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  1. Best and Worst Starters
  2. jirachi event
  3. philosophical question
  4. Mewtwo's future
  5. Pesty Trainers
  6. Buizel or Grovyle
  7. lamest/most pointless moves
  8. Who got many TRU Arceus?
  9. Leaf green help, please?
  10. Game UK Pokemon Event
  11. The fire and Grass finally solved!!!!!
  12. Shinies--Chaining vs. Masuda Method
  13. Villainous Champion? (and other Championship ideas)
  14. Changes to metagame
  15. anyone else agree that the rival in silver and gold was the most badass of all time
  16. Favourite Starter from each region
  17. Favourite Pokesav'd Pokémon
  18. Pokewalker included with heartgold and soulsilver
  19. An interesting read...on the 5th gen
  20. Things that should go away/be changed
  21. Action Replay codes
  22. Hack Site
  23. Wishlist Time
  24. HG and SS sister game?
  25. Showing real time stats.
  26. Should GF change Jigglypuff's sprites to match its looks in medias?
  27. Differences in versions
  28. Hidden regional dex pokémon, or all owned by at least someone?
  29. 3-d pokemon
  30. Gen IV - Gen V Trading?
  31. What happened on Pokemon Sunday?
  32. Can you catch both Genders of pokemon on the Pokewalker?
  33. Obtaining Zorua/Zoroark
  34. Ruby and Sapphire remake discussion/wishlist/debate thread
  35. secort ID
  36. A Question
  37. Who thinks Incenses are pointless?
  38. Platinum GTS level Glitch
  39. PCP Event For UK?
  40. What would you rather have for RS
  41. Diagonal movement
  42. Tweaking: FAQs
  43. Online Super contests/Pokéthlons?
  44. Help please!
  45. HeartGold or SoulSilver
  46. Ranger transfers??
  47. New type
  48. Most annoying event, pokemon, etc.
  49. Gen V needs to make evolutions for all the Pokemon that don't have one.
  50. Pokemon games likes and dislikes.
  51. Could this be the generation they do away with pairing the games up?
  52. How do you open the Sealed Chamber in Pokémon Ruby
  53. Hoenn Remake Clues?
  54. The Professor
  55. Under rated Pokemon
  56. Night Shade: Power = ?
  57. Who's the best Rival?
  58. HG/SS Review Thread (The Jap. Version)
  59. New Abilities--Post your ideas
  60. Names of the gen 5 games?
  61. IVs and EV training
  62. Is it? Or isn't it?
  63. Cross-Region Trading
  64. March Nintendo Power Cover
  65. Visits to other regions?
  66. Pure Flying type pokemon
  67. Gen V's version of (mew, celibi, jerachi, manaphy)
  68. What are you going to name your team?
  69. RNG for Mac
  70. Stat Trainers/In-game Partners
  71. Yay
  72. A Hoenn Revisit
  73. Pal Parking system in Generation 5
  74. pal park corrupting emerald save file
  75. The Gen V pseudo
  76. New typing system
  77. Famitsu piece on the new Pokemon
  78. Brand New Moves
  79. HG/SS 3rd gen trade
  80. Difficulty
  81. When will it end?
  82. Anyone Pre-Ordering Pokemon HG/SS
  83. A gym ending
  84. Where does "Gold" come from?
  85. Wii game for Gen V?
  86. Event Items
  87. They aren't doing it!!!
  88. new ds sequel?
  89. Will the WiFi events be re-run?
  90. England Fans don't fear I have Great news!
  91. Shiny Pokemon
  92. What do you consider to be an "Event" Pokémon?
  93. Past Pokemon in Generation V
  94. pokemon crystal remake
  95. Baby Kangaskhan in Generation V
  96. What Was Your Favourite Moment of Gen IV?
  97. The Ultimate Pokemon already??
  98. Do you think Kanto will be accessible in this generation?
  99. EV Training
  100. EV Training Tips
  101. Transfering from Platinum to HG/SS
  102. trading for legends
  103. Contest gameplay
  104. That nostalgic feeling...
  105. Can pokemon Z be dark ash?
  106. What would you like to see evolutions of?
  107. Pokéblock, poffins or something new?
  108. [Translated] Corocoro magazine
  109. Johto Kanto and hoen in Pokemon DP&Pl
  110. New Methods of Evolution
  111. Move Tutors?
  112. shiny pokemon
  113. Save files
  114. New Generation or Expansion Generation?
  115. help...
  116. Multiple shiny types?
  118. What are you most looking forward to in HG/SS?
  119. training stats
  120. Will they retain shinyness
  121. The new Pokemon and The V generation
  122. Question about cloning
  123. Pokemon you have had a hard time Catching.
  124. Catching Raikou in Fire Red
  125. Rumored Pokémon and Prediction Thread
  126. Series Winding Down?
  127. Seasons and random weather
  128. Perfect Type Combination?
  129. Hint at Gen V Pokemon in Platinum?
  130. Censorship, changes and retcons in non-Japanese HGSS
  131. I dont want a R/S Remake...how about a sequel instead?
  132. Traveling........
  133. The TouchScreen and all of it usability.
  134. So apparently there's going to be some big shake up this gen...
  135. Confusion on the release date--Gamestop employee error?
  136. The Rival and Traveling Companion?!
  137. 1 version or 2?
  138. GTS this time around
  139. Followed by Pokemon?
  140. HM's TM's
  141. February 15 CoroCoro issue
  142. New Evos/Prevos + Eeveelution poll
  143. Oh Professor
  144. Do you think any current Pokémon will have Evolutions or Preevolutions?
  145. Pokédex.
  146. The storyline?
  147. Would you want some character customization?
  148. What time period do you think this generation will take place in?
  149. The Remakes
  150. Team Plasma
  151. Starters, staying old or starting new?
  152. The Region?
  153. Area(s) Accessible Outside of Isshu? (No talking about what Isshu is based on)
  154. An Elite 4 to rule them all.
  155. Pokéathlons or Contests.
  156. Gyms
  157. What kind of Battle Frontier facilities would you like?
  158. Feature (>)(=)(<) Pokémon
  159. Legendaries..........
  160. New type?
  161. How many new Pokémon do you expect to be added
  162. What do you think the names of the games will be?
  163. Pokémon Sunday February 7th: New Pokémon Speculation & Discussion
  164. What kind of features do you want to see?
  165. Favorites of each type.
  166. No more slots...
  167. Looking for Arceus and Shaymin; quick trade/trade back for Pokedex?
  168. Your Opinion on HG/SS English Names?
  169. uk release of HG/SS
  170. Why can't I get anything from Mr. Goods?
  171. Official English HG/SS Names & The Game Corner changed in ALL versions
  172. Finishing Diamond vs Buying HGSS
  173. Kotone's English name
  174. Hacks vs. glitches
  175. Pikachu-colored Pichu... ONE DAY ONLY!?!?!?
  176. What is Ludicolo's weakspot?!
  177. Migrating from GBA
  178. emrald shiny truc
  179. generation 5 announced!!!!!
  180. How do I get mew?
  181. pokewalker
  183. Hackers.
  184. Spiritomb
  185. Rate the Pokemon Games!
  186. Shiny patch stopping repel effects??
  187. Keep or Ditch?
  188. How should we deal with the GTS's problems?
  189. Quick question regarding 2 pokemon and HG/SS
  190. help me with the pokeradar
  191. best id possible
  192. Real music in Pokemon? MADNESS!
  193. Where does Yellow stand in the series?
  194. name my arcanine PLZ
  195. Please Tell Me
  196. Rarity of Pokerus
  197. SS and HG Buildings
  198. How do you calculate IVs?
  199. RNGing for IVs
  200. Cloning Pokemon in a Different Way
  201. Game screenshots
  202. Heartgold and soulsilver shiny disscusion
  203. VS Recorder query
  204. Why does everyones eye color match their hair?
  205. Pokémon consisting of a head and a base?
  206. What's going on in this picture?
  207. Favorite Gimmick Pokemon?
  208. What game moments made you laugh out loud?
  209. Itemfinder renamed Dowsing MCHN.
  210. Favorite PokeBall..
  211. "Apparently Met"
  212. What is your use for Pokeballs?
  213. Pokémon Ranger 3: Tracks of Light {Check First Post For Info}
  214. Breeding Stories
  215. Gym Leaders
  216. Pikachu-coloured Pichu/Draco Meteor Jirachi Events Confirmed For NA Release!!
  217. men picking dawn over lucas wtf?
  218. Anything related to heart gold soul silver
  219. the truth about pokemon rumble shinies
  220. Weirdest thing anyone has experienced in a pokemon game
  221. Are your psuedo-"rivals" love interests?
  222. Why is it that Lucas and Brendan have extra lines?
  223. Would you like to see real Countries/Continents in the New Pokemon Games?
  224. Do you evolve your Pokemon as soon as you can?
  225. Opinions on Smogon's tiering system
  226. Don't like Kotone? Let's talk...
  227. Classic Ribbon Question [SOLVED !]
  228. Any news on...
  229. The blandest, most unoriginal, most boring Pokemon of each generation?
  230. What level Is your pokemon on pokeon games
  231. Fav Pokemon
  232. The Battle Fronteir!
  233. Different starters
  234. A little confused about IV's and EV's
  235. Where do you go to hatch eggs?
  236. How do you think Pearl recieved an orange Poketch?
  237. Training Partners
  238. Next Pokemon Games in 2010 and beyond?
  239. My Budew won't evolve.
  240. Team Discussion 4 HG and SS
  241. Nintendo Events - how do they work?
  242. D/P/Pl New Glitch Pokemon!
  243. My Infernape
  244. good D/P training locations
  246. Is Rampardos too strong for NU?
  247. Should Kanto reappear in Generation V?
  248. Why no Night-time themes?
  249. Have You Reserved HeartGold/SoulSilver Yet?
  250. Pokemon D/P/Pt Scamble