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  1. ATTENTION: Concerning Spoilers and X/Y's Release Period
  2. Pokemon Monotypes
  3. Gamestop proposal
  4. Mechanic Changes
  5. How fast do you plan on beating XY?
  6. DLC discussion and speculation
  7. Easy Pokemon Guide for Newbies
  8. Long trades
  9. Does anyone have a Foreign Language Ditto, that they are willing to trade.
  10. Warning: Official websites not working. (except Japan).
  11. Pokémon X/Y almost had a Pokémon voice translator
  12. The reasoning for the names "X" and "Y" explained
  13. My Post Is Gone?
  14. Do you cheat in Pokémon to your game?
  15. US Commercial Released
  16. Where are you on October 12th?
  17. What gadgets would you like to have return in XY?
  18. Methods for handling your earnings/savings?
  19. Overrated and Underrated Pokémon
  20. Pokemon "Surprise" to be Announced!
  21. Pokemon Breeding, Hatching and Daycare Changes?
  22. Gender Differences
  23. How will you get the fossil pokemon?
  24. Localisation names
  25. Retcons you'd like to see
  26. Once again they Butchered the Starters!
  27. Rumble U CAN read Skylanders figurines
  28. FAQ: Simple Questions Simple Answers (XY Edition)
  29. X & Y 3DS XL vs. Pikachu 3DS XL
  30. General Questions For Playing X & Y
  31. Preorder Bonuses
  32. Pokemon Bank
  33. Do you use revives in battle?
  34. Pokemon Direct (4th September)
  35. Communities
  37. Mewtwo, Deoxys, and Pokemon's genetic destiny
  38. What is your favorite generation?
  39. What do you take in to account when picking pokemon for a party?
  40. Question regarding Amazon.com
  41. Number of pokemon/moves
  42. What is the most intense Pokémon video game? (in your opinion)
  43. Your first experience with pokerus
  44. "Wow, I was an IDIOT!" moments
  45. Price Gouging On Pokemon Games?!
  46. Pokkén Fighters/Pokkén Tournament trademarked by TPCi
  47. Pre-Order Question
  48. X and Y So Far, Best and Worst
  49. Revolutionizing the types?
  50. A mysterious connection between Ghost from Creepy black version and L is Real 2401
  51. Pokémon Global Link
  52. Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations
  53. Mega Evolution
  54. Playble Demo coming to Germany
  55. Pokemon conquest?
  56. Pokémon Video Game Challenge "Life Challenge"
  57. Does X and Y come with another region?
  58. Nintendo Direct coming 7th August 2013
  59. Pokemon X&Y: The Friend Dynamic?
  60. First Starter?
  61. X and Y Download/Memory Size
  62. Favorite/least favorite Mystery Dungeon games?
  63. Is training only one Pokemon the wrong way to play?
  64. for those that have finished black/white 2
  65. What do you consider to be a high base stat total...?
  66. Pokemon Game Rituals
  67. Anyone else hoping for rematches with other trainers and Gym Leaders?
  68. Have you ever completed a Pokémon game with all three starters in your party?
  69. Laugh at me i'm 20 just learned what evs are
  71. Hardest Battle?
  72. Pokemon Facebook and Twitter Now Re-branded for X and Y
  73. Your Pokemon's nicknames
  74. Kanto Starters
  75. Looker should be a recurring character in every region! Yay or nay?
  76. Favourite Legendary
  77. under-rated pokemon vs over-rated pokemon
  78. Bulbagarden Forum Rules - *New set valid immediately*
  79. So what confirmed Pokemon do you think will be on your team in X and Y so far?
  80. What Will The Pokémon X/Y Global Link Be Like?
  81. First look at the XY 3DS XL!
  82. Looking back at Gen V: What did it introduce that you liked and didn't like?
  83. Black Charizard 3DS XL
  84. Super Training
  85. Special message from Masuda coming
  86. Pokemon Game Show Demo
  87. Any Pokemon Tips to Share?
  88. offline pokédex
  89. SPECULATION: Player Character Canon
  90. Pokemon Snap Minigame
  91. Type Interaction Changes (aka changes to the Type chart)
  92. "Walking Pokémon" Feature: Is It Still Possible?
  93. Trainer Card - multiple region's badges?
  94. Evolution of the starters
  95. Is The "Pokédex 3D Pro" Out-Dated Now?
  96. Sylveon, good or bad?
  97. E3 has passed... So no new Pokemon Scramble U news for Americans?
  98. What happened?
  99. More visible IV/EV and other features in the pokemon menu tabs :D
  100. The PSS and touch screen in general.
  101. New Battle Styles
  102. Pokémon-amie: new bonding feature
  103. The E3 Round-table Thread
  104. Forme changes through items?
  105. Poke Transporter (Transfering Pokemon From Previous Gens)
  106. Do you have any concerns about the two upcoming games?
  107. Real Play
  108. Different Challenges to be tried out in Pokemon Main series!
  109. Multi-trades? (Trading features in-general thread)
  110. Should we have a Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remake or Emerald remake?
  111. Re-challengable Trainers/Exp. Grinding
  112. Hopes and Thoughts for X and Y and Thoughts on Pokemon Games after X and Y
  113. 3ds Friend Code
  114. Pokémon X and Y + Generation 5 Events (Mewtwo and Shiny Genesect)
  115. Stats for Royal Unova trainers in Easy/Challenge Mode?
  116. Pokemon Splicing!
  117. Your six strongest pokemon
  118. Ways of Finding Wild Pokemon in X/Y
  119. Did you like how Isshu's name was handled?
  120. Kalos Pokemon Centers
  121. Pokémon Game Where You're The Evil Team
  122. A little announcement about Let's Plays
  123. How do you think 3D graphics will effect shiny sprites
  124. X and Y Version Differences and Exclusives
  125. Poison Type Fan Club
  126. What do you do with your starter?
  127. What Question would you Ask the Developers?
  128. Do we want TM's to stay re-usable?
  129. leaked screenshots
  130. XY getting their own E3 showcase
  131. I haven't played Pokémon in a looooong time.
  132. Pokémon XY have Australian Classification Board Ratings
  133. Possible location for Kalos?
  134. Pokemon X & Y: Post game
  135. Will we ever see another dual-typed first stage starter like Bulbasaur again?
  136. I think Game Freak is trying to win back the Gen 1-3 crowd?
  137. ATTENTION: A note on posting videos and streams
  138. How Should I Play Through the Pokemon Games?
  139. Pokémon X and Y possible link to Black and White
  140. X and Y Spoiler Free Zones
  141. New TCG sets for x and y
  142. Moves redone (Including HM moves)
  143. Returning characters
  144. Pre-Release Pics
  145. SPECULATION: Kalos Region?
  146. X and Y Cover Art
  147. Pokémon XY Homepage
  148. Rival Speculation and Discussion
  149. Was the first Pokemon game you played your favorite?
  150. What's the best thing you've found in a Hidden Grotto?
  151. What do you think of the new X and Y pokemon?
  152. SPECULATION: Pokemon Evolution and Formes
  153. Nimbasa B2W2 gym theme
  154. Pokémon Pride
  155. Best Legendary battle theme?
  156. Pokemon X and Y; Digital Copies only?
  157. What is your favourite glitch in Pokemon?
  158. Expanded Type Effectiveness Chart with extra stats
  159. Impossible type combinations?
  160. Your favourite Pokemon game music?
  161. Ideas for Pokemon Minigames and Sidquests, can be either mainseries or side series
  162. When will this month's CoroCoro be released?
  163. Best nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon
  164. What would you like to see in future games.
  165. What characters would you like to see return
  166. System and Quality Improvements in X and Y
  167. What are you looking forward to most?
  168. Pokemon World Tournament aka the Hardest Thing I Have Ever Faced in the Games
  169. Favorite normal trainer battle?
  170. Newtwo - Have veteran fans lost their mind?
  171. Gyms/Leaders different in BW2! Wasn't expecting these changes...
  172. Gen Wars. They Need To Stop.
  173. Would a Pokemon MMO work?
  174. What do you want to see less of in X&Y?
  175. For each Type, who's your favorite Gym Leader, E4, etc. that specializes in it?
  176. Your "I got you now!" Moments!
  177. Movepool Speculation
  178. Is Nature vs Nurture the main theme of XY?
  179. Funny, unexpected things in the Pokemon games.
  180. Soft-Resetting for shinies!
  181. Abyssal Ruins - Connection to X an Y?
  182. Who was your first starter Pokemon?
  183. If Pokemon X and Y were cancelled...
  184. What are your game headcanons?
  185. Favourite In-battle effect held item?
  186. Your first legendary pokemon you caught
  187. Gamefreak's Other Games and Their Connections to Pokémon
  188. Remake names
  189. Gen V events that unlock something in XY?
  190. Modification of Mechanics in Moves and Abilities
  191. If BW and B2W2 had been ONE game instead of separate games...
  192. Pokemon X and Y with a limited edition 3DS bundle??
  193. ~Gym Leader's/Elite Four's Pokemon type~
  194. How many of your pokemons are "Movie Stars"?
  195. What's up with no Generation 3 Remakes???
  196. General Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion:
  197. pokemon game With the new VR tech that is in development (aka the oculus rift)
  198. Has anyone actually used their Masterball(s)?
  199. Best generation storyline
  200. Pikachu 3DS coming to NA?
  201. Pokémon Stadium 2 - NORMAL ONLY & LOW ATTACK ONLY Challenge
  202. Your Magnagates?
  203. Meloetta!
  204. What do you think of another mall tour
  205. Create your own "leaked details"!
  206. "Pointless" Hidden Ablilies?
  207. Should GameFreak start listening to fan suggestions?
  209. Hardest Unova Gym?
  210. What do you think the cities and towns in X and Y will be named after?
  211. End Credits
  212. Pokemon X/Y E3 Showcase
  213. Which Starter will you choose?
  214. Retconning Pokémon
  215. DNA Splicers in normal gameplay
  216. Moves/Abilities That You Think A Pokemon Should Have (XY Edition)
  217. Language Assistance for Pokémon Terms in Japanese and Others
  218. Will all of the remaining hidden abilities be unlocked by the end of this generation?
  219. Actual cycle of daily life in-game? Read first post
  220. Do you think they will have worldwide wifi battles in the new pokemon game ?
  221. New to Pokemon Black 2 ad the Bulbagarden Community
  222. National Dex
  223. Ideas for Gen VI Pokemon
  224. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity EU date announced
  225. How do we feel about dual type attacks?
  226. Mewtwo's Role
  227. The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart
  228. Favorite ways to pass time when Shiny Hunting
  229. Pokemon Smash Discussion Thread (SEE FIRST POST!)
  230. NEWS: "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity" English Trailer Posted
  231. New Game +?
  232. Gen VI and the Kanto Leaders
  233. Rearrange The National Dex
  234. Role of Genetics
  235. Possible Nintendo eShop Pokemon X and Y demo?
  236. What's your all time Blockbuster in Pokestar Studios in BW2?
  237. X/Y wifi events
  238. Saving?
  239. Favorite player characters?
  240. One game or two?
  241. New Pokemon Storage System in Generation 6?
  242. How do you arrange your PC boxes?
  243. Should Gender Ratios be 50/50 for most Pokémon
  244. ATTENTION: Bashing "genwunners"
  245. ATTENTION: Bashing "genwunners"
  246. Curiosity
  247. The name of your PC
  248. Generations 3-5: Experience Share trick
  249. Best lines ever
  250. Pokemon you've always wanted to use but haven't