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  1. Medals in X and Y?
  2. How well do you think Pokemon X and Y will sell and score?
  3. NEWS: Pokémon Black 2/White 2 are 2012's top selling game in Japan
  4. What plans or traditions do you have come release?
  5. Who's your starter in Gen VI?
  6. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y: Early List Release?
  7. Pokémon you didn't expect to like
  8. SPECULATION: What things do you think Pokemon games ought to be based around in the future?
  9. Do Battle Points seem too hard to obtain to you?
  10. Could Gen VI bring older fans back into the series?
  11. Pokemon Blue Playthrough (GEN 1)
  12. Would you like a Pokemon Ranger game on 3DS?
  13. The Player Search System (PSS) and its features
  14. Gen VI Global Trade Station Discussion
  15. Loamy Soil?
  16. What if Gen VI were unbanned legendaries from wifi?
  17. Will The Vs. Seeker Return?
  18. Pokeradar in Generation VI?
  19. Meloetta?
  20. Gen V & VI
  21. Is it possible that Pokemon X and Y will be rated something higher than E?
  22. Would you like to see more version-exclusive locations?
  23. X&Y Preordering and Launch Promotions
  24. Was Generation V too short?
  25. Hilbert...oh and Hilda
  26. Pokémon X and Y Pokédex
  27. Dream World + Join Avenue in Gen VI?
  28. Expanded evolution lines of previous Pokemon you'd like to see?
  29. X and Y Player Character Names
  30. A few thoughts on Pokemon.
  31. Would you like to see another animated trailer like B2W2 had?
  32. Speculation:Will Gen 6 have a third game or something different?
  33. Theme Teams!
  34. New battle structure to make Pokémon stronger
  35. Soundtrack and Sound Effects Speculation
  36. Side Quest Discussion
  37. Do you think they'll make it easier to finish the Pokedex? + Side Quests
  38. Items Speculation
  39. Can We Expect Another Pokémon Direct?
  40. Do you want PWT/Battle Frontier in Gen 6?
  41. The Regional Dex
  42. X and Y versions name theory
  43. new version of Pokémon Colosseum?
  44. TM and HMs: How will they change.
  45. New Moves/Abilities
  46. What time should Generation VI take place?
  47. Move Animations
  48. Contest Discussion
  49. CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)
  50. Walking Pokemon Feature?
  51. Trainer Customization
  52. New Type Combos
  53. New methods of evolution
  54. What will you miss about Generation 5?
  55. SPOILERS: Team Flare Discussion/Speculation
  56. Pokemon X & Y: Release Everywhere October 2013!
  57. New method of faster traveling in Pokemon X and Y?
  58. Theme for this Generation
  59. Color, Metal, Advance... Generation VI's nickname?
  60. X & Y Compatibility with B & W
  61. Only for 3DS?
  62. Aesthetics and Graphics
  63. SPOILERS: Gym Discussion/Speculation
  64. Characters and Plot
  65. The Kalos Region Speculation and Discussion
  66. Pokémon X and Y confirmed information thread! (Last Update October 2013)
  67. SPOILERS: Legendary Pokemon Discussion
  68. What will you get: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y
  69. SPOILERS: Starter Discussion
  70. Game Title
  71. Fun runs other than Nuzlocke?
  72. Things You Hate About New Generations Approaching
  73. ITT: let's predict new Pokemon spinoffs for 3DS
  74. Your favorite version of the Kanto Gym battle theme?
  75. What elements of the anime would you like to see incorporated into the games?
  76. Things in Pokemon you thought were true but are not
  77. Pokemon Black & White VS. Pokemon Black & White 2
  78. Game Corner in Ruby and Sapphire Remakes
  79. Your opinion on Black 2 and White 2?
  80. Pokemon Conquest Artbook
  81. Video Games Poll #57 Who is your favourite Electric-type trainer?
  82. The Digital Download vs Retail Thread
  83. The Nintendo 3DS Feature Thread
  84. Regarding translators and the posting of Japanese characters
  85. Vaporeon stats and move pool
  86. SPOILERS: Gen VI Pokemon Discussion
  87. Why do Wonder Cards exist?
  88. SPECULATION: New Pokemon to be revealed in 16th Movie?
  89. Most Messed up Shiny Sprite.
  90. Your "What the....?" moments!
  91. Dark Type Gym leader
  92. Black and White or Black and White 2?
  93. trouble in finding participating Wal Marts for sinnoh promo
  94. (Mod Note: Read First Post! Updated 6/1/13) Game Freak "expanding Pokémon world"
  95. Have you ever spent a long time looking for one Pokemon?
  96. Latest glitches found.....
  97. New Held Items
  98. Emerald or Black & White
  99. Ever had that one Pokemon.....
  100. Stuff that's happened to your games
  101. Favorite Abilities
  102. ATTENTION: A rule change and new prefixes. A walk through to read.
  103. Best locations in the generation 5 games?
  104. B2/W2 Grievances and Disappointments
  105. What's your favorite moves in pokemon
  106. N's real parents
  107. Black 2 .sav
  108. The introduction of brand new Pokemon - excited or indifferent?
  109. Improvements to Pokemon games
  110. Best characters to bring back in Gen 6!
  111. Favorite gender difference pokemon
  112. Does anyone seek out or make hacks?
  113. Favorite Healing Item
  114. Favourite Pokemon With a catch.
  115. EV Training
  116. How Accurate Are the English Pokémon Games' Translations?
  117. Ideas For New Pokémon Type(s)
  118. Favorite thing to do in Pokemon games
  119. Worst Pokemon Game?
  120. Smartest and Dumbest Villains?
  121. Speculation: New Eeveelution to be revealed next week?
  122. How much money do you have? (Pokemon)
  123. Easiest way to determine IVs
  124. Ohh my little Keldeo!
  125. What move do you think goes with each Pokemon?
  126. Pokemon Conquest's Hottest Warlords/Junior Warlords
  127. The questions on Dark and Steel
  128. Looking for a buddy to play with
  129. Did It happen to you?
  130. The Gym Leader battles that surprised you the most upon your first challenge
  131. Thinking of Playing Mystery Dungeon Which Should I Play?
  132. Happy birthday Ruby and Sapphire. Over 10 years.
  133. What would you prefer?
  134. Speculation: Maybe N is really a Zoroark?
  135. Favorite game generations
  136. Cresselia won't ever get her own battle music?
  137. A Safari Zone mode.
  138. What are your favorite pokemon natures
  139. Strategy
  140. Would you like Pokémon Snap 2 to be made?
  141. Pokemon VGC Winter 2013
  142. A Gym Leader mode.
  143. Double/Triple Champion battles.
  144. Field effects when turning on game depending on places?
  145. Pokédex 3D Pro/Pokédex iOS - Discussion and AR Viewer Picture Thread
  146. First Pokemon Game
  147. Shiny challenge!
  148. Do you play Pokemon using internet challenges!?
  149. In Game Pokemon: do you choose because you like them or they're 'strong'?
  150. Favourite Encounter Theme
  151. The "Is This REALLY Useless?" Thread
  152. Answer that Pokemon trivia
  154. Your Mind=Blown Moments in the Games
  155. Why Do You Play a Pokemon?
  156. Video Games Poll #56 Do you like the Pokémon World Tournament?
  157. The lost Xtransceiver...
  158. Trainer Classes
  159. Should there be an official Pokemon MMORPG? Post your thoughts and ideas here!!
  160. Which Champion was the easiest/hardest to beat?
  161. Eevee and Eeveelutions - Overrated? Overpowered? Overestimated?
  162. Just Wanted To Share My Little Pokemon Series With You Guys
  163. What region/game had the best over all music? The worst? Why?
  164. Cheap victories vs the elite four
  165. Your Favourite Rival
  166. Pokemon You Objectively Know Are Good, But...
  167. Small Changes
  168. Does Anyone Else Think Dragons Are Overrated?
  169. Am I Crazy Or...
  170. Ideas For Upcoming Games?
  171. Do you think there should be 'dating features' in the future games?
  172. New Undiscovered Pokémon in Previous Regions
  173. rank the final/secret final bosses
  174. Do you have any self-imposed rules?
  175. Our Latest Podcast covers the new Pokemon games - plus tons more Geek stuff
  176. The Join Avenue Thread!
  177. Favorite Game Of All Time
  178. What if they replaced Red with Ethan in the next SSB?
  179. Whats your favorite Legendary Pokemon?
  180. The Secret Egg
  181. PETA Releases "Pokemon Black and Blue", attacking B&W2
  182. RULES: Bulbagarden Forum Rules
  183. Favorite Fire Starter
  184. A Pokémon Game Set in Prehistoric Times
  185. Glitch Info (4- 4, 4Mn, x'r. 4-, and p)
  186. Pikachu 3DS XL to be released in Europe
  187. Rank the champion music
  188. What is your favourite region?
  189. Summarizing the opinions on the Poison type against the Water type
  190. Does playing Pokemon make you childish?
  191. Do you think there should be bonus exp depending on your remaining HP?
  192. VG Weekly Poll #55 Do you like the shaking spots feature in Black/White?
  193. Which Overhaul Is Suitable
  194. If you have a pokemon with pokerus...
  195. The Useful List of Topics
  196. Junichi Masuda Game Informer Interview - 3D models and MMO?
  197. VG Weekly Poll #54 Have you used a player character of the opposite gender?
  198. Pokemon Chain Moves
  199. If Dragon-Type is the best type statistically, what's the second best?
  200. Does anyone else have a problem with some pokemon's sprites?
  201. Which professor do you want to battle?
  202. Which Would You Prefer?
  203. Thoughts on the future of the series.(kinda long read)
  204. Anyone miss those live action commercials?
  205. Shining Charm Success Stories??
  206. Pokemon nicknames you're proud of?
  207. name to remember
  208. Anyone expectng a 5th generation Pokemon Ranger game?
  209. Is a Nintendo made easy Pokemon game maker feasible profitable and a good idea?
  210. Speculation: Anyone else want an MMORPG Pokrmon Style
  211. Your ideal regional dex - how would you go about it?
  212. Hardest Gym Leader?
  213. anyone expecting PMD3?
  214. Weirdest Metronome Experience.
  215. Am I the only one around here who...
  216. What Types Should the Gen VI Gyms Be?
  217. Most playing time on a Pokemon game
  218. PMD 3 what needs re-working
  219. VG Weekly Poll #53 Should Gen VI introduce as many new Pokemon as Gen V did?
  220. Speculation: Pokemon and the Wii U
  221. Future Game Names
  222. Picking Teams
  223. Do always Shiny pokemon ruin the concept?
  224. Best Pokémon Moments
  225. What about evolutions fOR Eveee?
  226. Should the Sequel to Dual Versions be remade?
  227. Least favorite pokemon game?
  228. Pikachu-Themed 3DS XL
  229. Which Games do you own a Physical Copy of?
  230. Moves that you think should be removed
  231. Poll: Favorite Evil Team Boss
  232. Do you think Splash will ever get an effect?
  233. The Venting/Ranting Thread
  234. To Repel or not to Repel, That is the Question
  235. VG Weekly Poll #52 Which Region's Gym Leaders do you want to rebattle the most?
  236. Strongest trainers relying on healing items
  237. What starter did you pick and why?
  238. VG Weekly Poll #51 Do the regions have enough diversity in their locations and areas?
  239. What did you do to the eggs given by NPCs in game?
  240. Bad Pokemon movepools.
  241. Rage quitting - What's your opinion about it?
  242. Worst part about each Gen.
  243. Special Variety Pokemon
  244. Longest Masuda Method
  245. Why are there so many unobtainable Pokemon by now?
  246. Should N be considered a rival?
  247. Dream starter
  248. THE Toughest Choice
  249. Do you use X items?
  250. Best BW2 gym leader remix