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  1. Limited 3D?
  2. So, Can we Expect SUPER ULTRA Training?
  3. NEWS: More gems found
  4. Travelling companions in the games?
  5. How many times have your Pokemon had Pokerus?
  6. NEWS: Two new moves discovered in the game's RAM dump - related to Zygarde?
  7. Awesome capture and close calls, anyone? 2.0
  8. Favorite Game Quotes
  9. What Type Of Antagonistic Force Do You Prefer?
  10. The Non-Official Dark Gym!
  11. Favourite Pokemon Game Music
  12. the shiny failure thread
  13. How to Make Gym Battles Tougher
  14. Would you prefer Pokemon on smartphones?
  15. Create a Pokemon Spinoff
  16. Pokemon spin-off game called Pokerace
  18. (Type) should resist (Type) but be weak to (type)!
  19. more world wide releases?
  20. Searching for a certain TID?
  21. Pokemon Q/A
  22. Whats Your Favorite Monotype?
  23. Unique Pokémon
  24. strangest nickname you have given a Pokemon?
  25. What is the best in-game team you ever had?
  26. XY's 3D Models: The Good and the Bad
  27. SPECULATION: Emma / Essentia & The Looker Bureau Crew: Will A Third Version Or Sequel Expand On It
  28. Diancie, the new pokemon...
  29. Do you want more or less New Pokémon Species in Generation 7 and beyond?
  30. Free Pokemon Games
  31. Future Giveaway: LEGIT Shiny Mew (old sea map event) that I will be SR for!
  32. O__O Mr. Mime is scary.
  33. NEWS: Termination of Gen IV and Gen V Wi-Fi Services on May 20th
  34. SPOILERS: Anistar City Secret?
  35. If this were an in-game option, would you use it?
  36. SPOILERS: Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, and Shiny Zygarde
  37. How do you think they'll release the unreleased HAs?
  38. Should Pokemon Colosseum/Xd Gale of Darkness should have a 3rd game or a remake.
  39. New Pokemon Game
  40. Datel's released a cheating device for X and Y
  41. Should we refresh pokemon?
  42. Who would have made a better champion in XY
  43. Afterwords – Pokémon X & Y
  44. Overpowered Pokémon
  45. Pokémon Link: Battle/Battle Trozei Coming Mid-March on the 3DS eShop!
  46. Biggest pokemon breakthroughs
  47. Another dual-region game? Or no dual-region game?
  48. What Do You Do When the Game is Done?
  49. New Ultimate Pokemon Challenge
  50. Signature team
  51. A return to Orre
  52. Cheating for In-Store Events
  53. The Pokémon Bank and PokéTransporter thread!
  54. Your Special Gym Strategies?
  55. Unclear Pokemon Name Puns
  56. Spiritomb & Whirlipede friend safaris
  57. pokebank 2
  58. Simba's Type Effectiveness
  59. Fossil Pokemon in Nonstandard Pokeballs Concentraded Breeding Effort!
  60. DS games confirmed for Wii U Virtual Console
  61. Shenanigans
  62. Sleeper Hits
  63. Turning off console mid battle
  64. Unidentified Symbol?
  65. Pokémon that should have additional/alternate evolutions
  66. Did you ever notice something similar between all Regions names?
  67. How would you feel about a retro-styled Pokémon game?
  68. Idea for a new item in the next gen game
  69. the region the backpacker is talking about...
  70. Question About The Kalos 'mon PC Sprites:
  71. Friend safari research thread
  72. want to register friend codes with me
  73. What Was Your First Event Pokemon?
  74. The next Gen VI WiFi Event??
  75. I need a breeding Ditto
  76. Pokemon Competitive Battleing
  77. WALKTHROUGH: Scramble Challenge!
  78. there should be an Ice-only walkthrough
  79. NEWS: Pokémon composer Shota Kageyama leaves Game Freak!
  80. RUMOUR: Pokemon Next Gen
  81. opinions about Ice-only walkthroughs
  82. X&Y Legendary Trio Typing
  83. What can Game Freak do to improve Ice types?
  84. So... What's next?
  85. The Generation IV Remake Discussion
  86. The Generation III Remake Discussion
  87. Decreasing replay value
  89. What Pokemon would make for good starters?
  90. Favorite Champion?
  91. What do you want from a Pokémon console game?
  92. Beast Mode: A new challenge!
  93. What Pokemon would you change (their type/evolution) ?
  94. Well, this sucks.
  95. SPECULATION: Waiting For A 3DS Pokemon Ranger Game....
  96. Best Champion Battle Music?
  97. Did You Know?
  98. Black or White 2 pal pad
  99. Your "WOAH THAT'S SO CREEPY" moment
  100. Event distributions in gen 6
  101. The Crazy Theory Thread!
  102. Who else dislikes the new cries of the old Pokémon?
  103. What should the next mystery dungeon game be like?
  104. I think Ditto should have transform as an ability rather than move.
  105. Old School VS Modern Trainer
  106. If Set/Shift was changed so that the opponent got it too...
  107. Tips & Trips
  108. Hardest regional Elite Four Challenge in the games?
  109. Favorite X/Y Moments
  110. Pokemon X/Y: Worst mistakes/fails you've made
  111. Help Me with Pokédex Central, Coastal, and Mountain
  112. V Gen Dead or Alive?
  113. SPECULATION: Ruby/Saphire SR shiny starter
  114. Beware of the Battle Analyser
  115. wonder trade event thread
  116. Sableye Help
  117. SPECULATION: Should GameFreak make a Pokémon game with all regions in it?
  118. The Kiseki Project
  119. Hitoshi Ariga's Contribution to Pokemon X/Y
  120. Feeling down about playing Pokemon
  121. Best Team you've ever made?
  122. Poké Radar in XY
  123. Typelocke Challenge for X and Y
  124. Nailing two birds with one stone.
  125. Should Earthquake affect Pokemon that float?
  126. Music from the Pokemon anime?
  127. New Pokemon guide appears on Amazon
  128. Trainer PR Videos
  129. Battle Maison
  130. Friend Safari
  131. If you could add 30 Base Stat points to any Pokémon, which one would you pick?
  132. Uproar (may make pokemon harder to catch)
  133. What removed features do you want to see return?
  134. Help me collect data so we can manipulate Pokemon in the friend safari!
  135. Did your save file ever become corrupt?
  136. NEWS: Bad Egg glitch discovered
  137. Ken Sugimori hints at reverting to simplicity in Generation VII
  138. SPOILERS: Further Forms for Vivillon/Floette
  139. Hoping to see in possible sequel.
  140. SPECULATION: XY power plant discoverys.
  141. Toughest Gym Leader (or battle) in Gen VI?
  142. WonderLocke
  143. Online battle experience
  144. How do you organize your storage boxes?
  145. Berry Mutations and Berry Trading
  146. Friend Codes for the Friend Safari
  147. X vs Y: A comparison
  148. Best E4 entrance
  149. Can someone hold some pokemon
  150. Somthing i really want to see in future games...
  151. Battle Videos
  152. Monochrome Pokémon Rumor Discussion
  153. Gen VI Pokemon File format discovered
  154. just discovered what to do with the Intriguing Stone
  155. Gyms based on themes rather than types
  156. Found any double/triple combos?
  157. Hardest villainous team leader.
  158. 9 Mysteries of Kalos (minor spoilers)
  159. SPECULATION: Pokemon Scramble/Rumble with XY Pokemon
  160. NEWS: Friend Safari Code Swap
  161. Sharing A 3DS for Pokemon X and Y
  162. Starter Friend Safari
  163. Weather change times? X/Y
  164. Charizard X Twins Givaway
  165. Friend Safari
  166. Lumiose City - Creepy Social Commentary
  167. Only 69 Pokemon?
  168. Share Your Friend Safari
  169. [Fan-Theory] A way to credite MissingNo. as official...
  170. Trading version-exclusive mega stones!
  171. Metangs from my Pokemon Safari hold METAL COAT?
  172. Important Information about pokemon x and y
  173. "DLC could be fun" -Ken Sugimori
  174. Very Few New Pokémon
  175. Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa Leaked? (RUMOR)
  176. Elite Four or Top 16?
  177. Vivillon research thread
  178. Chain Fishing=Shiny Pokemon
  179. Information regarding saving game data in Lumiose City in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
  180. Kalos Legendary Trio Title Discussion Thread (New Poll)
  181. Info for bulbapedia
  182. Another Region?
  183. I have Pokerus! I am looking for a mewtwonite Y.
  184. Bike color
  185. All-Kalos team members?
  186. Ditto with perfect IV'S in Attack and defense
  187. Rank The Gens
  188. WALKTHROUGH: A great way to train Pokemon AND get items AND catching Pokemon at the same time :D
  189. SPECULATION: Friend Code Sharing
  190. Bugs and Glitches in X and Y
  191. Battling against favorite Pokemon
  192. Too easy
  193. Who hasn't gotten it yet?
  194. Pokemon X/Y Friend Codes
  195. Unsolved Mysteries in X/Y...
  196. Pokemon X and Y Wonderlocke!!!
  197. ATTENTION: #VivillonVendredi
  198. Re: New Pokemon Info
  199. How much longer do we have to play blindly?
  200. Yellow or Green
  201. Limited attack animations
  202. Gen 7 Legendary Revealed?? (SPOILERS)
  203. Hilarious/Awesome X and Y Moments You Had
  204. Supposed Game-Breaking Glitch
  205. *SPOILERS INSIDE* Where to find Mewtwo *SPOILERS INSIDE*
  206. Labelled map of Lumiose City
  207. Pokemon Nicknames
  208. Favorite Moments in X/Y
  209. Where to find... *Help finding rares, uncommons and those not on bulbapedia yet*
  210. What TM's have we lost?
  211. Awkward X and Y moments
  212. I've "Got Pokerus?"
  213. The new Mewto-like Pokemon, Espurr.
  214. SPOILERS: Things that are strange and why it happened. (Speculation)
  215. The Bragging Thread!
  216. Wonder Trade Thread: Dat Wascly Wabbit!
  217. NPC Dialogue
  218. Your Player's Nickname
  219. NEWS: I just got a shiny in Pokemon X
  220. new pokemon
  221. So, how is it?
  222. I'm honestly curious, whats with the rage?
  223. Tipping
  224. Streaming Pokemon Y Marathon
  225. Will you buy X / Y right away?
  226. Your Pokemon X and Y review.
  227. (READ FIRST POST) Gen VI Rant/Complaint/Disappointment Thread
  228. I felt really disappointed about Pokemon now
  229. CoroCoro Issue! (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)
  230. PETA Releases "Pokémon: Red, White, and Blue" Parody Game
  231. Farewell, Unova
  232. SPOILERS: XY Travelog!
  233. New Pikachu-related game in development
  234. Is Game Freak discriminatory?
  235. Via Wi-Fi
  236. Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING
  237. Quilladin
  238. XY Reviews
  239. SPOILERS: Canada/Europe violating street date?
  240. Game version and starters. (what you going to pick?)
  241. Xerneas vs. Yvletal
  242. will all this leaking screw us over
  244. help with evolving boldore
  245. Gamefaqs Pokemon x and y sucks
  246. Looking for Experts
  247. Number of new pokemon
  248. Old Fan/ New Member/a few questions
  249. Pokemon that disappointed you on playthroughs
  250. Xerneas vs Yveltal