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  1. Kaiju Pokémon
  2. "Newly discovered" Pokemon
  3. Pokemon Technology
  4. What do you think Cyrus' universe would look like?
  5. Pokemon that should not exist
  6. Where are the wars?
  7. "the pokemon effect"
  8. Your own pokemon trainer!
  9. Which generation had the best pokemon?
  10. If You Could Stereotype a Pokémon as a Singer?
  11. Dream Teams
  12. The 'Rotating Nostalgia'
  13. Pokemon in Desperate Need of an Evolution
  14. Jessie & James
  15. Funny Pokemon Pics :D
  16. Pokemon with the wrong types?
  17. Some Fighting Types Based Off Of Cavemen?
  18. Poll: Ugliest Pokemon As of Gen IV
  19. What Pokemon Do You Hope Won't Be In B/W?
  20. Celedon Hauling - Obviously a coincedence, but...
  21. Which forme do you think of?
  22. Evidences for Pokemon Black and White (NOT 100% NOT SURE) but it may happen
  23. Pokemon on youtube!
  24. Timeline of the Main Games?
  25. where do professors get the starters?
  26. Real World vs. Pokemon World
  27. What do you call the currency?
  28. Dear Bulbagarden
  29. Are ghost pokemon dead pokemon?
  30. Mew and Arceus theory?
  31. Which kind of Pokémon do you prefer?
  32. What type best describes you?
  33. If Pokemon were real...
  34. Normal Types
  35. Pokemon That Don't Need to Be GGI
  36. Which names do you have a habit of misspelling?
  37. Elemental Hyper Beams?
  38. Gotta' Buy 'em All!
  39. Funny youtube vid of Brand New Black and White
  40. Pokemon Warfare
  41. ExtraLives's 2nd Pokemon Marathon For "Free the Children".
  42. Pokemon who mate for life
  43. Starter Types?
  44. Birthdays?
  45. tournament
  46. Your favorite Grass type
  47. Most Unloved & Loved pokemon
  48. I Like All Pokémon, Does That Mean I'm Immature?
  49. Leitmotifs and Themes
  50. Real-life animals with Pokémon-like powers
  51. Years between games
  52. Leafeon question
  53. Pokemon OP/ED set to different Music
  54. Pokemon Silly Bandz???
  55. Pokemon's 15th Anniversary
  56. Favorite Battle Frontier Facilities? (Gen IV only)
  57. pokemon with no evolution or prevolution
  58. Looking for help.. Can't find 5th gym leader in Pearl.
  59. Katakana Pokemon
  60. Do you think the games sometimes borrow things from the Pokemon Manga and Anime?
  61. Essay: De Facultas Pokémon
  62. Bruno and Brock
  63. If you could create your own Town/Village/City
  64. Are the Frontier Brains Regarded As Being Stronger Than The Elite 4?
  65. Essay: De Mutatio Pokemonis
  66. Pokemon Pronounciation
  67. How would you imagine it feels to be a Pokemon in battle?
  68. Am I the only one that doesn't see what's so great about Gen 2?
  69. What happens when....
  70. Who was Giovanni's Wife? (Or ex?)
  71. You know what is weird about Bill?
  72. Silver = Roark
  73. How are the E4 treated in the pokemon world
  74. Stupidly Typed Pokemon/Moves.
  75. What cross-generational evolutions do you like?
  76. Did anyone here believe Pokemon would only be a fad?
  77. Do Pokemon get hungry while in their Pokeballs?
  78. Worst Most Disadvantageous Move
  79. Favorite Pseudo-Legendary
  80. Milotic - most beautiful?
  81. Gotta Buy them All
  82. Giratina - The Pokemon Devil?
  83. Unused
  84. Cinnabar Eruption- connected to Entei?
  85. Have you heard?
  86. Design the Perfect Region!
  87. Old Sugimori Art
  88. Any Theories???
  89. so you are a pokemon and you have just been caught.... whats like in that ball?!?!?
  90. Video games, Animé, or TGC?
  91. Things that annoy you in pokemon
  92. Would you call "Pokemon Trainer", from SSB Brawl, Red?
  93. Kangaskhan
  94. The Criminal Teams
  95. Worst Type
  96. Do you prefer the game designs or anime designs for Pokemon?
  97. Nidoking, Rhydon, and Kangaskhan
  98. The "If Pokémon Were Real" thread
  99. Why Pocket Monsters
  100. We all love Pokemon. Why, exactly?
  101. What's your favorite eye design style?
  102. Your top ten pokemon!
  103. If Nidoran had been a Gen IV Pokemon...
  104. Theory: The Glitch Pokemon were the result of PCs gone wrong
  105. Favorite Protagonist
  106. Favorite Pokemon?
  107. Theory: The Creation of the Glitches
  108. Which form of Pokémon media do you like best?
  109. GWR: Pokémon takes the 11th Position
  110. Top 10 Most Frightening Pokemon
  111. whats ur fav pokemon?
  112. Ethan's shorts
  113. Weird/funny/cool Pokémon facts.
  114. The extent of Zoroark's ability
  115. Where can I find a Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough?
  116. Sinjoh Ruins Event
  117. THEORY:The "shellder" on slowbro's tail is actually a cloyster out of it's shell
  118. Mew or Arceus?
  119. Pokemon Theme Park
  120. What are the Unown?
  121. What the Pokémon that pops
  122. Three years later: what happened to Red?
  123. When you think of a certain Pokemon...
  124. Elm and Birch
  125. When exactly was Clefairy supposed to be the mascot?
  126. Forming a definition
  127. THEORY: Ditto are Mew that have lost their form.
  128. Unown Translation
  129. the evil teams.
  130. Pokemon that you think should have an evolution between their first and second
  131. What Would You Do If You Were Just Strolling Along And You Look Up At The Sky...
  132. Loose Ends in the Games
  133. Something to think about
  134. Pokémon 'ruined' by evolution.
  135. Short Pokemon movie
  136. Do Pokemon Makers Regret Raichu Creation?
  137. pokemon smlirites
  138. Any1 need help with catching shinys?
  139. Remember Gary losing?
  140. PokéPark
  141. Northern English/Scottish and other Accents in Pokemon
  142. Since Pokémon = People...
  143. Are Pokemon available outside of the Pokemon Nation?
  144. Pokemon D20?
  145. The pokemon world language
  146. Mismatched Pokemon Species.
  147. Pokémon of the Damned
  148. Pokemon that should lose their legendary status
  149. So I have a debate to start.
  150. Wow... Another contridictory Gym leader/E4 member...
  151. Do You Remember "Playing" Pokemon When You Were Younger?
  152. The Most Annoying Pokémon to Obtain
  153. Who is the hottest gym leader?
  154. New Pokemon Merchandise?
  155. Silver's Starter and Sneasel
  156. What reminds you of the character
  157. [Rant] Raichu: The Unloved Middle-Child Pokemon
  158. Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?
  159. Photos of Pokemon Center NYC
  160. The Pokemon World... An outrageous explanation?
  161. Pokedex Accuracy
  162. Trainer's Pokemon
  163. Why are Red and Steven still referred to as champions?
  164. Nostalgia
  165. Has the tv show hindered the video games popularity, or helped it?
  166. Pokétalk
  167. Theory: Did Giovanni Commit Suicide in HG/SS?
  168. Pokemon Drawn in Traditional Japanese Artwork Pt 2: Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon!
  169. Where do trainers keep their badges?
  170. All 100% gender should have a counter part
  171. Nidoran♂ and ♀ should be one species
  172. Pokeball, GO!
  173. Pokétalk
  174. Birth and Death Rates
  175. Realistic Pokemon Models
  176. A Pokedex App for iPhone
  177. Pokemon age target
  178. My Interests Collide
  179. A Very Unlikely Suggestion
  180. National Pokedex Order
  181. Opinions?
  182. Pokemon that should get baby forms
  183. Pokémon Pronunciations
  184. Whats your favorite baby Pokemon?
  185. Something To Think About
  186. Poke' Fans!!!! Come here!
  187. Pokemon Pokedex
  188. Probopass looks like...
  189. Twitterdex and other Twitter RP
  190. Vespiqueen's Learnset
  191. Give these Characters a Pokemon!
  192. Do you think Ninjask and Shedinja share memories?
  193. Pokemon personalities: Muk and Tangela?
  194. The Poképolls
  195. Nintendo shuts down PokéNet?
  196. Pet Peeves?
  197. Pokemon: a world of perfect healthcare?
  198. POKéMON Challenge of The Month!
  199. ok, what's up with brendan's hat?
  200. pokemon you hate
  201. whats your fave pokemon?
  202. Have you see this bus?
  203. Hey, atheists!
  204. What were the villianous teams inspired from?
  205. Ditto vs Smeargle
  206. Schools in the Pokémon World
  207. Blaziken vs Infernape
  208. How do you evolve eevee into a leafeon or glaceon in HGSS
  209. Attacks you think are pointless or wrongly typed
  210. Pokémon + Kingdom Hearts = ?
  211. Pokemon making a return??
  212. Dawn/Hikari = Piplup's Mother?
  213. Remoraid to Octillery
  214. The Pokemon Cosplay Thread
  215. Anyone to Nationals in 2010?
  216. Venusaur vs Torterra
  217. Eevee Trivia (Yin and Yang)
  218. Ever been bullied cos of Pokemon?
  219. War in the Pokemon world
  220. I'm going to visit Pokemon Center NY. Need some tips!
  221. Typing Logic
  222. Do people know that you like Pokemon?
  223. pokemon questions
  224. Pokemon Basketball Team
  225. Franchise rivals
  226. Typing
  227. Best Dark pokemon
  228. wouldn't it kill you??
  229. Generation IV: It came, it saw, will it conquer?
  230. Looking for official Snubbull artwork
  231. favourite pokemon?
  232. Strongest Pokemon
  233. Ecology of Orre?
  234. Do Pokemon eat other Pokemon
  235. The creation of the Pokémon logo
  236. Weirdest/Craziest Looking Pokémon
  237. Random Shinies
  238. Free Live Pokemon Chat Room!
  239. What happened???
  240. Random Pokemon Generator (v.2.1.1) --UPDATED
  241. Who's looking forward to Pokemon Sunday today??
  242. What happened to Pokesho?
  243. Legendaries = Pantheon?
  244. Pokemon Fansites
  245. Character cameos (or look alikes)
  246. 118 Fakemons.
  247. If ________ was a pokemon...
  248. The Biggest Fails
  249. Favorite Pokémon of each type.
  250. RARE Sugimori Art - RGBY Items