Hell: Chapter 2 (In Progress) Rated PG-17
  91. Looking for Lotad
  92. Machop & Makuhita ~+~Dewford Cave~+~ (Grade plz)
  93. A Fisherman's Battle Against an "Epic Flailure" (Ready for Grading)
  94. The Special Battler
  95. Once in a Mawile
  96. It's not My "Ralts!"
  97. A Night Time Outing
  98. Gwen Series: Cat Attack! Gwen vs Meowth!
  99. A Trainer's Quest. (Ready for grading)
  100. The Start of Lou's Journey -Graded/Comments Welcome
  101. The Jester (Part 1)
  102. EpicScizor's First Pokemon Capture Story *ready for grading*
  103. Monsters of the Machine (DO NOT GRADE)
  104. The Lieutenant's Dream
  105. Letters - Incomplete
  106. Judgment
  107. The PokeGlitch, Chapter 1 (ready for grading)
  108. A Psycho Bee and its Psychic Friend (Ready to be claimed)
  109. |-Tribal Wars-|
  110. Journey To Snowdrift Cavern *Graded*
  111. _|-Searching For Something-|_
  112. Ruins of Ar'keed
  113. Endgame (Ready for Grade)
  114. Labyrinth of Corn
  115. BeastieBayleef's Pokemon Adventure (Looking for a partner!)
  116. Heart of Hoenn
  117. Restoring Power - (J.E.5)
  118. Memento - Chapter 1: Boned
  119. The Kecleon Affair
  120. [-Motor-]
  121. Godsblood
  122. Thoughts
  123. The Photo
  124. Cradle
  125. Diaries Of No Ordinary Expedition
  126. Lonely Rolling Star (SWC)
  127. Smudge (SWC)
  128. The Joy of a Child (SWC)
  129. The Bug-Catching Competition
  130. So I Met this Guy John, Right? (Graded)
  131. The First Floor (In Progress)
  132. An Onixpected Ally [SWC][Grade-Ready]
  133. Twin-blade Turnabout [SWC]
  134. Aerodactyl The Aeronaut
  135. preLIFE (SWC)
  136. ~Like a G6~ [I think its ready now!]
  137. Just Like Us (SWC)
  138. _|-Battle of the Bulge [Not Ready]-|_
  139. _|-Dreamweaver-|_
  140. SWC Entry: Everything to Gain
  141. A Fresh Start
  142. Darker than Black (Ready for grading)
  143. Night Shift (SWC)
  144. [SWC]Profile(Claimed)
  145. Abigails Birthday (For SWC)
  146. Dark Yesterdays. Brighter Tomorrows! [SWC][GRADED - COMMENTS WELCOME!!!]
  147. I think I'll name it Zwig! (Ready to be graded)
  148. Amnesia town in the Sea (ready for grading)
  149. Tribal Wars [SWC]
  150. Shattered Memories (Romance/Feel Free To Grade)
  151. _|The Wanderer |_
  152. Native(Grade it up, yo)
  153. The Mareep Exchange
  154. Collaborative Story - In Progress
  155. Battles and Confusions
  156. _| Encounters of the Eighth Kind [SWC Entry]|_
  157. Ain't Nothing but a Houndour --SWC--
  158. Adem's Quest (Do not grade)
  159. The boy in the Scyther
  160. Donate to a Relevant Charity After Reading This (Ready for a Grade)
  161. Identity (Graded)
  162. Opening a Casket of Worms [SWC]
  163. A Wild Pair
  164. Some Writing Competition 2010 [RESULTS ARE IN]
  165. The Magikarp That Tweeted (Feedback Welcome)
  166. Arriving Home - (J.E.4) MATURE CONTENT
  167. Vs Weedle and Caterpie
  168. Eevee and the Tree
  169. A Cock And Bull Story - CLAIMED
  170. Fear Itself
  171. The Dreams of an Average Lotad
  172. A Blade in the Night
  173. The story of Leo
  174. The Mystifying Magikarp [Ready for Grading]
  175. Stacy and the Thugtrio READY TO GRADE plz
  176. [Ready for Grade] Today Only
  177. Reeling in a Whopping Wooper! (READY FOR GRADING)
  178. The Game. WIP
  179. It's a Dog's Life
  180. I Want To Be a Hero! [1st Story READY FOR GRADING]
  181. Between (v1.1)
  182. Haunted- Part 2
  183. A Dream Start [Needs Grading]
  184. Demons of the Forest
  185. The Obelisk
  186. Midnight (ch. 1 graded)
  187. Star-Zilla and the Star-Hunters[READY FOR GRADING]
  188. The Tales of Weedle the Bard
  189. *-The Jewel Of Life-* Grade it for SWC!!!
  190. Depths of the Afterlife (W.I.P.)
  191. Untitled Work [PG-13]
  192. The Moral High Ground: Last Part
  193. The Trainer Life: Detour
  194. Something to Protect
  195. Dreams from the Future!
  196. Smile
  197. Evils and Choices
  198. Just Like Oil and Water {PG-13} (Ready for Grade)
  199. A Rivet-ing tale!
  200. For Want of a Nail
  201. The Guardian of Voyagers-Chapter 4 and 5 (Grade them as one chapter please)
  202. Mother
  203. The Babel Boy - Year One [PG-13]
  204. Pikmon (A Pikmin/Pokemon Crossover)
  205. Mastering The Machop With A Case Of The Munchies!
  206. Echidna's Agenda (Not finished, but PLEASE comment!)
  207. Crybaby
  208. Outbreak
  209. Operation P.A.S.P.O.I. <-Chapter 2-> Needs Grading
  210. Superstition
  211. Operation: Damsal in Distress (Ready)
  212. A Day At Lake Tranquil (Ready for Grading)
  213. The Worst Friend Ever (Ready for Grade)
  214. Larvitar Rescue (not ready for grading yet need some constructive criticism)
  215. Shifting Tides [ Claimed =D ]
  216. Finding Refuge Part Two - (J.E.3) [Mature]
  217. Little League Championship
  218. Zero’s Tale (Part 2) The Building of the Resistance, Zero’s Test! (In Progress)
  219. Full Meteorological Panic!
  220. New Beginnings: First Gym Battle
  221. Cklorglovf [PG-13]
  222. Tears: A Swablu Story
  223. One Crazy Guy, an Adventure, and a few Robberies. (Working on WWC)
  224. The Trainer Life: Origins (Comments Welcome)
  225. The Journey Home (Comments and Feedback welcome)
  226. A Ghost of a Chance!
  227. The 'Wrath' of the Water (A work in progress)
  228. New Beginnings
  229. Old Man and the Seel
  230. Protecting the Puppy - Part 2 Ready for Grading
  231. Faith (Comments and Feedback welcome)
  232. From Kittypet to Clan cat {Inspired by Warrior Cats}
  233. BMGF List of Stories
  234. The Sheep (comments accepted)
  235. The Rotting Goddess
  236. Remembering the Past, Fighting the Future (Not Ready for Regrade)
  237. Pursuit of the Legendary Leafeon
  239. The Demand (in Progress)
  240. Protecting The Prey!
  241. A Raging Lake (Graded)
  242. Redemption
  243. The Lost Cause
  244. Nothing to Lose
  245. A Cave Walk
  246. |-Stranded: DOA-|
  247. Taking Back from Silver
  248. On the beach
  249. Steelix Alert
  250. Noble Redemption