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  1. Event Virgin
  2. Pokémon Myths Redux
  3. Pokémon Myths
  4. Can medication in the Pokemon World heal humans easily like Pokemon?
  5. My Pokémon book idea
  6. What is the most memorable/interesting Kanto Region City?
  7. Teddiursa/Ursaring vs. Kamasyun/Tsunbear
  8. Your League Champion Team!
  9. Antipredator adaptations
  10. pkmn fun facts!
  11. Has anyone ever felt that the Ralts family could have been Grass/Psychic ?
  12. What Will Happen When Sugimori Dies?
  13. Songs That Remind You Of A Pokemon Or Person?
  14. Form, Formes, Variants and...forms?
  15. type wild
  16. The claim an item thread
  17. Which Pokemon creeps you out the most?
  18. The Official "Claim a Pokémon Area" Thread
  19. The Official BGMf Claim-a-Nature/Characteristic Thread!
  20. The Official Claim-an-Ability Thread
  21. Claim a Trainer Class!
  22. PokeProject
  23. If you could change a Pokemon's Battle Music to anything, what would it be?
  24. Which Pokémon is the least known?
  25. Need Help Making a Breeder's Dream Team
  26. pokemon warfare
  27. Pokemon Height?
  28. Pokemon on MAD
  29. Pokemon Questions, Whats Your Answer?
  30. Pocket Monsters, or rather Pokemon for short
  31. 15th Anniversary Coming Up
  32. The most random goof-ups in Pokémon handbooks!
  33. Unova / New York Correlations
  34. The Official Claim-A-Character Thread!
  35. Anime references in HGSS?
  37. Pokésonas!
  38. funny picz
  39. Things that you wish were different in Pokémon
  40. Green's outfit. It looks similar.
  41. Pokemon you're indifferent to?
  42. im sure this thread has been brought up.
  43. Which original Kanto Gym Leader would you considerer to be the most influential?
  44. Reflection: Pokémon Generation IV
  45. Japanese Pokémon Names Translated
  46. The Iris Fan Club!
  47. The Official BGMf Claim-a-Move Thread!
  48. Pokemon Creation Theory!
  49. Most underrated Pokemon?
  50. You Just got Pokémonized!
  51. N's Location
  52. Some ED wins (shares)
  53. Pokemon That Would Make Cute Couples!
  54. Pokemon Confusion: Celebi, Dialga, and time travel
  55. When Pokemon Trading goes wrong...
  56. Memories with Pokemon (Herp derp nostalgia)
  57. The Legend of Snowpoint Temple
  58. Pokemon you used to dislike, but have grown fond of over time.
  59. Mime jr
  60. Can Pokemon understand languages?
  61. Who is this woman?
  62. Pokemon Types and Combinations I Wanna Add
  63. Origin of the Modern Pokémon World
  64. did anybody talk about N's full name here?
  65. I think my voice kinda sounds like a Buizel's
  66. Last Good Region?
  67. How are Gen. V Legends Related to Arceus and the Pokemon Creation?
  68. The Name Paradox
  69. Do You Ever Want To Change Any Of the Pokemon's Name?
  70. The Pokemon World IS the real World
  71. Pokemon With Similar Features
  72. Worst Innuendo In Pokémon?
  73. Your dream Pokedex
  74. How did
  75. A pokemon that reminds you about a person.
  76. The Dragon esqe like Pokemon
  77. What do you think the coolest-looking pokemon is?
  78. wind, air and flying?
  79. What Happened After Admin's Infactions?
  80. Show Me Your Best Moving Pokemon Photos!
  81. So, is Professor Oak the smartest of all the professors?
  82. DP episode list
  83. give a pokemon a signature move
  84. What's Your Favorite Town/City?
  85. Team Rocket Forever?
  86. Best Elite Four member?
  87. How would you explain Pokemon to someone?
  88. Gpxplus...what happened?
  89. Create your moves
  90. Rumour: English names for Gen 5 Pokémon.
  91. Pokemon Wild Mass Guessing (WMG)--Bulbagarden Edition
  92. Mythbusters
  93. Magikarp
  94. Why are there no Dark-type Gym Leaders?
  95. Caitlin's abilities and Darach's role
  96. Favorite Pokemon of each type
  97. the time gym
  98. Which is the best Villaneous Team?
  99. What's Your Favorite Pokemon Region?
  100. The world of literature in the pokemon world
  102. What Was Your Favourite Pokémon Moment of 2010?
  103. If Pokemon had achievements.
  104. If there's beauty, there must be tough!
  105. Most adorable fully-evolved Pokemon?
  106. What is the Oddest Pokemon?
  107. Which form of Unown is the best?
  108. Holidays
  109. You have 96 hours to take over the world with Pokemon.
  110. ugliest and coolest shiny pokemon
  111. What is the Ugliest Pokemon?
  112. In The Strangest Places...
  113. Main pokemon
  114. Pokemon Beauty Contest
  115. Pokémon and travel
  116. Giratina: banished?
  117. Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
  118. Can you name every Pokémon/Do you know every Pokémon by their names? // Poll added!
  119. Fans of Gengar Come Here
  120. If you could be any pokemon...
  121. What would you do with your Prize Money?
  122. Real life concept that never been put on Pokemon?
  123. What is your favorite Pokemon evolution?
  124. if you could go to the pokemon world...(specifics in thread)
  125. How much do you LOVE pokemon?
  126. There should be more ... ... ...
  127. Which Evolution Would You Change?
  128. What Pokemon other fictional characters would use
  129. Trainers that really shouldn't be trainers...
  130. Pokemon ARG
  131. Dorkiest looking Pokémon
  132. Pokemon Fans
  133. Time Travel Paradox
  134. Silver's Mother
  135. Pokemon World History
  136. Pokemon that grew on you?
  137. how do you think moves look?
  138. How Did Pikachu Become the Mascot of Pokémon?
  139. what is your fav pokemon
  140. If you were a Pokemon trainer what type of Pokemon would you train and why?
  141. Do you see the characters as having the same voices as their anime counterparts?
  142. If Leaf ever appears in canon, what would her role be?
  143. Make a Gym Leader
  144. Pokemon and Digimon: Different monsters, similar concepts.
  145. What pokemon attribute do you want in real life?
  146. In-game screenshots
  147. Question About Clair and Lance
  148. YAY
  149. Top 30 favorite Pokemon-Too much free time
  150. Huge Oldschool Pokemon Booster Collection Video
  151. Good pokemon nicknames :D
  152. Do you think the World of Pokemon is real?
  153. What is Pokemon to you?
  154. Pokefarming Help
  155. Anyone Use Different Legendary Group Names?
  156. Favorite Fairy Pokemon
  157. Opinions about Move Names, The ones you'd wish to rename, the ones you like, Etc...
  158. Wow, another website saying Pokemon is dead!
  159. E-mailing Game Freak
  160. Who owns Pokemon?
  161. pokemon in the safari zone
  162. What are the demographics of the various adaptations?
  163. Triple Types
  164. Your "That's a Pokemon?!?" Moments
  165. Smeargle question!
  166. What do people think about pokemon where you live?
  167. Theory: National Dex and Kanto
  168. Favorite Eeveelution?
  169. Question About the Unown
  170. Mindblowing thing i just noticed
  171. Poliwrath: Fighting Type Champion
  172. Ekans is a fantastic Pokemon to own.
  173. Your Epic Fails?
  174. Porygon
  175. Theory: The Professors lost their data,
  176. What did the GS Ball contain in Crystal?
  177. New Pokemon
  178. Regarding the Azure Flute
  179. Legendary beasts vs cats vs dogs vs girbils
  180. What Pokemon is my pet most like?
  181. Which gender do you prefer.
  182. Should Ekans have a split evolution in future games
  183. Egg moves
  184. Favourite (non-legendary) Ice-type Pokémon
  185. My Ekans evolved into Seviper.
  186. Favourite Pokemon
  187. Would anybody be interested in helping me categorize the Pokémon anatomically?
  188. So, are humans on Poké Earth human, animals or are they Pokémon?
  189. Pokemon Tabletop RPG
  190. Possible Tauros evolution in 5th Generation
  191. My 10 favourite Pokemon from every region
  192. Spiritomb (a very mysterious Pokemon)
  193. Pokemo: The Kanto Journey
  194. Weird Pokemon Moves
  195. I have no idea where to post this.
  196. If you had one Legendary what would it be?
  197. My Concerns About Nintendo
  198. When Pikachu Crew Old
  199. What Pokemon can learn protect in XD?
  200. Has Anyone Else Ever Thought of New Pokemon?
  201. Realistic Pokemon Images (NOT PHOTOSHOP)
  202. What if real life rules applied to pokemon
  203. Pokemon Creepypasta V.2 (Read First Post Before Posting)
  204. Is this the end of pokemon? D:
  205. Your favourite Pokemon Music?
  206. The Weekly Pokemon Quiz.
  207. Which trainer class do you wanna be?
  208. Make Your Own Pokemon Bloopers 2
  209. What Pokemon would you give to other Manga Characters?
  210. Favorite/Best Pokemon Game Version
  211. Gen. 5 Pokemon? What do you think?
  212. Top 10 Rock Type Pokemon
  213. Is there anyone that's sick of creepypasta?
  214. Pokémon #666
  215. Legendary Pokemon
  216. Congratulations to our new Pokemon World staff
  217. Can anyone make sense of the time?
  218. entertaiment in pokeworld
  219. Least Favorite Eeveelution?
  220. My Bulbasaur ringtone!
  221. Does this look simmilar to...
  222. Isshu in Relation to the Real World
  223. Where is Sinnoh in all of This?
  224. Which Pokemon look like Celebs to you?
  225. Manaphy and Phione
  226. Who should get signature moves?
  227. Ulgamoth Theory
  228. Hope for the Faithful
  229. Male vs. Female
  230. Fanon
  231. Full Out Meme War!!!!!!
  232. nd hlp with a moveset
  233. Gender Pronouns on Pokemon
  234. If it existed, what kind of berry plants will you find in your backyard/garden/etc.?
  235. Does love actually play a factor?
  236. Pokemon Halloween Costume Thread
  237. Friendship With Pokemon
  238. Pokemon Weekly Newsletter
  239. Pokemon at 42?
  240. Who's your favorite counterpart of all the rivals and protagonists?
  241. Quilava's really good at ember?
  242. Further Influence
  243. Poké World Laws
  244. Please explain to me why...
  245. Feebas
  246. Pokemon couples? <3
  247. if only one pokemon........
  248. Your Pokemon Career
  249. Pokemon Battle Themes
  250. Cutest Pokemon Ever?