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  1. Pokémon from any Gen you find cute?
  2. Your choice as the cutest Pokemon? (Gen I)
  3. Favourite NFE Pokemon
  4. Pokémon as a space opera-esque game
  5. Underrated Pokemon you like?
  6. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #41: Entrainment
  7. Do you think pokemon enjoy tickling?
  8. How Did You Discover Pokemon?
  9. Lifestyles of the tough and famous
  10. Ghetsis - Not a complete monster by TV Tropes?
  11. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #40: AncientPower
  12. Why do Pokemon lay eggs?
  13. Buildings and structures in the Pokemon world
  14. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #39: Aura Sphere
  15. Pokemon Conspiracy
  16. Construct Your Dream League (Read First Post)
  17. Why Braille on the Legendary Golems?
  18. Could Froslass and Roserade really be dangerous Pokemon?
  19. Most Popular First Gen Pokemon (A project for my stats class)
  20. The most attractive pokemon
  21. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #38: Assist
  22. Pokémon clothing
  23. Pokemon you want to like, but can't
  24. Pokemon that could be other types
  25. Do Pokemon say the names of their attacks when they do them?
  26. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #37: Astonish
  27. What's under Diglett?
  28. Genesect's creation?
  29. No more "you have to be ten to be a trainer"?
  30. Are Pokémon 'immortal'?
  31. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #36: Metronome
  32. Your Dream (Gym) Team
  33. Sign my petition to help ban OU and Pseudo Legendary Pokemon!
  34. Religions in the Pokemon World?
  35. Gen V: which starter did you choose and why is it superior to the other two?
  36. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #35: U-Turn
  37. Playable characters' personalities?
  38. Pokemon you keep forgetting exist
  39. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #34: Simple Beam
  40. Types from favourite to least favourite?
  41. What pokémon...
  42. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #33: Mirror Move
  43. What is the best eeveeloution?
  44. How much do you adhere to the game?
  45. How has pokemon impacted you?
  46. Who designed Pikachu?
  47. So...what do you guys think it's like inside a pokeball?
  48. Do you still consider Eevee as a starter Pokémon?
  49. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #32: Coil
  50. Favorite Regi?
  51. Are humans technically Pokemon?
  52. Physical Traits and Elemental Affinities
  53. Hoax Pokemon Discussion
  54. Greek, proud Pokemaniac
  55. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #31: Nasty Plot
  56. Which version of Oshawott is your favorite?
  57. Has the mystery in Pokemon disappeared?
  58. Pokemon Ancestry and Lineage
  59. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #30: Embargo
  60. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #29: Mud Sport
  61. Circle of Arceus
  62. Things about Pokémon that creep you out.
  63. What do you think of Gotta Catch 'em All jokes?
  64. Create A Pokemon Trainer
  65. Truth or Ideals?
  66. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #28: Guillotine
  67. Which Ability (Abilities) best describe you?
  68. ~The mysteries of mount Coronet~
  69. Favorite Legends from each Region
  70. What are your beliefs?
  71. How can pokemons use field moves like Surf even when they fainted?
  72. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #27: Focus Blast
  73. Favorite mighty legendary (as of Generation Five).
  74. Least favorite starter?
  75. Do you keep Pokemon secret from your friends?
  76. Is Charizard Overrated?
  77. The weird thing about gyarados.......
  78. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #26: Attack Order
  79. Was Pokemon better then or now?
  80. Whatever happened to...
  81. Kabutops sharing close relation to Genesect?
  82. How Popular is Pokemon?
  83. Are you a hardcore Pokemon fan?
  84. Why is this not elaborated on more!?
  85. Origin of Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem
  86. What would they taste like? Slowpoke Tails, Lava Cookies, RageCandyBars...?
  87. whats it like inside a pokeball ?
  88. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #25: Water Sport
  89. A World Without Pokemon
  90. How was pokémon for you this year?
  91. What berries would you eat?
  92. Pokemanz?
  93. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #24: Frost Breath
  94. Who do you think is the most beautifulest woman character in the Pokemon universe?
  95. Pokemon with clothing
  96. Would You Release Your Pokemon?
  97. A Charizard that can use Bubblebeam?
  98. Eating Psychic-type/Intelligent Pokemon?
  99. What do you think Pokémon games are like in the Pokémon world?
  100. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #23: Growl
  101. Who's Your Favorite Pokemon? (Looks-Wise)
  102. Tentacool and Tentacruel
  103. Does chaining work without the pokeradar?
  104. Have you ever quit Pokemon?
  105. Rate My Black 2 Singleplayer Team
  106. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #22: Follow Me
  107. creepy pasta
  108. Prophecies.
  109. Cloning
  110. The purpose of doctors in the pokemon world
  111. Random things in Pokémon that remind you of other things and vice versa
  112. Vehicles in the Pokemon World
  113. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #21: Pay Day
  114. Fire/Fighting Pokemon. Should there be more?
  115. You Know You're A Pokemon Fan When...
  116. What's Your Favorite Pokemon Adaptation?
  117. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #20: Lucky Chant
  118. How about pre-historic Pokemon that arent animals?
  119. If Char Aznable from Gundam was or had a Pokemon what would he be or have?
  120. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #19: Taunt
  121. Deoxys and Arceus
  122. Know Your Meme On Pokemon
  123. Pokemon that cannot be abandoned...
  124. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #18: Ice Shard
  125. Prehistoric Pokemon World
  126. Little encounters with other Pokemaniacs
  127. Why the Silph Scope isnt needed any more?
  128. Theory about Mew and Arceus
  129. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #17: Torment
  130. Which Pokemon character(s) are you related to?
  131. Main characters only have a mother.
  132. Best pokemon trainers
  133. TMs & HMs: where do they actually come from, again?
  134. Making a game like Pokemon, has the thought ever crossed your mind?
  135. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #16: Shift Gear
  136. Pokemon? 3 years and older? Right...
  137. Pokemon fans need a second series! What do you think?
  138. Most embarrassing and or disgusting Pokémon related incident
  139. lol check this out!!
  140. Where do Rare Candies come from?
  141. What Pokemon Villain Are You?
  142. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #15: Hex
  143. Pokémon Survey for School
  144. Gligar's color?
  145. The Next Sets of Legendaries
  146. What kind of trainer would you be?
  147. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #14: Wish
  148. Why does everyone love Buizel so much??
  149. If you were in charge of writing/directing a live-action Pokemon movie...
  150. Your First Pokemon Game (Post Specifics Like Age, Method, Experience, Ect.)
  151. Favorite aspects of the Pokemon franchise?
  152. Build yourself a moveset (READ FIRST POST!)!
  153. Making an Official Style of Pokemon RP
  154. The Swords of Justice?
  155. Are there any Pokemon that scare or used to scare you?
  156. Identify Pokémon Cries
  157. Darkest Moment
  158. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #13: Teleport
  159. Pokémon Reorchestrated
  160. If you had a chance to turn own world into a pokemon world.. would you?
  161. PETA made a parody of Pokemon BW2.
  162. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #12: Smack Down
  163. Live-Action American Pokemon Movie idea
  164. Pokemon Locations.
  165. Garchomp = She?
  166. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #11: Camouflage
  167. How big is the Pokemon World?
  168. Are the Swords of Justice a legendary trio?
  169. What names do you prefer? The English names, or the Japanese translated names?
  170. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #10: Waterfall
  171. Pokemon websites
  172. If you ran a Pokémon Gym what kind of leader would you be?
  173. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #9: Trick Room
  174. Got a new pokemon movie :).
  175. The Pros Who Are Still Learning
  176. How would...
  177. In game, are the different regions (Johto, Kanto, etc.) aware of each other?
  178. What is your favourite Pokemon related music?
  179. Paper published on Pokémon Phylogenetics... with Prof. Oak as co-author!
  180. Lost Respect For Pokemon
  181. Name two pokemon who's closer to your height
  182. What is your favourite Pokémon type combination?
  183. If Ditto could transform into anything
  184. Create Your Own City or Town
  185. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #8: Struggle Bug
  186. Battling Outside the Box, or Pokemon MacGyvering
  187. Are Dark-types supposed to be evil?
  188. Travelling To A New Region
  189. If you could use ONE Pokemon attack...
  190. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #7: Worry Seed
  191. Uber Pokemon
  192. The New Official Claim-a-Trainer Class Thread!
  193. Where DO Eggs Come From?
  194. Pokemon world physics
  195. Pokemon Nicknames
  196. How big is the pokemon world
  197. If starters could have three abilities...
  198. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #6: Reflect Type
  199. A very strangely awesome theory.
  200. Why doesn't the world end when Arceus uses Judgment?
  201. Horse Pokemon
  202. The reason behind Stunfisk's creation...... guess?
  203. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #5 - Eruption
  204. Do you think Lucario is overrated?
  205. How do you call N by his name?
  206. Favorite Pokemon without an evolution? [No legendaries]
  207. Are artificial pokemon actual creatures?
  208. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #4 - Pain Split
  209. Recommend some Pokemon-related podcasts?
  210. The first commercial for Pokemon (A Sneak Peak at Pokemon)
  211. Secrets in Pokemon's design.
  212. Does Perish Song sound good?
  213. A little idea... what if?
  214. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #3 - Soak
  215. Too Many Legendaries?
  216. Are humans forces capable of stopping legendarys from destroying the world
  217. Darkrai in Dream World?? Also Cresselia??
  218. I think you're beautiful
  219. Do you consider Pokedex entries and info canon?
  220. Pokemon Crossovers!!!!
  221. Your favorite 2nd form starter
  222. Combusken and Roggenrola
  223. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #2 - Gravity
  224. Would you be a Pokemon or PKMN Trainer?
  225. The most unorigional pokemon name..
  226. Pokemon Power Bracket
  227. How fast are pokemon
  228. Unova new cities in real world
  229. The tech of pokemon
  230. Zangoose or Seviper?
  231. Plusle or Minun?
  232. If you change pokemon special
  233. Do Pokemon Truly Enjoy Battling?
  234. What about this for a Pokemon game?
  235. Do Pokémon look like Digimon?
  236. Move-of-the-Week Discussion #1 - Quash
  237. The Musketeers and humans
  238. Looking for a specific Pokemon artist
  239. The New Official Claim-a-move thread! (UPDATE: ALL Gen 6 Moves added!)
  240. Just wondering how does animal abuse play out in the pokemon world?
  241. Who do you think is the baddest of them all?
  242. Superheroes and their Pokemon
  243. What do you think about...
  244. Let's say you met a Tentacruel while playing in the water.
  245. Is Pokemon Getting Weird?
  246. Favorite Pokemon Merchandise/Souvenir? Giant Pikachu!
  247. Stomp eh?
  248. If You Met X (Pokemon) What Would You Do?
  249. Pokemon plushies and figures
  250. What would you think of a series of Pokemon... in an high school setting...