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  1. Lyra the Liar
  2. New Characters
  3. Triple Battles!
  4. Stuff you want to see in Pokemon that it's currently not offering
  5. Image found on the Japanese BW Site
  6. Preordering the Japan games
  7. Pokémon Battrios Sighted Outside Japan?
  8. PBR - Sportsmanship?
  9. Male Protagonist name - BURAKKU "Black" - Pokémon Black and White
  11. My Pokemon Ranch - Hayley is being a @(#*$
  12. I have a question
  13. A more interesting way to play...
  14. Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 9: Minigames & Sidequests
  15. Scramble Challenge
  16. Which protagonists-rival trio is your favorite?
  17. Will Pokemon B/W Utilize the 3DS?
  18. Pokemon Stadium 3?
  19. Your first EV trained pokemon
  20. Smoothest pokemon animations.
  21. Snatch Discovery
  22. Wi-Fi Jirachi Event Download
  23. Black and White Beta
  24. Do you participate in events?
  25. New Type: Light. Good Idea, or Bad?
  26. gen 5 eeveelutions?
  27. Would you buy another TCG video game? Dash?
  28. New Info on Zoroark's ability and Isshu
  29. Your starting Pokemon team
  30. How old do you think the protagonists are?
  31. Older Pokémon you want to see in Isshu
  32. How to get Rayquaza
  33. Improved fainting animation?
  34. Egg Abilities?
  35. What Gen Do You Think Gen V Most Resembles?
  36. The most random nicknames ever
  37. Should We Get Much Stronger E4?
  38. Revenge (Move)
  39. Cutting on unnecessary, time-consuming dead-time in Black & White?!
  40. What would you say your signature pokemon is?
  41. What's with the shading on the Pokemon spirtes?
  42. Create-A-Challenge!
  43. They should improve the Eeveelution's movesets.
  44. My team sucks... Ideas?
  45. Your Most Epic Battle Ever!
  46. Events
  47. Will there be Walking Pokemon that follow the player around in Generation V?
  48. How would you feel if Black and White were delayed and made into 3DS games?
  49. Localized Names
  50. my SS team
  51. Black Belt Atsushi
  52. Starters Sprites
  53. Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champions' Previous Classifications
  54. Non-Gen V Pokemon to be absent from Isshu
  55. help
  56. Munna foreshadowing?
  57. Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 8: Evolutions & Pre-evolutions
  58. Pokemon Ranger
  59. Return of Day & Night Feature?
  60. Uh oh.
  61. List all your starter Pokemon in your games
  62. Black & White Anime?
  63. Super luck + more High Critical Ratio?
  64. GTS New Features
  65. Light-Type??
  66. connections between legands
  67. Black, White and the 3DS
  68. PokePark Wii To Come Out in UK before USA?
  69. E3 is happenning right now
  70. Where's the Pokemon RPG like World of Warcraft?
  71. Steelix's Moves
  72. Is isshu really new york?
  73. Game mechanic idea
  74. Question about pokemon hacking
  75. Chiramii=Pichu?
  76. The Isshu Region in the games
  77. Will there be a villain team in Generation V?
  78. The path you choose (The plot)
  79. Serebii confirms return of walking Pokémon feature?
  80. Best FAKE Game?
  81. Transmitting Machine
  82. Pokebeach Rumors
  83. Was Munna Meant To Be In Gen I?
  84. Gen. V Pokedex?
  85. Unconfirmed Speculation surrounding the NET!!!
  86. BW could keep everything canon, but it feels like a reboot.
  87. The professor's research
  88. Dragons Again
  89. Nature Stones
  90. Do you wonder?
  91. Black or White?
  92. Battle Frontier
  93. What gamefreak must do.
  94. The gyms, now spread through Isshu, and multiple leaders?
  95. Random Match
  96. GamesSpot reports Black and White will be at E3
  97. Dr. Footstep
  98. My 1st pokemon game..question
  99. Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 7: The Villanious Organisation
  100. worst japanese named pokémon
  101. The New Starter Pokemon????
  102. Is my team good and what would be a good addition?
  103. Pokémon Black and White now available for preorder at Gamestops in the US
  104. Favorite Side-Game
  105. Always super effective?
  106. Difference between Black and White?
  107. What's your favorite Pokemon video game?
  108. I hope there is none of this regional dex nonsense this time.
  109. Master Ball Stories?
  110. Kangaskhan Egg with sucker punch?
  111. IV & EV
  112. A New Tower, Fronteir, or Neither?
  113. Is May Replaced on the R/S Remakes?
  114. Disappearing Items
  115. In-Game Jokes
  116. Evolutions that make no sense
  117. What do you think the Platinum duo wears underneath their coats?
  118. Will the Lock Capsule be released and what will it do?
  119. Pokémons that shouldn't get evolutions or prevolutions
  120. Hardest Catching Experience?
  121. How long does it take you to get used to new names?
  122. How tall do you suppose the other protagonists are? Rivals?
  123. What would be your dream team
  124. Pokemon you have the most of
  125. best skarmory set
  126. Shiny Gyrados
  127. Shiny Pokemon. How can I get them?
  128. Kanto and Johto's neighboring regions
  129. Lv. 22 Eevee? Wat.
  130. Mijumaru: Love It or Hate It (or in between)?
  131. Black/White Interface should go back to BASICS
  132. Old moves, new animation
  133. Is Red, Ash?
  134. Dumbest/Weirdest "Get Mew" Rumors
  135. Sales statistics for each game set?
  136. Dual Type moves
  137. Will Reshiram Be Censored?
  138. What is EV?
  139. Dunsparce -> Gligar?
  140. made up battle rules
  141. The Worst Thing
  142. HG/SS artwork question.
  143. Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 6: Balls
  144. Ever think the games are too easy?
  145. What do you suppose Silver's battling style was like?
  146. In-game trades and Shiny Pokemon
  147. How to get Red Orb in SS.
  148. Worst Nicknames
  149. Should there be alternate forms of transportation?
  150. You most favorite Type of Pokemon and why
  151. Pokemon that won't evolve. Ever.
  152. Pokémon MMORPG?!
  153. Speed Dating: Is it right for you?
  154. Need help breeding shiny charmander
  155. Preparing to take on Red for the 2nd time; any advice on how to beat him?
  156. Pokemon Black and White: will you be buying one of these, or both?
  157. how many possible legendaries in gen V ?
  158. what legendary do you use the most? what legendary is your favourite?
  159. Black/White's Plotline?
  160. My top two problems with Pokemon
  161. Will there be Shadow Pokemon in Generation V?
  162. Are parents getting bigger, and arguably better, roles in the games with each gen?
  163. Pokemon heartgold/soulsilver friend codes post here
  164. Post the names your favorite starter pokemon and movesets
  165. PokeWalker Compatibilty with Black and White
  166. spike ear pichu confusion
  167. Chances of getting a girl starter.
  168. Smeargle--What do you think his ultimate moveset would be?
  169. Black and White importing might be a serious issue for DSi owners
  170. Great Pokemon Video Game Idea!
  171. They need a new game for Wii and it will be awesome!
  172. Ummm help
  173. Question on Ditto breeding in HeartGold.
  174. New Pokeballs
  175. Nonexistant Pokemon make Dragon confuzzled.
  176. Reshiram-black and Zekrom-white?
  177. Black and White stores.
  178. Confirmed DSi Enhanced Titles ~ What do you suppose will be there from DSi users?
  179. Interesting B/W Findings...
  180. Choloe Band
  181. Reshiram and Zekrom Types Revealed!
  182. Looks like Pikachu is going to be in the regional dex
  183. Question About Untraining EVs
  184. Every generation gets harder to create
  185. Post your Smeargle's Moves (if you have one)
  186. pokemon stadium 2 minigame question...
  187. Opinion On Isshu Legendaries?
  188. Do you relate songs to your Pokémon?
  189. What does Pokémon and a Ying Yang have in common?
  190. Ranger: Shadows of Almia secret missions
  191. Question on EV training
  192. Breeding Questions and Concerns
  193. What previous characters would you like to see in BW?
  194. Need an answer from someone with JAPANESE Platinum
  195. New Basic Bugs
  196. Favorite Soundtrack?
  197. Favorite Music?
  198. Awesome moves you used with Metronome
  199. Dual-Type Gyms
  200. Frontier Favorite
  201. Shiny Pokemon Sprites
  202. New Breeding/Day-Care Processes and Methods
  203. Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 5: Gym themes
  204. Professor Gym Leader
  205. The prospect of evolving legendaries
  206. Tired of same old pokemon?
  207. Multiple Pokewalker question.
  208. Favorite shiny coloring
  209. Early bird pokemon
  210. Petition to let Pokemon walk behind you in Black and White?
  211. Wifi problems?
  212. What Pokemon should be on the box covers for B/W??
  213. I knocked out Palkia.
  214. Garchomp's Gnashers
  215. A suggestion?
  216. Had any close calls?
  217. Strategy to catch the beast legendaries?
  218. Flash Card.
  219. Gen V Ideas
  220. Nicknames
  221. SS/HG easier than GS?
  222. Pokemon Platinum 1 year old
  223. Everstone problems?
  224. mareep, pidgey or there evolutions!
  225. Days of the week
  226. RNG Abuse in HG/SS
  227. What do you think the change in battle mechanics will be?
  228. Less than 50 legendary pokemon
  229. Times You Have Raged in Pokemon Games (any)
  230. New Trainer Classes
  231. Mixed feelings
  232. Objection!!!!!!
  233. Breeding for shinies
  234. Help with my jirachi's ev's.
  235. Croagunk....
  236. I keep getting the 00000 error while connecting to GTS
  237. Theory: How to Access Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto Pokémon in Generation V
  238. How Did You Beat The Elite Four?
  239. Gym rematches
  240. Legendary Trio for Black and White?
  241. PMD Explorers of Sky Players I need help!
  242. Online Customizable Pokedex
  243. The Dratini with ExremeSpeed
  244. New Shiny Pokemon Club!
  245. What level do you think Zorua will evolve?
  246. Do we want new Status Conditions? I do..
  247. What Do You Consider Yourself?
  248. Nuzlocke Challenge
  249. Sense in Pokémon
  250. Has anyone ever gotten the 1st prize at the lottery corner?