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  1. Pokémon MMO Wish List
  2. An Evolutionary Anomaly.
  3. Kerudio and Genosect events
  4. Moves you think should exist.
  5. The grass is shaking! Oh noes!!
  6. Does anybody here play the Japanese Black and White without knowing Japanese?
  7. Thoughts so far?
  8. GenV counterparts
  9. Getting Zorua and Zoroark
  10. Interesting theory...
  11. My biggest fail trying to copy pokemon EVER.
  12. Pokemon games 17+?!
  13. Do you suppose the third games are canon?
  14. Black and White Gameplay Footage (Contains Spoilers) - UPDATED (22/09/10)
  15. Spritedump Thread? Spritedump thread.
  16. Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)
  17. Sameness concerns between generations?
  18. Videos
  19. Plot of Black and White
  20. Confirmed Information Thread
  21. Signature Move Incentive
  22. Black and White Let's Plays
  23. Is cloning wrong?
  24. What pokémon is a "Must Have"?
  25. The Diaries of Black and White
  26. Which do you go by when the colors differ? The games or Sugimori?
  27. America's Involvement in the Dream World...
  28. An Elite Drama
  29. A question for speculators
  30. Favourite Pokémon designs by region
  31. Of the current confirmed pokemon, who will be in your team?
  32. When Do You Use Your Masterball???
  33. Cynthia's dialogue
  34. Tabunne
  35. Which pokemon would you like to get a new evolution?
  36. Pokémon Pia Magazine Discussion (Scans inside)
  37. Pokemon theme teams
  38. Black and White will take place in the future of the Pokemon world, right?
  39. Berries
  40. Shinies...Worthless?
  41. Battle tower
  42. Your "FUUUUU" moments :D
  43. Celebrity Pokemon
  44. Heavy or Lighter Plot?
  45. Dual-types better than Mono-types?
  46. What's in the box?
  47. What pokemon would you choose....
  48. Do you ever wish the cries sounded differently?
  49. What about instead of a bike...
  50. Code Request Thread
  51. FAQ: The Dubious Database (Simple Questions)
  52. Battle Animations
  53. Physical or Special
  54. suggest new moves for the 5th gen games
  55. How much do you care for the storyline? Do you like them so far?
  56. Anybody else want people to follow you in-game?
  57. Amazing Johto Pokemon team for Heartgold version and Soulsilver version
  58. Ok guys (poke)balls out, what is the best team defensively?
  59. Combination Attacks
  60. POKEMON VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT for 14 and under in MA
  61. Main Team in Main game
  62. What Pokemon Would You Compare The Person Above You To???
  63. Pokemon Solo Runs...
  65. Fixing up the Water type?
  66. what is your most trusted pokemon
  67. Fixing up the Grass type
  68. How lucky are you at catching Shiny Pokémon?
  69. Mystery Gift
  70. 1 mil Pre-Sold, 1.5 mil expected before release
  71. What do you think the Tri-legendaries will be?
  72. Pokémon London Tournament: Interview with Minijinx
  73. Old Pokemon that need new evolutions
  74. pokemon that you just refuse to evolve
  75. Game Characters that look like you
  76. Crowning Moment of Awesome
  77. Overtrainers unite!
  78. Pokemon you are afraid to battle against
  79. Wanted: IV Breeding [s]Tutor[/s] Help
  80. Your strategy?
  81. What was the first pokémon you ever caught?
  82. Fifth Gen Shinies!
  83. Fixing up the Poison Type.
  84. Cross generational Evolutions for Black and White
  85. Does Anyone Ever Wait For The Third Version?
  86. Third Installment
  87. Pre order?
  88. Azure Flute
  89. Favourite Female Player Character
  90. Better teams for the Johto Gym Leaders
  91. Favourite Male Player Character
  92. New TMs
  93. triple typing?
  94. How much training do you get done each session?
  95. New Pokemon?
  96. Japanese Wi-Fi Event Thought
  97. i found out whean black and white is out in uk
  98. If you could rearrange a pokemon's stats, would you?
  99. Legendaries
  100. Mamanbou
  101. TMs Not Disappearing
  102. What pokemon look better in their original color instead of shiny?
  103. A thought about the Pokédex
  104. Scariest Pokémon?
  105. Greatest Pokémon Move
  106. Everything We Know About Pokemon Black & White
  107. 4 different games..?
  108. Reshiram or Zekrom...
  109. Name of the Home Town in Black and White
  110. If you could bring back one character...
  111. Gym Leaders
  112. Did you Know?
  113. Most useless pokemon moves?
  114. Your Top 3 Favorite Pokemon?
  115. (Just for fun) New Pokémon ideas or creations, anyone?
  116. the perfect six?
  117. One move that this game could really use...
  118. Reshiram, Zekrom, and...
  119. Are you happy that BW doesn`t include old Pokémon in the main game?
  120. How Hard Was the Elite Four For You?
  121. Johto and Kanto: Who would be the Elite 4 and Champion if they were separate?
  122. Hardest Legendary to catch
  123. Black and White Music Discussion
  124. Here's my thing about B/W
  125. Power Point mechanics
  126. Leveling Up Pokemon
  127. Help catching up with B&W
  128. Gyms and Elite four
  129. Which gen had the best starters?
  130. Made-up lyrics for ingame songs?
  131. Pokemon Natures
  132. This is a Bold statement but...
  133. Information and Speculation on N
  134. Speculation: Moral Choices?
  135. Seasons
  136. Pokémon Musical
  137. What's This? A Girl becoming a Boy?
  138. Recently Released Info
  139. PokeParents
  140. You notice any tiny annoyances leaving?
  141. PokéShift
  142. What kind of trainer are you?
  143. Zorua and zoroark non obtainable.
  144. Best movesets
  145. Wandering Legendaries - Yay or Nay?
  146. The Next Stadium?
  147. Decisions Decisions
  148. Your trainers name?
  149. Strategies you came up with and ways of countering them
  150. Is anyone sad about leaving Johto/HGSS behind?
  151. Level Grinding vs. EV Training
  152. Translations for video clips and pictures
  153. Odd scene in the BW ad
  154. Piecing together what we know and want...
  155. Third version
  156. Pokemon Cries(specifically Charizard and Ryhorn)
  157. Legendary yet to be revealed
  158. Will you have Patience?
  159. Favourite cities/towns by region
  160. Wish/suggestion for Black & White
  161. How much do you care for stats?
  162. Stupidest thing you've ever done in game?
  163. What do you think is the Best looking Pokémon?
  164. If you were an elite four member, what would your team be?
  165. Trainer Score?
  166. Which aesthetic do you prefer?
  167. Moments where you went, "Pfft, yeah right!"
  168. Which Text Frame Do You Use?
  169. Villanous team possibly ... Team Rocket
  170. your pokemon teams chat.
  171. Old Pokemon going?
  172. OMG I forgot to battle him!
  173. What battle style do you use?
  174. Your "THATS NOT POSSIBLE" moments
  175. Black & White Speculation Contest - Final: Numbers of Pokémon
  176. Where do you think your father is?
  177. The Airport on the Map?
  178. What kind of modification would you give existing moves?
  179. Your "YES!" moments
  180. Need help making a good HG team
  181. Has This Ever Happened To You?
  182. Dream Smoke and Pokemon Dream World Contemplations?
  183. Lack of new evolutions and pre-evolutions - a theory
  184. Gen. IV-V Migration
  185. Live Caster shown on Oha Suta
  186. Eevee event on Aug 7.
  187. Main series Wii game
  188. Day/Night
  190. Isshu Legendary Trio
  191. The Champion's A Pretty Wanted Guy/Girl...
  192. FAQ: The Dream World- Official Discussion
  193. Global trainer rankings in Pokemon
  194. Too many Pokemon?
  195. Pokemon Company losing its creativity??
  196. Weirdest Pokemon Catch
  197. Regarding version exclusives.
  198. English character names
  199. Your most awesome pokemon
  200. The Simple Question / Simple (or not so) Answer thread Mark II
  201. being transgendered and a pokemon fan?
  202. Aesthetics vs. functionality?
  203. Does the presence of a metagame add or detract from the quality of Pokemon?
  204. Option in touch screen section like how HGSS was!!!
  205. If you had the Oppurtunity to travel into the future to get Black and White would you
  206. Black City and White Fortress
  207. Who is a better Water/Ice Type pokemon?
  208. do you like b/w so far? what are you most excited about?
  209. Firered/ Leafgreen remake speculation for Gen V.
  210. BW Pre-Order Gift?
  211. New breeding additions?
  212. Official Site Updates With Trailer
  213. Gender Differences
  214. Legendary Trio
  215. Inspired evolutions
  216. Anybody ever play more than one game at one time?
  217. References to the real world
  218. Ononokusu baby?
  219. Probopass evolution?
  220. Leafeon, Glaceon, Probopass and Magnezone invited to the party?
  221. Battle Command: Shooter > Item?
  222. Yourself
  223. The new "pokemon"
  224. How many times have you traded over Wi-Fi?
  225. Best regions
  226. IGN lists Release Date of Black & White. 6/30/11
  227. Starters middle evolutions and a flying Koffing!
  228. Sinnoh after Elite 4?
  229. Left Handed mode finally?
  230. The Ultimate Pokemon Game!
  231. Help With Level 5 Jirachi
  232. How Long Did It Take To Beat The Battle Frontier?
  233. EV training using boosting item plus xp share.
  234. how many shinies do you have at the moment?
  235. Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver + Hello everyone
  236. Miss Mime & second Bronzor evolution??
  237. New WiFi Event - Ash's Pikachu
  238. Catch rate blues
  239. Post your Trainer Information (Name, Gender, ID, SID)
  240. RNG Question
  241. Most annoying status ailment?
  242. Proudest Battle win
  243. ID number for nicknaming.
  244. Will The Games Really Look Like That?
  245. Chinese Pokemon
  246. Darky The Absol
  247. Egg Moves?
  248. The Giovanni Event
  249. Basically, a bragging thread, or, a OMG i can't believed that happened thread
  250. Will the stat mechanics change again?