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  1. Whats up with these 3-D games!?
  2. Easter Eggschange
  3. battle sim: one lv1 vs six lv100s
  4. What if they made a Nintendog-like pokemon game
  5. Can someone please explain to me 'competitive battles' and EVs etc
  6. Where's that other Shard Move tutor?
  7. Battle frontier records?
  8. Pokemon you have in your games you like/rely on
  9. Breeding help?
  10. Competitive Battling - What levels?
  11. "Regeneration"
  12. How to get Special Event Pokemon?
  14. Pokesav and Other methods of Hacking.
  15. Where I find Poketech app
  16. Need Wifi Battle(Friend Code and Party in Thread)
  17. Shiny Pokémon by Soft Resetting
  18. Something I noticed about the pokemon available before the endgame in Platinum...
  19. Does anyone have a pokemon with Pokerus?
  20. Pokemon Platinum, what's so special aboot it?
  21. GS Remake Official?!
  22. Trying to get a Shiny Umbreon
  23. Diamond Dust today, March 31! Hurry it's almost over!
  24. Diamond dust is back
  25. Wi-Fi League idea.
  26. Video Pavilion
  27. Lord no
  28. Trainer ID and trainer sprites.
  29. The Mobile Pokédex
  30. Day/Night Pokedex Help
  31. Your status on Platinum
  32. sluggish DS games
  33. Ultimate Level 100 Team
  34. Best Battle Themes
  35. Rotom Form Move Question
  36. Best way to max out Feebas' beauty?
  37. Gen Five Pokémon ideas
  38. POLL: Continuation of the pokemon Calculator
  39. Pokemon have themes.
  40. Getting earthquake from Sceptile to Electabuzz.
  41. Platinum Question Thread...
  42. Smeargle smash brothers
  43. where is the key that open the door in the team galactic warehouse?
  44. GTS users, I'm talking to you.
  45. Where is the storage key on pokemon platinum?
  46. What's the general consensus on PBR here?
  47. Regarding my last debacle of a topic.....
  48. This is bullcrap..........(Platinum related)
  49. How do you open the Pokeball?
  50. How would you design a Pokemon game?
  51. Us poor European Pokemon fans!
  52. Lucas or Diamond? (What will you name your Platinum Male Character?)
  53. Official 'I got Platinum' Thread
  54. Pokemon Platinum Interviews
  55. Nintendo World Mystery Gift Hoax
  56. Platinum mania
  57. An idea I have for the Generation V stat system (warning: big post)
  58. Describe Your Pokemon Character
  59. Did I get a bootleg copy of Pokemon Diamond?
  60. The last pokemon you captured
  61. Breeding. Epic fail on my first try.
  62. Toys R Us giveaway question...
  63. IVs. how do you know what they are?
  64. my gyardos
  65. Tedious Things
  66. Pokemon emerald gym leader rematches
  67. Help in Hawthorne City
  68. things you miss from old games
  69. Your thoughts on the next games. What and when? 4th gen G/S or 5th gen colors?
  70. New Names for Rotom Forms and Frontier Facilities (Maybe Brain names too!)
  71. Overseas Pokemon Giveaway?
  72. Platinum (J) for Platinum (E)
  73. Virtual reality Pokemon?
  74. Pokemon Sapphire Who still plays it
  75. Question about location
  76. Please help me with my Deoxys
  77. Thoughts for PMD-EOS episodes
  78. Platinum Script Rip?
  79. Shinies Vs Lengenderies
  80. All-Time Favorite Sprites...the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  81. does anyone have raikou? trade forum
  82. I Will Happily Trade...
  83. Remember when you were a Pokemon Noob? lets Reminsce *dream sequence....*
  84. Movie Shaymin's Classic Ribbon...?
  85. Gen V Idea
  86. Help with DS hardware
  87. D/P Game Freeze
  88. Pokemon in PC dont bob anymore!?
  89. Catching Ditto?
  90. Teh Pokemon Breeding service
  91. If you were told to create a pokemon game
  92. I had a egg that hatched into a Burmy in PMD explorers of time.
  93. Emerald Mono-type Challange.....
  94. Play-Asia?
  95. Pokemon Green
  96. Difficulty
  97. When Digging Underground....
  98. Ruby and Sapphire Hunters
  99. Pokemon That Glow
  100. GTS glitch?
  101. Gen III+IV Help n'Hints!
  102. Lowest Chain Which Resulted in a Shiny
  103. A NEW WEBSITE for pokemon episodes
  104. What hacked pokemon have you got of GTS?
  105. Sweetest deals you've ever gotten of gts
  106. An Actual Video Game Following Ash's Life
  107. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness ROM
  108. Kanto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh Starters
  109. If future pokemon games were for DSi
  110. The Official Bulbagarden Awards: 2009
  111. Need Info: PMD2 & Natural Gift
  112. Additions to the next generation?
  113. Gts error's, or cheats?
  114. Gen 5 Legendaries To Top Arceus?
  115. Your feelings then and now about Gen IV and D/P
  116. My D/P remixes
  117. iPhone Development
  118. Shaymin Giveaway Question
  119. A Question About Batlle Tower (Sinnoh)
  120. Wouldn't a GS remake be great? What would be the...
  121. Oak's Letter, wi-fi distribution, announced in Japan
  122. Sharing Wonder Cards
  123. Catching Legendaries
  124. So next will we get an R/S/E remake?
  125. GS remake rumored by coro coro itself
  126. Most Wished For Gen 5 Idea's
  127. Where can I physically go meet other Pokemon players?
  128. How do I check for Pokemon wi-fi events?`
  129. Shaymin Distribution
  130. Delware trainers report in
  131. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of The Sky
  132. Shiny Charizard
  133. How have you fared on Zero Isle South?
  134. Shiny Pokemon For Trade
  135. Pokemon MMO?
  136. Copycat in Cerulean City?
  137. Your strongest pokemon
  138. What new starter trio types would you like to see?
  139. Hardest pokemon to train
  140. Seems like PUSA and NOA are finally preparing a Platinum website
  141. Question about online trading
  142. Three Questions!
  143. Pal park questions
  144. Why did my eeevee evolve on its own
  145. Generation V: My Ideas
  146. lvl
  147. Orange Islands game?
  148. Most cringe-inducing Pokémon moment?
  149. Wierd gts glitch ????
  150. Red is not that tough!
  151. Azumaril has officialy made me love Emerald!
  152. Mandatory Pokemon battle after a meal?
  153. First time you went...oh cool! etc...
  154. Nintendo Events Have Never Sat Right With Me
  155. Shiny Breeding G/S/C
  156. So what do I do once i've finished Explorers of Darkness&Time?
  157. Poll: If there was another PMD duo...
  158. Gold and Silver glitch
  159. Wifi while doing stuff
  160. Should there be a Gen V?
  161. Charon & Looker
  162. Tweaking glitch-help!
  163. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, Qustions About Downloadable Pokemon.
  164. About Attack and Special Attack stats
  165. Why is there Event Pokemon and Items?
  166. Looking for shinys
  167. Platinum New pokemon forms
  168. New Abilities!
  169. Pokemon Contest Game
  170. Shiny Pokemon For Trade
  171. Doubt "Fast Friend" skill
  172. The Official Shiny Hunting Thread
  173. Pokemon Platinum
  174. Pal Park Error
  175. POkemon for my team
  176. Ribbon syndicate?
  177. Mystery dungeon 3
  178. Previous Generation Starter Pokemon
  179. What is a good Pokemon for contests
  180. Wi-Fi
  181. Dual types, weaknesses and resistants etc..
  182. Ghost/Normal
  183. Best and Worst Type combinations
  184. Best and Worst Pokemon In Gen 4?
  185. Favourite Champion?
  186. Now Introducing: Format2
  187. Cheapest tactics used by ai in battle tower
  188. Adding to my pokedex........
  189. Pokemon that should definately evolve from IV
  190. looking to trade
  191. event items
  192. In Which Generation Did You Start Playing Pokémon, and what was your first game?
  193. I outsmarted Nintendo! Read to get infinite Mews!
  194. Generation II Remakes Problems
  195. Pokemon that evolve by trading.
  196. Help for platinum
  197. Legendary Birds and Legendary Dogs
  198. missreprisentation in the games....
  199. Sound problems with Pearl
  200. hint of platinum in D/P
  201. New Dusknoir Moveset
  202. tweaking
  203. Shaymin! Shaymin! SHAYMIN!
  204. Generation IV (4) Legendaries
  205. 101 SUBS
  207. Does a bicycle count as stepping?
  208. Trading my legendaries
  209. Mono team challenge
  210. favorite legendary
  211. Darkrai gift
  212. My Pokemon ranch vs. Pokémon Battle Revolution
  213. Member Card to be distributed to Platinum players
  214. Old school pokemon player needs advice
  215. Writing to NoA about getting a name in Platinum
  216. Platinum by Early Feburary - is it possible?
  217. help on move tutors?
  218. Stat calculator (and how IVs and EVs are applied)
  219. Platinum Guide?
  220. I'm confused about shaymin!
  221. Pokemon you're tired of seeing every generation...
  222. If you had the money, which would you buy?
  223. The old chatue
  224. What is Arceus and Darkrai and thier moveset. ?
  225. So I herd u liek bigger Ranches...
  226. Foreign Pokémon and the Chances of Shiny Eggs
  227. 11 Movie Event
  228. Seal Bag
  229. Canonity in games
  230. Pokemo n Tweaking/HolePunching
  231. We can be a l33t hax0r liek Lance
  232. Regigigas in Platinum?
  233. see every sinnoh dex pokemon in platinum?
  234. My problem with D/P...
  235. How to tell if EVs are capped.
  236. Mystery Gift over Nintendo WFC
  237. I want this one! Unfortunately......
  238. What Is Your Pokedex Status On D/P?
  239. Pokemon Platinum Sprites
  240. Shiny starters? Possible?
  241. New Rotom forms
  242. Poketech problem
  243. Spacial Rend vs. Roar of Time
  244. Stat Calculators
  245. Feebas...
  246. [wanted] Certain Pokémon/Shinies - Will trade anything for them.
  247. Looking for Friend Codes and Pokemon trades!!!
  248. Chikorita and totodile anyone??
  249. Holy Bejesus! I won the Lottery!
  250. Help my PBR team for Masters Battle Set 7