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  1. KalosShipping General Discussion
  2. FleurDeGrenadeShipping
  3. Handymanshipping
  4. Pretty Cure Shipping Discussion.
  6. Cheekshipping (Pikachu x Dedenne)
  7. I want to ship them.... But can't
  8. Who do you ship Clemont with?
  9. AlmostStraightShipping (Gary X "Ashley")
  10. diodie shipping ash x clemont
  11. GeekChicShipping (Serena x Citron) Thread
  12. Gary X Ash
  13. CompletionShipping [Sina/Dexio]
  14. ColosseumShipping (Wes X Rui)
  15. ImportantToYouShipping: (Blackbelt Frank/Psychic Sly)
  16. PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)
  17. Shipping opinions on BW Anime and Hopes for XY?
  18. AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread
  19. Ash x Alexa thread
  20. WhyAreThereSoManySuperPaperMarioShippersShipper
  21. Which X & Y girl are you going to ship Ash with?
  22. Who does you ship with Hinagiku Katsura ?
  23. Pokemon Ranger Series Shippings.
  24. Some SourGrapesShipping!
  25. Love Triangles!
  26. Nate X Iris
  27. What if....................(Romantic relations between trainers and their pokemon)
  28. Shipping Quotes!
  29. Comfyshipping Discussion
  30. Luckyshipping and Specialshipping
  31. ATTENTION: Welcome to our new Shippers' Paradise mod!
  32. Madoka Magica Shipping Discussion
  33. Casey and Benny
  34. ScatterBrainShipping (Ash/Kotetsu).
  35. How do you think shipping has affected the pokemon fanbase?
  36. Mangaquest shipping thread
  37. Senirasu Shipping Thread
  38. SoulSilver shipping general discussion
  39. NegaiShipping vs CafeMochaShipping
  40. ash vs drew, advanceshipping vs contestshipping
  41. The Shipping Debate Thread
  42. League-Involved Shippings.
  43. Pick me the strongest evidences for Advanceshipping and Pearlshipping.
  44. Mystery Dungeon Shipping
  45. AirplaneShipping - Kamitsure (Elesa) x Fuuro (Skyla)
  46. AltoShipping or MareShipping?
  47. How do you feel when the ship you named gets widely known...?
  48. The Shipping Confessional
  49. Favorite Shipping Moments?
  50. Should Ash have an actual love interest?
  51. Songs that fit your preferred pairings/ships?
  52. Ash x Ursula
  53. Redthreadshipping General Discussion
  54. Shippings involving Morty
  55. Ash/N shipping thread
  56. Ash x Georgia
  57. Ash/Cynthia shipping thread
  58. The plasma relation - N X Akuroma - NaturalChromeShipping
  59. Championshipping General Discussion
  60. Respectshipping Fans! (DrewxAsh)
  61. Love the ship, hate the name
  62. NeoRocketShipping -- Help with evidence, please!
  63. Lenora and Hawes a foreshadowing of Iris and Cilan???
  64. savantshipping (cilan x dawn) thread {spoiler}
  65. MEMO: Shipping Threads List (Updated 1-20-14)
  66. KyoudaiShipping (Axew x Scraggy)
  67. ATTENTION: Say hello to two new shipping mods!
  68. Bulbagarden User Shipping Thread!
  69. NPC/CoTD Shippings?
  70. .:Legend of Korra and Avatar Shipping thread:.
  71. Favortie Gym Shippings?
  72. AshxMeloetta {Spoilers}
  73. Ships that we don't support, but that we would ship if we wanted to
  74. Pokemon special:Specialshipping
  75. What keeps you interested in your ship after so many years?
  76. SpokeShipping Thread
  77. ATTENTION: Congratulations to Insanish Danish!
  78. PalletShipping
  79. Trip x Georgia // FlarebusterShipping
  80. In terms of shipping, what is your favourite Saga in the Anime?
  81. Uroborus shipping!
  82. ATTENTION: Your new overlord has the floor
  83. Pokemon x Crossover Shippings.
  84. Romance in Digimon !
  85. ChampChomp SignatureShipping: Why Cynthia x Garchomp?
  86. BusterShipping?
  87. Cheren x Shauntal?
  88. Clingyshipping
  89. Pokemon x Pokemon discussion thread
  90. What belief/moral system represents what shipping to you?
  91. Kuroshipping - Touya X Cheren
  92. Obscure Ship Commiseration Corner!
  93. ~Hetalia Shipping~
  94. Shipping in B&W
  95. What happen if Ash had one side feeling for a Girl ?
  96. What Pokemon do you want with Ash?
  97. Fate Stay night : Shirou's true heroin !
  98. What guy do you want with Ash?
  99. Your Experiences Shipping
  100. The Homestuck Shipping Wall!
  101. LightningBoltshipping
  102. The Zelda Shipping World!!!
  103. Shippings You Used To Love But No More
  104. Romance in the Fire Emblem World!
  105. Marvel Universe General Shipping Discussion
  106. RebelShipping Thread !
  107. MEMO: Non-Pokémon discussion
  108. A Serving of Sommeliershipping.
  109. RadicaleShipping thread
  110. IsshuShipping thread
  111. Fire red shipping : Ash x Zoey
  112. Shipping - Real or a myth?
  113. What kind of girl U want for ash ?
  114. Wishfulshipping Discussion Thread
  115. What are your least favorite ships in the anime?
  116. The big question... Why Shipping?
  117. AgencyShipping~ Pokemon Adventures/Special - Black and White
  118. SpecialShipping- Yellow and Red (Pokemon Special/Adventures)
  119. Wishfulshipping Dicussion Thead
  120. KetchupShipping General Discussion
  121. AdvanceShipping VS. ContestShipping?
  122. Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?
  123. Raimeishipping - AshxElesa shipping thread
  124. Hints from opposing ships you'll admit are plausible
  125. What are your favorite ships in the anime?
  126. The main Ash shippings have a popularity pattern?
  127. Lack of romance in BW?
  128. is there any pokemon doujinshi that has no hentai,ecchi,yaoi, or yuri in it
  129. Which ships did you get into, "late" after a generation was over?
  130. Scientificshipping (Juniper x Fennel)
  131. Shooti x Langley
  132. Mustardshipping(Ash/Kenyan) Thread
  133. MEMO: Shipping Holidays
  134. AshxLangley shipping thread
  135. Do you feel Iris is less shippable than past female companions?
  136. What else do you 'ship? General Discussion
  137. Help Wanted with a Shipping Name!
  138. The Official DynaShipping (AshXSkyla) Thread -- May this pairing soar!
  139. MEMO: Oh hey, look at that
  140. How would the "non-shippers" react if a ship became canon?
  141. What ships do you consider canon?
  142. Altoshipping, anyone?
  143. If they didn't end up with Ash who would they end up with?
  144. Question about ship names
  145. who do you ship jimmy/gold with?
  146. Domino Shipping
  147. Who do ship Katie with?
  148. BulbasaurXSquirtle
  149. Ash and Dawn vs. Kenny and Dawn
  150. Which Ship has the best chance of becoming canon?
  151. How did you become a shipper?
  152. Pairings with Dawn
  153. Piketshipping
  154. What is the best couple?
  155. Which "Ash Ship" is most popular in Japan?
  156. Let's make every ship one way
  157. LaRousseshipping - Ash x Tory Lund
  158. this is officially the best shipper's ship ever shipped.
  159. What Song Represents Your Shipping Best?
  160. What if the ships were...true?
  161. What is a shipper and what is a ship?
  162. Inter-Pokemon crossover ships!
  163. who do you ship iris with?
  164. red-shipping
  165. Which ship annoys you the most?
  166. Rare Pairings
  167. ash's true love
  168. mew x meowth
  169. The Purpose of "Shipping Episodes"
  170. Is it okay...
  171. HoennChampionShipping
  172. =Cheren x Bianca/Bel=
  173. ~Love Hurts~ Ash's Snivy x Trip's Servine *Minor Spoils*
  174. Do you ship Iris and Cilan with any of Ash's older friends?
  175. ATTENTION: Shippers' Forum Rules (amended: Jan 3, '12)
  176. HelsingShipping thread
  177. Ikarishipping
  178. DPA manga shipping thread.
  179. Opposites attract
  180. Is shipping among the main cast decreasing with each passing generation?
  182. Who should Ash end up with in the anime?
  183. shippings that make you :lol:
  184. Serviceshipping(Dento/Bel) discussion
  185. tygrrieshipping...x what do you think
  186. Dento's gender?
  187. Shipping Ficlet Archive thread
  188. Pokéshipping Pictures
  189. Who do you ship cynthia with?
  190. Garchomp x Milotic
  191. Anyone for Kris x Lyra?
  192. Your favorite pairing of all time?
  193. Pokemon Golden Boy shippings.
  194. Imaginationshipping thread {AshxBel}
  195. What do Shippers think of other Shippers?
  196. HandShipping!
  197. Rayquaza X Gardevoir
  198. The Bulbagarden Member Shipping Thread!
  199. Do you have a fandom bicycle?
  200. Who do you ship Ash with thread 2
  201. What do you call shippings from obscure manga?
  202. IronShipping!
  203. Scorchedskyshipping
  204. Alto/Mare Shipping General Discussion
  205. SpecialShipping, or Red/Yellow
  206. NamelessShipping (Red x Green) general discussion.
  207. .:: FlavescentShipping (Iris x Shooti) General Discussion ::.
  208. Who do you ship Iris with?
  209. anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra
  210. Anti-Contestshipping World
  211. Sanyou Brothers/Sensational Sisters
  212. chocolatecoffeeshipping
  213. Plasma Gym Shipping!(N+Iris)
  214. MockShipping- Paul/Ursula
  215. == N x Touko == (Ferriswheelshipping)
  216. DarachXCaitlin
  217. WishGym shipping (dento/iris)
  218. DruidShipping (LucasXCheryl)
  219. FranticShippers Club!!!
  220. Rocketshipping in BEST WISHES?
  221. Who do you ship Lyra with?
  222. LancexCynthia anybody?
  223. SarcoShipping
  224. Who do you ship Ketchup with?
  225. Dewshipping (BiancaxLatios) General Discussion
  226. BrunettShipping(Gary/May) thread
  227. The oddest shipping you've come across.
  228. who do you ship Paul with?
  229. Do Want! A shipping for Norman x Birch~?
  230. Not quite shippy.
  231. Japanese Doujinshi
  232. Dento's Sexuality?
  233. Do you tend to ship counterparts, coincidence or not?
  234. Who do you ship Barry with?
  235. Egoshipping! (Misty and Gary)
  236. Um.. Steven Stone x Sapphire?
  237. do you ship any pokemon crossovers
  238. Who Do You Ship Thorton With?
  239. I Don't See the Point in Shipping
  240. Name of these shippings?
  241. LightRockshipping Discussion
  242. These Shippings need to be removed!
  243. Ash/ Takuto shipping thread
  244. Ash/Shooti shipping thread
  245. HeartSoul Shipping
  246. Takuto x Darkrai
  247. Who do you ship Dawn with?
  248. Shipping Pictures restarted
  249. Who do you ship Ash with?
  250. SpecialShipping-Pictures and Comments