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  1. Did you ever get in trouble at school because of Pokémon?
  2. What do you think Pokémon will be in 2016?
  3. random pokemon
  4. How would our society be if Pokémon just appeared out of now where?
  5. Why are Pokémon fans the way they are?
  6. I have a quick question.
  7. Boredum Pokemon
  8. Have we reached the limits of pokemon?
  9. Who ever thought Pokémon was from America when they were younger?
  10. What happened to the Channelers and Kindlers?
  11. The "cult of Pokos"
  12. Create an Ability
  13. All about Attacks in the 5th Generation
  14. Pokemon Misconceptions
  15. Lifespan of the Pokémon Franchise
  16. Seeking A Partial Archive Of MEWHEART Oekaki
  17. F*** YEAH QWILFISH(And other forgotten pokemon)
  18. Iv Started A Lets Play!
  19. Lugia and Birds Connection?
  20. Reviving an Old Topic: "Pokémon: The Motion Picture"
  21. PokeLife: The soon-to-be funniest comedy on Youtube!
  22. Pokemon Analysis (TL;DR WARNING)
  23. How does education work?
  24. The Ultimate Pokemon Team
  25. Zombie Pokemon
  26. Possible Explanation For Abilities And Type Matchups?
  27. Favorite Locations
  28. Your favorite Pokemon from each generation?
  29. poke-parody song contest
  30. Pokemon Nightmares
  31. Pokémon or Animal?
  32. Jynx - The truth about the so called "racisal stereotype Pokémon"
  33. Why do you like Pokemon?
  34. We want our Regi!!!
  35. The Breeding of Pokémon
  36. The best Pokémon rumors
  37. Has anyone seen this map before?
  38. Do they revive people like Fossils?
  39. Pokémon Motivational Posters, Anyone?
  40. Pokemon crack theories
  41. Ho-Oh is on Google!!!
  42. Pokemon that need to be made
  43. Pikachu is shaped like Nazi Germany?
  44. MY Pokéball Theory.
  45. Analysis of a Pokemon Pearl Bootleg
  46. Nidorina look's like a Koala Bear o-o;
  47. What are your thoughts about Blue (a.k.a. Leaf)?
  48. Misconceptions about Pokemon
  49. How old is Ash?
  50. Pretty Cool
  51. If you were a pokemon...
  52. If a Slowpoke and Shellder battle...
  53. Pokemon Toys At Burger King in 2009!
  54. Best Generation when it comes to the Pokémon?
  55. The First Pokemon Battle
  56. new ideas for pokemon games nd for new pokemon
  57. The most beautiful Pokémon
  58. Capsule Monsters
  59. Pokemon, scientifically.
  60. Pokemon Picross
  61. pronouncing the name "Rayquaza"
  62. 5th Gen (damn-near) Confirmed
  63. Western Pokemon = Pro-Wrestlers
  64. Pokemon that should get different types
  65. Where do the GameCube games fit into the timeline?
  66. Question
  67. Who's the fastest pokémon?
  68. I think Houndour is a cross-breed of Poochyena and Growlithe
  69. Well, that explains a lot about Giratina.
  70. Untold Pokémon Facts
  71. Population of pokemon world
  72. model question
  73. Start of my Pokemon full sleeve tattoo
  74. Serebii's New Pokemon of the Week!?
  75. The Darkrai Dillema
  76. Artificial Pokemon
  77. Favorite Gym Leaders and Elite Four members from each region!
  78. The Comatose Ash Ketchum Theory
  79. Favorite ground or rock type?
  80. Animals in Pokemon
  81. 5th Gen Starter ideas
  82. Dialga Palkia Catch Rate???
  83. Favorite Characters
  84. Favorite Electric Type Pokemon
  85. Poke Twitter
  86. Pokemon X-Ray Machine Ironically Doesn't Have Luxray On It
  87. Pokemon you think should not have been created
  88. Playing Catch - Up
  89. Why are there so many opposites?
  90. Safari Zone
  91. Starter Types
  92. Pokemon Event 'Legendary Trainer'`
  93. Cities
  94. Bulbagarden, What's Your Gender? READ FIRST POST
  95. Pokemon that make you want to scratch your head or hit someone
  96. References to Sinnoh Past in Platinum
  97. The "I no longer like Pokeymon anymore thread"
  98. Legendaries, Mythicals, and Mirages...who is who?
  99. What is Nintendo thinking? O.O
  100. Pokemon names for your pets
  101. Pokemon charictors you (USED TO) have a crush on
  102. Can you become too 'girly' for Pokemon?
  103. Trainer's License
  104. Which trainer avatar did you choose?
  105. Wow! I Didn't Know Hitmonlee Could Evolve! </sarcasm>
  106. The Mystery Dungeon Dilemma
  107. Pokemon Powers + Moves
  108. Pokemon quiz on Game Daily
  109. Albino Dolphin or Shiney Pokemon?
  110. Pokemon in your area
  111. The First Elite Four?
  112. is there anywhere that lists translations for Japanese Pokemon names?
  113. Where is the Water element in Water attacks?
  114. Pokemon World's Future
  115. Official Creation/Imagination Thread: Create/Rename Anything in the world of Pokemon!
  116. What About a Fourth Evolution?
  117. I own 16 pokeballs!
  118. Pokemon: Ancient times - Sir Aaron's Time (2000 years ago)
  119. Our World...
  120. Glacidea / Gracidea flower origin
  121. Pokemon USA really likes to change nouns to adjectives and vice versa.
  122. Pokemon theme songs
  123. Pokemon - Live Action Animation
  124. Pokemon Domination
  125. PokeWorld's Rich and the Powerful
  126. Happy Birthday Pokémon!
  127. Real-life references in the Pokemon universe
  128. Whats all with the attitude to the future of Pokemon?
  129. How have you felt about pokemon since you got interested
  130. Who is you favorite Pokemon?
  131. What Percentage of People in the Pokemon World are actually trainers?
  132. Hatch my pokemon egg?
  133. New Element Types for Pokes
  134. How many Eeveelutions will there be when it's all said and done?
  135. Space?
  136. Which Pokemon would you pick to be the mascot of the entire Franchise?
  137. After Arceus, what will Gen V. Legendaries Be Like?
  138. Pokemon Rangers?
  139. How Old Were You?
  140. Pokemon Evolution over time
  141. Fastest Pokemon
  142. Your favourite fire type
  143. Whats Your Birthday Pokemon?
  144. Ask PokemonLegend!
  145. Pokemon Pronounciation
  146. Which starter Pokémon would you choose from each region?
  147. Favourite regi
  148. Do any of you collect Pokemon Figures?
  149. Pokemon you find interesting
  150. Which Pokemon would be considered good fits for Street Fighter 4?
  151. What Pokémon do people say you are like?
  152. Pokemon With Three Elemental Types
  153. Omg this bugs me!
  154. PokePuns
  155. In Real Life, would Evolution Be Painful?
  156. SOME PICS!!!!!
  157. Main series' chronology- Gen's I & III
  158. Favorite Pseudo-legendary Pokemon?
  159. So theoretically - your country is in a war.
  160. Pokemon World Online
  161. shaymin and regigigas event
  162. Pokemon World Online
  163. Am I wrong for NOT nicknaming my Pokemon?
  164. Wierd pokemon dreams
  165. Why is Pikachu so damn popular!!!???
  166. Should Pokemon Come to an End Already?
  167. Funny Quirks of Pokemon
  168. What is your favourite Pokemon YouTube video?
  169. The New World Forum - Welcome!
  170. What was your favorite game mascot?
  171. Opinions on a learnset
  172. What do you think a "Pokemon Master" is?
  173. Something Interesting...
  174. Sheet Music
  175. Voltorb new forms idea
  176. How A Pokeball Works
  177. Animals Red, Blue And Yellow?
  178. Dual-type Moves?
  179. Does Fearow have any connection to Ho-Oh?
  180. Ho-Oh
  181. Shiny Shellder
  182. Sevii Islands
  183. The most forgetable Pokemon?
  184. What has upset you the most in the Pokemon franchise?
  185. What Pokémon type do you think you'd be?
  186. Which split-evolution do you like best?
  187. Generational Varations, which is better?
  188. Is it just me, or....
  189. EV Training
  190. Veilstone's Myth
  191. Baby Kangaskan
  192. How much of a May fan are you?
  193. Worst character names
  194. How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)
  195. Pokemon Class at University of California Santa Cruz
  196. do you hide your passion for pokemon?
  197. (stupid) question about fire pokemons
  198. Pokemon Paper
  199. How does Porygon exist in mystery dungeon?
  200. Overused and Most Popular Pokemon
  201. GSC Remake vs Gen V... Game/Anime Connections
  202. What is your favorite fossil pokemon?
  203. Full Types Explanation
  204. Adorable Pokémon
  205. Question about weaknesses
  206. Pokemon Shippuuden
  207. 'The Problem with Poke`mon'
  208. Metronome, how would
  209. Favorite Pokemon Cry?
  210. Poke`mon Jokes
  211. Wild Pokemon Evolutions
  212. Comparing Shadow to Mewtwo
  213. Humans drinking Pokemon water?
  214. Reviving the Pokemon Brand
  215. Do Humans Eat Poffins?
  216. Which 3 Pokemon?
  217. Need some help..
  218. Contact Info for the Pokemon Companies?
  219. Team Rocket Theme
  220. Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos
  221. The Pokedex Podcast!
  222. Do pokemon eat each other?
  223. Suicune, Entei or Raikou.
  224. Real-world countries in the Pokemon world
  225. Do most Pokemon want trainers?
  226. The Eeveelutions
  227. Lugia or Ho-oh?
  228. True pokemon fan
  229. Lugias song
  230. Theory on Darkrai
  231. Shrinking
  232. Who's cooler: Wallace or Juan?
  233. new forums! come and look
  234. Favorite Unown Form
  235. Thought about this last night....
  236. Darkrai gift
  237. Gen 5 on the DSi?
  238. Pokemon Gen V Plot and Condition (in Gyms for example) Ideas
  239. Pokemon Ondo Music Video
  240. Mewtwo/Lucario Fan war
  241. Under water episodes
  242. What do you think of Volkner?
  243. Palkia or Dialga?
  244. My mini Team Rocket tribute
  245. What evo methods would you change?
  246. Cutest Pokemon
  247. an excellent blog I found about Pokemon vs. mature games, maturity, and age
  248. Question
  249. Hi, I'm new and I have a question....
  250. Question, Type combos that have no weaknesses?