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  1. Stock market?
  2. Koffing vs Weezing
  3. is this how pokemon were originally supposed to look?
  4. Giovanni = Mafia or Yakuza, or both?
  5. YOU are a Gym Leader (or Elite Four)
  6. Hungry?
  7. Pokemon Revoltech figures?
  8. The story of pokemon and me
  9. Choose 3 starter pokemon
  10. Favorite 4 moves for your favorite pokemon
  11. Make a pokemon!
  12. Need help finding a certain Pokémon-based magazine article/rumor.
  13. what is Pokémon World? pls suggest.
  14. Lookin 4......
  15. What do you think about Roserade learning the move Leaf Blade?
  16. What does a Pokeball look like on the inside?
  17. Why do certain Pokemon only evolve when they're traded?
  18. NA Pokemon.com Gets New Look! :D
  19. strange reality
  20. rare egg move pokemon
  21. Pikachu- Symbol of Pokemon franchise
  22. Fav Pokemon
  23. Pokemon Stadium/Gym Logistics
  24. Why do so few get a starter pokemon?
  25. a pokemon that looks like a ceramic doll, yes or no?
  26. Misty's Starmie's hovering capabilities.
  27. Why are there so many water/grass pokemon, and hardly any fire pokemon?
  28. Where do starters come from?
  29. Mystery Dumgeons: Did A Wizard Do It?
  30. Pokemon Nightmare Fuel
  31. Pokemon Songs You Can Play On Any Instrument
  32. Charon, Team Galactic, and Silph Co.
  33. If YOU Were Making a Live-Action Pokémon Movie (Series?)
  34. More attacks or more Team Members
  35. Pokemon's first decade of existence is now done.
  36. Super-effective matchups that make no sence.
  37. Training Questions
  38. People that look like residents of the Pokémon world
  39. Barnes & Noble gives us early April Fools' Joke
  40. The plural form of bidoof
  41. Weaponry in the Pokémon World
  42. Pokespeech
  43. Anybody noctice..
  44. What was best about Pokémon in the 2000s?
  45. How will Gen. 5 top Arceus and the Dragon trio?
  46. Can pokemon understand humans or not?
  47. Gen.6 Talk? WTF
  48. What do you call people from Kanto or Sinnoh?
  49. What if turned on the news one morning...?
  50. Christmas in Pokemon
  51. Why is Ho-oh called Ho-oh?
  52. Anyone attempted to draw all 493 pokemon?
  53. ever ended up in a realistic/strange dream, as a pokemon?
  54. New types for Gen. 5?
  55. What's shadow charizard?
  56. Anyone else think that water typs should be more vunerable to ice type attacks
  57. What group/artist would you like to hear perform Pokémon music?
  58. If Naruto Was a Pokémon Trainer...
  59. Real-life people who resemble Pokémon characters
  60. Bonsly=Arceus?
  61. The TR Issue
  62. Can All Pokemon See Colours?
  63. Generation 5 Confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sort of)
  64. If the activities of Gens 1 and 3 were simultaneous, why is the NDex set how it is?
  65. How do humans fit in the Pokemon World?
  66. Being bullied
  67. Are the legendary BEAST reincarnations of Jolten, Flareon. and Vaporen
  68. Pokémon Contest/Pokéthlon in the real world.
  69. New lengenday predictions...
  70. If they invented a real "Animalball"....
  71. Best fan-created moment.
  72. Pokèmon anime or Pokèmon games???
  73. PokéLife: The YouTube Comedy from the Mind of pokechamp116
  74. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Trade Items
  75. What new lengendaries would you like to see in the future of pokemon
  76. Fandom things that confuse me
  77. A little theory
  78. Pokemon centre
  79. Pokemon that sound like drugs
  80. Do some pokemon eat other pokemon....
  81. Are Regions Considered Countries or States/territories
  82. If you were a shiny Pokémon, which one would you be?
  83. Where do the people in the pokemon world get their meat?
  84. Are all Pokemon omnivores?
  85. Most mysterious pokemon traits/personalities
  86. If Pokemon were real would you force yours to battle?
  87. If you could have any Pokémon as a pet, what, and why?
  88. The most inappropriately typed Pokemon
  89. Yours Truly Made This for You.
  90. Ancient Civilizations of the Pokemon World
  91. Will and Lucian - related?
  92. Animal Couterpart
  93. Generation 4 ain't colourful (pokemon colours)
  94. Favorite Deoxys Forme
  95. Do you think Dawn's mini skirt was too short?
  96. Has Pokémon or Pocket Monsters for the matter, become too big?
  97. "This Topic Already Exists"
  98. How do trainers afford things like food?
  99. how do you pronounce certain pokemon's names?
  100. TCG's Invitation to Video Gamers
  101. New Rotom Appliance's?
  102. Favorite Rotom Appliance?
  103. Crime In the Pokemon World
  104. least favorite/disliked pokemon
  105. Eeveelutions
  106. What's your top ten favorite pokemon (no legendaries)
  107. Favorite Frontier Brain
  108. "Pokemon aren't as creative as they used to be"
  109. I'm a Kotone lookalike...
  110. Has anyone seen this before?
  111. The Official Character Claim Thread (open for another claim!)
  112. Where are Pikachu's ear holes?
  113. No love for Infernape...?
  114. Which human characters do you dislike?
  115. If 100,000 people to join, he'll legally change his name to Pikachu.
  116. Clues for the fifth generation pokemon
  117. Favorite dream you had relating to Pokémon?
  118. Unexpected
  119. Favorite main characters
  120. They named a Protein after Pikachu!
  121. #1
  122. Way don't Poké balls catch Humans?
  123. Poke-jobs
  124. What exactly are Pokemon calls?
  125. New 'Pokemon-Tool'
  126. Red's shoes
  127. What exactly are "Trainer Classes"?
  128. If you could be a human character from the anime or games, who would you be?
  129. Education in the Pokemon World
  130. Is Pokemon Kodomo, or Shonen?
  131. Who thinks Pokemon has degraded over time?
  132. Couples
  133. Wouldn't it be nice if someone from Game Freak or Nintendo came here?
  134. random Pokémon images.
  135. Any dreams for 5th Gen?
  136. What do you consider the Golden Age of Pokémon.
  137. Call out For AUSTRALIAN poke fans
  138. Pokemon character look-a-likes?
  139. Pokemon Events
  140. So i herd u liek mudkipz
  141. Are there any Pokemon you really hate?
  142. Pokemon that deserve an evolution.
  143. Food in the Pokemon world?
  144. dragonair VS weepinbell.
  145. French Pokémon forums?
  146. Questions About the Pokemon World Championships
  147. If Pokémon could....
  148. Sugimori's Personal Site?
  149. Ironic things about Pokémon
  150. Which Gym Leader is your favorite?
  151. What got you interested in Pokemon?
  152. The Solution to Disputed Video Game Canonicity
  153. Did Pokémon change your life?
  154. Thorton's... hat?
  155. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Adventures - Best webcomic ever.
  156. I couldn't find the beta image thread so...
  157. Favorite Sprites
  158. Arceus parents
  159. Total dorkage...
  160. anything new
  161. Top 5 Most Powerful Pokemon (And Why)..
  162. What happened to Pokecharms?
  163. best of the best, design wise
  164. Pokémon Full Instrumental Swedish
  165. Generation 5 Region confirmed in a way?
  166. Pokemon League made by the people
  167. PKMN storage System - is it open source?
  168. Pikachu Needs Our Help!
  169. game Pokemon continuity problems
  170. Who thinks Lucario should be classified as a Legendary?
  171. What evil team you think is most evil?
  172. What Pokemon-related stuff should i get for my Birthday?
  173. New Mascots
  175. Evolutions and pre-evolutions.
  176. ower ansisters in pre historic pokemon world
  177. Entei, Raikou and Suicune - What were they before?
  178. How, Why, and When does a Pokemon Die?
  179. Are there astronauts in the Pokemon world?
  181. Freestyle pokemon limericks
  182. Height
  183. Ghosties and EGGS
  184. Pokéball Mechanics
  185. Favorite Johto Pokemon!
  186. Where Are You From Poke-Fans
  187. What happens to Pokemon after they die?
  188. Pokémon Center Management
  189. Did you ever get confused over Nidoran?
  190. Favorite Ghost Type
  191. Pokemon Episodes on DS or Wii
  192. How are the regions set up? location wise. like kanto is next to johto ect
  193. draco trio question
  194. Type combinations that NEED to happen!
  195. My own pokemon town.
  196. Weirdest/Strangest Pokémon merchandise you have
  197. Poképuns!
  198. Would you like to see more anime locations in the games, as opposed to vice versa?
  199. Least Memorable Pokemon?
  200. If you could open a gym,how it would be?
  201. Who oversees all Pokémon licensing inside of Asia?
  202. worst 6 pokemon
  203. Best Water type starter
  204. Best Fire type starter
  205. Best Grass type starter
  206. If You Were Starting Your Own Pokemon Journey
  207. Will you teach your children about Pokémon?
  208. Is there an equivalent today?
  209. Please help me figure out this character I am thinking of.
  210. Funny Pokémon Goodies
  211. Apricorns
  212. Superfluous Pokémon?
  213. Which do you prefer?
  214. Pokemon WWF Ad-For Teh Lulz
  215. 5th Gen news/ preview update thread.
  216. Would you guys liked a different logo for the Pokémon franchise outside of Japan?
  217. 2009-August-09: Manaphy vs. Teddiursa
  218. Memes (Warning: Very Noobish Fail Ahead)
  219. Funny and bizarre misinterpretations of Pokémon
  220. Does it annoy you when people don't put the accent on the e?
  221. What facts can make Pokémon go into the history books?
  222. Favorite Pokemon Time!
  223. What Pokemon Do You Wish Was Extinct
  224. Your Fav Eeveelution
  225. Baby Pokemon
  226. Who is smarter?
  227. Arceus has been revealed in the USA!
  228. 2009-August-02: Budew vs. Riolu
  229. If there was a Pokemon live action movie, who would you pick as the actors?
  230. Brainbreaking CANON stuff
  231. Rebuilding your childhood, I am
  232. Underpowered Attacks
  233. The best single type team
  234. Omg, I was real late picking up on this.
  235. EEVEE
  236. What Happens to a Pokemon After They Use 'Explosion' or 'Selfdestruct?'
  237. What are some influences that the fans have put on Pokémon?
  238. Can you fully accept the fact that Pokemon is nothing more than a game/cartoon?
  239. where is your fav place to go
  240. 2009-July-26: Butterfree vs. Dugtrio
  241. Poke-tats
  242. Language that Pokemon understand.
  243. The best Pokémon come backs.
  244. Destroying your childhood, I am.
  245. Species of Animals used for Multiple Pokemon
  246. Which Legandary Dragon is your Favorite?
  247. How often do you play Pokémon?
  248. How do pokemon go potty?
  249. Realistic Pokemon
  250. Did you ever get in trouble at school because of Pokémon?