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  1. My Favorite Pokemon
  2. What PokeMon do you resemble most?
  3. Reach the Pokemon World (sorta) Via Controlling your Dreams!
  4. Milotic belongs in the Togepi family
  5. Torterra - Linked to the Zaratan?
  6. Pokérappers!
  7. Pokemon that you wish didn't have to evolve
  8. Which Egg Group is your favourite?
  9. If you could rename any Pokemon...
  10. Who designs the Pokemon and moves?
  11. If you could invent a new type
  12. Does Anybody Else like Nosepass?
  13. source of food for legendary pokemon
  15. Can Pokemon Ever Regain Iconic Status/Popularity?
  16. How often...Pokemon...etc
  17. Earthquake, what's with it?
  18. What are they eating?
  19. Kangaskhan's child.
  20. Good Ideas for Future Episodes of Pokemon
  21. When Pokemon ends
  22. Why is flying super-effective against grass?
  23. If given the chance,
  24. If you could be a Legendary.........
  25. "All possible Pokémon species type combinations have major advantages with them"
  26. Who thinks Missingno. should be real?
  27. Most over rated pokemon.
  28. If you could be any pokemon what would it be and why?
  29. Most under rated pokemon?
  30. Pokemon Demotiational Posters
  31. Pokemon Comedy Sketch (video)
  32. Economy of the Pokemon world
  33. Most notifications you ever got in a day.
  34. why was Koga made an elite four member?
  35. How to catch Mew
  36. Make a pokemon about your self.
  37. How do you think battles as play out?
  38. the pokemon world and our world
  39. Custom Pokeball Project - Help!
  40. Pokemon Crossover Idea: Warhammer 40,000
  41. Your "Dream Team"?
  42. How do male-only Pokemon multiply?
  43. List of Isshu Pokémon (with artwork)
  44. Are Ghost Pokemon Really Ghosts?
  45. So you wanna be a master of obscure animals?!
  46. The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!
  47. Do you ever notice little design changes?
  48. Nicnames for Emerald Poke's
  49. What type of Pokemon did humans evolve from?
  50. Fixing the egg groups
  51. Pokemon Apokelypse - Live Action Fan-Trailer
  52. Question about Arceus
  53. All right, let's talk ancient.
  54. Real World Vs Pokemon World
  55. Favourite fully evolved starter pokemon?
  56. Why 'Team Rocket'?
  57. Woah....
  58. Mawile and other oddities
  59. So yeah, Pokémon Platinum is the canon version
  60. Poke yen(whatever the currency's called) Inflation
  61. Pokemon Live-Action Movie?
  62. Legendary Legacy
  63. Is Pokemon Satanic?
  64. Ditto lead a sad, sad life.
  65. Manaphy is a slug
  66. Cubone's mysterious past and why he evolves into Marowak
  67. what kinds of Pokemon would you like to see next?
  68. Help with a puzzle
  69. Another philosophical question
  70. Pokemon Taxonomy
  71. Kibago seems to me like...
  72. Can pokemons be leaders of other pokemons?
  73. Pokemon Live
  74. why are there no black people in pokemon
  75. Vermillion City
  76. What happens when Legendaries are caught?
  77. Theory: GameFreak is going to complete the Journey to the West team as starters.
  78. What Pokemon do you think NEED to be a certain gender?
  80. Arg, templates!
  81. Collecting opinions about a roleplaying setting. Kind of long.
  82. video game music in situations in pokemon movie
  83. Three Magnemite make a Magneton...
  84. magmortar and rhyperior are AWSOME!
  85. Who Will Win: Tyranitar VS Godzilla
  86. Pokemon by User ID
  87. War: Arceus and other legens vs. Valuan Armada
  88. If you were a gym leader...
  89. Battle: Giratina vs. Ganondorf
  90. Original Pokémon theme song for Christmas 2010 #1 - help make it happen xD
  91. Pokemon Music Remixes!
  92. "Are you Serious?!" Moments of your Pokemon Games
  93. trade me a starter pokemon
  94. surgery
  95. Who will win: Arceus vs. voldamort
  96. Your Name Pokemon...
  97. What is your favourite Rotom Form???
  98. Best designed Pokemon?
  99. Dreams you have had about pokemon games
  100. Biology of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus
  101. NATURES
  102. Luvdisc
  103. PokeBalls... IN YO FACE
  104. Funny Pokemon Pics
  105. Giratina Comparisons
  106. Pokémon Standards Initiative
  108. What are in those pokemon?
  109. Gen IV Thematic Motif?
  110. when the mods are away..
  111. MUST READ
  112. Final Generation: The End Of Pokemon?
  113. Your Country as a Pokemon Region
  114. Anyone Else Hate Smogon?
  115. for the love of pokemon vote in this poll
  116. Pretty Funny
  117. Favorite Evil Team
  118. Pokemon Pun Nicknames
  119. Hatch My Egg
  120. Whose Pokémon Training Permit Would You Revoke?
  121. Does anyone like Shuckle?
  122. Mars and Saturn as kids
  123. Pokemon Law and Justice
  124. Your Poké-Worldview
  125. The End of the World
  126. ...We need more types!
  127. Meh, I need a better quality Avatar.
  128. Arceus used Judgement on humans, and he wasn't pleased.
  129. Do you agree with N and Team Plasma's intentions?
  130. Remember when...?
  132. Dawn's Hair Color
  133. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Theories
  134. THANK YOU pokefan1912future
  135. the whole thing is just so
  136. Kentucky Fried Combusken or Miltank Patty Melt
  137. Red's hair color in FRLG/HGSS
  138. Is May based on Hatfield?
  139. in real life, what pokemon would you want?
  140. Pokemon Crime Fighters
  141. Pokémon moments that made your day!
  142. Favourites affected by Involvement in Competitive Battling
  143. Power Plant thief.
  144. Does anyone like Meganium?
  145. Personality Stereotypes for Different Species of Pokemon
  146. Differences in Move animations.
  147. Who's gonna stay with Pokémon?
  148. I see a pattern here....
  149. Unnoficial story theories
  150. If a certain Pokémon were to be introduced in another generation, what would happen?
  151. "The Lavender Town Tone"
  152. Pokemon Mind Fudge
  153. The pokemon you think of the most.
  154. Pokemon related stuff in school
  155. If a Movie/TV Character or Celebrity Was a Pokemon
  156. Does Red have a last name?
  157. Stongest Non-Legendary Dark Type
  158. Why Grass?
  159. Identify the soundtrack?
  160. The best Deerling forme
  161. About Team Rocket's Uniform
  162. enigma stone event- destroys thought timeline
  163. Strongest non-legendary Steel Type
  164. What Trainer Class am I?
  165. Is Will, of the Elite Four, gay?
  166. Eric Stuart message
  167. Why you should get an Aggron
  168. Your favorite poison pokemon
  169. Powerfull Rhyperior and Charizard
  170. The strongest non-legendary Fire-type.
  171. Did You Know...
  172. Top 10 non-legendary Electric-type Pokémon
  173. Pokémon That Should Be Related but Aren't
  174. Your favorite dark type
  175. Bronzor and Bronzong
  176. How do you benefit from Pokémon?
  177. You're pokemon reality
  178. Poll: Which is the best Pokemon that doesnt evolve
  179. What age did you start liking pokemon?
  180. What would you take with you on a Pokemon Journey?
  181. Worst Designed Pokémon?
  182. How dedicated to Pokémon are you?
  183. Just for fun - EVOLUTIONS FOR ALL!
  184. What's your favorite early Normal/Flying Pokemon?
  185. Most Stupid Pokemon?
  186. What new representation of an animal in pokemon form would you like to see?
  187. What's up with the Sinnoh/Johto Battle Frontier?
  188. Which pokemon would you like to be killed by?
  189. Where would you be without Pokemon?
  190. Are you embarrassed that you like Pokemon?
  191. Should some moves have more than one type?
  192. What counts as part of the game-canon?
  193. Newer pokemon, where are they going?
  194. Pokemon Nominations (VOTE NOW)
  195. What new types would you like to see?
  196. Shiny Pokemon that look better than the original
  197. Best designed/Most awesome final Evolution Starter
  198. Fanart Artist Information?
  199. Your Own Eeveelutions
  200. How do you show your compassion for pokemon?
  201. Who's it gonna be?
  202. Things you hate about Pokemon
  203. Least Favourite Pokemon?
  204. Alternate Character Interpretations
  205. Rock-types and ancient Pokemon (also Magikarp)
  206. Pokémon Creepypasta
  207. Zorua, Zoroark, Legendary, Mythical and Mirage Pokémon
  208. The Legendary Re-classification Project
  209. 1 on 1 battles..
  210. The 13 dex holders cosplay
  211. Pokemon MTG
  212. What Pokémon do you think would be state mascots for a state?
  213. Were do you think Pokémon would live in the real world!
  214. Minor type confusion
  215. Best Pseudo-legendary.
  216. Awful Pokémon Joke Time!!
  217. Animals, Plants and other Things not already used for Pokémon
  218. Which names do you pronounce differently from the official way?
  219. Pokemon Contest (ledgendaries)
  220. New Gym Leader/E4 Ideas!!!
  221. How is (insert Pokémon type) weak to (insert Pokémon type)?
  222. are there real animals in the pokemon world?
  223. A day on route 28(all welcome to add your own parts)
  224. Old Spice Commercial: Pokémon Edition
  225. The International Pokédex Project
  226. If you could redesign a Pokemon who would it be?
  227. what are your favorite pokemon and why do you think they are so awesome?
  228. 10 most unpopular hardly ever mentioned Pokémon.
  229. Worst starter?
  230. Connection between our world and the Pokemon world? (theory)
  231. How would poke'mon look like to you as a 1950's family
  232. What poke'mon would be a Beatnik? And how would it act like?
  233. Wats your favorite pokemon
  234. What is with Gardenia and Thorton's hair?
  235. Memories of Pokémon, and things to come (Please read.)
  236. Pokémon that look like food...
  237. Your Pokemon Products:
  238. If you were your own pokemon..............
  239. Pok
  240. Photos of Pokemon Center NYC.
  241. WWE Themes that fit Pokemon characters......
  242. Which region besides Japan is big on pokemon?
  243. Forgotten Pokemon
  244. Tell me what you think about the new pokemon
  245. Favorite Legendaries?
  246. Out of all of the Pokémon, which would you pick as the mascot of the franchise?
  247. The Regions most bad-ass Pokémon
  248. Nicknames
  249. Time Machine in Hoenn
  250. What is Pokémon PC Challenge?