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  1. Pokemon Stadium 3 / PBR 2
  2. pokerus
  3. Gen V Gym Leaders (and E4) Ideas
  4. Time Capsule?
  5. North American HGSS Release Period Revealed!
  6. Share your best events
  7. Nintendo of America Reveals Heart Gold And Soul Silver
  8. so annoyed
  9. Action Replay
  10. Baby Pokemon
  11. 5th Gen Boy/Girl Names
  12. New Pokemon for Gym Leaders
  13. Favourite trio?
  14. Do You Think They'll Ever Introduce Three Types For Pokemon?
  15. Coordinator game
  16. Do you think they will ever introduce 4 stage evolution lines?
  17. What should we expect in way of redesigns?
  18. Who's your favorite Starting Rodent?
  19. Jhoto leader in sinnoh
  20. Distortion World
  21. good Pokemon to form a Double Team
  22. New Dragon-types
  23. Donphan and Phanpy as Fighting-types
  24. What up with wifi?
  25. any breeders willing to trade a munchlax to a newb
  26. Hours logged on your Games?
  27. I forget where I read this but..
  28. What Pokémon do you hate the most?
  29. A question about the Masude Method?
  30. Platinum save problems
  31. Whats Your Fav Pokemon Region And Pokemon From That Region?
  32. HG And SS Release Dates In America
  33. Pokemon mobile weakness dex
  34. Hoenn Starters
  35. Just a friendly reminder
  36. Pokémon Nicknames
  37. Haha, just caught my first shiny.
  38. So Many Effing HM's!!!
  39. Shiny Lugia
  40. Next SSB Stage
  41. Pokemon that need evolutions 5th gen
  42. Safari Zone/ Battle Frontier
  43. Is there a action replay, breakercode code that fills up the boxes with all pokemon?
  44. Potential HSOWA?
  45. Have you been in the Mew Room yet?
  46. HGSS release date discussion
  47. Oh this is going to drive me nuts.
  48. Pokéthlons
  49. How do you get to a Pokemon Center if your Pokemon are knocked out?
  50. Pokegods in other countries?
  51. Scyther/Scizor theoretal question
  52. Favorite non-legendary Dragon type?
  53. Shiny Horror Stories
  54. My Pokemon Ranch: Can it connect to Platinum?
  55. Strange game mechanics
  56. The GS Ball Debate
  57. Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile?
  58. Help with member card
  59. Buying Ethers?
  60. Who Wants to Have a Deoxys? And other pokemon...
  61. Which Will YOU Get? Heart Gold or Soul Silver?
  62. Trainer names
  63. Wild Pokemon
  64. One Question About Counter/Mirror Coat
  65. A thought that crossed my mind.
  66. Pokewalker
  67. Kanto IS in HGSS; discussion
  68. Why the Hell Do NPCs name their pokemon stupid names?
  69. New Towns/Cities
  70. Alternate Titles
  71. Starting a Contest...First to...
  72. Pokémon HG / SS Thread
  73. Mystery Gift
  74. Do I need the National Dex to be able to download the Member Card?
  75. U.S. Darkrai event
  76. Purugly a hidden Gem?
  77. Member Card in NA!
  78. Looking for a Poke'rus Poke'?
  79. Speculation of Hoenn Region being on HG/SS.
  80. What kind of trainer are you?
  81. Pokemon Nicknames
  82. Blaziken Or Infernape?
  83. Opinions on Gens I-IV (and thoughts on gen V)
  84. Possible NA release date of HGSS, Spring 2010 ????
  85. New trainer classes
  86. Old Battle Frontier Vs. New Battle Frontier
  87. Anyone else here regretted ending up with Empoleon?
  88. Just wanna now.
  89. Yout Team
  90. Just pondering...
  91. Will Other Legendary Pokemon Roam?
  92. Blatant Noob Question
  93. A Cool Pokemon game
  94. Does anyone miss the old Link Cable days?
  95. Your Favorite Shiny Pokemon.
  96. Pokémon DPPt question.
  97. Something weird on the GTS
  98. Any chance of Orange Islands?
  99. Have you ever raised an Unown?
  100. Confusing animation...
  101. My DS Lite has bitten the dust
  102. Is Dahlia Black?
  103. Attention Platinum Players
  104. Gen V Game Mechanics
  105. A kinda big question.
  106. Torneos Pokémon en Venezuela
  107. Do You Get Angry When....
  108. Footage on PokéBeach
  109. New to DS, new to Pokemon
  110. New Team Rocket members
  111. Getting 493!
  112. I'm a little confused
  113. I really need some one to tell me what this means.
  114. kimono girls
  115. After HGSS do you think a thing like Pokemon Blue would happen in Japa for DPPt?
  116. Stupidest or funniest things people say or do over wi-fi.
  117. How many generations would you like to have.
  118. Why do you like GEN III
  119. Why do you LIKE GEN II
  120. Smeargle's Sketch--short question
  121. Kurt Pokeballs
  122. Wi-fi trouble
  123. What do you dislike about Fourth Gen?
  124. Which is better, pre game release or post game release?
  125. Pokeradar For The Water
  126. How does the EXP gain works in the Daycare?
  127. Is there any difference between the scripts of the English and the Japanese version?
  128. Sad problem with XD, any ideas?
  129. New game?
  130. My brush with a Pokemon MMO rumor.
  131. Maybe You're Still Learning...
  132. What are a 100 things that Pokémon can be useful in life.
  133. Will you ever grow out of Pokémon?
  134. OFFICIAL Pokémon Sunday Thread
  135. An idea for future games
  136. The times of outdated Pokemon artwork are over!
  137. Soul's the boy, Gold's the Girl?
  138. Shiny Shedinja
  139. GTS Everstone Usage. Is it good or bad?
  140. Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum
  141. Anyone knows the best area to grind each types against trainers?
  142. The legality of event Jirachi in standard OU
  143. Zubat evolving into Crobat?
  144. Favorite Safari Zone?
  145. Do you train one pokémon very high ingame, or your whole team?
  146. Pokegear Phone
  147. Sugimori Redos
  148. Would it be bad if they made a prequel?
  149. Question about Berry Growing
  150. Battle
  151. Is Pokemon the only game you play?
  152. Pokethlon-The new Contests?
  153. any help?
  154. Gen 5: Weather
  155. Why exactly was the "Gotta catch 'em all" slogan abandoned?
  156. Does anyone know if the intro will be the same?
  157. PokeGear Radio: Do We Want It Back?
  158. Diamond or Platinum?
  159. Which Eevee?
  160. Red Gyarados--
  161. Links to HG/SS sites
  162. HG/SS GTS?
  163. The names used for the Trainers on Bulbapedia, are they official?
  164. Do you think PBR will be compatible with HG SS?
  165. LVL 1 giratina/dialga/palkia NOT A HACK
  166. Which animations do you like the best.
  167. Surf Graphic- Bring Back The Lapras~!
  168. Poke-Perfectionists
  169. Hoenn Legendaries...
  170. Heart Gold/Soul Silver question
  171. Red and Leaf
  172. What moves should i use for Gyurado?
  173. Soul Silver + Heart Gold
  174. Can somebody help me access Wi Fi?
  175. Motion to declare Dunsparce Gen II mascot
  176. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Discussion
  177. Generation V on the DS?
  178. Too many legenary Pokemon?
  179. What should Generation 5 region be called?
  180. Which Pokémon names are cooler in different languages?
  181. Honey Trees
  182. You know what'd be neat thread
  183. How do you expect to play through this?
  184. Honey trees
  185. What are you most excited about?
  186. Where would you go post e4?
  187. Rofl New Pokemon Games
  188. Do you think there will be any changes in continuity?
  189. pre-split pokemon changes?
  190. Apricorns confirmed officially.
  191. Great battles
  192. New Heatran Form? FAKE!
  193. Movie 13's Event Pokémon
  194. pokemon for free here!
  195. Blue and Red in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver
  196. Sevii Gen III in Heart Gold/Soul Silver?
  197. PokéWalker
  198. Salac berry
  199. Question about WiFi battles
  200. A quick question
  201. Silver; female all along?
  202. best pokemon build via pokesav
  203. Oh oh, I might be 6 short of completing my Platinum Regional Dex
  204. Double Battle Team
  205. Should Pokemon Crystal Be Remade?
  206. Codes to help GTS flaws
  207. Pre-Order?
  208. rotom key
  209. What will you do when you get HG/SS?
  210. What did you NOT like about Gen II?
  211. quick question
  212. Question about Arceus
  213. Colaborative Game
  214. Music Wishlist
  215. Generation 6 or 7
  216. Would you guys like a Ruby and Sapphire remake?
  217. Pokérus Experiences
  218. Too much focus on villainous teams?
  219. News: Surfing-Volt-Tackling-Flying-Pikachu-Coloured-Notched-Ear-Pichu
  220. Pokemon Nationals 09 Doll Event?
  221. Whats wrong with Battle hall?
  222. Post your problems/questions on pokemon games here!
  223. Just a really quick question...
  224. Um (PBR question)
  225. Shiny Pokémon via Masuda method
  226. Seeking help from da professionals!
  227. The GS Ball
  228. Kanto Trainers' Names
  229. Pokemon DPPt Graphics Thread
  230. HGSS Realese date
  231. Do You Get Angry/Flip out/Sweat Nervously Playing Pokemon Games?
  232. Seeking Help
  233. What was your first impression of Pokémon and who/what introduced it to you?
  234. Question about online trading
  235. How will Pokemon Contests be handled?
  236. Tweaking in the Great Marsh?
  237. Breeding = wtf
  238. Probopass and Magnezone
  239. What happened with Jynx?
  240. Does the main Pokemon series need to start afresh?
  241. 1000 days of Generation IV
  242. What are good names for Generation 5's paired games?
  243. What pokémon would you like to have new forms.
  244. What location do you want the next region to be based on?
  245. Any word on another Battle Frontier?
  246. Sandstorm Team
  247. What do you guys think about this?
  248. Will the Pikachu color Pichu evolve?
  249. Arceus to be in HGSS?
  250. Teaching Gallade....