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  1. The New Journey Starting: The First Capture
  2. Photograph
  4. The Caterpie Who Was A Badass
  5. The Agent: Training Program
  6. Dirty [Rated T for some violence and blood]
  7. Nightmare (PG-13)
  8. A Nonsensical Story: Annabelle's Wedding
  9. The Case of the Diamond Pokeball
  10. Today's Episode of the URPG is Brought to You by CENSORSHIP RAWR (Why I Hate SOPA)
  11. The Great Toad-Frog Massacre!!
  12. Darkness Falls [Insert T for language]
  13. Imagine That — WWC 2012
  14. Obligation: Chapter 1 (T for language)
  15. The Story of Seth Kramer - Book 1 - Ready to Grade
  16. A Fishing Competition (Ready to be Graded (Please Someone Grade this))
  17. Viridian Forest by Captain Dude (WWC)
  18. Into the Dark (WWC) Rated M FOR THE USUAL REASONS
  19. The Mischievious Seedot (ready to be graded)
  20. The Ugly Wurmple (WWC)
  21. Rabbit Heart. [WWC]
  22. The Bæstyr Chronicles - Chapters 1 and 2 need grading
  23. A Glance in the Mirror [WWC]
  24. Life of a Magikarp (WWC)
  25. A Personal Essay: The Aspect of Loneliness (Ready for Grading)(WWC11)
  26. Cyber Ejection
  27. Sewaddle and the Ghost Gang!
  28. Adventures of Ray Goodman
  29. A Shocking Day(grader dropped;need grader)
  30. Winter Writing Competition 2012
  31. The (Mis-)Adventures of Harry Kim
  32. But I'm Hungry Now, Dammit
  33. Spiders
  34. Poliwag and the Torch of Friendship
  35. Mission Appeal
  36. Whack a... Poliwag?
  37. Make it Shine
  38. Sometimes I Wish We Were Butterflies (Rated Mature)
  39. The Berry Thief (ready)
  40. Brothers, Chapter One (Innocence)
  41. Grá
  42. A Bad Excuse For A Story
  43. Chosen: Chapter 1
  44. The Zorua Death Game: Round II
  45. The Waterfall
  46. Fishin' For Trouble
  47. The Pokeglitch: Chapter 2 (Grader dropped; need new one!)
  48. At the Lake.
  49. I Hate Everything (PG)
  50. Pure Bloods
  51. Utterance
  52. The First Page. [Chapter one.]
  53. Magikarp and the Lake
  54. Hasta Luego, Mi Amor
  55. Silenced Fury
  56. The Stubborn Entrant
  57. The Begining
  58. The Inexplicable Boredom
  59. Howling at the Moon
  60. The Golden Skin
  61. Dinner at Marv's
  62. Peter’s Rocking Tales (Chapter 2 and 3 Ready to be Graded)
  63. Deleted
  64. Otherworldly
  65. Story List IV (NOW WITH 50% LESS BACKLOG)
  66. A New World
  67. Pokejail: A Journalized Experience [SWC]
  68. Tell me the Sewaddle story...
  69. The Hedgewood Tree (SWC)
  70. Frogsong (SWC: Graded)
  71. That Generic Pokemon Story
  72. Mugged (Part 1) First part is SWC
  73. Looking for Hell [SWC][R]
  74. Soul Wars
  75. (SWC) Numbers Game
  76. That Magikarp (SWC)
  77. The Tail of Caterpie [Suggestive Material] [Comments Welcome]
  78. Magikarp
  79. Victorious
  80. the tale of weedle
  81. Fusion.
  82. The Poisonous Nidorans (Ready to Be Graded)
  83. Afterwards [SWC]
  84. The 13th Victim (PG-13) [SWC]
  85. Amarantha's departure. [SWC]
  86. Magikarp: the Musical [SWC] [Comments Welcome]
  87. A Delicacy [ready to be graded]
  88. The Saga of Crimson (Ready to be Graded)
  89. Tales Of The Sea [Ready to be graded]
  90. A Bluebottle Story
  91. You Have Been Warned [SWC ; Rated R]
  92. Magical Magikarp
  93. ET: The Evil Terrestrial [SWC]
  94. Ingrained [SWC]
  95. [SWC] The Champion
  96. Dog Obedience 101 (Ready for grading).
  97. I Talked to God (Mature, ready for grading)
  98. Internet: A URPG Story
  99. Oh, my Nakama
  100. A Night to Remember [Ready for Grading]
  101. Love Thy Caterpie
  102. I am not your Battler (Mature)
  103. Dead (Warning: Disturbing themes, violence)
  104. Magikarp the Mystical Nomad!
  105. Summer Writing Competition [FINAL ROUND]
  106. Bad EGG [Comments welcome]
  107. Kitsu + Co. on their Berry Cute Adventures
  108. teh gratast pokeman stori evar!!!1! koments welcum (Story Deal)
  109. Perseverence (mature)
  110. Starting Over
  111. Genesect [Not for the faint of heart]
  112. Hope
  113. Murmurs in the Dark
  114. Cotton Colored Clouds (Graded)
  115. Frozen Knowledge: [Ready to Grade]
  116. Ben's Cross-Unova Adventure (Series) Chapter One: Saying Goodbye. (Graded)
  117. The Zorua Death Game
  118. For My Little Girl
  119. Memorial Bay Showdown. An Arrogant Trainer’s Pledge
  120. _|-Experiment: Part One - The Discovery-|_
  121. The Dopei Problem
  122. Droughtamid
  123. Being in Disguise
  124. Mystery of the Laboratory
  125. A Story's Story (Ready for Grading)
  126. Into the Desert
  127. Star Catching (Ready for grading)
  128. Bounce, Bounce
  129. Battle of the Magikarp (graded)
  130. Rage! (Magikarp Story - Ready for Grading)
  131. Grader Log
  132. Mirror, Mirror
  133. Connecting with Caterpie
  134. Determination (Ready for Grading)
  135. What Goes Around Comes Around [PG-13 for violence and blood]
  137. iNHaBiTED
  138. Remoraiding the Lake
  139. SLC's Fairy Tales [NEEDS GRADING]
  140. Element Book 1: Fire~Chapter 1
  141. A Sigilyph's Torment
  142. The Data of Rapture
  143. The Peskiest Magikarp Ever (Pending Grade)
  144. A Most Magnificent Splash. [Grader Needed]
  145. Dawn of a Grand Adventure Ch 2 Complete [GRADE PENDING]
  146. An Unlikely Advocate (Ready for Grading)
  147. Keep On Keeping On (A Ferroseed Autobiography) (READY FOR GRADING)
  148. Look into the future, and breathe the stardust (PART 2, Needs to be claimed)
  149. The Saga of Brad: Part 1- A New Region, A New Journey (Ready for Grading!)
  150. Battle for the Territory [GRADER NEEDED]
  151. Forgotten (Rated T for disturbingish events and language)
  152. Quoth the Water-type... (Complete)
  153. THE EXTERMINATORS. -Complete-
  154. Ungraded Story List: Updated 3/20
  155. Look into the future, and breathe the stardust(needs to be claimed)
  156. A Dame a Dozen [First Part]
  157. Not as they seem [Chapter One]
  158. The Hunt
  159. One Splash at a Time
  160. Kanto Adventures (Chapter II: VS Poliwag and Poliwag)
  161. A Meteoric Tale!
  162. The First of Many
  163. Mysterious Documents *Multi-Chapter Story*
  164. The Healing Salve [Story Deal/Ready for grading]
  165. prgmHOORAY
  166. The Forgotten Lab
  167. Where the Beautifly Go
  168. SCUM
  169. Claiming machop!
  170. A Mountain High Enough
  171. To Catch a Cherry
  172. claiming caterpie
  173. Spring Collaboration Contest (RESULTS!)
  174. The Garbage Hero (Ready for Grading)
  175. Rough New Beginning
  176. Betrayal (Ready for grading)
  177. [Story Deal] Through the Shadows (Part 1)
  178. The Four Lives of Morgan (Prologue) (Ready for Grade)
  179. Mienfoo and the Golden Fruit (Ready for Grading)
  180. Dance of Swords [Story Deal WIP]
  181. The Blob (Ready for Grading)
  182. Story Deals R Us
  183. Misguided Ghosts (Rated M for violence and language)
  184. Curious. (Ready for grading/Comments welcome.)
  185. It's a Cold Way until the Morning Shines [Ready for grading/Story Deal]
  186. Story of Domestics: The Terrible, the Perfect, and the Proud
  187. The Ballad of the LaNare Brothers
  188. Fear (Rated M for violence and nightmare fuel)
  189. As Cold As Winter (Ready for grading)- Comments Welcome
  190. Tales of the Kingdom Beasts (Ready for Grading!)
  191. last of a dying venipede
  192. A Netherworld Crisis (Ready for Grading!)
  193. Lemonade (Work in Progress)
  194. Falling In Balance: Chapter 2 (Ready for Grading)
  195. Miruku and Ben- A Sewaddle Tale (Claimed)
  196. They Called Us Twins
  197. The Story of Koma WARNING: Graphic
  198. Cherish The Moment
  199. Where the Heart Is
  200. The Death of Two Worlds (Ready for Grading) WARNING: Explicit Language
  201. Wedded Bliss
  202. Childhood of a Lonely Ranger (W.I.P.) (w00t thread 100000)
  203. Demons of the Mansion
  204. Grammar Gripes
  205. Death is Temporary (Ready for Grading)
  206. Box | Ready
  207. No title (W.I.P.)
  208. pending
  209. When You Try Hide 'er, Expect a Spider
  210. Do Something. [Complete]
  211. Frostbitten. [NOTDONE.]
  212. Eye in the Storm (graded)-comments welcome
  213. A History Lesson (Ready for Grading ) (C&C Welcomed)
  214. Kali and Alisha- A Vulpix Tail (ready for grading)
  215. _ _ _
  216. Angel with No Wings (Ready for Grading)- Comments Welcome
  217. Pain (Working Title, Work In Progress, Mature Content Warning)
  218. Passion (For Mature Audience) (Ready for Grading)- Comments Welcome
  219. Trace (Ready for Grading)
  220. [STORY DEAL] The Eight Stones (Ready For Grading)
  221. Deleted (Ready for Grading)- Comments Welcome
  223. Plenty More Fish in the Sea
  224. That'll Do, Tepig (B/W Story)
  225. Ha, penguins (Not yet ready for grading)
  226. Litwick and the Emmisary of the Wind(Finished and ready to grade)
  227. Integrity
  228. Burn Out (Warning: Semi Creepy but not as bad as normal)
  229. Everything's Unforgettable (Ready for Grading)- Comments Welcome
  230. Neon Tiger (B/W story. Some mild violence)
  231. MEMO: Black and Yellow
  232. Poison's a *****
  233. The Power of Sinnoh - (Chapter 2 is out)(Ready to Grade)
  234. Rehabilitation (Ready for grading)
  235. Bugs Life
  236. "Virulence" (Graded/Warning: Contains Gore and Swearing)
  237. Sable Eyes (WIP)
  239. Lamentations of a Female Ranger
  240. the first pokemon - Ready for grading
  241. The Riddle (Ready for Grading)- Comments Welcome
  242. the Aron problem - (Ready for grading)
  243. Confessions of a Champion (M)
  244. Almanac of an Intelligent Oddish
  246. A bunch of stories (first one ready for grading)
  247. Time to cool off
  248. Three Heroes of the Past (Co-Op with Gabite)
  249. Always
  250. Why I Hate The Water!(Ready to Grade)