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  1. Contests
  2. Best Trainer in the whole of pokemon legend. (game only and not inclluding you)
  3. Smeargle Glitch
  4. Over used Pokemon.
  5. In need of a Ralts......
  6. Platinum wifi
  7. Deleting Ranch Game
  8. Sprites-Will they cheap out?
  9. PokéWalker: Any thoughts on it?
  10. Poke Ranch Help!?
  11. Apricorns
  12. EV Training
  13. Rotom
  14. So if the Giratina is shiny
  15. Scrapping Suicune for Arceus (also the inclusion of RSE elements)
  16. Looking for a few things
  17. Thought on Cynthia and timing...
  18. If the bond between a trainer and his Pokemon is supposed to be so important...
  19. Another Porygon evo?
  20. strongest pursuit
  21. Pokemon following you
  22. Gen 3 Music in HGSS???
  23. Did Platinum Get Boring To You After a While?
  24. New video for HG/SS 6/17... Arceus walking with Gold?
  25. What is this?
  26. Wifi?
  27. In-depth Notched-ear Pichu discussion
  28. Did I just find a glitch?
  29. Do you think HGSS will outsell FR/LG?
  30. Lucario Corner
  31. I can't wait for the red battle of HG/SS
  32. Your unique pokemon
  33. F*** Pokeradar!
  34. PokéGear--What do you want in it?
  35. Secret ID Question...
  36. Need Help with Pokemon Games?
  37. How many of you are going to...
  38. New Areas
  39. "Melee! Pokemon Scramble!" is out in Japan now
  40. PC Item Storage
  41. HeatGold/SoulSilver Sprites.
  42. Name Debate
  43. Of course there won't be a third gen remake
  44. New Storyline?
  45. How do you defeat Roark in D&P when you pick Chimchar?
  46. Tricks to get Arceus SHINEY without the Azure Flute
  47. Can't find a Carnivine
  48. How to find hacks and avoid them
  49. Nicknames
  50. Slowpoketail
  51. Do you think they'll change the Elite 4?
  52. Small discussion on the train
  53. Sevii Islands
  54. The amount of letters of your name?
  55. Red Gyarados?
  56. Red?
  57. New Areas
  58. PS 6-14-09
  59. Catching One Off Pokemon
  60. HM Move Animations
  61. Double OR Single?
  62. Emerald, Not different enough?
  63. The Ruins of Alph, the Unown, and the Unown Dex
  64. EV Training Tips.
  65. What Pokemon do you want to follow you around in HGSS?
  66. Would anyone else like a new transfer metho other than Pal Park?
  67. So is there any real reason you can't change a Pokemon's name if you're not the OT?
  68. Anyone thinking HGSS is hinting to no 3rd gen remake?
  69. Action Replay color modifier for Pokemon Platinum
  70. I want to start a new game in platinum but..
  71. Cerulean Cave Speculation
  72. Boxart
  73. Counter attack.
  74. Trading with Apricorns
  75. Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina?
  76. Double Battle Problem.
  77. Help: Global Terminal problem
  78. Groudon and Kyogre Version exclusives?
  79. items in battle arnt working :S
  80. New Pokemon Game in Next Weeks Famitsu?
  81. Incorperate the Micorhone!
  82. RUMOR - Famitsu showing new Pokemon game next week
  83. Create-an-Ability
  84. HG/SS Item Speculation Thread
  85. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky American release date
  86. Secret Key is live
  87. Does anyone else not like Sinnoh Badges?
  88. No slot machines in HGSS. Or any Future Pokemon Game. For Europe
  89. Q and A
  90. Do you have a formula/pattern when you choose/start your game(s)?
  91. Crystal remake?
  92. Somthing I don't understand about the PKMN Storage
  93. Sinnoh Battle Frontier Sprites
  94. Gen 1 and 2 had better front sprites
  95. Munchlax to trade?
  96. What New Moves Do You Think Gen 5 Needs To Include?
  97. The Hardest Champion
  98. How Will Flash Be Used In HeartGold/SoulSilver?
  99. shinies
  100. Heart Gold & Soul Silver Trailer
  101. Need help trading with Gen III games
  102. Beating the Game
  103. The Under-appreciated Pokémon Games.
  104. I really don't get how I'm suppose to get a Spiritomb
  105. I have a question :(
  106. Notched Ear Pichu
  107. New anime saga
  108. The In-Game Team Advice Thread
  109. Trainer AI in HeartGold and SoulSilver
  110. Shiny Thread
  111. Any words on HeartGold and SoulSilver using the GBA games?
  112. Events/One offs in HGSS
  113. PC Box Organization
  114. TM Explosion?
  115. Garrr Power Anklet FAIL! - Help me plez kind sir?
  116. Soft Reseting Question
  117. Trade With Me
  118. How fast can you gain access to Pal Park?
  119. I DON'T GET IT
  120. Event Pichu on the GTS?
  121. Why are DS bootlegs so perfect and GBA bootlegs so imperfect?
  122. chimchar and piplup
  123. Colored Storage Media?
  124. What if....
  125. The Never Ending Bootlegs...
  126. The " surf glitch" HELP
  127. Click Medic
  128. Ho-Oh and Lugia discussion thread
  129. Somthing that I hope to resolve finally
  130. Negative stat gain (loss)?!
  131. Anyone want to wifi battle?
  132. how to chain with the pokeradar
  133. Can anyone list me all the Pokémon that are given to you in each Generation?
  134. Does Gender matter to you?
  135. What do you think about Gyarados part Flying type?
  136. Slots be gone in European Platinum
  137. Religion in Johto?
  138. Platinum GTS & Wi-fi issue connecting
  139. HgSs might com sooner than you think!
  140. Reworking the System: Pokemon Battles
  141. HeartGold/SoulSilver Time Capsule feature
  142. Since the games are returning to Johto, do you think Ho-Oh and Raikou will...
  143. Wait.......If You Can Have Notched Ear Pichu, Will There Be Notched Ear Pikachu?
  144. moves that Pokemon should learn, but can't
  145. game idea(pretty wild)
  146. where oh where is Happiny?
  147. Feebas to Milotic, Tips?
  148. Do you make your name ALL CAPS or not?
  149. Union Room Trainer Avatars
  150. Is there any way for me to get the Secret Key?
  151. When do Colosseum and XD take place?
  152. best way to level up??
  153. When will it be released in North America?
  154. Pokemon Platinum announced for Korea
  155. ho-oh & Lugia ?
  156. Few WiFi battle/trade questions
  157. Extended Storyline/Areas
  158. Completing the Sinnoh Dex (Manaphy)
  159. Hardest/easiest things to do in games
  160. Movie12
  161. Opinion: Top Five Favorite Shiny Pokémon
  162. Save Data Gone?
  163. YO! What is your current Platinum Team(s)?
  164. The Pokémon calls
  165. if tehre is gen II remakes will there be Gen III remakes?
  166. What would you like for the New Johto dex to look like
  167. is it possible to get a Shaymin in USA?
  169. Scrapping Kris for Kotone.
  170. which one will u pick?
  171. The New Girl: Is This the End of Kris?!
  172. Arceus event-Stranger then thought?
  173. Corocoro Point-outs in HGSS
  174. How to connect to wifi?
  175. Hey all
  176. GSC Kanto - Speculation
  177. cynthia
  178. Are we ever going to get the Platinum update for the US?
  179. EV Training Question
  180. Hi! How are pokemon games Pt/Prl/Dmd?
  181. Favorite Gym Leader
  182. GSC sucked, and if you played it, you know it too.
  183. from gen I to Gen IV and beyond, thoughts on what each game gave us
  184. Pokemon you think need new evolutions
  185. Maxim's 100 Questions About HeartGold/SoulSilver
  186. Grinding. Level Grinding. How?
  187. Heart Gold and Soul Silver Websites
  188. Platinum pokedex help
  189. DSi Title.
  190. New Game titles. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
  191. Pokemon Platinum problem at Spear Pillar.
  192. 435/438/493 is that good?
  193. What Fossil is available in Pokemon Platinum Version?
  194. Speed of play for D/P & Platinum?
  195. Create your own items!
  196. Old Chateau Grandma Ghost?
  197. What are your freakiest nicknames?
  198. Do you actually take time to clean your badges?
  199. Ranger SoA
  200. anyone got a shaymin?
  201. how does magmar evlove
  202. Shiny Pokemon Variation?
  203. New theory of chaining
  204. Secret Key questions- urgent!
  205. The Mobile Pokédex Update
  206. Ever do a whole playthrough like this?
  207. Am I the only person who feels bad about this?
  208. Serious help with EV's
  209. I wonder what Liam and those 6 miads are doing in there.....?
  210. LF: shiny nidoran male
  211. I'm not happy at all. Can I get some Help?
  212. Do We Want New TYPES? (Yes)
  213. Pokemon that surved you well in battles
  214. Cheap plug
  215. My Pokemon Ranch - regional compatibility
  216. Location-based evolutions: How will they play out in Gen V?
  217. Generation V: What do you think?
  218. Question about the Gracidea Flower
  219. Diamond & Pearl Anniversary
  220. I'm looking for an EV trainer
  221. Looking to trade?
  222. Sinnoh Dex...
  223. Personalized Online Pokedex Idea
  224. The animations sure have gotten lame...
  225. Pokemon Platinum Fake- Hong Kong eBay
  226. Event Items Not Working!
  227. Origin of fake Quartz boxart
  228. Future Pokemon Games: Entirely New Battling Format?
  229. Secret Key question
  230. Problems with the GTS in Pokemon Platinum
  231. If G/S was remade Would it include its own Battle Frontier
  232. What's your strong point?
  233. Are you a Casual or Competitive Pokemon Player?
  234. Is There a Pokemon That You Have an Emotional Connection To?
  235. Two questions about Platinum
  236. Transferring Pokemon on DS Lite between Pokemon Platinum and Fire Red
  237. Weird Breeding!
  238. Bulbasaurs Sprite - Shiny?
  239. My GSC Remix Music
  240. The Pokemon Level-Up Guy
  241. Happini Evolution
  242. Ingame Challenges
  243. Shaymin question
  244. Girl in Kotobuki City - Problem in inserting name
  245. Most Generous Trade
  246. looking for shiny
  247. Are my Ditto nuetered?
  248. How the hell do you get that!?
  249. Shaymin and Regigigas.
  250. Whats up with these 3-D games!?