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  1. Any hopes for a 5th Gen?
  2. Could this be a possibiltiy.
  3. Funniest thing you've said using Chatter?
  4. pokemon hgss gym leader's pokemon
  5. Battle Tower Hax
  6. Do you Think Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be Westernized?
  7. A few things to ask.
  8. Wifi Room Changes ?
  9. 3rd and 4th gen sprites in HG/SS
  10. Pokemon VGC 2010 rules announced
  11. Pokemon SoulSilver = generation V?
  12. Shiny pokemon anyone?
  13. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum; Funniest Rival Battles
  14. What? Arceus is coming, and Bulbapedia didn't announce it?
  15. if leaf was in pokemon hgss?
  16. What pokemon do you use to catch other pokemon?
  17. Wi Fi event in Diamond / Pearl for Shaymin and Arceus?
  18. 5 Favorite Pokemon Moves
  19. Pokemon that look like objects/things they shouldn't.
  20. Guides
  21. where can I catch dratini
  22. Which fossil should I get?
  23. Metagross bulky?
  24. What starter will you pick?
  25. seals
  26. new/old pokeballs
  27. Do you EV or IV?
  28. Question about EVs
  29. Awesome Shiny Stories
  30. Elite Four?
  31. secret id help
  32. Soft reseting stories
  33. Apricorn Shaker/Drinks
  34. Lyteblueeyes's youtube battle recordings
  35. Easy exp
  36. Ten Question Marks with NO Gameshark in
  37. Hidden Power???
  38. HGSS to be released in North America in April?
  39. Owned in the most ridiculous way!
  40. ev help
  41. shiny help
  42. Trainer names in English Version
  43. Do you prefer in-game battling, or wifi battling?
  44. Apricorns to become a staple item group in future games?
  45. New pokemon game to come out for wii
  46. Shiny pokemon
  47. Good walls?
  48. Shiny Leaf
  49. Gizamimi Pichu Final Say?
  50. What do you think the protagonists' English names will be?
  51. Game-breaking moves for Pokemon who don't have them?
  52. Funny mistakes
  53. Gold/Hibiki?
  54. what don't you like about hg/ss?
  55. Convenient changes in HG/SS
  56. whats a custum pokeball?
  57. I might be able to kick a friend's ego...
  58. Favorite Player Character?
  59. New HM ideas.
  60. Top 10 favorite gym designs.
  61. Help with Dongle
  62. Help in SoulSilver.
  63. I want to make this thread for the sake of saying that...
  64. HGSS beta thread
  65. What is your main Pokemon that you use?
  66. Diamond Snow!
  67. Quick question
  68. Whatever Happened to the Skateboard
  69. Pokemon Ethics- Hacking
  70. what are you looking forward to most?
  71. Wild Pokemon
  72. wonder card
  73. seeing the Johto Starters in Sinnoh?
  74. New Arceus Event soon?
  75. 5 Leaves on 1 Pokemon for 1 star
  76. Yay Everything Else..... But What About Monica and Her Siblings?
  77. Where to buy HG?
  78. The GB Player.
  79. Arceus Event reveals the Real World =O
  80. dongle pokemon
  81. Favorite system?
  82. Missed the Membership Card
  83. hacking
  84. HGSS Music
  85. Yet Another Gen V Thread
  86. HGSS Australian Release Dates?
  87. HELP! I'm confused
  89. [spoilers] Am I the only person
  90. The classic layouts; Outdated?
  91. Browsing the internet is funny.
  92. Why...so....slow....
  93. So is the truck still there?
  94. game codes request
  95. Official Art
  96. The Lock capsule. What is its purpose?
  97. What ingame team will you use?
  98. OFFICIAL Safari Zone thread.
  99. Do you feel like you've spoiled it for yourself?
  100. Where can I find the updated Sugimori artwork?
  101. Breeding pokemon
  102. Rate my team?
  103. How do you feel about getting three different starters?
  104. Nigga Stole Mah Pokemon!
  105. Need some tips
  106. Arceus Wi-Fi events?
  107. Video Walkthrough of SoulSilver
  108. Legendary Evolutions in 5th Gen?
  109. Lance's English name
  110. A request for reviews!
  111. Almost beat Battle Hall...
  112. Pokemon Crystal for Gameboy Advanace?
  113. Pokémon HG/SS Limited Edition DSi?
  114. What are you going to do whilst you wait for HGSS?
  115. Third version to HGSS?
  116. HG/SS Movepool "upgrade" Discussion
  117. Extremespeed Dragonite Discussion
  118. Getting moves for spiritomb
  119. that shouldn't of happend
  120. Location based evolutions in HGSS
  121. Why there won't be any pokemon after Arceus
  122. Apricorn Basket?
  123. Ilex Shrine Retconned for Notch Eared Pichu! Happy or Sad?
  124. Is there a Videogame Tournament with Pokemon in it?
  125. Need some names in japanese.
  126. Why Can't Caitlin Battle?
  127. chuck norris pokemon jokes =)
  128. Heart Gold & Soul Silver: The Facts
  129. evkl is an idiot thread (closed)
  130. A question to those who have it.
  131. Why put Steven in HGSS instead of Wallace?
  132. 4/5 Through the elite four with a team of lvl 50's
  133. Really loving my Notch-Eared Pichu
  134. Togepi egg
  135. GTS Website questions...
  136. what moves do you teach mew?
  137. Holy crap, who's here?!
  138. Stuck in Ilex Forest 'cause Farfetch'd - Help
  139. Heart Gold & Soul Silver Movest Alterations
  140. How do you feel about the rehashed Frontier Brains?
  141. should we talk bout Action Reply??
  142. To PreOrder...Or Not To Preorder
  143. The Official HGSS Sprite Thread
  144. ROMs Leaked
  145. Getting Glitchy
  146. Move question
  147. Platinum was so simple?
  148. Which Combination will you choose
  149. Ghouloon?
  150. Type Coverage
  151. HGSS sprites
  152. Masuda Method
  153. Pokemon Snap: Greatest Game Ever?
  154. But I don't know japanese...
  155. What is the most special Pokémon catching moment to you?
  156. Nostalgic things that should be kept
  157. Help!!
  158. Filling National Dex with Vs. Seeker+
  159. A question about eggs.
  160. Favorite Shiny
  161. Pokemon with Rock Head ability that knows Head Smash
  162. Shiny Pokémon by RNG Abuse
  163. What level is your Daycare Ditto?
  164. Event Regigigas
  165. Is hgss making DPt look more of an over glorified DS tech demo?
  166. Eevee - FireRed/LeafGreen Sprite
  167. Pokémon Challenges
  168. Drunk Pokémon Silver?
  169. Iwata Asks: Pokemon HG/SS edition (Translators needed)
  170. Your Favorite Game(s)?
  171. What Is Your Favorite Common Pokemon?
  172. The Easiest Pokemon Game?
  173. closed
  174. fave pokemon! how original
  175. Legendary birds in hgss?
  176. Training problems
  177. Heart Gold Soul Silver Sprite and Screenshots
  178. i wonder if they will remake crystal
  179. Pokemon Edition systems
  180. Ho oh? NOT IN MY SOULSILVER!?
  181. The Ever Changing Pikachu
  182. Trapinch evolves into Charizard??
  183. Nitendo DS Models - Which Should I Chose?
  184. The Touch Screen
  185. Certain Preferred Natures?
  186. Level 100 Pokemon
  187. What's your most offbeat lvl 100?
  188. Lv100 Contest
  189. How agrees with me?
  190. Shiny haters!?!?
  191. Arceus, not only japanese
  192. Most Frustrating Part of Any Pokemon Game?
  193. Pokemon Sprites
  194. Have you seen this translator?
  195. Apricorns?
  196. HGSS Kanto Region
  197. Platinum Battle Factory Horror Story: Swept by Lickilicky
  198. Move Tutors?
  199. Teach me how to EV train!!
  200. Shiny Starters in Pokemon Diamond...
  201. So I just got my Shiny Darkrai...
  202. Action Replay deleted my HMs
  203. route specific evolutions
  204. Battle me
  205. A Really, Really, Close Call....
  206. WTF IS A POKEATHLON??????
  207. Green or Blue?
  208. Friend code collections
  209. first pokemon game you ever got?
  210. shinys
  211. what is your fave pokemon gen?
  212. Migration Problem
  213. Stupidest Evolutions
  214. Game Order/Timeline?
  215. US release date?
  216. Pokémon Contest
  217. Question About Pokemon Battle Revoloution
  218. Favorite Tiers?
  219. What are the chances of Kanto being in Generation 5?
  220. HG SS Name Problem... i kinda know the answer
  221. Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver - *NEW TRAILER*
  222. fake GBA games help needed
  223. against the new gold and silver
  224. Overall what have you liked about the games in general?
  225. Goldenkarp they be driven me mad.
  226. There was a bulding in Viridian City...
  227. Spreading Pokerus, just for you
  228. More than four moves
  229. Favorite Pokemon Cry from any Game
  230. Poke'mon Eggs and Breeding: Shinies?
  231. The thing I always wonder about Mew.
  232. i need to find feebas
  233. Completing the Pokedex
  234. Platinum
  235. "Dia?"
  236. Shiny Pokemon are just shiny
  237. Sinnoh Storyline: Not just your Mom (Spoiler?)
  238. Should Johto have an Underground?
  239. Kanto: The Major Changes
  240. What are your thoughts on the Trainer House?
  241. Mystery Gift?
  242. Pokewalker infrared
  243. HeartGold and SoulSilver US release date!!!
  244. Pokemon that you were told existed but didn't
  245. Would you still play Gold and Silver over HeartGold and SoulSilver?
  246. Do you think Nintendo should release Gen 1 and 2 on the DSi?
  247. Pokemon Battling! Come here!
  248. Do you think they will have the Beserk Gene or Mewtwo in Cerulean in HG/SS?
  249. What new gender differences would you like to have?
  250. Starter battle. Who comes out on top?