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  1. Pokemon D/P/Pt Scamble
  2. How do you get your team?
  3. The Sprite Discussion Thread
  4. Pokemon towns/cities too small?
  5. Satoshi Tajiri Created A User Account!
  6. Questions about hidden power?
  7. The Thirty Top-Selling Games in Japan of 2009
  8. In The Uk, do they call it "Pokemon Centre"?
  9. Will HG/SS be a bust?
  10. Problems with learning moves. (Fire Red)
  11. Cynthia: The Hackin' Ho
  12. What Button Do You Press?
  13. [Pt] How long does it take you to go through the Distortion World?
  14. VS Recorder; Your Battles
  15. MD - Help me! SOS Mail comes here!
  16. HGSS trade to DPPt
  17. Has Anyone Planted These Berries?
  18. Which Pokemon Did You Start With in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?
  19. HeartGold/SoulSilver unofficial FAQ
  20. Return to Pokemon
  21. What are Your Favourite & Least Moves?
  22. Your Team
  23. Most Proud Breeding Moments
  24. Efficent way to level up?
  25. hg ss
  26. Most confusing generation(s)
  27. Pokemons in (PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Great Adventure)
  28. Graph of In-Game Opponents' Weaknesses in Pokemon Platinum
  29. How often do you go to the Wi-Fi Plaza?
  30. Breeding Question
  31. End of the game
  32. PC Outbreak?
  33. Best GTS trades
  34. I'm that Old Man sitting on his porch...
  35. Orange Islands
  36. Do you ever "Mark" your Pokemon?
  37. Evolving During Battle
  38. Does anyone think that the remake characters are different from the original ones
  39. 30 FPS or 60 FPS?
  40. Pokemon found on used games
  41. Breeding/Trading question
  42. Your shinys! List them!
  43. Which starter did you choose?
  44. I can't believe I haven't caught that Pokemon!
  45. Official Eeveelution Thread
  46. Pokemon Breeding
  47. When you name your character....
  48. What's the team you'll use against Red?
  49. Wait... is this a glitch... what the hell...
  50. pokemon Rumble?
  51. Do you think it's wrong?
  52. Things that you've always done in the Pokemon games
  53. Gayrados with Roost?
  54. Question!
  55. Scariest Slowed-down Cries
  56. Korean HGSS date revealed
  57. Blastoise uses water jets for high-speed tackles?
  58. Ev or Iv
  59. When did your adventure begin?
  60. TheSpeedGamers potentially annual Christmas Pokemon Marathon
  61. Wanna battle an expert trainer
  62. Is This Shaymin Hacked?
  63. starters
  64. Torkoal: Hidden Gem?
  65. What locations are these.
  66. Breeding for Stats
  67. pokevirus
  68. Curiosity Question
  69. What to catch in heartgold/soulsilver
  70. Who Do You Think Will Be The Hardest Johto Gym Leader? [[team spoilers]]
  71. Help with Gliscor
  72. just a idea
  73. Burning Platinum Question
  74. Pokemon Assitance
  75. Help! I need Dig in Emerald and lost the TM!
  76. People who use legendaries in battles.
  77. Do you ever restart your game just because your bored?
  78. Is It Real or FAKE!
  79. Why so much love for the Fire Starters?
  80. Shuckle
  81. Female starters
  82. I cant believe i've never found a shiney pokemon!!!!
  83. Game Mechanics Help Needed!
  84. "PokePark Wii - Pikachu's Big Adventure"
  85. Question about Gloom and Caterpie
  86. 493 Pokemon in 72hrs for Charity
  87. Your Opinion on Pokemon Contests
  88. What is a UT?
  89. What abilities do you think certain Pokemon should have?
  90. Friendship boosting?
  91. Darn...still on bertha...
  92. Problem fixed :D
  93. Have you been this crazy about Pokemon Rumble?
  94. PMD Question
  95. Favourite Dragon-type?
  96. Ryperior, Tyranatar, Aggron? which one
  97. EV training
  98. Where's Officer Jenny
  99. American release?
  100. I Have Discovered a Glitch! =D
  101. emulators?
  102. Favourite Shiny Pokemon?
  103. List any videos that you found with HG or SS used in PBR
  104. jirachi shiny
  105. What's your favorite Japanses game logo?
  106. Who will be on your team in HG and SS?
  107. A twist in the pokemon games?
  108. Should I or Shouldn't?
  109. Does anyone remember this rumor?
  110. Starters
  112. Good moveset for...
  113. This has come up a lot, and... I wanna hear your opinions.
  114. shiny legendaries?
  115. Help Please: A Pokemon Nintendo DS for a 6yr old
  116. suggest new moves for the 5th gen games
  117. This is a kinda late question.
  118. Hometown - Origins of Characters
  119. Your longest win streak in the battle frontier
  120. Platinum save issue?
  121. How irreversibly screwed can I get?
  122. Who Wants to Make a Fan Game?
  123. All 5 American Rumble codes unlocked PLUS matching game codes!
  124. The Next Nintendo Pokemon Event
  125. EV Trianing Pikachu Help!
  126. Single or Double Battles: Which are more difficult?
  127. Does anyone use stuff like X Attack and Defend?
  128. Help me fill my pokedex!
  129. more than one save file??
  130. Question About Arceus
  131. your favourite moveset
  132. double battle choices
  133. Why can't you use a Pokeball twice?
  134. What is the maximum number of ribbon a pokemon can have in DPPt?
  135. Pondering the masuda method
  136. Do you have a finisher?
  137. RNG abuse?
  138. free demo of Pokemon Rumble on Wii Shop Channel today
  139. i just got soul silver
  140. If there are R/S remakes, what will happen to May/Haruka?
  141. Platinum
  142. Trading Question
  143. Contest game any1
  144. Do you think Mew, Deoxys and Celebi will be made available in HG and SS?
  145. Battle Frontier Question
  146. Aceus!(STATS)
  147. Before D/P were realesed...
  148. Evolving Feebas
  149. Why are the grass patches/trees changing colour when I walk on Sapphire?
  150. Green Alternate Colored Pokemon
  151. Are there any move sets on Smogon that you disagree with?
  152. Iv's and Ev's
  153. Can someone confirm...
  154. "Shopping" Pokewalker Course Info
  155. evolution
  156. 21 Pokés to choose from - which 6 should I carry? YOU decide!
  157. 10th Anniversary Mew
  158. RNG abuse hacking?
  159. Missingno was canon since R/S.
  160. Why we haven't heard of a 5th gen yet and why we won't in a while
  161. NEW wi-fi event for HG and SS Tomorrow 11/11
  162. Question
  163. Hack like Shinygold
  164. The best Pokémon sprites?
  165. What was the hardest Gym Battle you've ever fought???
  166. Toys R Us Arceus event
  167. Favorite Female Protagonist
  168. Colour Of The Japanese Gold Cartridge?
  169. Who will be your starter? Chikorita cyndaquil or totodile?
  170. "Legitimate" Clones?
  171. Glitch!
  172. Favorite Battle Frontier Facility
  173. I need your expertice
  174. Pokemon Mystery Duegon sky
  175. Charazard evolvation.
  176. Favorite Generation-No bashing other gens plz. D:
  177. Favourite male protagonist?
  178. If trainers other than the player gave their Pokemon nicknames...
  179. Your favoirte Pokémon spin-off?
  180. Ripping MIDIs from NDS Games
  181. Play Style
  182. Anyone make teams based on other media?
  183. Do you care about happiness?
  184. Least favorite thing about playing online
  185. Are all the protagonists eleven years old?
  186. Do you film your games?Why(/not)?
  187. Which Generation was the biggest disappointment?
  188. Pokémon Platinum EV Training Hotspots
  189. What don't you like about HG/SS?
  190. Pokemon related Apps that you'd like to see
  191. Is it just me, or... (Misty Sprite Spolier!)
  192. So whatever happened to Gideon?
  193. How to determine if a Pokemon is Legit
  194. 2 new events- Mew(WITH A RIBBON BASED TWIST) and the Enigma Crystal!
  195. Which is the better remake?
  196. HG/SS improvement for you IV breeders
  197. Egg groups for legendary Pokémon.
  198. Best Main Series Pokemon Game?
  199. Masuda Method Question
  200. Outcomes...
  201. Shedinja and the Mineral egg group.
  202. Where is this art from?
  203. The Trainer House isn't useless after all! Kinda..
  204. Poffins! wee~ (Note: For serious Poffin-makers only)
  205. GTS cloning? In MY Platinum?
  206. Do you think the Exp.Share will change looks in future games?
  207. TR Executives - Old or New characters?
  208. Moltres is so frustrating!
  209. gender of your pokemon
  210. Is it Ethical
  211. Anyone remeber the E reader
  212. Do you hear it too?
  213. Pokémon nicknames
  214. Do you ever use Pokemon things in other video games?
  215. Anyone else think the female Psuedo Rivals need more personality?
  216. Are the female player character designs becoming more girly?
  217. Playing Gen III Pokemon Games?
  218. Best Fire Type Ever
  219. Questions/Help on Shiny IV breeding
  220. Favorite battle in D/P/PL
  221. The unused sprite
  222. Favourite Pokémon type TV interview
  223. pokerus indication
  224. i want to ask about munchlax breeding
  225. starters
  226. Secret ID
  227. Your First Pokemon Capture
  228. Which one you like Kotune or Kris !!??
  229. Do you ever play as the opposite Gender?
  230. Yellow smilie in the bottom right corner
  231. Will Crystal be ported to the DS?
  232. Hitmontop is UUs Scizor?
  233. PokéPark Wii Pikachu no Daibouken
  234. trainers back sprite!!!
  235. Shinies that got away
  236. Smogon Tier Discussion
  237. What Game were you most excited about recieving?
  238. Explorers of Sky?
  239. OMG does any npc trainer in dp have a zangoose!?!
  241. What Frontier Brain Have You Battled The Most?
  242. HGSS Backgrounds
  243. Platinum GTS Bug Thingy
  244. Caption the sprite!
  245. Why is Brendan's design so disliked?
  246. Are there "canon" protagonists or "canon" starters?
  247. The Generation V Speculation Thread
  248. Diamond Dust on Mt. Silver?!
  249. The "Pick your own 8 Gym Leaders/Elite 4 for a Pokemon game" thread.
  250. Opinion about HG and SS